Irresistible Hairstyles for Bridesmaids

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A hairstyle has the capability of making a plain woman look beautiful and a beautiful woman unforgettable! Every woman dreams for looking unforgettable on the wedding day. Whether you are bride or bridesmaids, hairstyle is the crucial part of your look. There are several hairstyles for brides that are combination of beauty, simplicity, elegance, traditions and trends. These hairstyles can make you look totally different.

Exquisite Bridesmaids Hairstyles

Just like brides, bridesmaids also have responsibility of looking gorgeous at their girlfriend’s wedding. They have to look stunning for all those wedding pictures that are going to be important part of bride’s life. Bridesmaid’s hairstyles are different from bridal hairstyles. They need to look chic and traditional, but different from bride at the same time. Also, many bridesmaids choose to wear the same wedding hairstyle. In such situation it becomes important to find a generic wedding hairstyle that looks good on every bridesmaid. However, bridesmaids can opt for different hairstyles according to their haircut, hair texture, hair length and choice.

Bridesmaid’s hairstyle options

The hairstyle of bridesmaid has to compliment the bride`s look, but it should not to surpass it. That is the reason why the maid of honor needs to avoid white accessories, too much volume, and massive jewelry.  Take a quick glance over below mentioned bridesmaid’s hairstyles:

Gorgeous Bridesmaid Updo

Being bridesmaid is a big responsibility. You have to make sure that everything goes smoothly. In this situation, you have to practically use all your beauty hacks. Instead of messing your look with last minute hairstyle, choose a unique bridesmaid bun in advance. Learn how to make this bun, so that you can make a perfect bun on the wedding day.

Messy curly bun with a braid

Tick Tock! Clock is running, and you do not have much time to get ready for the wedding. Don’t worry, you can still save your look with messy curly bun. This type of buns is easy and quick to make.

Half up and half down hairstyle

Half up and half down is the classiest bridesmaids hairstyle, if you have straight hair. It is quick and easy to make. You can use simple and elegant hair accessory to complete the look.

Expert Tips on Hair Coloring

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Anyone who colors their hair is well aware of the fact that hair coloring is confusing, time-consuming and pricey. It can go amazingly right or horribly wrong. This is the reason why many people prefer the best hair color salon and professional hair colorist for this purpose. A good hair color can enhance the beauty of your facial features and hair textures rather than overpowering them.

Hair coloring

A new hair color can change your entire look, but in order to make your hair color look good, you should color your hair right. Hair coloring is a complicated task. There are plenty of things such as –your skin tone, hair texture, condition of your hair, natural hair color and hair coloring trends are needed to be considered before choosing the apt hair color. It is better to leave the hair coloring task to professionals. Only hair coloring professionals can suggest you the right hair color that will make you look and feel good.

Hair color tips

Understand real hair color: The hair color displayed on the hair color box, will look like that only on virgin hair. If your hair has been colored or chemically treated before, the same hair color will look different on you. Thus, you should properly understand the true hair color before committing.

Don’t color ends: If you have a lot of split ends, then don’t apply hair color at the ends. The chemicals present in the hair color will cause further damage to your hair.

Don’t make drastic hair color change: If you are thinking about becoming blonde to brunette or vice-versa, then avoid doing this in one sitting. Instead, get 1-shade darker or lighter in steps. Dramatic hair color change is not only risky in terms of appearance, but drastic change is not good for hair health as well.

Don’t wash your hair with hot water:  In order to keep your hair color for a long time, avoid washing your hair with hot water. The hair color chemicals sweeps fasters with hot water.

Use a sulfate-free shampoo: Sulfate-free shampoos are must for longevity of the hair color. Ask your hair color expert about the best shampoo for colored hair.


Unexpected Perks of Having Short Hair

Cutting hair short is a big decision. Short haircuts are something different. Not every girl opts for short haircuts, but once you cut your hair short, you will realize the perks of having short hair.  It can transform your entire look. That is why you should not cut your hair short in cursory. Visit a hair salon and choose the best hairstylist for short haircuts. Cut your hair short hair only after consulting with your hairstylist.

Short haircuts for women

Typically, girls with scintillating personality keep their hair short. There are plenty of short haircuts that are elegant, comfortable and trendy at the same time. For many girls, cutting hair short is a big decision. It is because they are not aware of the benefits of short hairstyles. Whether you are thinking about chopping your hair short—or perhaps regretting cutting your hair short— you may want to learn about perks of cutting hair short.  Because, when it comes to it, short haircuts come with many advantages that you have probably never thought of.

