Why You Should Wear Tape in Hair Extension During Summer

Summer brings with it dust, dry and hot weather. it’s important to choose the right hair extension for each season. Summer heat and dryness will require a lighter extension that will not result in too much sweat. You will also require using an extension that doesn’t require too much maintenance to give you a chance to enjoy the outdoors without much care. One of the best hair extensions to wear in summer is tape in hair extensions. Hair dreams hair extension are one of the best types of tape in hair extension

Why Tape in Hair Extensions are the Best Hair Accessory in Summer

  • Light in Weight

During summer you will require a hair extension that doesn’t cause you to sweat excessively. Heavy hair extension will cause the release of more water from the hair resulting in the hair losing more moisture and losing its appeal. Tape in hair extensions are light in weight, and that makes them one of the best accessories to wear during the hot season. The lightweight nature will ensure that they don’t pull your hair and cause damage.

  • Natural Look

Tape in hair extension will give you 100% natural look. They are made of 100% human hair which makes it easy to choose one that easily blends with your hair. The tape will seamlessly blend with your hair and will be invisible. They are thin and when on your hair you hardly feel them.

  • Low Maintenance

It’s easy to take care of tape in hair extension as they don’t pull on their own. They grow as your hair grows. They are sweat-proof and will let you enjoy that workout and swim in the beach without tangling, losing colour or changing the texture. It’s vital that they don’t come into contact with alcohol or sulfates products as that will damage the extension.

  • Easy to wear, Durable and Reusable

Tape in hair extensions will last all summer and can be reused three to four times. Tape in hair extensions is easy to wear and only require a little time to fix. Once you remove the hair extension, you add a new tape and use the extension again. Ensure you visit your hair salon for the best fix.

 Tips for taking Care of Tape in Hair Extensions

  • After application wait for two days before washing the extension to ensure the tape holds completely
  • Wash and condition the hair extension regularly as you would your hair. Avoid using shampoos with alcohol and sulfates.
  • Always brush the hair from front to the bottom
  • Don’t use too much heat on the hair extension
  • Visit your hair extensions salon for advice in case any issue arises
  • While removing the extension, oil hair with extra and give it time to break the adhesive. After that removing the hair extension will be easier
  • After removing the hair extension, deep condition your hair to make sure you leave no glue in your hair.

Beginners Guide to Hair Color and Highlights

The decision to colour your hair can be terrifying and brings with it a million other questions on what colour one should use and what will happen in case you need to remove the hair colour and highlights. There are a lot of other concerns one goes through such as what happens if the colour results don’t impress you. It’s therefore imperative that you have as much knowledge as possible before you take the plunge.

Things You Should Know Before  Hair Coloring and Highlights

  • Your Hair Salon Expert Is Your Best Friend

If it’s your first time to colour and highlight your hair, your hair stylist will be your biggest asset. Consult and ask all the queries and concerns you have. Get advice on which colours best suit your needs, the look you want to dorn, shade and the technique to use. Research and take photos of what you want to the hair stylist so that they get a general view of what makes you happy. As a beginner Coloring your whole may be scary, and so you can opt for highlights or semi-permanent hair colour for a start.

  • Find the right Color

It’s vital that you choose the hair colour that will work for your hair. You can’t use a darker colour shade and then choose to do lighter hair colour. Trying to lighten dark will only make it darker and only becomes lighter with time. You need to be sure which colour and highlights you want to rock. Seek the assistance of hair specialist if you are not sure what’s best for you. It’s also imperative that you decide how often you want to colour your hair, this will determine how much colour to use on your hair.

  • Hair Color and Highlights require maintenance

Hair colour maintenance will ensure that the colour you choose stays with you longer. It’s critical that you get the right products to maintain the hair moisture, colour, and the texture. Your hair salon will recommend the best products to use daily. Change your conditioner and shampoos to suit the hair colour and highlights and avoid your hair from drying up and becoming abrasive. Ensure you protect your hair from chlorine and direct UV rays. After that beach vacation makes sure, you condition your hair. Use safe colour shampoos, nourish the hair to make sure your hair retains that amazing lustre. Note that light colours will require more upkeep to maintain than other shades.

