Everything you Need to Know About Japanese Hair Straightening Technique

Everything you Need to Know About Japanese Hair Straightening Technique

Japanese hair straightening is one of the best solutions when dealing with frizzy, coarse and thick hair. If you are looking for pin straight hair, then the technique is the most ideal. It’s however important that it’s done correctly to avoid hair damage and it’s important that you visit the permanent hair straightening salon Rockville for best results. The hair stylist will ensure that your hair is healthy enough before applying the straightening chemicals

Things to Consider Before a Japanese Permanent Straightening

Japanese hair straightening technique is a great hair styling technique and before you embark consider the following;

  • Once the hair straightening is done your hair will become pin straight and you can’t change that. Japanese hair straightening will break your hair bonds and leave your hair straight. Before you try the permanent hair straightening method make sure you understand what it involves
  • Don’t straighten your hair if you have applied other chemicals before. If you have applied colouring and bleaching chemicals adding Japanese hair straightening chemicals may damage your hair and also make your scalp itchy. Scalp irritation may result in hair loss. You can do a strand test to check whether your hair is healthy enough
  • Consider your hair type before applying the straightening chemicals. if you have fine hair it may not be able to withstand the chemicals. The chemicals in Japanese hair straightening may devastate you and cause hair fall. The expert at the permanent hair straightening salon will advise you whether your hair can withstand the chemicals
  • Take care of your hair after application of the chemicals. Failure to take care of the hair after the application of the Japanese hair straightening that will make hair dry, brittle and lead to breakage. It’s crucial that you take care of the hair after getting the permanent hair straightening treatment. The hair stylist will advise you on how best to manage and take care of your hair.

How Japanese Hair straightening Works

Visit the Japanese hair straightening salon and the hair stylist will assess whether your hair is healthy enough. Once your hair passes the health test, the hair will be shampooed and then dried. A special solution is then applied on hair. The solution will break hair bond and gives it the pin straight shape.

The solution is applied to the hair ensuring that it saturates the hair. its rinsed and dried with a blow dryer and then its flat ironed. A Neutralizer is applied to keep the hair in shape. The process takes 4 to 6 hours depending on the thickness of your hair

How Long does it Last?

The permanent straightening technique may last for 6 months. During the 6 months, it’s important to ensure that you condition your hair often because that will help keep it hydrated. Avoid using shampoos that contain sulfates as they cause your hair to become dry. After 6 months you will need to have your hair retouched

Cost of Hair straightening

The cost of the treatment depends on where you live. It’s important to consider the cost of retouch and products you need to take care of your hair.

Care after the Japanese Hair straightening

After application of the treatment gives your hair time to set in. Make sure you invest in the right products. Avoid conditioners and shampoos that may damage your hair

Hair Damage After the Treatment

It’s important that the treatment is applied by a professional at the  Permanent hair straightening salon. Application by a hair stylist who doesn’t have the expertise and experience may lead to hair damage and hair loss. If you have already applied bleaches and hair to your hair it’s advisable to skip the Japanese hair straightening. An expert at the hair straightening salon will be able to tell whether your hair can withstand the treatment. It also important to determine your style because your hair is straightened you may not have many options

Japanese hair straightening will make your hair easy to manage and reduce the salon time. The process alters the hair bonds and it’s paramount that it’s done by an expert at the Japanese hair straightening salon. Hair care after the process plays a crucial role in ensuring you have healthy shiny and smooth tresses.

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