Reasons why short hair rules.

There is definitely something alluring and mysterious about cropped locks that will keep people guessing about you. When you walk with short hair, people will just wonder if they can also try short hairstyles like you.

Short haircuts are liberating. After getting a sassy short haircut, you will feel more confident and stylish. This haircut will enhance your facial features. Short haircuts are much more than a style change, they will let your personality shine through.

Short hairstyles are cosiest way of keeping your hair. You need not have to spend your time and money on hair maintenance. Washing, oiling, conditioning and styling short hair is really very easy. You can get ready for party, office or outing without worrying about your hair.

A short haircut can make you look younger. As short haircuts provide instant lift to face, your cheekbones get highlighted, your smile appears vibrant and your eyes look vivid. However, it is important to select right haircut and hairstyle that suits your lifestyle and personality. And choose right hair salon for getting a nice short haircut.

What Is Hair Smoothing? Learn About Keratin Complex Hair therapy

Today many types of miracle hair smoothing treatments are available to remove frizz from hair. Among all hair smoothing, hair straightening and hair relaxing treatments, keratin treatments are gaining a lot of popularity. Keratin Complex Hair Therapy is different from conventional hair straightening treatments that may break the protein bonds of hair, changing the shape of every strand permanently. This treatment brought a revolution in hair straightening technology. It does not break the protein bonds of the hair to straighten them, instead provides the versatility of healthier and smoother looking hair that can be styled as desired.

Know about Keratin Complex Hair Therapy

Keratin Complex Hair Therapy effectively works on every hair type. In this unique hair therapy, keratin is applied in high concentration on your hair that penetrates the hair and seal with cortex to repair the damaged hair. Keratin therapy is known for providing the hair straightening solution by causing minimal or no damage to your natural hair. This treatment actually makes your hair appear healthier and shiner.

Keratin complex hair therapy

Keratin complex hair therapy is a four step process:

Step 1: In the first step, the surface buildup of your hair is removed and cuticle is prepared for the overlapping layers, so that keratin can penetrate the hair.

Step 2: In this step Hydrolyzed keratin is applied on your hair that penetrate the hair cuticle. The keratin strengthens the hair, repair the damage and make your hair straighter.

Step 3: The conditioning products nourish your hair from deep inside and restore the shine and smoothness.

Step 4: In the step, the hair straightening chemicals are sealed within your hair using flatiron and blow dryer. This helps you in restoring the smoothness even in the humid environment.

Keratin Complex provides hair smoothing solutions that cater to the desired finish, longevity, and cost and waiting time in the hair straightening salon. There are many type of the keratin hair straightening treatments. It is highly recommended to consult with the hair stylist to learn that which treatment is apt for your hair type. Only a professional hairstylist can let you know about the best suitable keratin treatment.

Tape-In Hair Extensions: Give Them A Second Chance

Many people think that hair extensions are high-maintenance and damaging. But reality is different. Hair extension is an amazing hair accessory that can give you the hair of your dreams. Modern hair extensions are easy to install, remove and maintain. In fact, there are many hair extension salons that offer hair extension services at affordable price. With hair extensions, you can enjoy the glorious hair that you always wanted.

Tape-in hair extensions

Hair extensions can be classified in several categories depending on hair type, hair color and wearing style. Among all, tape-in hair extensions are emerging as the most preferred hair extension option. These extensions are easy to wear, easy to remove, and remain attached with your hair without damaging your hair and scalp. This hair extension is very good for beginners. You can attach these extensions on your own.

Benefits of tape-in hair extensions

They don’t look fake: If you invest in good quality human hair extensions, tape-in hair extensions can perfectly amalgamate with your natural hair. You can easily hide the tapes under your natural hair. No one will be able to figure out that you are wearing the fake hair. However, you will have to make sure that you are wearing the hair extensions right.

Easy to put in and take out: Hair extensions are used to be big fuzz, but with tap in hair extensions, you can put and take out the extensions anywhere anytime. Unlike other hair extensions (such as glue in, keratin bonding etc.), you can wear and remove the tap in hair extensions without professional help.

Easy to maintain:  Maintenance of tap in hair extensions is quite easy. You can wash, condition and store the extensions without any fuzz. By providing the right maintenance, you can enjoy your extensions for years. Just be careful with roots while combing.