  • You may need to change your dressing lifestyle

When your colour and highlights, there is a need to complement your hair look with the style and fashion you wear. It’s, therefore, necessary to consider this before you begin the Coloring process. The makeup that would look good on darker shade may not look good on lighter colours.

Colour and Highlights will give that celebrity look you have been dreaming about, but it’s vital that you widely research before you dive into it. Visit the best hair salon for the best results as any wrong technique could result in hair damage and the need to visit your hair colour correction specialist.

What You Need to Know Before Going For a Japanese Hair Straightening

Are you Struggling with unmanageable and frizzy hair? Japanese hair straightening is a technique that uses chemicals to break hair bonds and give you just what your hair needs. After the chemicals are applied, the hair is straightened using heat to clear the curls. You will need to find a hair salons with experts that offer the hair straightening. Since the process is permanent, its essential to understand what you are diving into and the long-term effects on your hair.

History of Japanese Hair straightening

The process is also known as thermal reconditioning and began in Japan in 1990’s and New York at the beginning of the 20th Century. The process uses heat to ensure that the chemical bonds work perfectly to release the curves and give you straight hair


  • Frizz-free hair with a shiny look
  • Time-saving as the hair requires little management. The hair will dry fast after the procedure is done.

The Process in Brief

  • Visit a hair salon who will give you a detailed description of the process. since the process will alter your hairstyle permanently, ensure that you have all the information.Choose the best Japanese hair straightening salon.
  • The hair stylist will then shampoo your hair and dry
  • After shampooing the chemicals will be applied, followed by ironing and then a neutralizer is applied to balance the hair ph.
  • The stylist will then blow dry the hair. Before the blow dry, make sure that the stylist applies a heat protector and conditioning.

Taking care of Hair after the Japanese Hair straightening

After the hair straightening has been done, you need to keep the hair dr for three days and no strain on the hair. Any pressure on the hair may cause the hair to have curls which may not go away

Avoid this treatment if
  • You would like to change your hairstyle often
  • The hair straightening treatment is not ideal for delicate tresses, as the chemical and heat will lead to further damage
Other Tips
  • Make sure that the hair stylist performs a strand test on your hair before, to see how your hair reacts
  • Ensure that an expert does the treatment otherwise, that can ruin your hair.
  • The Japanese hair straightening is not ideal for colored hair as this will damage the hair
  • Don’t add any additional chemicals to your hair that will lead to damage
  • Keep the hair moisturized once the hair the treatment is done

Japanese Hair straightening will give your hair a straight look you have been dreaming about, but it’s important to emphasize that the treatment needs to be done at the hair salon by the experts. Ask all the questions and understand the treatment before you embark on a permanent straight hair.

How to Take Care of Your Hair after Applying Hair Color and Highlights

 Hair color and highlights make you look authentic and stand out. To keep that blonde hair looking good and healthy, you need to take care of it regularly. If you don’t take care of your tresses, especially when your hair has color and highlights, then that will lead to damage and thinning of the hair. Hair color that has natural oils will last longer as they retain moisture more.

Tips to Keep Your Hair Color and Highlights Looking Glamorous

  • Use Quality conditioners on your hair

When you color and highlight your hair, the hair is likely to become more porous, and that causes it to lose water, and consequently, the hair color will begin to fade off. When you visit the hair salon, ensure that your hair stylist deep conditions your hair with quality products. Conditioning will ensure that your hair retains more moisture and that way you can be blonde for longer. While showering, cover your hair as water will wash away the hair color.

  • Avoid Shampooing your Hair often

Washing your hair with water will wash away the hair color quickly. It’s therefore advisable to shampoo your hair less often. To keep your scalp clean you spray color friendly shampoo to your scalp to clean out grease. During shampoo, days ensure that you don’t use hot water on your hair as this will run down the hair color and highlights. After shampooing the hair, always condition the hair with a conditioner that is color friendly. Ask your hair stylist to use a toning shampooing once in a while, and that will assist the color highlights last longer. Avoid shampoos that have sulfates as they will strip your hair of moisture.

  • Protect your Hair form heat

Excessive temperatures on color highlights will damage your hair. Air dry your hair and if you need to use heat on your hair ensure you apply a heat protector before styling using the heat.

