Bang for the Buck: Will Sporting Bangs Suit You?

Bang for the Buck: Will Sporting Bangs Suit You?

So you think bangs only suit little girls? Apparently not. There are other types of bangs aside from that infamous box-type bangs that cover your entire forehead. You may have even sported on during your elementary days. You might be laughing or embarrassed to see your 7-year old self with that ridiculous short hair complete with bangs.

Nowadays, wearing bangs is actually a stylish way to freshen up your whole look. Aside from bangs, there are also hair treatments that can help improve your look and boost your confidence. More importantly, you need to take care of your hair and ensure its shine and luster at all times.

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Types of hair bangs

As mentioned, there are different types of bangs that will suit depending on your face shape and hair length. You might want to refresh your look and try to cut some bangs. But hold it right there – you should know first the different types of bangs before once you cut it, that’s it. Here are some of the most popular ones.


Also known as baby bangs, it has been sported by the likes of Emma Watson and Audrey Hepburn. It is that kind of bangs that sits at least an inch above your eyebrows. The best thing about micro-bangs is that it is suitable both for short and long hair. If you want to test this one out, you can try bangs clip-in hair extensions first.

Wispy bangs

This one has strands of hair that slightly touches the brows and with longer hair strands at both sides that frame the face. Wispy bangs can help soften sharp jawlines and add shape to round-shaped faces. Unlike micro-bangs, wispy bangs may not be too meticulous to maintain.

Side-swept bangs

This was often associated with so-called “emo” fashion back in the early 2000s. Nowadays, side bangs are making a comeback and look classier than ever. It can look even better after visiting a Brazilian blowout salon for some hair treatment.

Full/blunt bangs

This is the kind of bangs we are more familiar with. Unfortunately, it might not be for the faint of heart. When done right, it can make you look sophisticated like never before.

What to consider before having bangs

As mentioned, you need to determine which kind of bangs will suit you best. Other than that, here are other things to consider before having bangs.

Consider your face shape.

Here is a guide to the right type of bangs according to your face shape.

  • Square-shaped face – try side-swept bangs which can soften your jawline
  • Heart-shaped face – try full or wispy bangs; basically, any bangs styles can work
  • Oval-shaped/rectangular-shaped face – blunt bangs work best as it emphasizes your cheekbones and eyes

Be committed to maintenance.

It is said that cutting the bangs is not really the hardest part, it’s the maintenance that comes with it. Bangs require regular trimming and some styling so it will look good at all times. Experts advise trimming your bangs about once every two to three weeks.

Consider your hair texture as well.

There are some types of bangs that may not work well with your natural hair texture. For example, blunt/full bangs most likely won’t work with curly hair. On a positive note, there are still other bangs styles that can work on curly hair.

How to maintain your bangs

Your bangs do not work its magic unless you exert extra effort to make your bangs look good all day. Here are some tips you can do to make your bangs stand out from the crowd.

  • Expect your bangs to be oilier since it comes into contact with your face. That is why you have to wash your bangs more than you shampoo and moisturize your hair.
  • Avoid cutting bangs on your own. Instead, you should visit a professional hairstylist to prevent hair disasters (like the ones you see on social media videos).
  • Do not use a flat iron on your bangs. Instead, you can use a blow dryer set on low heat and a round brush to add volume to your bangs.

Are you ready to sport bangs?

There is at least one type of bangs that will suit your personal preference and face shape. Or if you are not sure, you can always try clip-in hair extensions for your bangs. You can have yours done in a hair extensions salon in Rockville. Visit one today!

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