Tips to Help Protect Your Hair After Hair Color and Highlights

Coloring your hair is an exciting journey but can also be scaring. Hair color and highlights are  scaring to most women as they are afraid of the outcome and the thought of hair damage. It’s important that you visit the hair salon specializing in color for a hair assessment before the Coloring your hair and Coloring by a specialist for the best outcome

Tips to Keep your Hair Color for Longer

  • Before Hair Coloring

Prepare your Hair

If you want the best results after hair coloring then you need to start preparing your hair. Visit the best hair color salon and let the hair stylist analyze and assess your hair. Begin applying oil and hair mask before the actual Coloring takes place. Trim your hair to remove any split ends and avoid heating tools weeks before the hair color and highlights are done. Proper hair care prior to the Coloring will prevent hair damage.

Research on How You Want Your Hair to Look like

Your hair stylist will advise you on the best color to apply your hair. Take pictures of the hair outcome you want to the hair salon specializing in color and that will ensure the stylist is ready before you the actual date.

Follow the Instructions Given by the Hairstylist

Find the top-rated hair stylist and consult on how best to take care of your hair before Coloring. Its imperative that you follow the instruction given by the stylist. The right regimen will ensure your hair is healthy enough before the Coloring and after color application. Before leaving the hair salon, make sure you understand how to take care of your color treated hair.

After Applying Hair Color

Wait for 3 days Before Washing your Hair

Once the hair color has been applied your hair stylist will tell you to wait for 3 days before washing. Don’t be tempted to wash the hair as that will cause color bleeding and the color will not last. Once the three days are over, oil your hair as that will form a protective shaft as you shampoo your hair.

Get the Right Products for your Hair

Your hair after Coloring is vulnerable and can easily get damaged. Invest in good products to ensure that color last. After the three days wash your hair with sulfate free shampoos and conditioner to avoid drying out your hair. Choose products that will keep your color from fading.

Avoid High Water Temperature

Washing your hair with hot water opens your hair cuticles and that will cause the color to wash out. Wash your hair with slightly warm water and rinse off with cold water. Cold water will help seal the moisture and prevent your hair from fading.

Wash Hair Less often

Avoid washing your hair every day as that will reduce hair color lifespan. Washing hair every day will strip your natural hair of its natural oils making it dry and brittle. Wash your hair once a week or once every two weeks. When not washing your hair use a dry color safe dry shampoo. The dry shampoo will keep your hair refreshed and ensure your scalp is clean.

Prepare your Hair Before You Swim

Chlorine will weaken the hair and lead to hair discoloration. Before you take that dip to visit the hairstylist for leave in conditioner or oil that will protect your hair from discoloring. Wear a swimming cap before you get into the pool. Condition your hair after the swim to avoid damage.

Trim your Hair Often

To maintain healthy hair after Coloring trims your hair regularly to enhance hair growth. split ends and damaged ends will cause hair color to fade fast so make sure you trim your hair at least once every 8 weeks.

Protect your Hair

When walking in the sun cover your hair with a hat to protect it from the harsh UV rays.

Visit the hair salon specializing in Color Regularly for refresh up

If you choose to apply red color or any other bright colors you may need to refresh your hair color more often. Visit the top-rated hair salon and let the hair stylist refresh your color to keep it looking fresh until it grows out.

Eat healthily

A healthy diet will keep your hair healthy. Ensure that you take foods that aid in hair growth.

To get the best outcome to visit the hair color and highlight salon Rockville and let the top-rated hair stylist apply the hair color. Follow the instructions given by the stylist on how to take care of your hair and you will enjoy hair color for long.

Why You Should Wear Hair Extension on Your Wedding Day

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Your wedding is an important event in your life and you want everything to be perfect including your hair. Hair extensions are the perfect way to look and feel gorgeous on that day. Whether you want to add length or oomph to your, hair the extension is an ideal way and the perfect wedding day hair. A good way to look the best during your important day is to let the expert at the hair extension salon Rockville fix your extensions. In this post, we discuss why the extension is the ideal hair for your wedding and how to ensure you get the best out of the extension.

Reasons to Wear Hair Extensions During Your Wedding

  • Added Volume

Hair extensions will add thickness, give your hair life and create locks that fall beautifully down your shoulders. Every girl’s dream is to look gorgeous during their big day and extensions will give you exactly that. Thick hair will allow your veil to rest on your head securely without falling. Extensions will ensure your wedding day photos look gorgeous and amazing.

  • Length

Hair extensions will help you tap into your feminity with that instant long hair. You can never go wrong with added length and extensions are the perfect way to add length. Choose extensions that look as natural as possible to bring out your beauty.

  • Ability to wear Different Hair Styles

If you have thin hair but you are dreaming of having a particular hairstyle extension will enable you to wear any style you want. With the thickness and length from extensions, you have those stunning hairstyles on your wedding day. Make sure that you visit your hair salon for the best outcome. It’s your big day, invest in high-quality human hair extension. Your hair extensions stylist will give you hair extensions ideas for your wedding day

  • Last up to the Honeymoon

Hair extensions last for about three to six months or longer when well taken care of and you can enjoy your wedding look way after the wedding ceremony is over. Keep your gorgeous look during your vacation.

  • Help in Hair growth

Hair extensions give your hair the much-needed break, allowing it to grow. Make sure that the extension is applied by an expert to ensure that there is no hair damage. Follow the hair instruction given at the hair salon and that will ensure your hair grows.

Tips to Ensure You Get the Best Out of Your Hair Extension

Below some tips to help you choose the right extension;

  • Pick the right hair extension.

Hair extensions give you limitless options when it comes to hairstyles. Consult the hair stylist on which hairstyle fits and choose the right hair extensions for that style. Ensure that your hair complements the dress you are wearing.

  • Do a hair extension before the big day

Visit your hair salon and let the hair stylist apply the extension you intend to use on your wedding day. That way you are able to pick any issues that may occur before they actually happen. Will the hairstyle look as good as you thought? Is the extension right for my hair? You are able to answer some of the questions beforehand and in case of anything you still have ample time to make changes. Let the hair stylist fix the extension you have a few days before the wedding and condition your it before the wedding day to make sure it looks perfect.