  • Trim your hair ends

Highlighted hair tends to get split ends easily, so it’s important to visit your hair salon regularly for that hair trim.

Other tips to maintain your hair color and highlights for longer

  • Wet your hair before going into the pool. When your hair is already soaked, it won’t absorb the chlorinated water
  • If you are in the sun for long, then consider covering your hair to protect it from the harsh UV rays. Use a UV ray protective spray on your hair if you need to bask.

And a final Note

The highlight you choose will determine how often you will need to reapply the hair color. Balayage is more efficient and will result in fewer trips to the hair salon as hair grows out evenly as compared to foils. Foils are more structured than balayage, and the hair roots will appear quickly, and you may need to visit the hair salon more often, and that may not be healthy for your hair.

Simple Tips to Help You Maintain Your Hair extension For Long

Hair extension will give you a look you desire and also ease your hair maintenance. It’s therefore essential to invest in a maintenance regimen that will ensure they maintain their appeal for long. Different kinds of hair extension require different maintenance, but all hair extensions require basic maintenance. It’s important to note that extensions don’t have any oils and therefore a good regimen is important. Take care of the extension from day one, as that will make sure the extension retains allure all through

Kinds of hair extensions

  • Human hair extension
  • Synthetic hair extension
  • Clip in hair extension
  • Tape in Hair extension

 How to Keep your extension looking New every Time

  • Keep your extension clean and untangled by taking care of it daily.
  • Its imperative to come up with a daily care procedure for your extension to ensure it remains tangle free. Brush the extension on a regular basis as this will keep it tangle free. Just like a natural, if the extension remains unbrushed it will tangle.
  • Avoid brushing the hair extension when its wet as this weakens the hair strands. Brush the extension gently from the base upwards. Dry the hair extension naturally and then brush it
  • Cover your extension while sleeping.  Don’t sleep in removable hair extensions. It’s Important to cover the extension with headgear as you sleep to avoid tangling. Hold it up to  and make sure  it adequately covered
  • Invest in some quality hair products to make sure you retain the extension look. Avoid too much use of hair products as that will clog and eventually cause tangling.
  • Use a wide-toothed brush to keep the extension from tangling.
  • Avoid heat as much as possible while styling as that reduces the lifespan of your extension.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to sweat and chlorinated water as this will tangle the hair.
  • Wash your hair extension using the correct method, but don’t over wash it. Ensure you use the proper aftercare for your hair.
  • Ensure you regularly condition and shampoo your hair extension. Use oil-based products in moderation to keep your hair hydrated. Use sulfate free shampoos to avoid the extension from frizzling, make sure that the shampoo hydrates the extension.
  • Clean and detangle the extension before storing it a box with a seal.
  • Visit the hair extension salon for further advice on how best to take care of the weave depending on which extension you are using. Have the hair stylist check your extension often.

It’s important to visit your hair salon and ask your hair salons on how to take care of the kind of extension you are wearing as the above are essential caring tips. The life of your extension depends on how you will take care it. Once you get the proper care tip, then you can be sure you will look like a celebrity for longer.

How to Protect Your Hair from Damage While Wearing Hair Extensions

Most women dream of long fuller hair that is hassle-free to maintain. They want hair that resembles a certain celebrity, but they don’t have the facts on how to avoid the hair damage that results from wearing an extension which in turn becomes disappointing and frustrating. The damage that results  from wearing poor hair extension  quality, poor application process and poor maintenance

Its possible to achieve your celebrity hair looks and reap the benefits of hair extensions without damaging your hair. It’s imperative to visit a hair extension salon near you to get expert advice and services on the best way to wear an extension.

Ways to Protect your Hair from Damage while Wearing Extensions

  • Choose Extensions that are lighter than your hair

Hair Extensions that are heavier than your hair will tug your hair down along the hairline and cause breakage. When wearing extensions like clip extension ensure that its light in weight to avoid stressing your hairline and causing hair thinning.

  • Remove the Extensions with care

Carefully remove the extension especially if they integrate with your hair to avoid hair damage. Don’t yank the extension out of your head as this will automatically damage your hair strands. Visit your hair specialist to help remove the extension carefully without damaging the hair.

