Do Hair Extension Cause Hair Loss?

Do Hair Extension Cause Hair Loss?

Hair extensions are the solution to many beauty dilemmas and will give you long luscious hair in minutes. A visit to your hair extensions salon Rockville MD and the application of the extension will revolutionize the way your hair looks and will give you that celebrity look you have always admired. Some extensions will work for daily use while others are meant for long-term use. Although extensions have been the magic in the hair industry, they have been cases of hair damage after wearing extensions and they have been demonized in some quarters as the cause of damage. Are extensions the cause of hair thinning out and eventual damage? We delve deep into to demystify the notion that extensions cause hair damage

Causes of Hair Damage While wearing Extensions

  • Inexperienced Hairstylist

An inexperienced hair is one of the major causes of hair damage after wearing extensions. The role of the  top-rated hair stylist includes

  • Analysing and checking the state of your hair
  • Based on the analysis, advice on the best extension
  • Application of the hair extensions
  • Advice on the aftercare of the extension
  • Removal of the extension and advice of how to take care of the hair after removal

Failure to choose the right extension based on the hair analysis will result in hair damage. The hair stylist plays a critical role in ensuring that your hair remains intact. Wrongly applied and poorly maintained extensions will leave your hair brittle, dry and damaged. it’s therefore vital that you find an experienced hair extension stylist to grow longer and healthier hair with extensions. When choosing a hair stylist, choose the top-rated hair stylist with knowledge and experience.

  • Wrong Hair extensions

The surest way of losing your hair is by applying for the wrong hair extension. If your hair is thinning out, you need an extension that will not pull your hair more due to its weight. Extensions that require gluing may cause traction alopecia which results from tightly pulled hair damaging the hair follicles. Glue in the extension is attractive as they last longer, but if it’s applied to weak hair may result in ripping your hair out. The chemical in the glue also results in hair damage and it’s therefore imperative that an expert hair stylist applies for the extension. Research and get to know every rule before you get that extension and if you are still not sure what extension works best for you, then have your hairstylist advice you on the best based on the state of your hair.

  • Failure to take care of Your Hair before applying for the Hair extension

It’s paramount that you cleanse and moisturize your hair before applying for the extensions to avoid the hair becoming brittle and lead to breakage. It’s necessary that you condition your hair before applying for the extension. Moisturize the extension to avoid tangling and matting as this will also cause the hair to pull as you detangle. Don’t keep hair extensions for more than three months as this will result in tangling and eventual breakage.

Tips to Ensure that Your Remain Healthy When Wearing Extensions

  • Find an experienced hairstylist with the expertise and knowledge to install hair extensions
  • Ensure that the extensions are not too tight to avoid hair uprooting
  • Treat your hair extension with care and care for them the same way you would your natural hair
  • Choose high-quality hair extension to avoid matting and tangling easily
  • Make sure that the hair extensions don’t weigh on your natural as this will cause tension on the hair follicles and lead to damage
  • Let your hair extensions stylist remove the extensions especially the permanent one to avoid damage
  • Take a break from extensions now and then to give your hair time to relax


Hair extensions will not any damage to your hair, the damage will result from many other factors as we have stated above. Extensions are a great investment and if you couple that with right stylist, proper maintenance then you begin to enjoy the magic of extensions. Its imperative to note that hair extensions don’t damage your hair, only bad maintenance and application does the harm to your hair. So, go on and get that extension, take it to your top rated hair stylist and enjoy the magic of the extension.

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