How To Get Celebrity Like Hair: The Celebrity Hair Stylist Tips

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Whether they are walking on red carpet, acting in movie, posting picture on instagram or featured on magazine cover, celebrities always display their smooth, silky and shiny hair. But how do they get such shiny hair? Are they real or photoshopped? Well, such beautiful hair and hairstyles of celebrities are real. And celebrity hairstylists are behind the beautiful hair of celebs. The hairstylist knows about the hair care, hair treatments and hairstyling products required to create the phenomenal celebrity hairstyles. If you want shiny hair like celebs, you also need to work on your hair and hairstyling.

The Celebrity Hair Stylist Tips

Celebrity hairstyles look so fabulous because their hairstylists work tirelessly with them. They know how to enhance the beauty of their tresses. Check out the below mentioned tips from celebrity hairstylists to get celebrity like hair:

Hair Care

Healthy hair is key to make beautiful hairstyle. If your hair is not healthy enough to bear hairstyling products, heat and accessories, you won’t be able to get the desired look.

-Use good quality shampoo and conditioner

-Apply hair masks weekly

-Oil your hair and scalp at least once in a week

-Protect your hair against chemicals and pollution

Hair Straightening

The secret behind glossy, smooth and straight hair of celebrity is hair straightening treatment, as no one born with such fabulous hair. Celebrities opt for hair straightening treatments such as Brazilian blowout, thermal reconditioning etc.

Hair Coloring

Celebrity hairstylists know how to add dimensions to hair. They use combination of hair coloring techniques to provide rich texture to celebrity hair.

Hair Trimming

Haircut is one thing and hair trimming is another. In order to maintain the beauty of natural hair, it is important to trim the hair time to time. Celebs trim their hair on the regular basis to make their hair look good from root to tip.

Hair Extensions

Hair extension is the most powerful weapon used by celebrity hairstylists to make celebrity hair long and voluminous. With this magical hair accessory, they make celebrity look different every time. Hair extensions come in variety of colors, lengths and hair types.

Brazilian Blowout – What are the benefits of this treatment?

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If you have seen the dramatic before and after hair transformations pictures on intstagram, then you will understand the magical impact of Brazilian blowout on hair. Brazilian blowout is the latest version of famous Brazilian hair straightening treatments. This treatment is different from traditional chemical hair straightening treatments. This hair straightening treatment seals the keratin and preservative chemicals in your hair that changes the natural structure of your hair. With Brazilian blowout, it is possible to straight the naturally frizzy hair as well.

What are the benefits of Brazilian blowout?

Along with making your hair straight, chemicals used in Brazilian Blowout add shine to hair. You hair will remain straight for 3 months, and after that they will come back to their normal state. You can opt for treatment again. This treatment does not harm the natural hair. You will get your natural texture back, once the hair straightening chemicals sweep off your hair.

This hair straightening procedure is apt for various type of hair, and cost depends on the quality and length of your natural hair. Brazilian blowout should be done with consistency to get a desired hair texture.

Benefits of Brazilian Blowout

Shiny Hair: After getting Brazilian Blowout, your hair will appear shiner than ever. The chemicals used in this hair straightening treatment add natural looking shine to hair that sweeps-off slowly. The better hair care you provide the longer your hair look shinier.

Manageable hair: Brushing, combing and styling become way easier after Brazilian blowout. This treatment makes your hair softer and smoother that prevents tangling. Now you need not have to struggle with combing and styling your hair every morning. The hair will look beautiful in every style.

Retain natural hair texture: Once hair straightening chemicals completely sweep off, your hair will retain to its natural state. This treatment does not cause any sort of harm to natural hair.

Easily available: Nowadays, Brazilian blowout treatment is easily available in hair salons. In order to get all the benefits of this treatment, you should choose the hair salon wisely. The effect and longevity of treatment largely depends on the chemicals used in the process.

Why are Hair Extensions so Popular nowadays?

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Hair extension is one of those hair accessories that are gaining a lot of popularity among girls and boys all over the world. What is making them so popular? Actually, this desirable and glamorous hair accessory is popular since a long time. Earlier it was accessible to celebrities, actress and models, but now hair extensions are available for everyone at shops, online stores and hair salons. The advancement in hair extension technology has made hair extensions more manageable and cheaper. Today, there are plenty of ways of installing hair extensions, from temporary to permanent and everything in between.