  • Give your hair a break

Wearing extensions for long will make the hairline weak eventually causing hair thinning and loss. To ensure your grows back to give your hair a break and if you are wearing clip in extensions remove them while sleeping. Remove and replace the extensions often to avoid traction alopecia

  • Avoid Excess heat

Using heat frequently to style your extension will eventually catch up to your hair and cause breakage. It’s ideal to style the extensions before attaching them to the hair.

How to Take care of Your Damaged Hair After removing Hair Extensions

  • Treat your Hair with Sulfate-free shampoos

To remove oil build-up and other products from your hair use shampoo which doesn’t contain sulfate as part of the ingredients. Visit the hair extension salon near you and consult your hair specialist for advice on the best products. Deep condition using protein treatment after shampooing to help the hair regain its strength.

  • Take supplements and Ensure you eat well-balanced meals

Taking a break from wearing extension is necessary, but also a balanced diet will ensure your hair regrows back from inside out. Take enough water to stay hydrated and vitamins that mainly help hair growth.

  • Groom the hair Properly

Gently comb through hair using wide tooth combs to avoid straining the hair more. Ensure that the hair is tangle free and then apply conditioner. Use the least harsh method while styling your hair. Wear hair back as headbands and ribbons may pull the hair more.

How to Achieve a Glamorous Look With Clip in Extension

Are you looking for longer, fuller hair hassle free? Clip in hair extensions are easily attached to your hair to give you instant length and the extra oomph you desire. The extension comes in pieces known as wefts, and you can match them to the color of your hair making them appear natural and undetectable. The hair extensions are sturdy, and the clips have silicon to ensure they are secure. The kind of extension to use depends on the color you want to wear and the thickness. The extension is either synthetic or human hair extension.

Why wear the clip in Hair Extension

·         Length

If you are looking for long and thick hair with hustle free, then the extensions will work for you.

·         After a Hair Cut

If you have cut your hair short, and it feels odd, then the hair extension will be ideal. The extension will give your hair time to regrow.

·         Colour

If you are Looking to change the monotonous hair color, then the hair extension will be the perfect solution as they let you experiment with color.

·         Volume

The extension will give you a fuller look in case you are dealing with hair loss

·         Give your hair a break

The extension will give your hair the much-deserved space to regrow and avoid damage to hair

·         Style

Wearing the extension adds an exciting twist to your hair look

·         Hair Accessory

You can use the hair extension as an accessory but make a unique band for your hair.

·         Easy to use

The extension is easy to clip in and use

Factors to consider when choosing the Hair Extension
·         Length

Depending on the style you are looking to achieve choose the right length

·         Shade

Depending on what color you want to shade to achieve, select the shade that conceals your hair perfectly

·         Synthetic or Human Hair Extension

Synthetic hair will not blend easily with your hair, and it’s cheaper while Human hair blends in easily and is more expensive

Tips you Should know when choosing Hair Extensions

Using a darker shade of the extension will give a perfect blend of your hair. Match the extension to the roots of your hair.

Taking Care of the Clip in extension
Shampoo and condition the extension as you would hair. Ensure you follow the extension cleaning guide. After the wash, air dry the extension or use tongs. In case you feel you want to experiment with the color you can dye the extension.

To get the best outcome with the extension visit your hair extension salon Bethesda. The extension experts will guide you on how best to clip the extension to make sure that is well stuck, they will advise you on the best color match.

How to Get Alluring and Freeze Free Hair Using Brazilian Keratin Treatment


Hair is the crowning glory of a woman, and most women long to have long freeze free and silky hair. It’s, however, a very elusive desire that most women go out of their way to solve. Brazilian keratin treatment will give you that wish as it’s one of the best hair treatment that will ensure you achieve long straighter and smoother hair. Naturally, the hair has its own keratin but they are easily depleted and damaged by harsh treatment leaving the hair strands weak and brittle. Depletion of the keratin makes the hair lose its appeal and became crinkly. The treatment will ensure that the hair regains its strength and shine by rebuilding the hair cortex.

