Best Balayage Colors for Brunette

Best Balayage Colors for Brunette

Blondes are not the only people who can have fun with the color of their hair. It seems like more people can go darker, and there are plenty of new hues that go well with brunettes. Some people have misconceptions about brunette hair color. They think it can be too warm or brassy, or they worry that brunette hair makes them age and it will look dull. You can guess that none of them are true.

When you visit a balayage salon, you should already have an idea of what color you want and ask the stylist for recommendations. They can tell you if you need to make a different choice and if it goes with your hair or not.

Suede Mocha

This is a good option for anyone who wants to keep dark hair, but still is still looking for some depth and dimension. You will play with brightness and create a summery and beachy vibe, without committing to doing to do a full-on blonde. You need to ask the colorist for mocha highlights, which can start from the roots or lower. When it comes to the upkeep, you should plan to refresh the highlights 3 to 4 times in a year.

Silver and Dark Brown

This look is great for brunettes who are looking to go lighter without totally sacrificing their brunette shade, and also want something that is low maintenance. The textured layers are an excellent choice for someone who has finer hair that wants body and movement in their hair without losing weight from the ends of their hair.

The nice thing about this look is that it creates a contrast of silver and brunette while keeping the lived-in balayage they want.

Smoky Brown

This color is for those who want to have darker hair, and who are looking to lighten up 1 or 2 levels without putting highlights. Based on the name, this color is translucent, instead of being more saturated and pigmented. In addition, since the undertone is neutral, it becomes flat on a range of skin tones. You should wait for about 48 hours after coloring before washing and make sure to use a shampoo and conditioner for colored hair. This is going to keep the neutral undertone from looking too warm.

 Pumpkin Spice

Have you tried pumpkin spice latte? If you want an autumn hair color, you should try the combination of burgundy red, mocha brown, strawberry blonde, and ginger. The color is not only for autumn, but it looks great all year round.


This is a rich, shiny dark brown color, but it is not black, and there are minimum dimensions. Since it is so dramatic and saturated, it can look harsh on people with paler complexions. It is most flattering on people with olive or dark skin. When it comes to maintenance, you should choose an in-salon gloss every 6 weeks in order to maintain the depth and sunshine you want.

Marbled Blonde

If you are choosing between blonde and brunette, bigger balayage strands will keep your hair blonde without the need to commit to normal touch-ups in the salon.

Pale Walnut

If you are looking for a low-maintenance color, this one is perfect for clients who only want to go to the salon twice yearly. Highlights that are only 1 or 2 shades lighter compared to your base, and you must not start at the root to keep the look natural-looking. A money piece will bring everything together.

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