  • Choose the top-rated hair stylist for the best outcome

Your wedding will happen once in a lifetime and it’s therefore important that you pick the hair stylist to fix your extension. The hair stylist has the experience to create the best style for your wedding without making you look like a crown on your big day.


What kind of hairstyle are thinking about for your big day?  Hair extensions will make you look absolutely amazing on your wedding day, instant length and volume will enable you to pick the best hairstyle. To achieve the best, ensure that you visit the hair salons for consultation on the best extension and best result after applying. The professionally applied extension will also enhance hair growth while protecting your hair from damage. And you can enjoy your big day and make memories with beautiful and gorgeous hair.

Simple Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy

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We can agree one thing, that all women want hair that looks amazing and primped by a top-rated hair stylist daily. No matter what your hair texture is, we all want hair that is preened and gorgeous every single day. But what is the magic that makes hair healthy and lustrous?  How do you keep hair looking good all the time? Well, that may seem like a dream but in this post, we tell simple yet effective ways to ensure healthy hair. The simple tips will work magic for your tresses and ensure that you have healthy shiny hair. In this post, we look at how we can keep the hair in top shape and fashionable always.

Expert Tips For Healthy Hair

  • Eat Your Way to Healthy Hair

Diet is an important part of healthy hair. the health of your hair begins from inside to outside. Keratin is a protein that acts as a hair building block. Make sure you have enough proteins. Leafy green vegetables provide iron while citrus fruits help in absorption of iron. The correct diet will ensure that your hair follicles are healthy and that will promote hair growth. Make sure you eat a balanced diet and you have healthy hair from inside to outside.

  • Good Hair Maintenance Practises

It’s important that you develop a good routine to ensure your hair remains healthy.

Invest in the correct hair products for hair type. Visit the top-rated hair salon and let the hair stylist advice you on the best products for your hair. Avoid shampoos and conditioners that will dry out your hair. If you have hair color and highlights ensure that you use the right products to ensure the longevity of the color. Get wide toothed combs for that hair extension.

Develop a hair routine that works for your hair. If you are wearing human hair extensions make sure you brush your hair regularly to avoid tangling. Avoid brushing hair extensions or even your hair when its wet as that will lead to breakage. Ensure you scalp is well nourished as that will ensure that your hair cuticles and follicles are healthy promoting healthy hair growth.

Protect your hair from the harsh UV rays and if you are going for a swim dip the hair in clean water before going into the chlorinated water.

  • Hair Styles that Suit Your hair

Before you apply Brazilian keratin straightening or Japanese permanent straightening treatment makes sure the hairstylist checks on the health of your hair. Visit the Permanent hair straightening salon for professional treatment of your hair.

If you have thin hair, heavy hair extension will cause damage to your hair. The experts at the hair extensions salon will advise you on the best extension for your hair type. Brush the extension regularly as that will ensure there is no tangling.

  • Let the Professionals take care of your Hair

Depending on your hairstyle visit the hair extension salon, permanent hair straightening or hair salons specializing in color and the experts take care of your hair. While home remedies will save you a coin a visit to the top-rated hair stylist will ensure you become knowledgeable and be able to take care of your hair professionally.

Bad Hair Habits to Avoid

  • Avoid over shampooing your hair as that will dry out your hair. Talk to the hair stylist and after assessing your hair they will advise you on the number of times you should shampoo your hair
  • Avoid styling wet hair because when wet hair is weak
  • Avoid tight ponytails or braids as that weakens the hair cuticles
  • Poor eating habits will lead to unhealthy hair
  • Turn down the heat on your hair to avoid drying out the hair and making it brittle
  • Give your hair time after every hairstyle
  • Avoid stress as that cause hair fall. Yoga will help you relax and reduce stress

Healthy hair is because of a good diet, good hair habits and lets the expert at the hair salon Bethesda take care of your hair. Make sure your hair routine leaves your moisturized and that will ensure your hair doesn’t become brittle and break. Take care of your scalp as that will promote hair growth.

Hair Straightening Gone Wrong? The Side Effects and How to Counter Them

A lot of women world over want long straight hair, and hair straightening techniques are the perfect solution.  Brazilian keratin straightening or Japanese hair straightening is the most common methods of hair straightening. Wrong Hair straightening procedure comes with several side effects and it’s therefore important that you do it at the hair straightening salon for the best outcome and avoid hair damage. Wrong Hair straightening method will result in hair disasters and we look at some of them of the side effects and how to avoid them each of them.

Side Effects of  Wrong Hair straightening Process

  • Dry Hair

Excessively drying of hair is one of the most common side effects of hair straightening and that could be as a result of  too many chemicals and heat which dries out the moisture in hair. Using too many chemicals and heat for a long period of time will remove the natural oils from your hair and make dry and brittle. Its imperative that before you apply any hair straightening chemical that you visit the hair straightening salon for a hair checkup that will assess whether your hair is healthy enough to undergo the treatment.

  • Hair Frizz

Once the hair dries out due to too much heat and chemical, that ultimately leads to hair frizz. Applying hair straightening chemicals too many times will not reduce but will increase the hair frizz.

  • Breakage

When you apply the straightening chemicals too often that leads to weak hair cuticles and hair strands. Excessive dryness of the hair will lead to hair becoming brittle and eventually breaking.

  • Split Ends

Split ends result from weak hair breaking in the middle. Split ends are an indication of fragile hair and make your hair appear dull and ugly.

  • Permanent Hair Fall

Straightening your hair for years without following the proper maintenance practices will eventually cause permanent hair loss. Heat styling tools kill the hair follicles and that eventually lead to traction alopecia which is permanent hair loss.

  • Itchy Scalp

When the hair follicles die that also lead to low production of natural oils leading to a dry and flaky scalp.

  • Slower Hair Growth

Frequent hair straightening without protecting your hair against heat will damage the hair cuticles and that will lead to slower hair growth. It’s important to use a heat protector before you expose your hair to any heat.

  • Permanent Alteration of the Hair Texture

The chemicals that you use during permanent hair straightening will change the texture of your hair permanently and it may be hard to get back the old hair texture unless you trim your hair.