Applying the Keratin Treatment

The application process starts by shampooing and conditioning your hair a week before the application of the treatment. Then the liquid keratin and preservative are applied to the hair with a hot iron. After application ensure that the hair does not come into contact with water or does not crease. To get the best results visit a Brazilian keratin salon and the experts will take you through the sealing process. It’s also paramount to visit the salon as they will be able to assess your hair and advice accordingly.

Why the Brazilian Keratin Treatment

  • Bid goodbye to crinkly and damaged hair

The treatment will ensure that your hair regains its allure and strength. The sealing process will ensure that your hair is not prone to split ends and is not brittle as it retains enough moisture.The treatment also gives the hair time to grow.

  • Convenience

After the treatment, it becomes easier to manage your hair. The treatment will last for approximately three to six months giving your hair the care it needs and you get the liberation to do nothing to your hair while rushing off to meetings.

  • Cost-effective

The treatment saves on the cost of maintaining the hair as it lasts for a period of time and during which there is minimal work on the hair.

Care Tips to ensure the Keratin treatment lasts longer

  • Ensure the hair doesn’t get wet for three days after Brazilian keratin treatment to ensure that your hair soaks well in the keratin. During this period don’t use any hair products for best results
  • Visit a Brazilian keratin salon for best results and advice on the product to use. It’s crucial that you use the right products and process to avoid further damage and weak strands to your hair.
  • Minimize the number of times you wash the hair after the treatment. During wash days, use sulfate and sodium free shampoos. Use shampoos that work well with keratin.
  • Applying keratin for longer time span will improve the hair quality.

What to Look out for When Buying Hair Extensions

Ever looked at your role model and wondered how they manage to have such alluring hair every time they appear on the red carpet. Hair extensions do the magic every time. A little pep is paramount for every girl; it’s, therefore, essential to choose the right extension. Fuller shinier, longer and easily manageable extension will give you the glamorous look you desire and also reduce the daunting work of styling your hair every day. The extensions also give your natural hair the much-needed space to reinvent itself.

Getting the Most out of Your Extension

There is a pool of hair extensions out there, and it’s paramount to know what to look for to get the right one. Several considerations come into play while choosing the extension;

  • Type of extension

Extensions are either human or synthetic. The human extension will give you a more natural look, and it’s pricier as compared to synthetic. The human hair extension is more maneuverable, as you can style them without changing their appeal. It’s of the essence to involve an expert by visiting your hair extensions salon so they can help you to pick out the best flower from the garden. Synthetic extensions are easy to use and don’t require much styling like the human hair. Synthetic extensions are ideal if you are looking for a temporary change in style. Ensure you have the extension expert in tow so you can pick out the best.

  • Method of Fixing the extension

Depending on the type of extension and what you end goal is, there are temporary and permanent extensions. It’s crucial to evaluate your lifestyle and which one best suits you. They are three kinds of extensions;

  • Clip in and out which are temporary extensions and work well for beginners.
  • Tape extensions that are held to the head by invisible adhesive tape and last from 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Keratin extension lasts for more than three months and is bound to the head through a hi-tech

If you hit the gym often, the tape extensions may not work for you as the sweat will wear off the adhesive.

  • Colour

Often when we wear extension, we hope that they will enhance our natural look. Visit a hair extensions salon and get to choose from the variety. Choose what blends well with your natural hair and get expert advice from the saloon to ensure that the result doesn’t automatically look artificial. Don’t forget to enjoy having the extension by blending in different colors to get that chic look.

Caring for Your Extensions

Just as you maintain your hair, it’s necessary to keep the extension clean and appealing. Ensure you wash your extension as per the instructions given at the hair extensions salon. Depending on the type of extension make sure you use the right shampoo and conditioner. Avoid combing the extension while they are wet as this will damage the hair strands.

Tips for a great looking hair extension

  • Ensure that the expert fixes the extension to look fuller but not heavy than your natural hair
  • Match your hair color and texture while choosing the extension
  • Keep the extension well moisturized
  • Always wash the extension before use

Five things which might be damaging your hair extensions

If you are looking for an effective way to increase the volume of your hair, then there is no better alternative to the hairdreams hair extensions. They are silky soft, flexible and slips between your fingers like a fine muslin. But do you know there are some environmental hazards as well as caring mistakes, which might be damaging the cuticles of your favourite human hair extensions?