Not harmful for natural hair: Since chemicals and heat are not involved in the tap-in hair extension installation, they do not cause any serious damage to hair. They will simply get attached to your hair until via gum. Before wearing the extensions, just make sure that your hair is capable of wearing the load of artificial hair.

What Are the Clip-in Hair Extensions? Advantages vs. Disadvantages

If you have never tried hair extensions before, the hair extensions terminologies might be new to you. There are many types of hair extensions, clip in hair extensions are one of them. Clip in hair extensions are very popular type of hair extensions, known for ease of use. These extensions come with the ability to get attached with the help of the clips. It is really very easy to wear and remove the clip-in hair extensions. You can wear them without professional help.

Know about clip-in hair extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are available in many styles, colors, lengths and hair types. You can opt for the apt hair extensions according to your needs and requirements. These extensions are great when you are trying the hair extensions for the first time in your life. With clip-ins you can clear all your doubts about wearing hair extensions.

Advantages of clip-in hair extensions

  • Clip-in hair extensions are easy and quick to wear. You just need 2-3 minutes to attach the extensions with your natural hair.
  • Clip-in hair extensions can be installed without professional help. As clip-ins doesn’t require bonding, glue or tap to attach with your hair, you can install them on your own. You just have to attach the clips with your hair.
  • Clip-in hair extensions are available in both human and synthetic hair. You can buy hair extensions according to your budget.
  • Clip-in hair extensions don’t demand commitment. You can wear and remove the extensions whenever and wherever you want.
  • Clip-in hair extensions don’t require much maintenance. You don’t need to provide extra care to maintain the beauty of your hair extensions.
  • Clip-in hair extensions are also available with virgin human hair.

Disadvantages of clip-in hair extensions

  • Clip-in hair extensions are not suitable for long-term commitment. They are more of temporary hair extensions.
  • Presence of clips causes headaches  and itching. Wearing clips is not easy for a long period of time.
  • It is not easy to hide the clips of the hair extensions without the help from a hair extension professional.
  • The clips of the hair extensions may break, if not handled with care.

Temporary Hair Color – What Is It, How Does It Work?

Hair coloring is trending since a long time now. There are many girls who love experimenting with their hair color to look fashionable. But some girls are scared of consequences of hair coloring chemicals. Well, if you are one of those girls, then you can visit a hair coloring salon and opt for temporary hair coloring method.  There are hair colors that last up to single hair wash to 5 weeks. You can opt for any method according to your needs and requirements.

How temporary hair coloring works?

There are number of factors that impact the longevity of the temporary hair color, including but not limited to hair texture, natural hair color, hair type, hair length and health of your hair. When temporary hair color is applied on your hair, it does not stain the hair because color never penetrates the hair cortex.  This is the reason why temporary hair color does not damage the hair. The entire temporary hair coloring process is simple:

  • Hair color is applied on the hair shaft, which is a temporary coating on the outer surface of the hair cuticle.
  • The chemical coating is kept on your hair until your hair absorbs the hair color.
  • The color is applied without developer, which starts fading after 1 or 2 hair washes (depends on how porous is your hair).

Benefits of temporary hair color

There are many benefits of temporary hair colors, some of them are:

Natural look: Just because you are coloring hair for a short period of time, it doesn’t mean that you can let your hair color appear fake. Temporary hair color looks natural on hair.

Ease of use: Temporary hair colors are easy to use. You can apply hair color on your own at home. In fact, you can wash and re-color your hair, if anything goes wrong.

Maintain the hair quality: The temporary hair color and highlights does not affect the quality of your hair. Your hair remains in same condition after hair coloring.

Quick results: If you love experimenting with your hair color, you should try temporary hair colors. You can instantly switch between hair colors.

Permanent Hair Straightening: What, When, And How

Women love having shiny, beautiful, long, and straight hair. In order to get the perfect hair, they try several things, and permanent hair straightening is one of them. The permanent hair straightening treatments are amazing way of taming the frizzy, curly and wavy hair. Such treatments provide long-term solution to frizzy hair problem. However, getting permanent hair straightening treatment is a big commitment. These treatments introduce your hair with the chemicals, and the hair straightening chemicals can change the natural structure of your hair. Thus, before getting any permanent hair straightening treatment, you should learn about them.

What Is Permanent Hair Straightening?

Permanent hair straightening removes the waves from your hair using chemicals and heat. After getting this treatment, your hair becomes softer, shiner and more manageable. Though there are many types of permanent hair straightening treatments, Brazilian hair straightening and Japanese hair straightening are the most popular hair straightening treatments.