How to Avoid Side Effects After Hair Straightening

  • Let the Hairstylist do the Hair straightening

The hair straightening process requires a delicate balance because a hgh heat level and too much  chemicals will damage your hair. Visit the permanent hair straightening salon and let the hair stylist do the process. Before carrying out the hair straightening, a strand test will be done to ensure your hair is healthy enough to handle the chemical. When the right amount of heat and treatment is used that will ensure your hair remains healthy at the end of the process

  • Use High-Quality Products

Again, the best place to apply the chemical is the Japanese hair straightening salon because you will find quality products. The Hairstylist has the expertise and experience to choose products that are quality and will not damage your hair. When washing and conditioning the hair, use sulfate free shampoos and conditioners.

  • Take Care of your Hair After Straightening

Keep the hair hydrated always to avoid the hair from drying out and becoming brittle. Make sure you minimize the use of heat styling tools after the straightening. Avoid washing your hair with hot water as this will strip natural oils of the hair.

To get the best out of the Brazilian keratin straightening or any other straightening process visit the hair straightening salon Rockville and let the hair stylist straighten your hair. That will save your hair from the above side effects which could permanently damage your hair. Make sure the products in use are of high quality and after the top-rated hairstylist has done the straightening follow the regimen as advised. That way your tresses become so manageable and easy to style.

Simple Tips to Make Fine Straight Hair Appear Thicker and Fuller

Most girls with fine straight hair, wish for long voluminous, shiny and revitalized hair.  When you have fine, straight hair then you know that the fixes on wavy thick hair don’t work for your hair. It’s therefore important that you develop your own regimen that will keep your hair healthy. In this article, we tell you how to breathe life into your fine hair every morning and keep your hair lively and healthy. We can’t forget to mention that the first step to good hair is consulting the top-rated hair stylist on the best routine for your hair type. The stylist will assess your hair and advice on the best way to deal with your hair.

How to Make Fine Straight Hair Appear Thick


  • Clip in Hair Extensions

Clip-ins will help your hair appear thicker. Make a small pony in the middle of your hair and add clip hair extensions. Add one or two wefts of the hair extensions and then pull your hair back. To make it look more natural choose a color that matches with your hair. Clip in hair extensions are easy to wear and remove making them effective and an easy way to add volume to fine hair.

  • Hair color and Highlights

Hair color and highlights add texture to your hair making it appear fuller. You need to find the best hair color salon for the best result and make your hair fuller. Color makes each hair shaft swell and looks thicker. The hair stylist at the hair salon specializing in hair color can color the hair in a shade that is a different color from your scalp giving an illusion of thick and fuller hair.

  • Style your hair to look thicker

The hairstyle you choose can amp up the volume of your hair making it look as though you have thicker hair. A ponytail will make the hair appear fuller and bouncier other than leaving it lying flat. Haircuts like the bob and wispy bangs will are perfect for adding dimension to your fine hair. Add hair accessories like the pin stuck at the side will make the hair appear thicker. Your hair stylist will give ideas on how you style the hair to make it look thicker. Hairstyling is one of the easiest hacks for fuller hair

  •  Diet

Your diet plays a major role in ensuring the health of your hair. The best way to ensure your hair is thick is from the inside out. Eat food rich in iron and proteins that will ensure hair growth

  • Scalp Massages

Blood circulation will ensure the hair follicles receive nutrients and scalp massage is a good way to ensure to rev up the circulation of blood. Regular scalp massages stimulate the flow of blood and that will give your fine hair some body. A simple DIY home massage will stimulate growth and make you look thicker.

  • Boost Volume with Cleansers and conditioners

Invest in volumizing shampoos and conditioners as they will gently cleanse your hair without stripping it of hair moisture and they make the hair look fuller. It’s best to apply conditioners from the middle shaft to the ends of the hair.

  • Reduce the Heat

Too much heat will cause your hair to become brittle and eventually fall. The last thing you need when you have fine straight is hair loss so turn down the heat, air dry the heat instead of using a blow drier.

Fine Hair Maintenance Practises

  • Use the right products. Seek the help of the top-rated hair stylist at the hair salon while choosing shampoos and conditioners. Avoid shampoos that contain sulfates as they cause to become brittle and fall off.
  • Fine hair may require more cleaning than thick coarse hair as it becomes oilier quickly. Wash the hair every other day to avoid build up
  • Avoid using conditioner on the roots as some of the ingredients will weigh down the hair cuticles
  • Don’t sleep on wet hair as this causes damage.

Before you choose any volumizing method for your hair visit the hair salon Bethesda and consult on your hair type and the best method to use to increase the volume of your hair. Follow the recommended method and ensure that you take care of your hair to avoid damage.

How to Stop Your Hair from Falling After Permanent Hair Straightening

Over the years permanent hair straightening has been touted as a reason for hair loss. Most people apply the Brazilian Keratin straightening or Japanese hair straightening and fail to follow the proper regimen resulting in hair fall. In this post, we debunk the myth that your hair fall is because of hair straightening and give expert advice on how to take care of your hair after straightening.

Causes of Hair Fall After Hair Straightening

  • Lack of Moisture

Your hair is prone to breakage when its dry, especially after wrong application of Permanent hair straightening chemicals hair, tends to dry up. Make sure the hair straightening process is done at the hair straightening salon by the top-rated hair stylist. Ensure you keep your hair hydrated after the straightening.

  • Too much Heat While Styling

It’s no secret, using heat makes your hair weaker, and in that case, too much heat will make your hair prone to breakage during the hair straightening, the hair stylist must apply a heat protector and apply just enough heat. Too much heat will dry out your hair and that leads to breakage.

  • Blow Drying Wet Hair

Water opens up the hair cuticle and blow drying the hair while its wet, will lead to hair breakage and eventually leading to hair loss. Avoid yanking the hair hard or bringing the dryer too near.

  • Chemical Exposure when hair is already damaged

Before applying any hair straightening chemical, you need to visit the permanent hair straightening salon and let the hair stylist assess whether your hair is healthy enough for the straightening. A strand test will be able to tell whether the chemical will work for your hair. Applying hair straightening chemical to unhealthy hair will lead to more damage. Make sure that your top-rated hair stylist analyses and assesses your hair.

  • Failure to follow the right regimen

Straightened hair is easy to style and take care of, but failure to take care of the hair results in damage. Consult the hair stylist at the Japanese hair straightening salon on the right shampoos and conditioner to use on your hair. The hair stylist will advise you on how often you should shampoo and condition your hair. Avoid too much shampooing as this will dry your hair and lead to breakage.