Reason behind the popularity of hair extensions

Girls are opting for hair extensions to obtain the perfect look. This amazing accessory is allowing girls to wear the celebrity hairstyle without damaging their natural hair. Hair extensions offer plenty of benefits over other hair treatments. This is the reason why hairstylists all over the world are recommending hair extensions.

Benefits of hair extensions

Quick Solution: In order to make long and straight hairstyle, you need not have to wait till your hair grows.  With hair extensions, you can instantly grab the look. Also, hair extension installation is quick and easy.

No Damage: Unlike hair straightening, curling and coloring treatments, no chemicals are involved in the hair extension installation. You can enjoy any type of hair without causing any sort of damage to your natural manes.

No Commitment: You can wear and remove the hair extensions whenever you want. This hair accessory does not demand any sort of commitment. You can choose hair extension installation method as per your needs and requirements.

Variety: Hair extensions are available in variety of colors, length, type and style. You can choose the hair extensions as per your requirements. With hair extensions, you can switch your look every day.

Inexpensive: Although all hair extensions are not inexpensive, synthetic hair extensions can easily fit within your budget range. The hair extension technology has progressed a lot. Modern synthetic hair extensions look so much like real hair. Also, human hair extensions are now available at reasonable prices. You just need to find the right hair extensions salon.

What’s Trending in Hair Straightening Options?

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Summer is already here. Even with hot weather and high humidity, ever girl dream for beautiful and manageable hair. It is not easy to maintain the beauty, straightness and shine of the natural hair in summers. This is the reason why many experts recommend permanent hair straightening treatments.

Using flatiron to straight the hair during summer is not a feasible option. Hair already loses its moisture because of summer heat, now if you use flatiron, it will cause further damage to hair. This is the reason permanent hair straightening is a better option.

Ways to Permanently Straighten Your Hair

Fortunately, there are many ways to permanently straight the hair. The hair straightening treatment that you should opt for depends on your hair type, hair texture and hair length. However, before opting for any hair straightening treatment, you should check the maintenance required after getting the treatment.

Keratin Hair Treatment

Keratin is a protein present in hair. The keratin hair straightening treatment is popular because it is capable of straightening naturally curly hair. The effects of this treatment last up to 6 months. Keratin treatment improves the quality of hair without causing any serious side-effects. This treatment is even suitable for damaged hair. In order to make keratin treatment last longer, avoid exposing your hair to chlorinated pool water and seawater.

Japanese Hair Straightening

Japanese Hair Straightening works like wonder on unruly, frizzy and curly hair. In this treatment chemicals break the hair bond and restructure the hair. The effect of this treatment is permanent. Once you get Japanese hair straightening done, there will be no going back. However, you will need retouches for new-grown hair.

Brazilian Blowout

Brazilian blowout is one of the most popular hair straightening treatments for providing natural looking straight hair. Unlike Japanese hair straightening and keratin treatment, Brazilian blowout is a fast process. You just need one-and-half hour to get the process done. However, the effect of Brazilian blowout treatment starts fading after 3 months. Your hair will come back to their natural state after some time. It is a good treatment option, if you are not looking for long-time commitment.

How to Keep Your Hair Hydrated in the Summer Heat

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For sure, you get those sun-kissed highlights in summer, but summer heat can also be the culprit behind your dehydrated, parched hair. If your hair is looking dry this summer, you need to moisturize your manes from root to tip. You can try DIY hacks as well as visit hair salon to keep your hair hydrated and moisturized.

Summer hair care routine

Summer heat and humidity may damage your hair resulting in drab, dry, brittle, split or frizzy hair and rough ends. Sun exposure can be damaging to unprotected hair. Summer heat can damage all type, texture, length and color of hair. It is very much important to protect the hair from summer heat. You need to change your hair care routine to keep your hair in healthy condition during hot summers.

The summer hair care tips

Hydrate from the Inside, Out

It is important to keep your hair hydrated. So, drink a lot of water, juices and smoothies throughout the summer. Keep the water bottle nearby for quick accessibility. Lack of hydration may make your strands brittle and more prone to damage and frizz, so drink up!

Change Your Routine

In case, you are noticing split-ends, dry hair and damaged hair, you need to change your hair care routine right away. Take a sneak peek over below mentioned hair care tips:

-Use frizz control shampoo and conditioner

-Apply hair oil at least once in a week

-Apply hair mask occasionally

-Opt for good hair care treatment

Turn Down the Heat

Avoid using blow-dryer and flattening iron during hot summer days. Too much heat will steal the moisture from your hair. Let hair dried-up naturally. Also, if styling is necessary, use heat protection sprays first.

