Can I Color Hair Extensions?

Can I Color Hair Extensions?

hairdreams hair extensionsHair extensions are amazing hair accessories for women who do not want to permanent change in their hairstyle and still want to try latest hairstyling trends. Extensions are also great for women who are dealing with hair loss, hair fall and hair thinning problems. Unlike a wig, which covers entire head like a cap, hair extensions are installed using glue, clips or can be sewn to the existing hair.

Coloring hair extensions

Women who are new with hair extensions want to understand how to work with hair extensions and how to hair extensions are different from natural hair. Many women color their hair and even wants to color hair extensions, but don’t know whether or not they should color their hair extensions! Well, coloring hair extensions depend on the fiber from which your hair extensions are made.

Actually, there are 2 basic types of hair extensions –human hair extensions and artificial hair extensions. Human hair extensions are made from real human hair. These extensions can bear heat, bleach and can be styled in any manner. On the other hand, artificial hair extensions are made from synthetic fiber. You cannot cut, color, curl or straight artificial human hair extensions. Thus, if you want to color your hair extensions, then you should buy human hair extensions.

How to Color Hair Extensions

You can color human hair extensions on your own or opt for professional hair coloring services. Since human hair extensions are expensive investment, it is better to let a professional color them. The professionals know how to handle hair extensions. The professional hair colorists even know the best hair color brand which cannot damage the extension hair.

If hair coloring involves complex changes such as highlights, lowlights, light to dark or dark to light hair color switch, then it is best to visit a hair color salon for this purpose. You might think that coloring hair extensions is similar to coloring your own hair, but the process is different. It is not possible to color hair extensions without experience. One small mistake can ruin the entire look and feel of your expensive hair extensions.

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