  • Poor Quality Chemical

Some permanent straightening treatments contain high levels of formaldehyde which is harmful to your hair. Ensure the treatment that you use don’t contain elements that are harmful to your hair.

  • Unbalanced Diet

The hair is made up of keratin which is a protein element, and it’s therefore important that you include proteins in your diet. Make sure that you eat a balanced diet. Avoid taking too many proteins as this will cause the hair to become brittle. Make sure you find the right balance when it comes to your diet.

How to Prevent Hair Loss after Hair Straightening

Wondering how to prevent hair fall after permanent hair straightening? The below tips will save your hair from damage and you can enjoy straightened hair.

  • Use the best products

As you will learn from the permanent hair straightening salon, a successful hair straightening process is a combination of the right product, the right procedure, and proper maintenance. Let the hair stylist choose the best products to use as they have assessed the state of your hair. Confirm that the products in use don’t contain ingredients that can harm your hair such as sulfates.

  • Let the Professional Hairstylist Take care of your hair

You need to let the hair stylist occasionally treat your hair so that they can assess your hair. While a DIY will save you some money, going to a professional hair stylist will save your hair. Choose the best hair salon and the top-rated hair stylist takes care of your hair. The hair stylist will not only advice on the best products but also the best times to wash your hair and retouch.

Expert advice from our professional hair stylist

Hair straightening will not damage your hair, poor maintenance and the wrong application procedure coupled with an inexperienced stylist will damage your hair. If you are at the crossroads on whether to straighten your hair or not, we can assure you that if it’s done at the hair straightening salon Rockville and you can be sure you will get best results. Make sure you incorporate the best regimen and follow it diligently and your hair will be long luscious and healthy.

Everything You Need to Know About Non-Surgical Hair Replacement for Men

Balding and alopecia are devastating especially because sometimes they begin at an earlier age. Technological advancement has made it possible to counter hair loss. Nonsurgical hair replacement for men Bethesda is one of the easiest and the best solution for dealing with balding. There are several numbers of nonsurgical hair transplant for men techniques including hair piece for men, wigs and hair extensions that are available in the market.

The procedure for Applying the Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

The first step is a visit to the hair salon and the stylist will assess your hair loss. The hairpiece for men is custom made and it’s therefore important that an assessment is done. During the assessment, the hair stylist will take note of your hair color, hair density, and hair direction to ensure that the chosen hairpiece gives you a natural look.

After assessing the hair stylist will then attach a transparent layer mostly made of [polyurethane, monofilament or lace to your skin which acts as a second skin layer and forms a tight membrane. The membrane has hairpiece on it which matches your hair as much as possible.

Characteristics of a good hair pieces system

  • Undetectable

Most men prefer to keep their baldness a secret and its therefore important the hair system look as natural as possible. The liquid membrane should be attached to the epidermis and made to look as though as natural as possible. Polyurethane comes with a thin layer and it’s the best if you prefer to keep your baldness a secret.

  • Light in Weight

The hairpiece that you choose should be as light as possible. Heavy hairpiece will result in discomfort and constant headaches

  • Comfortable to wear

The best hairpiece to wear is one that doesn’t interrupt your daily activities. You can shower in it, go for a swim and exercise in and it remains secure and comfortable.

Things You Should Know About Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

  • How Much is the Cost?

The cost of the hair system will depend on the density, size, and length. There may be an additional cost which is the maintenance fee. Visit the hair salon and consult on the price of the hairpiece for men.

  • Is there is Risk Involved / Side Effects or Disadvantages

The nonsurgical hair transplant for men has no risk but has a few disadvantages which are not life-threatening. There are no known side effects of the nonsurgical hair replacement. The below are the disadvantages;


The membranes require constant Maintainance to keep the natural effect. You need to pay the hair stylist a visit for hair trimming to keep the system looking good. The membrane will also wear out and require maintenance and require certain products to keep looking amazing. The disadvantage is that you need to take special care of the membrane and that requires more time.

It Involves money and time investment

Hairpiece system is not a one-time investment. You will need to keep going for maintenance and replacing the membrane. It’s therefore important to note it’s not a one-day investment.

What are the Advantages of this method

Instant results

The application process is quite fast and you will instant results


The nonsurgical hair transplant is an affordable way of dealing with balding as compared to the surgical method.

No Pain No Hassles

The method is simple and there is no pain that you will experience.

Who Should Perform the Non-Surgical Hair replacement

To get the best results, its best that you visit the hair salon and let the expert do the nonsurgical hair replacement for men. The expert will assess your hair and advise on the best option for your hair.

Will people Know am Wearing a Hair Piece

It’s important that you find a reliable hair piece for men expert to ensure professional application. Visit the top-rated hair salons for the best outcome.

Continued advanced techniques for Nonsurgical hair transplant for men have made it possible to have your hair back looking more gorgeous than before. To get the best results for the nonsurgical hair replacement for men , it’s important to ensure that it’s done by a professional. Once the hair systems are applied you can enjoy an interrupted four weeks.


6 Reasons Why You Should Apply Keratin Treatment to Your Hair

Keratin treatment has immense benefits for your and in this post, we tell you why you need to apply the treatment. A comprehensive keratin treatment will replenish your hair’s lost keratin and add the shine and smooth texture that it had previously lost. Your hair is made of keratin which protects your hair strands from damage but due to harsh chemicals, the keratin in the hair is depleted and application of the keratin treatment to you will add back the keratin to your hair giving your hair the shine and luster. To get the best result visit the keratin treatment salon and let the expert stylist analyze your hair and apply the treatment.

6 Reasons Why You Should Apply the Keratin Treatment

  • Add shine to your hair

A keratin treatment will add an amazing shine to color and highlights, dry and brittle hair. The hair stylist will apply the keratin treatment on the hair and then seal it with a hot iron. That helps seals the moisture and the hair color giving the hair the shine it deserves. The results you get are determined by the health of your hair before the keratin straightening treatment. Keratin treatment by hair stylist will give you the best results as the stylist is able to assess your hair before applying the treatment.