Cover your hair

Whenever you go out try covering your hair with cloth. You can uses stylish scarfs for this purpose. This will protect your hair from summer heat. Also, protect your hair from chlorinated and salty water.

It is important to provide special care to hair during hot summer months. If your hair started looking really dull and dry in summer, you can consult with a celebrity hairstylist regarding best hair care routine for summer.

Expert-Approved Dos And Don’ts On Hair Highlights

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Thinking about hairstyle change? Try hair highlighting. This hair coloring method can make your hair appear shimmering, and enhance the beauty of your facial features. It is important that hair highlights should be done properly. Otherwise your hair may look brassy or stripy. Only expert hair colorists know what highlights will go with your hair color, hair type, hairstyle and haircut. Not all highlights look good on everyone.

Hair Highlights

People generally think that highlights don’t have much impact on the appearance of hair, but it is not true. Just light hair color, highlights equally impact the look of hairstyle. You need to be very cautious while selecting the highlights for your hair. Have a quick glance over below mentioned dos and don’ts of hair highlighting:

Do frame face

If you are highlighting your hair, do it properly. Frame your face with the highlights. Place the fattest highlights around the frame of your face. Highlights should be lighter at the tip, and sparser and darker at the root.

Do have dimensions and depth

Over highlighted hair looks flat and simple. The highlights should vary in lightness and size that can enhance the beauty of the base color of your hair. It is very much important to make sure that your chosen highlights match with the tone of the base color.

Don’t add plenty of different colors

Multi-colored highlights are in trend, but that doesn’t mean you should try all the trends. Dimensions look good and too many dimensions look unnatural. Try not to add more than 3 colors.

Don’t go too light

Never ever match your highlights with your skin tone. This will make you look tired all the time. There should be a proper contrast between hair color and skin tone. Do not ruin this by choosing wrong hair color.

Do care for highlights

Although hair highlights do not demand as much maintenance as full coverage color, you still need to care for highlights to enjoy beautiful hair for a long period of time.

Don’t try DIY highlighting

Highlights should be done properly. You should always consider visiting hair color salon to get hair highlights done.



How To Talk To Your Colorist: Hair Color Terms And Definitions

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Are you thinking about coloring your hair? Are you new to hair coloring terms? Or do you find it difficult to explain your hair colorist about the type of hair color you want? Well, if so, then you should learn about the basic hair color terms and definitions. Knowing hair color terms and definition will not only help you in explaining your hairstylist about the kind of hair color you want, but it will also help you to better understand hair color trends.

Know more about hair coloring

Hair coloring is not as easy as it sounds. There are plenty of hair colors and hair color methods. There are so many things that common people generally don’t know about the hair coloring. The limited knowledge leaves limited hair coloring options. In order to make an informed decision, you should understand the hair coloring terms.

Hair Color Terms And Definitions

Base color: Base color is the color that is applied to root before adding highlights or creative colors to your hair. It plays an important role in deciding the overall look of your hair.

Contrast: Contrast means the value applied to the hair highlights. Higher contrast result in dramatic hair color change, while lower contrast provides natural look.

Coverage: Coverage defines the ability of hair color to cover the grey hair. Some hair colors are quite transparent to properly cover gray hair. If you are coloring your hair to cover the grey hair, make sure to discuss about coverage with your colorist.

Dimension: Dimensions define the ranges in the hair color tones. With the help of lowlights and highlights, your hair colorist can add dimensions to your hair.

Double-process: A double process hair color means receiving 2 color services in one visit. Usually this is accomplished by applying hair color, and washing and drying the hair first, and then doing the second color.

Express Highlights: Express highlights are done by applying a number of foils.

Glaze: Glaze defines the semi-permanent hair color. This is done by to intensify your natural hair color. This service is offered only in reputable hair color salons.


What you should know about DreamCatchers Extensions

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If you are unhappy about length, volume and thickness of your natural hair, you can actually think about getting hair extensions. Every girl craves for long, beautiful and voluminous hair, but only a few are blessed with naturally beautiful hair. Well, it is still possible to enjoy the longer, shiner, prettier and more voluminous hair with hair extensions. There are many types of hair extensions available on the market these days, from temporary and cheap synthetic hair extensions to luxurious and stunning dream catchers hair extensions and everything in between. You can opt for any hair extensions depending on your requirements and budget. But if you want ultimate celebrity like hair, you should give a try to dream catcher hair extensions.