Pollution and dirt is turning your extensions dull and dry:

Be it your natural hair or the sally’s hair extensions, nothing is more harmful to them than cigarette smoke, smog or car exhausts. Almost all forms of fumes and smokes pose serious threats to your hair because of the harmful drying aids like coal, acids, ash and tar. In order to combat this problem, you should reduce smoking and wash your extensions two to three times a week, especially if you reside in a highly polluted zone. You can also try to rotate your hair extensions every time you install it in your hair to reduce the damage.

Prevent bacterial growth by drying it properly:

When it comes to washing the human hair extensions, many people go overboard. However, it is essential not only to wash them regularly, but also to dry them adequately before storing them. Storing them while they are still wet can encourage bacteria sprout exactly like your natural hair. To ensure that each strand is properly dried, separate them before blow drying. Press them with your fingers, to cross-examine them for a slight hint of wetness.

Under-washing not only makes your hair smell bad but also makes it fragile:

You have got a new hairstyle and you want to keep it intact for a long time? Make sure you ask your stylist about the duration of the hairstyle, because leaving your locks unwashed for a long time, not only makes your hair look dirty and smell foul, but also accommodates dirt, leading it to dull, lifeless and fragile strands.

Coarse hair care products can dry them up:

Shampoos and conditioners that comprises of alcohol, phosphates, mineral oil or phosphates tend to rip off the moisture and natural oils from the extensions and leave them dry and fragile. Opt for gentle cleansers, by checking the product labels for the ingredients or consult your hair stylists to pick the right products.

Using improper tools and rough handling can pull off the layers:

Subjecting your Fusion hair extensions to rough handling can damage the cuticles and pull out the layers of the extensions. Brush them gently, by supporting the hair bond with your fingers. Adjust the heating tools carefully, to the optimal temperature, before styling your hair.


Want to straighten your hair permanently? Try Japanese hair straightening!

Japanese hair straightening is a widely admired method of straightening wavy or curly hair. It is a popular treatment for turning frizzy and unruly hair into gorgeously and permanently smooth, straight, and glossy mane.

How does Japanese hair straightening work?

Japanese hair straightening method relies entirely on a particular type of solution that is applied to hair. This solution instantly breaks down the bond of your hair. This eventually gives the hair its beautiful shape allowing hair to become pin-straight. This procedure requires a flat-iron.

The hair stylist will saturate your hair with this solution. Then the hair will be rinsed and dried with a blow dryer. This is followed by flat-ironing the hair in small 1/8th sections with a ceramic iron. After all this, a neutralizer is applied to the hair to lock the hair style in place.

Be cautious while selecting your hair stylist:

Many women with frizzy or curly hair simply swear by the permanent hair straightening salons. But this method is also controversial because if done by an unprofessional or inexperienced hair stylist, or done incorrectly, it can simply wreak havoc on hair. Hence, it is imperative that you get the hair straightened only by skilled and experienced hair stylist working in some renowned salon.

Moreover, the entire procedure is laborious and time-intensive too. Therefore, instead of getting it done in a hurry, expect to be in the salon for a few hours. The time to be taken for this procedure also depends on the length of a woman’s hair and its thickness.

Benefits of this treatment:

Although this permanent hair straightening process is not cheap, it has some amazing benefits and perks.

  • Once you get it done, you can easily ditch your flat iron for at least the next six months.
  • As an advantage, you will save time as well as a lot of money on various straightening products for a long period.
  • You will have control on your mane and will remain frizz free even during monsoon season and other humid days. Since this hair straightening procedure seals the moisture into one’s mane, your hair will become not only gorgeous and clean looking but also smoother, healthier and softer.

One has to be extremely careful with her new pin-straight hair after getting this treatment done. You cannot wash your hair or even pull it up into a bun or a ponytail for at least 72 hours until it sets well. But all the wait and hassle are worth tolerating as the results will blow your mind, once you step out of the Japanese hair straightening salon with a smooth and gorgeous hair.

Finding the Best Hair Salons? Know the Warning Signs!