  • Repairs Brittle, dry and Damaged Hair

Adding keratin to your will add proteins to your hair and revitalize it sealing the split ends. Once the ends are sealed that will ensure your hair retains moisture. Let the top-rated hair stylist apply the treatment on hair as that will ensure your hair brittle and damaged is gently treated to avoid damage. The keratin treatment will penetrate the hair cuticles repairing the damage and leaving your hair full and moisturized. Wondering whether keratin treatment is good for hair growth? The ingredients in the treatment will spur your hair to grow and become more voluminous but it’s important that it’s done by an expert.

  • Frizz Control

Do you have thick curly hair that tends to curl at the slightest provocation?  After the keratin hair straightening treatments are added to your hair, it will penetrate your cuticles and leave your hair with smooth curls and frizz free and you can easily manage your mane. When your hair is frizz free then that means that it will not tangle and that reduces chances of any breakage.

  •  Helps Retain Hair color for Longer

The keratin treatment helps seal in hair color from permanent or semi-permanent hair color and highlights. As the experts in the hair salons specializing in hair color will tell you, first have your hair colored and then schedule the keratin treatment. You can choose to color the hair after the treatment but for best results, you will have to wait for two weeks to ensure that the Coloring is effective.

  • Saves Hair Management Time

After applying the keratin treatment that will ensure that your hair is frizz free, well moisturized thus making it easier to manage. Keratin works by smoothing the hair cells that form the hair strands resulting in hair that is smooth, glossier and easy to style. So, if you have thick unmanageable hair visit the keratin treatment salon and get the hair treated with keratin for easy management

  • Makes it easy to brush the Hair

Keratin treatment penetrates the hair cuticles and will leave your hair glossy and feel smooth. After years of chemical and the harsh environment, our hair is left looking dull and lifeless and hard making it hard to brush the hair. The treatment will give your hair the shine and leave it looking full and healthy and easy to pass the brush through.

To get the best results with the keratin treatment ensure its done by the hair stylist at the keratin treatment salon. That will ensure that your hair is analyzed and assessed before the application. Also during the application, the hair stylist will be able to apply the treatment and make sure there is no damage to the hair. Once the treatment is applied consult the expert in the hair salon Bethesda on how best to take care of your hair to avoid damage. So, if you are wondering how your hair will regain the volume and glamour visit the hair salon and let the keratin treatment expert do the wonders.

A guide to Hair Extensions: Synthetic VS Human Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are an excellent way to transform your look in the simplest way. Extensions are either human hair extensions or synthetic hair extensions. There is a huge difference between the two types of extensions and in this post, we take an in-depth look at each type of the extension to make your buying decision easier. If you are a beginner in wearing extensions the two types may confuse you especially because synthetic hair extensions have over the years come of age. Be sure to involve your hair stylist at the hair extensions salon Rockville as they will be able to demonstrate to you the various types of extensions and what suits your hair.

What is the Difference Between Human Hair and Synthetic hair extensions

We look into the various aspect of the extensions that will help us know the difference between synthetic hair and human hair extensions and after reading trough you will know what to expect when it comes to each type of extension.

  • Making of the Extensions

Human Hair

The highest quality of the extensions are made from human hair and are made without any chemicals or mechanical process. The strands are collected into bundles and made into wefts and depending on the type they are added clips, glue or adhesive. They are far the highest quality of extensions you will get. Visit your hair extensions salon for the best human hair extensions as they are a variety available.

Synthetic Hair Extensions

The extension is made from chemicals and processed through machines which makes them into hair-like. Materials like monofilament, acrylic, and polyester fibers are used to make the extensions. There is a different quality of the extensions of synthetic hair extensions and it may be difficult to tell the difference. Avoid exposure to heat as this will destroy the extension.

Advantages of each type of Extension

Synthetic Extension

  • They are an affordable way to get volume and length
  • They can be manufactured to have a certain color and texture and come in many varieties of colors
  • Easy to wear especially if you don’t have time to spend styling your hair. They can work out of the package, are easy to wear and remove
  • They don’t have split ends
  • It’s the perfect extensions to help you change your look whenever you want. Synthetic hair extensions are cheap and you can, therefore, invest in several to help change your looks as often as possible.
  • They require minimal maintenance and it’s easy to take care of synthetic hair extensions

Human Hair Extensions

  • They last longer as compared to the synthetic counterpart
  • They can be styled using heat without getting damaged
  • Have a natural look and are versatile enough to style in any way. They will easily blend into your hair
  • Color and highlights can be applied to the human hair

Disadvantages of the Hair Extensions


  • Cannot be styled using  heat due to the risk of melting
  • They cannot be color treated as that will cause irreparable damage
  • It may not be possible to create an undetectable look with synthetic extensions.
  • Fades quickly and will tangle easily
  • Dries out easily at the end if not well cared for and will only last up to three months

Human Hair Extensions

  • They are expensive
  • Require maintenance just like your natural hair and are not ideal if you have a busy and you may not follow the care regimen to keep them looking good.

Synthetic Vs Human Hair Extensions

Now that you have a preview of what each is made from and how its made, their advantages and disadvantages what is your choice? Before you make that decision consider your lifestyle and consult the top rated hair stylist on what best suits your hair. It’s paramount to have a hair analysis to avoid damage that results from a poorly applied extension. When choosing the extensions consider your lifestyle and choose one that suits your lifestyle. Human hair extensions are the best as they last long and are visibly undetectable. However, if you have a hectic lifestyle or you need the extension for a short period then synthetic will be perfect for you. Your hair stylist will play a major role in teaching you how to care for the kind of hair extension that you have chosen as that plays a major role in ensuring the extensions last longer.

Tips to Help You Choose the Right Hair Piece for men and the most Common Questions About Hair Piece Systems

Male baldness is a difficult stage for most men and non-surgical hair replacement for men Bethesda is a relief to most men. Non-surgical hair transplant for men is processed by which the hair pieces for men are applied to the head to conceal the baldness. The stylist at the hair salon will organize for custom hair piece system that suits your need. Most men want the undetectable look and that can only be achieved by getting the exact hair color match. As a beginner, the whole process may be overwhelming but we are here to help you choose the right hair piece for men.