Brazilian hair straightening treatments make use of keratin protein, chemicals and heat to change the structure of your hair. Keratin is a natural protein present in your hair. This treatment can make your hair shiner than ever before. The effect of this treatment can last up to 6 months. Brazilian keratin treatment does not cause any serious damage to hair and scalp.

Japanese hair straightening treatment is also known as thermal reconditioning. This treatment changes the structure of your hair permanently. It means there is no coming back. The end result of the Japanese hair straightening treatment is beautiful sleek hair. Unlike Brazilian keratin treatment, Japanese hair straightening treatment does not make your hair shiner.

When to consider hair straightening

You can consider hair straightening when you want to make your hair more manageable. Styling and maintaining curly hair is not an easy task. With the help of permanent hair straightening treatments, you can make your hair manageable.

How to get hair straightening treatment

In order to get hair straightening treatment, you should visit a hair straightening salon. It is important to visit hair salon and consult with a hair specialist about the treatment options. Only an expert can let you know about the apt hair straightening option for your hair.

Primp Tip: Everything You Need to Know About Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are one of the most luxurious hair services offered in the hair salons. This hair accessory provides privilege of adding texture, volume, length, color and chemical-free highlights within a few minutes. There are so many types of hair extension methods. Choosing the right hair extension installation method can be really very overwhelming. However, which hair extension method is apt for you depends on your requirements, lifestyle, budget and hair type.

Types of hair extension methods

Hair extension methods can be classified into four main categories: strand-by-strand attachment, weave-in, clip-in and micro-link hair extensions. Each hair extension method has its own significance. You should learn about the pros and cons of every hair extension method before committing to hair extensions.

Strand-by-strand hair extension installation

Strand by strand hair extension installation is where artificial hair is attached via glue bond to your natural hair. This can be achieved by cold fusion installation or warm fusion installation. Strand by strand installation method is also known as keratin bonding. The glue with which hair is attached contains keratin protein.


+ Suitable for thick hair

+ With proper maintenance, hair extensions can be last up to 6 months


-Strand by strand hair extension installation is a time consuming process

-Extensions are not re-usable

Weave-in hair extension installation

In this hair extension installation method, wefts of hair are weaved with your natural hair. It is temporary hair extension installation method. It is cheaper as compared to keratin bonding, and are mostly available in synthetic hair type.


+ Most suitable for thick hair

+ The hair wefts are re-usable


-You can’t wash your hair extensions

-Provide temporary solution

-Limited hairstyling options

Clip-in hair extension method

Clip-in hair extension is another temporary hair extension installation method, where hair wefts are attached to natural hair via clips. Clip in hair extensions can be an amazing option for girls who are not ready to commit to wearing extensions. This is one of the most popular hair extension option available.


+ Flexibility of taking in and out

+ More versatility


-Cannot be worn for a long time

-Not good for thin and fine hair

Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

It’s almost your wedding day. You have chosen your gown, your makeup, your accessories, and you are counting down days to take your wedding vows. But wait, have you chosen your wedding hairstyle? Just like everything else, wedding hairstyle is an important part of wedding. Your bridal look will be incomplete without the right wedding hairdo. The way you booked the best makeup artist, you need the best wedding hairstylist to get the bridal look of your dreams.

Selecting the wedding hairstyle

If you have got long and voluminous hair, you can enjoy almost any wedding hairstyle. From creative updos to beautiful floating hairstyles, and everything in-between, all hairstyling options are open for you. It is up to you, what kind of wedding hairstyle you want to carry on your wedding day.

Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Loose curls: If you have naturally straight hair and you want to experiment with your look on your wedding day, try curling your hair. They are going to look fabulous with your wedding dress. The carefree and loose curls will give a romantic touch to your look. You can complete your hairstyle with a beautiful headband.

Tucked-updo: If you have always dreamed about wearing a crown on your wedding day, you can try tucked-updo hairstyle. This hairstyle can give you the princess look, and make you ready for your royal affair.  However, you should not carry this hairstyle for a long time. You might get headache.

Half-Updo with a Braided Headband: If you are confused in between wedding updo and open hairstyles, you can try half updo. With this hairstyle you can make updo as well as open hair style. You can complete your look with braided headband.

Twisted Low Bun with a Headband: If you are not looking for something heavy, you can try twisted bun. It is an amazing wedding hairstyle for brides who prefer classy look. You can carry this hairstyle comfortably throughout the ceremony.