Hair Salon Bethesda

Through the necessity for salons to provide high quality and professional service to stay competitive in extremely competitive market of hair salon near me, there are some bad hair salons. There’s absolutely a clear distinction between good quality professional hair salons and several average hair salons. While it might not be apparent in an ad, a visit to one of the salons near you will easily help you determine if the hair salon is good or bad.

One of the largest mistakes that most individuals make when selecting a hair stylist and salon isn’t visiting before booking an appointment. There are other horror stories about individuals being brought to tears because of bad experiences. People had their hair damaged or ruined by bad hair salons due to low quality salon services.

If you’re wondering on how to avoid going to bad hair salons, you have to know the warning signs. Go for a visit and keep these following factors in mind:

Customer Service

Without the customers, there wouldn’t be a business. Thus, customer service should be a priority for each hair salon. Look at the customers in the hair salon and take a look of the environment. If the ambiance is good, then it means that their service is excellent. Aside from the customers, you must also take note of the salon staff. Overall, the best hair salons would do their best to ease any issues you have.

Service Selection

Best hair salons have everything you need. Therefore, if you walk in and the only services they offer include blow dry, color, and basic cut options, you might want to reconsider. Going to a particular place for waxing, haircuts, and some aesthetic services is perfect. Once the salon’s services are a bit limited, they’re not up to date when it comes to the latest style options and trends.

Overall Experience

If you walked into a hair salon, what’s your first impression? The bad salon’s telltale sign is lack of customers. Nevertheless, beyond it, the salon’s appearance is essential. All the best hair salons are organized, clean, and have unique appeal. If a hair salon looks updated, the hair stylist’s skills are also dated.

Through doing your homework, you will be able to enjoy a memorable experience at a salon. If you have doubts about the quality of the salon, it might be a good idea to book for your appointment in other places. If you need hair straightening solutions, find the best hair straightening salons in Bethesda, Md.

7 Hair Straightening Tips You Must Know

Hair salons have always reported hair straightening treatments to be the highest in demand. With this hair styling technique such a preferred and popular choice of people these days, we thought of bring some quick and easy tips to help you achieve a flawless straight hair look like a pro!

Hair Straightening Salons Experts Reveal Tips for Hair Straightening

It is definitely hard to achieve a perfect evening hairstyle look at home and this is why most of us prefer to go to the hair salons to avail the services. However, we have finally taken out some leaves from hair straightening salons experts’ books and brought them for you to get an insight into. We are sure you will find these tips much helpful.

Tip # 1 – Never Straighten Wet Hair

Wet hair should never even be attempted to straighten. Wet hair will eventually become wavy or curly again when the dry. So the results will not be even half as good.

Tip # 2 – Always Use A Hair Serum First

Using a good hair serum on the hair right before straightening is the key to sleek, shiny and smooth hair. Straightening heat can take away the shine from your hair – make sure to use a serum to make the hair shine and glow.

Tip # 3 – Use The Straightening Iron At The Right Temperature

The straightening iron needs to be kept at a perfect temperature if you do not want to burn your hair. 200 to 220 Co is the believed to be accurate heat settings.

Tip # 4 – Don’t Straight Hair More Than 3-4 Times A Week

Straightening hair looks great but the excessive heat can leave long lasting damage on the hair. Hence, it is strongly advised never to straighten hair more than 3 or 4 times a week.

Tip # 5 – Move In The Upward Direction With Arm Extended

The right way to straighten your hair is to always start right below the roots and move towards the tips. Moreover, make sure to keep your arm stretched out and move in a vertical direction.

Tip # 6 – Start 1 Inch Away From The Scalp

Never start straightening the hair right from the scalp roots. The heat damages the roots and makes them weaker. Always leave an inch of hair from the scalp and begin from that point onwards.

Tip # 7 – Divide Hair Into Sections

Most of the times it is common for people to leave out hair strands or miss out certain sections of the hair. This can adversely affect the overall look of your hairstyle. The best way to ensure that every strand of hair is straightened out – you will need to divide the hair into sections and work on every section individually.

Perfect Hair Straightened Look!