Tips to Help You Choose the Right Hair Piece

  • Budget

It’s important that you budget for the hairpiece for men you want. There are the stock hair systems and custom hair systems. The stock hair piece systems are inexpensive as they are not customized, While the custom hair system is specifically made for the client. The custom hair system will look exactly like your hair and they are undetectable. Before you set out to buy the hairpiece system talk to your expert at the hair salons on how much you would like to spend on the system.

  • Your Lifestyle

Before ordering for the hairpiece systems it’s important that you evaluate your lifestyle. Do you want something you will go to the beach with? Do you want a hairpiece that integrates with your hair? Review your lifestyle and then talk to the non-surgical hair transplant expert on the available choices and which one suits your lifestyle. Consult the expert on the maintenance practices for each type hair piece system and choose the way that will work for you.

  • Hair Piece Securing Method

Hairpieces can secure using adhesive, glue or tape. The hair systems can either be temporary, semi-permanent or permanent. You need to decide what kind of hair system will suit your needs. Temporary hair systems are more popular and are easy to wear, convenient and comfortable. The temporary hairpiece is bonded to your hair using tape or clips. The semi-permanent method is applied using glue and you can wear the hair system all through with no need to remove it. The permanent hairpiece is applied through adhesive and last long.

  • Talk to the Experts

Your best guide while choosing the hairpiece systems is the expert at the hair salons. It’s important that the hair pieces for men you choose suit your needs. The top-rated hair stylist will take you through the through the available and guide you on the best choice for your head.

Common Questions regarding Non-surgical hair replacement

  • Are there any side effects?

Nonsurgical hair transplant for men has no side effects other the need to take off the hairpiece systems. Let the replacement process be done by an expert to avoid any side effects.

The nonsurgical hair replacement has various advantages;

Instant results

Once the hairpiece is applied you will see an instant result. That is perfect if you don’t want to draw more attention to your thinning hair.


The nonsurgical hair replacement doesn’t involve any surgery and that is ideal especially in case of temporary hair loss.


As compared to surgical hair replacement, the nonsurgical hair transplant for men is quite cheap.

Customizable to fit your hair needs.

  • Which hair piece system is right for you?

To know what hair piece for men will work for you its best that you visit the hair salon and the non- surgical hair replacement expert will advise you on the best-customized hair system for your hair. The top-rated hair stylist will assess your hair condition and advise on the best hair system for you.

Baldness affects a huge number of men from as early as 25 years of age, so if you are going through this phase visit the nearest hair salons and consult on the nonsurgical hair replacement for men methods available. Consult and research widely before settling on any method, once you have decided to ensure that the procedure is done at the top-rated hair salons for the best results.

Hair Straightening or Hair Smoothing; What’s Suits Your Hair

Brazilian keratin treatment and Japanese hair straightening are both methods that will help you manage frizzy, coarse and curly hair. If you have curls that show up even after brushing, it may not be easy to manage the hair. A hair care plan will help ease the curls but if your hair is stubborn it may not work. The keratin treatment and Japanese straightening methods are both remedies for unmanageable hair, but which one is the most appropriate for your hair? Its imperative that you visit the permanent hair straightening salons and consult with the hair stylist which of the two processes best suits your hair. We dive deep and tell you the difference between hair smoothing and hair straightening

Difference Between Hair Smoothing and Straightening

  • Hair Smoothing

Brazilian keratin treatment involves saturating your hair with a keratin treatment and then flat ironing the hair. The natural hair contains keratin which helps keep the hair straight and shiny, but due to various reasons such as stress, diet, and chemicals the keratin content decreases making the hair frizzy, dry and tangled. When you visit the Brazilian keratin salon, the hairstylist will add a coating of the keratin treatment after shampooing the hair leaving your hair soft and silky. The treatment will last up to 6 months and your hair returns to its original structure. Proper hair care will determine how long the keratin treatment will last.

Advantages of the Keratin treatment.

  • The keratin treatment is applied and the flat iron is used to seal the formula into the hair creating a moisture barrier and this reduces frizz making your hair smooth and soft.
  • The treatment is not damaging to the hair and will not open the hair cuticle
  • It takes a short time to apply as compared to the straightening techniques
  • The major advantage of this method is that the hair will come back to its natural state.
  • Makes the hair silky, soft and manageable
  • It has no side effects and provides extra protection from the sun and pollution
  • Keratin treatment by the hair stylist will give you professional results and ensure there is no damage to the hair.


  • Hair Straightening

Japanese hair straightening changes the structure of the hair bonds to give the straight hair. The process uses chemicals that completely break the bonds in your hair shaft, then heat is applied to change the structure of your hair. The stylist at the Japanese hair straightening salon will ensure that even the curliest hair is straightened. The hair stylist will apply the chemical to the hair and let it rest for 15-20 minutes and during that time the cysteine hair bonds are broken down. After the chemical, the hair is then subjected to heat and then more chemicals are added.

Japanese hair straightening done at the hair straightening salons may take 6 to 8 hours and last up to 7 months before the next hair touch up. Its important for the top-rated hair stylist to analyze your hair for best results.

Advantages of Hair straightening

  • Works for most kind of hair even the curliest
  • Makes it easy to manage difficulty hair

If your hair has previously been subjected to chemicals then the Japanese hair straightening method may cause damage to your hair. It’s also important that you review all the options because once the chemical is applied to your hair, you can’t regain the old hair structure. The hair straightening has to be done at the Japanese hair straightening salon to minimize chances of hair damage. Too much heat during the process will cause untold damage to your hair and it’s therefore important that the chemical is applied by the hair stylist.

Why you should Choose Hair smoothening over hair straightening

  • If your hair is not healthy enough to handle hair straightening, then hair smoothing will give you frizz-free hair.
  • Hair smoothing is temporary and the hair won’t look pin straight and there is minimal damage.
  • Hair smoothing allows you to regain the hair structure after a few months.
  • When Hair straightening is the Perfect Option
  • Works well when your hair is extremely thick, kinky and curly as this will make the hair frizz free

What’s your Choice?

The technique you choose depends on your hair type. Consult the hair stylist at the hair straightening salon Rockville on which method suits your hair. And with the information above now, you can make a more informed decision.