Low-side ponytail: If you think, you cannot tame your long manes on your wedding day, you should try low-side pony tail. You can be creative with the ponytail and use hair accessories to adorn your hairstyle.

Interesting facts about dreamcatcher hair extensions

Dream catchers are not ordinary hair extensions. These extensions are made from the finest quality hair allowing you to cut, color, perm and style exactly like your natural hair. Dreamcatchers are elite quality hair extensions that provide incredibly silky and manageable hair. This hair extension can transform the appearance of lifeless, fine or short hair into long, thick and beautiful looking hair. Unlike other hair extensions, dreamcatchers are free from fuzz of glue, tape, weave and chemicals. This is an inimitable hair extension method of adding extra volume or length without causing any hair damage. You can get celebrity like hair with dreamcatchers.

Dream catcher hair extensions

Dream catchers look incredibly beautiful because they are made from the best quality human hair. These extensions are attached with your hair via micro liners. The roots of the hair extensions are clapped with your natural hair without damaging your hair. These hair extensions can be used over and over again.

Depending on your hair length, color and texture, you can buy Dreamcatchers. However, you need a professional for hair extension installation. In order to make your hair extensions look natural, you have to pay attention over selection, installation and maintenance.

Dreamcatchers are suitable for most of the people. However, the conditions such as hair damage, hair thinning and hair loss could prevent extensions from being an option. You will have to pay attention over hair extension maintenance. While they are made from human hair, extensions do require more maintenance than your natural hair.

Purchasing dream catcher hair extensions

Dreamcathers can be customized to match the texture and color of your natural hair. Furthermore, you can custom order the dream catcher hair extensions for the length you desire and the installation method that will be best for you. It is not possible for you to know about the infinite number of dream catcher hair extension options that are available on the market. Explain your specifications to your stylist, and your stylist will find the perfect match for your hair. These professionals are aware about various types of extension options.  They make the entire hair extension selection, purchase and installation task easier for you.

What to Expect From Your First Keratin Treatment?

 keratin treatmentAfter receiving your first keratin treatment, your hair will completely change for next six months. This treatment can transform your frizzy, brittle and impossible to tame hair into silky, smooth and shiny manes. In fact, the keratin hair straightening can change your entire look. However, you should opt for this treatment, only if you are ready for a longtime commitment. The effect of this treatment lasts on hair for months. Also, you will have to pay attention over hair care to keep the keratin treatment on your hair.

Know more about keratin treatment

Keratin hair straightening is one of the most popular hair straightening treatments offered hair salons. This treatment is gaining so much popularity because it straightens the hair without causing any serious damage to natural hair. You can get your old hair back once the hair straightening treatment washes off from your hair.

Keratin hair straightening: What to expect

Process takes long time: Keratin hair straightening takes 3 to 4 hours. If you are thinking about getting this treatment, prepare yourself for spending time on salon chair. First, the salon professional will shampoo and blow-dry your hair (drying 80 % of water). After that hair straightening chemicals will be applied on your hair. Your hair will be partitioned into section and each section is blow dried. Finally, flat iron is used to seal the hair straightening chemicals into your hair.

Hair straightening chemicals have musty smell: Hair straightening chemical have some wired, musty and strange smell. For newbie, it is not easy to adjust with the smell of hair straightening chemicals.

You will start to flake: During second blowout session, you will notice white flakes on your shoulder coming from your head. And it will continue till flat iron process. But don’t get afraid. The flakes are not dandruff. They are residue of excess products.

You will be amazed by the results: Once the hair straightening process is done, you will be amazed by the results. You will leave the keratin hair straightening salon with soft, beautiful and smooth hair. You will actually fall in love with your hair after this treatment.

Is Short Hair Attractive On Women?

hair salonThe idea of having short haircut is itself amazing for girls. If you are thinking about having short haircut, visit hair salon and get it. Don’t be afraid of chopping your hair short. Get haircut that you want, for reasons that make you feel happy. The short haircuts are not just snazzy, but they are easy to be taken care of. However, it is extremely important to select the right hairstylist to cut your hair short. Only a few hairstylists have talent of giving a perfect short haircut to their clients.

Do girls look good with short hair?

Yes, girls do look good with short haircut, as there will be no hair to hide behind. These haircuts highlight the natural facial features. Girls who embrace short hairstyles walk with pride. These haircuts boost the confidence from inside and that confidence can be seen on the face. It means you can proudly flaunt your personalized style, as short hair is an amazing way of getting in tune with yourself. You start valuing your facial features and learn how to live with them.