If you have a party this weekend, you no longer have to look for hair salons services to get the perfect party look. With our long list of helpful tips, we are sure you can nail the perfect straight hairstyle and catch all the attention wherever you go!

Alternate List of Best Hair Extension Companies

When your aim is to get something as delicate and precise as micro link hair extensions, you can expect the journey for finding the most precise and excellent extensions to be very difficult.

This article aims to aid you in this search of yours by pointing out to some of the best hair extension companies and brand which have come to being. Getting the right products will go a long way in ensuring that your extensions add to your natural beauty.


Hairdreams hair extensions are an excellent preservation of the mark of quality because they have a detailed stepped manual every strand of hair is supposed to pass only after which the hair is declared safe for usage. With branches spreading out to around 100 countries in the world, Hairdreams hair extensions have the backing of some of the biggest names in the make-up artists industry.

The range of products available in the Hairdreams line are meant for aiding hair in growing length wise, volume wise, and can get your hair naturally dyed to whatever color you like. The quality of the range of products is indeed the defining quality of Hairdreams hair extensions.

Cinderella Hair

The defining features of Cinderella hair are the chemical-free color blends that it still makes and the natural 4-6 month time that it takes for the hair to settle in. What it demands from the client is devotion towards maintaining the extensions, which can be quite difficult, but the results are pretty much guaranteed to look like what you want them to.

Apart from the hair extensions you can get from Cinderella, you can opt for getting kits of hair care products and accessories to support your extensions at home or at the saloon where you plan on becoming a professional at the task.


Babe hair extensions do justice to the name of the company due to the excellent fusion, tape in, and micro link hair extensions that it provides. It is stated that hair from Babe is kept to be as raw as possible so that the extensions are perfectly natural in their appeal. The method of attachment for clients is without the use of any glue or chemical which means that the main focus is on ensuring that the already hair from the scalp is not damaged.

For the perfection that Babe seeks, it has an excellent training program for potential hair extension experts, and if you are a member of that bunch you should certainly be on the lookout for it.

Easihair Pro

The customer loyalty shown to Easihair Pro is one of the most profound in the world because of the genuine affordability of the company’s products and services relative to the quality provided. Each expert in the company is made to go through an extensive five stage training program before getting to serve a customer.

Easihair Pro is indeed one of your finest bets on getting micro link hair extensions, or for most others you are looking for.

Hair Color and Highlights – Should You Consider Single Process Color or Highlights?

hair color

In terms of hair color and highlights, you have some options and these include double process color, single process color or highlighting. However, which is ideal for you? Below are some of the things you should know to help you determine the best option for your hair.

Go for Consultation

It is always recommended to get a hair color consult with the help of experts if you are not about what you like. Bring some of the hair color pictures that you want to achieve and wish to see on your hair. Your colorist would know what to do and can find the right color shades to flatter your skin tone. During the consultation, see to it that you mention some hair processing you have had done. Although salon hair colors are easier on hair compared to the box colors, you do not like to over process your hair.

To Highlight or to Color?

If you have a good base hair tone, you are better off with your hair highlights. You do not like to mess with the nature. What you should only do is to improve it.

If you want single process color, there are some things to take note. You can consider single process color if you like to go on some shades darker or lighter than your natural hair color. This option is also perfect if your base color of your hair washes out your skin tone.

Single process color is not as expensive as highlights. The highlights look best when stylist uses at least 2 various shades. To brighten up your complexion, you may ask for more and it should be around your face. With the highlights, your colorist must be using more than a single color and it should not be just bleach. Good highlights must also be layered to produce the tonal variations.

There must be mediums, dark, and lights to make translucence and depth in the hair. Highlighting must be like you are painting a masterpiece and you cannot do this using a single color. Take note that because of the root growth, coloring all-over should be touched up each 4-8 weeks while the highlights could last up to 2 or 3 months. You may also ask your stylist regarding a gloss treatment after color. The gloss improves the color and makes the hair much shinier.

Should You Do Hair Color and Highlights by Yourself?

Although some people can handle hair color and highlights on their own, it’s always essential to visit the nearest hair salons in bethesda. in this way, you can be assured that professionals will provide you the service you need with care and would help you achieve the best hair style ideal for you.