Know about DreamCatchers Hair Extensions

Dream catchers are not ordinary hair extensions. They are made from the finest quality human hair. These extensions can be styled, colored, permed and straightened –allowing you to treat the extensions just like your natural hair. However, you should pay attention over hair extension care and maintenance.

When it comes to getting benefits from the hair extensions, quality plays an important role. The extensions should be capable of bearing pollution, humidity and daily wear and tear. Dream catchers extensions are unique combination of the finest quality human hair, so you when you touch the extensions, they will feel like the natural hair. Dream catchers are basically extended bliss of amazing looking hair. The hair used in dreamcatchers is premium quality it performs for a long period of time without losing its luster.

DreamCatchers Hair Extensions

Along with beautifications, dream catcher hair extensions provide full coverage for fine and see through hair. With the help of dreamcatchers, you get ultimate natural looking solutions. These extensions are suitable for everyone.

Installation of the dream catchers is also important. In order to make your extensions look good, they should be installed in an adequate manner. These extensions can be installed in many manners. You can opt for the best method according to your requirements. You should discuss about the hair extensions installation method with your stylist. Your hairstylist will recommend you the best method.

What are the benefits of Brazilian keratin straightening?

keratin hair straightening

Brazilian keratin treatment is one of the amazing ways of getting straighter hair. This treatment straightens the hair by changing the hair structure with the help of keratin protein. Keratin treatment works very well with wavy and curly hair, and has proved to be effectual even on tight curls or color treated hair.

Brazilian keratin straightening

Brazilian keratin hair straightening is beneficial in many manners. It is long-lasting, yet nonpermanent hair straightening solution. Unlike other chemical hair straightening treatments, Brazilian keratin treatment does not modify the natural structure of hair permanently. It means once the hair straightening chemicals are washed out, your hair will come back to its natural state.

Generally, Brazilian keratin hair straightening lasts up to 2.5 months. After that you can consult with your hairstylist and re-treat your hair with the Brazilian keratin chemicals. This treatment works like a charm every time.

Brazilian keratin hair straightening does not cause any harm to natural hair. The hair straightening chemicals simply sweeps out after some time. They do not reap of natural sheen and shine of the hair. Your hair will retain to its normal state after the treatment.

Unlike other hair straightening and smoothing treatments, Brazilian keratin treatment does not look fake. This treatment provides smoothness to your hair that it lacks. After treating your hair with Brazilian keratin treatment, you will notice different kind of smoothness on your hair. And your hair will appear naturally straighter and smoother.

Benefits of Brazilian keratin hair straightening treatment

  • This treatment cuts down the hair frizz and waves.
  • This treatment works even on the naturally curly hair.
  • This treatment is not harmful for hair.
  • This treatment does not change the natural structure of hair permanently.
  • This treatment makes hair smoother and shiner.
  • This treatment is not very expensive

Brazilian keratin hair straightening treatment is readily available these days. You can find this hair smoothing treatment option in many hair salons. However, you should choose the best hair salon and the hairstylist for this treatment. Hair straightening is a long time commitment. You should make sure that you get it right at the right price.

The ultimate guide to hair salon visit

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A visit to the hair salon should be all about styling and keeping your hair healthy, but it is possible to make your hair salon visit more fruitful by understanding the dos and don’ts of hair salon etiquette during your appointment. From what to do when you are running late to the rules on tipping a professional hairstylist, you should know what you should do to avoid the inconvenience.

Visiting hair salons

When you visit the hair salon, you want your hair to be done aptly. The hair care professionals will be happier to work with you, if you know how to work with them. These professionals are like creative artists. Their creativity level reaches at the top while working with the sophisticated clients. No matters you are visiting hair salon for haircut, hairstyling, hair straightening, hair curling, hair coloring, highlighting or combination of the hair services, you should know how to bring out the best out of your stylist.

Learn about the hair services

Nowadays, hair services are not limited to haircutting and hairstyling. There are many hair services offered in the hair salons. In order to explore more hairstyling options, ask the hair salon professionals about their services. You will learn about something new every time you visit the salon.

Probe about the hair products

To make sure that the hair products used by the salon professionals are of the arrant quality, ask about the products they are using. Do not hesitate in asking about the quality of products and their effects and side-effects (if any) on your hair.

Prefer the your regular hairstylist

In case you like the services of any particular hairstylist, just mention in your appointment that you want that hairstylist only. There is nothing wrong with sticking with the hairstylist you like. It is not easy to get same level of comfort with everyone.

Know about the offers

Many times hair salons offer discounts and package deals on various hair treatments. You should take ask the receptionist or hairstylist about any such offer on hair extensions services or hair straightening services to save some money on the hair treatments.