How To Deal With Baldness in Men

Androgenic alopecia also male pattern baldness is the common type of hair loss in men. Loosing hair especially when you are still young is devastating. By the time men are 50 years, they will have lost most of the hair due to one reason or another. At least 40% of men will notice hair loss by the time they are 35 years and that is alarming to most of them. We look at what causes baldness and how to deal with it. Your hair specialist at the hair salons will be able to assess your hair and advice the best way to deal with your thinning hair

Causes of Hair Loss in Men

  • Hormones

Abnormal levels of male hormones such as androgens cause your hair to thin out.

  • Genes

Your parent’s genetics may cause your hair to begin falling off

  • Stress

Stress causes temporary hair

  • Illness

Some illness will cause hair loss such as autoimmune diseases which causes alopecia areata. The immune systems drop and affecting the hair follicles. Thyroid diseases, lupus diabetes, and iron deficiency can also cause hair loss.

  • Cosmetic Procedures

Too much shampooing, color, and highlights, hair straightening can cause hair loss. Severe damage to the hair may cause baldness

  • Diet

A low protein diet may cause temporary hair loss

  • Radiation and chemotherapy treatments

Signs of Hair Loss

  • Gradual thinning on the top of the head, which occurs as age approaches
  • Patchy Bald spots which are coin-sized
  • Sudden loosening of hair

How To Deal With Hair Loss

  • Hair Pieces for men

Hairpieces are one of the Non-surgical hair replacement methods that men can adapt to conceal pattern hair loss. Hairpieces come in a variety of styles, color, and texture and you can, therefore, choose the one that suits you. The hair stylist at the salon will advise on the best hairpiece based on the state of your hair and the shape of your face they will get one that suits your need.

Taking Care of the Hairpieces

Clean the hairpiece clean to avoid build-up of residue. Condition your hairpiece often to keep them shiny and hydrated. Shampoo the hairpiece less often to avoid drying it out. Use sulfate free shampoos.

Use large-toothed brushes on your hairpiece to avoid damaging and shedding

Avoid using heat on the hairpiece. After washing doesn’t squeeze out the water. using a soft cloth and wipe out the water without squeezing.

Types of Men’s Hair Piece

  • Semi-Permanent

The semi-permanent hairpiece is either glued using adhesive or weaved to the individual’s hair. The semi-permanent hair pieces can be removed after 6 weeks and its recommended that they are removed in the hair salon

  • Temporary Hair Piece

The hair piece is fixed to the scalp using tape. Taped in hair pieces are affected by sweat and chlorine water and will come off if exposed to sweat and moisture.

Clip on Hair Pieces

Metal clips are attached to the underside of the hair system and fastened to your hair. They are easy to remove but very secure.

Tips to Get the Best Out of the Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

  • Find the right non- surgical hair replacement stylist to assess and custom fit the system
  • Choose the most appropriate hair system to ensure that it looks as natural as possible
  • Ensure that you follow the care instruction to keep the hair pieces looking good
  • Visit your hair salon regularly for cleaning and touch ups
  • Replace the hair systems regularly
Home Remedies to Ensure your Hair Grows Back
  • Ensure that you take the right and a healthy diet. Vitamins promote hair growth. Antioxidants such as fruits and vegetables will boost hair growth Take supplements to aid in hair growth
  • Invest in purifying s shampoo to eliminate bacteria in the scalp and conditioners that are gentle to your hair.
  • Massaging your scalp with essential oils will stimulate the hair follicles leading to growth

If you are looking for natural results tailored to your specific needs, then the non-surgical hair replacement for men Bethesda is the way to go. You can match your hair color and texture with the hair systems without any surgical procedure. Visit your hair salon and your top-rated hair stylist will arrange for your own custom fittings. The hair systems contain hypoallergic adhesive will last for about 6 weeks.

Tips on How to Take Care of Your Hair

Hair is the crown in every girl’s life and we all want healthy and luscious hair, but more often we find that our hair is damaged by wrong application of human hair extensions, Brazillian keratin straightening treatments and hair color and highlights. In this post, we help you understand how your hair grows and what causes the damage to ensure that you take precaution in your quest to make your tresses long and voluminous

How Does Hair Grow

Hair has inner fibers which make up the medulla, the cortex is what surrounds the medulla and the cuticle protects the inner of the hair. Your hair will grow a quarter inch every month and then part of it will fall out and new hair grows. The length of your hair depends mostly on the growth cycle which is determined by the hair care and the styling tools you use. Too much pressure on the hair either due to tightening of extensions or chemicals means the hair cuticle will be exposed making your hair growth goals to backfire.

How to Keep Your Hair Growing

  • Use of Quality Hair styling tools

It’s important to use styling tools that will protect your hair. Check to see heat tools that you use after Brazilian keratin straightening display the temperature, buy professional hair dryer which has more airflow and power.

  • Know your hair, Understand your hair Type and Style accordingly

It’s important that you understand your kind of hair, and use the correct styling methods. Your hair extensions salon will help identify the kind of extension that suits your hair. If you have thin hair your top rated hair stylist will ensure that you’re the extension you use doesn’t damage your hair. If you choose to straighten your hair ensure that your hair is healthy enough to handle the chemicals and the heating process. Your keratin treatment should be done by a hair stylist who will be able to asses your hair and advice if it will work for your hair.

  • Use Less Heat on your Hair

Heat will cause hair bonds to break and then your hair becomes brittle leading to hair falling out. While using heat on your hair especially during Japanese permanent hair straightening and keratin treatment, ensure that you use a protective coating to protect your hair from damage. If you can avoid using heat on your hair or reduce the amount of time that you use heat on your hair.

  • Research on Techniques Before your application on your hair

Research and understand the hair styling technique that you would love to use on your hair. Ask your hairstylist tips on how to prevent hair loss so that you understand and demystify any myths. Avoid hairstyles that pull your hair as this will cause breakage. It’s important that you understand the care and maintenance of the hairstyle that you choose.

How to Repair Damaged Hair

If your hair feels dry and looks dry, kinky and has splits ends those are signs that the hair is damaged and require a repair regimen

  • Invest in Quality Products

Products that contain oils and moisturizers will help dry, and brittle hair gets back its luster. Hair products with protein will help repair chemically damaged hair and make it look better. Ensure that your conditioners and shampoo are alcohol-free to avoid drying out the hair. Choose your hair extensions wisely to avoid further damage. If your hair is too damaged cut the losses and begin


  • Take a balanced diet

Foods that have vitamin B12, iron and zinc will help revitalize your hair strands. Include green vegetables and protein such as beans, meat, and eggs in your diet. You can also take supplements that will aid in your hair growing.

