Choosing the Right Hair Straightening Treatment Option

Choosing the Right Hair Straightening Treatment Option

 hair straightening salonA lot of hair straightening treatment options are available these days. Every treatment has its own advantages and disadvantages. Getting hair straightening treatment is a big decision. The treatment is not only going to change the way your hair look, but also requires special hair care. There are many techniques of hair straightening, from ironing hair at home to spending hours in a hair straightening salon. Furthermore, there are many types of hair straightening treatments offered in hair salons. Availability of hair straightening treatment options makes the choice more difficult.

Explore hair straightening options

When it comes it hair straightening, Brazilian hair straightening treatment and Japanese hair straightening treatments are two types of treatment ruling all over. The best treatment for your hair will depend on several of factors. In order to opt for the right treatment, you must learn about the pros and cons of all the treatments.

Japanese hair straightening

It is a chemical hair straightening process that breaks down the protein bonds of each and every hair by applying a special solution. This process makes your hair pin straight permanently and remove all curl and frizz from the treated hair. Japanese hair straightening treatment has permanent effect on the treated hair. You can re-do the treatment on new grown hair.

Brazilian keratin treatment

This treatment involves covering your hair with keratin protein. The keratin coating is sealed with heat from flatirons. This treatment makes your hair straight along with shine. The Brazilian keratin treatment lasts on hair for several weeks. After that the treatment will wash out. The hair gradually returns to its original state. However, the look and feel of the hair after Brazilian keratin treatment will be better than Japanese hair straightening treatment.

DIY hair straightening options

There are many DIY hair straightening products are available in the market these days, but most of these products offer temporary hair straightening solutions. You can opt for flatirons, shampoos and masks to make your hair straight for some time. However, it is always recommended to opt for the professional hair straightening treatments, because DIY hair straightening treatments can damage your hair.

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