How Often Should You Cut Your Hair?

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It may sound unreal, but the trick to healthy, strong and even long hair is cutting them at regular intervals. But, how often you should cut your hair? Well, it truly depends on your hair. There are certain guidelines and timelines regarding haircut frequencies that rely on the length, health, texture and of course your hairstyle. It is not easy to generalize the haircut schedule. You can visit hair salon and ask the professional hairstylist about this. A professional hairstylist will analyze your hair and suggest you how often you require to trim your hair.

Trim Your Natural Hair

On an average, hair grows half-inch every month. Though some hair will grow slower or faster than others, they should be trimmed time to time. If not cut, hair gets dry from the ends. This makes hair brittle, and they split from the ends. This is the reason why hair care professionals recommend hair trimming in every 6 weeks. Regular haircuts not only keep your hair in good health, but also help you in maintaining your hairstyle.

Getting haircuts

If your hair is short and structured, you should cut your hair between 3 and 7 weeks. This helps you in maintaining specific hairstyle, as you want to keep the look polished and precise look. When your hair is short, haircuts are required more for maintaining the hairstyle rather than maintaining the hair length. If you want to grow your hair, you can cut your hair after every 7 weeks. And if you want to maintain your hairstyle, you can chop your hair off in every 3 weeks.

If your hair is long and healthy and you are not willing to sacrifice the hair length, you can trim 3 to 4 times a year. Trimming is important to preserve the hair quality. You will not get split ends.

If your hair is damaged, then you should cut your hair in every 8 weeks. This will help you in keeping your hair in healthy condition. You can specifically instruct your hairstylist to trim the split ends. Dry and damaged hair ruins the beauty of haircut and hairstyle.

Learn Exactly How To Wear Clip-In Hair Extensions

clip in hair extensions

Are you regretting after chopping your hair short? Are you tired of taming your frizzy hair? Are you seeking quick solution to make your fine hair look good? Well, if so then you can try clip in hair extensions. Hair extensions can quickly add length and volume to your hair. This hair accessory can totally transform the way your hair look.

Clip-in hair extensions

There are many types of hair extensions. Clip-n hair extensions are one of the most popular types of hair extensions available. These extensions are very easy to wear and remove. Despite of hair length, hair type and hairstyle, you can enjoy clip-in hair extensions. These are the most temporary hair extensions available, which is the major reason behind the increasing popularity of this hair extension type.

Unlike other hair extensions, you can wear clip-in hair extensions on your own. Sometimes, it is a little tricky to completely hide the clips of your extensions. In order to make your hair extensions look good, you need to seamlessly and naturally blend the hair extensions.

How to blend clip-in hair extensions

Create solid base for wefts: In order to attach the wefts with your hair, you need to create a solid base. Make a thick and firm base where you can attach clips. This will let you secure the stability of clips and prevent hair tugging.

Locate safe zone: Find safe zones on your head to clip the hair wefts. These are the areas where clips will not be visible. Usually, safe zones are located within the lines of your eyebrows.

Position your wefts: Positioning of hair wefts depends on the hair. Meddle with the hair wefts and locate what works best for you. You can consult with the hair extension professional to find the best position for your wefts.

Choose your wefts: In order to perfectly blend the hair extensions, you need to purchase the right hair extensions. Match the extensions with your hair type, color and texture. Also, you need to be careful while selecting the number for wefts you want to attach. If you are not able to find the space to attach the wefts, you probably don’t need them.


How do celebrities have perfect hair always?

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Celebs shine like stars with their brighter and shiner hair. No matter if it is a movie, an award function or a public appearance, celebrity hair always appears perfect. Almost every hairstyle looks good with such glossiest locks. What celebrity hairstylists do to make the celebrity hair apt for every hairstyle? What is the secret behind the perfect hairstyles of celebrities? What makes celebrity hair look so amazing? Well, there are plenty of things that celebrities do to make their hair look flawless and beautiful. Getting beautiful hair is neither easy nor inexpensive. One need to pay attention over hair care, spend money on hair products and maintain consistency.

Celebrity hair secrets

A lot of hair treatments are available these days. Celebrities are no exceptions. They are not blessed with naturally beautiful hair that gets prettier over time. They invest their time and money in hair care and hair treatments to enjoy the glorious locks.

Hair care

In order to enjoy the amazing hair treatments offered in hair salons, you need to pay attention over hair care. You will not be able to take the benefit of the hair treatments, if your hair is not healthy.  So, use good quality shampoo and conditioner. It may sound old school, but you need to use good hair oil and hair masks also to provide nourishment to your hair and scalp.