  • Let a Professional Take Care of your Hair

If you have been trying out do it yourself treatments at home, then its time your top rated stylist takes care of your hair. Our stylist will be able to analyze and asses your hair and advice you on how best to grow your hair longer. Visit your hair salon Bethesda and get a scalp massage as this helps improve blood circulation and stimulate hair growth. The slow circular motion will stimulate hair follicles and result in growth.

Do Hair Extension Cause Hair Loss?

Hair extensions are the solution to many beauty dilemmas and will give you long luscious hair in minutes. A visit to your hair extensions salon Rockville MD and the application of the extension will revolutionize the way your hair looks and will give you that celebrity look you have always admired. Some extensions will work for daily use while others are meant for long-term use. Although extensions have been the magic in the hair industry, they have been cases of hair damage after wearing extensions and they have been demonized in some quarters as the cause of damage. Are extensions the cause of hair thinning out and eventual damage? We delve deep into to demystify the notion that extensions cause hair damage

Causes of Hair Damage While wearing Extensions

  • Inexperienced Hairstylist

An inexperienced hair is one of the major causes of hair damage after wearing extensions. The role of the  top-rated hair stylist includes

  • Analysing and checking the state of your hair
  • Based on the analysis, advice on the best extension
  • Application of the hair extensions
  • Advice on the aftercare of the extension
  • Removal of the extension and advice of how to take care of the hair after removal

Failure to choose the right extension based on the hair analysis will result in hair damage. The hair stylist plays a critical role in ensuring that your hair remains intact. Wrongly applied and poorly maintained extensions will leave your hair brittle, dry and damaged. it’s therefore vital that you find an experienced hair extension stylist to grow longer and healthier hair with extensions. When choosing a hair stylist, choose the top-rated hair stylist with knowledge and experience.

  • Wrong Hair extensions

The surest way of losing your hair is by applying for the wrong hair extension. If your hair is thinning out, you need an extension that will not pull your hair more due to its weight. Extensions that require gluing may cause traction alopecia which results from tightly pulled hair damaging the hair follicles. Glue in the extension is attractive as they last longer, but if it’s applied to weak hair may result in ripping your hair out. The chemical in the glue also results in hair damage and it’s therefore imperative that an expert hair stylist applies for the extension. Research and get to know every rule before you get that extension and if you are still not sure what extension works best for you, then have your hairstylist advice you on the best based on the state of your hair.

  • Failure to take care of Your Hair before applying for the Hair extension

It’s paramount that you cleanse and moisturize your hair before applying for the extensions to avoid the hair becoming brittle and lead to breakage. It’s necessary that you condition your hair before applying for the extension. Moisturize the extension to avoid tangling and matting as this will also cause the hair to pull as you detangle. Don’t keep hair extensions for more than three months as this will result in tangling and eventual breakage.

Tips to Ensure that Your Remain Healthy When Wearing Extensions

  • Find an experienced hairstylist with the expertise and knowledge to install hair extensions
  • Ensure that the extensions are not too tight to avoid hair uprooting
  • Treat your hair extension with care and care for them the same way you would your natural hair
  • Choose high-quality hair extension to avoid matting and tangling easily
  • Make sure that the hair extensions don’t weigh on your natural as this will cause tension on the hair follicles and lead to damage
  • Let your hair extensions stylist remove the extensions especially the permanent one to avoid damage
  • Take a break from extensions now and then to give your hair time to relax


Hair extensions will not any damage to your hair, the damage will result from many other factors as we have stated above. Extensions are a great investment and if you couple that with right stylist, proper maintenance then you begin to enjoy the magic of extensions. Its imperative to note that hair extensions don’t damage your hair, only bad maintenance and application does the harm to your hair. So, go on and get that extension, take it to your top rated hair stylist and enjoy the magic of the extension.

How to Keep Your Hair Color and Highlights for Longer

Leaving the hair salons after applying Hair color and highlights will make you feel like on the top world. How do you ensure that the hair color looks good weeks later? Maintaining highlights looking gorgeous requires a commitment to a regimen that will help your color saving you time and money.

Tips and Tricks to Make your Hair Color and Highlights Last Long

  • Choose Balayage over foils

Foils require more visit to the hair stylist as compared to Balayage. If you choose foils the hair grows fast and the roots are seen more quickly. Balayage allows for a more natural look which grows out in a less noticeable way.

  • Give the hair color time to settle

After application of the hair color, give the color time to settle before the first wash. Give the hair at least one day for the color to settle in before washing and if you must rinse, use cool water to rinse the hair

  • Keep your hair moisturized

When the hair is moisturized, its losses colorless. If you want to hit the gym apply some oil on the ends of the hair and braid it, to keep moisture locked. Hot showers will open up your cuticles and release the moisture. Always rinse the hair with room temperature water to seal the hair cuticles. That will keep your hair hydrated, color and hair highlights will last longer and avoid split ends.

  • Avoid Products with sulfates and Alcohol

Shampoos and conditioners that have sulfates with strip the hair of moisture and also color leaving your hair dry and dull. Use products with no sulfates and the hair color will last longer.

  • Shampoo your Hair Less often

Shampooing the hair every day will strip the hair of oils and color. Space out the wash days.While shampooing focuses your hair on the scalp and roots of the hair and not the end.  Visit your hair salon and invest in conditioners and shampoos meant for hair with color as they will make the hair color last longer.

  • Use Gradual Highlight style

Ombre is the perfect low maintenance highlights and when the hair starts to grow out the demarcation are not easily noticeable.

Use Heat Styling Tools Sparingly

Avoid using too much heat on the hair especially after the color application. Blow dryers and straightening tools speed up the fading of the hair color and highlights.

  • Protect your Hair while swimming

Chlorine will cause your hair to fade much faster. Invest in a product that will protect the hair against chlorine and the harsh UV rays to prevent the color from fading away too fast.

Your hair color and highlights will last longer, with these tricks and you can visit your hair salon after three months for a hair color and highlights retouch.