Reasons to cut your hair short

Short haircut is actually a great way of bringing a big change in your look.  With short haircut, you can actually look totally different. And this change will be good. You will look and feel more confident. There are many types of stunning short haircuts to choose from. You can opt for the one that you think is apt for you.

Having a short haircut doesn’t always mean that you have to chop of all your hair or cut your hair like men. There are many shoulder length short haircuts that are absolutely feminine, for example –shoulder length bob. You can even use hair accessories (such as hair band, bobby pins etc.) with short haircuts and hairstyles.

If you are dealing with hair problems like hair fall, hair thinning, split ends and dry scalp, you can cut your hair short. It is not easy to look after the long hair. By cutting your hair, you can nourish your scalp for proper hair growth of the new hair. Maintenance of short hair is easy, you can consult with a hairstylist for short haircut about hair care.

The best hair straightening options

hair straightening treatmentsEvery girl craves for sleek shiny hair that looks beautiful without demanding a lot of maintenance. There are many hair straightening treatments available today to tame the manes, ranging from flattening irons to salon hair straightening treatments. These treatments can magically change curly, wavy, frizzy and unmanageable hair into shiny, smooth, straight and manageable locks. Depending on the hair straightening method you choose, the effect of the treatment lasts.

Is hair straightening safe?

Hair straightening treatments work by rearranging the hair bonds.  The longer-lasting hair straighteners break the strong hair bonds. This breakage damages the hair to some extent. All hair straightening treatments are not same. Some straightening treatments have adverse affects on hair, while some are safe (not 100 % though). Not all hair straightening treatment is suitable for all kinds of hair. It is important to opt for the straightening treatment according to the health, texture and condition of the hair.

Hair straightening options

Flat irons

This is the cheapest and most temporary hair straightening treatment. The effect of this treatment last up to 24 hours. If you use flat iron once or twice in a month, hair damage can be negligible. But if you use flat irons to straight your hair on the regular basis, hair will become thin day by day.

Japanese hair straightening

Japanese hair straightening is the most permanent hair straightening treatment available. This treatment can make your hair straight permanently. In this procedure, hair is treated with heat and chemicals. However, it can make hair dull.

Brazilian keratin hair straightening

Brazilian keratin is a popular hair straightening treatment that uses the combination of keratin and formaldehyde. The effect of this treatment lasts 3 to 6 months. It is long lasting and can make your hair shiner, but it can affect the quality of hair if taken frequently.

Brazilian blowout

Brazilian blowout is safer than Brazilian keratin treatments. This treatment leaves your hair smooth and soft without causing any serious damage. The effect of Brazilian blowout lasts 3 to 6 months. However, you should opt for a reputable hair straightening salon for Brazilian blowout treatment. Only good hair salons make use of quality straightening products.

Hair extensions guide: How to select, wear and care

hair extensionsIf you wonder how celebs get dreamy locks within one night, then you might be interested in learning about hair extensions. The hair extensions are magical hair accessories that can transform your entire look within a few minutes. You can find many cheap hair extensions on the market, but human hair extensions are the extensions that you should opt for. This hair extensions look and feel natural and no one will be able to recognize that you are wearing extensions. However, you have to pay special attention while selecting, wearing and caring hair extensions. Then only you will be able to grab the flawless look.

How to select hair extensions

In order to make your extensions look natural, buy hair extensions that look like your natural hair. Be very cautious while selecting color and texture of your hair extension. When selecting the color, make sure you visit the hair salon during the day. Comparing hair color in the natural light is the only way to make certain that you buy the best match.

How to wear hair extensions

Try to match your hair extensions with your natural hair as much as you can. After purchasing the hair extensions, take the extensions to the hairdresser and trim the extensions as per the length of your natural hair. Also, you can opt for hair coloring, straightening or curling services to make your hair extensions appear more real.

Hair extension installation is another big task. No matter you have opted for weave-in, clip-in, tap-in or keratin bonding hair extensions, it is not easy to install hair extensions on your own. Thus, go to hair salon and ask hair extension experts to install the extensions. Proper installation of hair extension is vital. Otherwise, you will not get the look that you want.

How to care for hair extensions

Hair extension maintenance is not difficult, but it does require maintenance. Always comb hair extensions with soft brush and never comb them when they are wet. Do not wash hair extensions too often. Always use sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. The harmful chemicals can damage the hair extensions.