Haircuts and hairstyling

Haircuts and hairstyles can work as wonder. You need to choose the right hairstyles that look good on your face. Your hairstyle should be trendy and manageable at the same time.

Hair color and highlights

Hair color and highlights have the capability of instantly changing the way you look. The creative hair colorists provide chic look to celebs.

Hair extensions

Hair extensions are one of the hair accessories that complete celebrity hairstyles. This is the hair accessory that allows celebs to switch their hairstyles without any hesitation.

Hair treatments

Hair treatments like hair spa, chemical hair straightening, hair smoothing and hair curling provide a new life to hair. If you want celebrity like hair, you should give a try to one of these amazing treatments.

Irresistible Hairstyles for Bridesmaids

bridal hair

A hairstyle has the capability of making a plain woman look beautiful and a beautiful woman unforgettable! Every woman dreams for looking unforgettable on the wedding day. Whether you are bride or bridesmaids, hairstyle is the crucial part of your look. There are several hairstyles for brides that are combination of beauty, simplicity, elegance, traditions and trends. These hairstyles can make you look totally different.

Exquisite Bridesmaids Hairstyles

Just like brides, bridesmaids also have responsibility of looking gorgeous at their girlfriend’s wedding. They have to look stunning for all those wedding pictures that are going to be important part of bride’s life. Bridesmaid’s hairstyles are different from bridal hairstyles. They need to look chic and traditional, but different from bride at the same time. Also, many bridesmaids choose to wear the same wedding hairstyle. In such situation it becomes important to find a generic wedding hairstyle that looks good on every bridesmaid. However, bridesmaids can opt for different hairstyles according to their haircut, hair texture, hair length and choice.

Bridesmaid’s hairstyle options

The hairstyle of bridesmaid has to compliment the bride`s look, but it should not to surpass it. That is the reason why the maid of honor needs to avoid white accessories, too much volume, and massive jewelry.  Take a quick glance over below mentioned bridesmaid’s hairstyles:

Gorgeous Bridesmaid Updo

Being bridesmaid is a big responsibility. You have to make sure that everything goes smoothly. In this situation, you have to practically use all your beauty hacks. Instead of messing your look with last minute hairstyle, choose a unique bridesmaid bun in advance. Learn how to make this bun, so that you can make a perfect bun on the wedding day.

Messy curly bun with a braid

Tick Tock! Clock is running, and you do not have much time to get ready for the wedding. Don’t worry, you can still save your look with messy curly bun. This type of buns is easy and quick to make.

Half up and half down hairstyle

Half up and half down is the classiest bridesmaids hairstyle, if you have straight hair. It is quick and easy to make. You can use simple and elegant hair accessory to complete the look.

Expert Tips on Hair Coloring

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Anyone who colors their hair is well aware of the fact that hair coloring is confusing, time-consuming and pricey. It can go amazingly right or horribly wrong. This is the reason why many people prefer the best hair color salon and professional hair colorist for this purpose. A good hair color can enhance the beauty of your facial features and hair textures rather than overpowering them.

Hair coloring

A new hair color can change your entire look, but in order to make your hair color look good, you should color your hair right. Hair coloring is a complicated task. There are plenty of things such as –your skin tone, hair texture, condition of your hair, natural hair color and hair coloring trends are needed to be considered before choosing the apt hair color. It is better to leave the hair coloring task to professionals. Only hair coloring professionals can suggest you the right hair color that will make you look and feel good.

Hair color tips

Understand real hair color: The hair color displayed on the hair color box, will look like that only on virgin hair. If your hair has been colored or chemically treated before, the same hair color will look different on you. Thus, you should properly understand the true hair color before committing.

Don’t color ends: If you have a lot of split ends, then don’t apply hair color at the ends. The chemicals present in the hair color will cause further damage to your hair.

Don’t make drastic hair color change: If you are thinking about becoming blonde to brunette or vice-versa, then avoid doing this in one sitting. Instead, get 1-shade darker or lighter in steps. Dramatic hair color change is not only risky in terms of appearance, but drastic change is not good for hair health as well.

Don’t wash your hair with hot water:  In order to keep your hair color for a long time, avoid washing your hair with hot water. The hair color chemicals sweeps fasters with hot water.

Use a sulfate-free shampoo: Sulfate-free shampoos are must for longevity of the hair color. Ask your hair color expert about the best shampoo for colored hair.