Expert Tips on How to Maintain Hair Extensions

Expert Tips on How to Maintain Hair Extensions

Hair extensions aftercare plays a significant role in ensuring that your extensions last longer. It’s important that you understand how to take care of hair extensions by following the correct maintenance and care procedure. The expert in salons that do hair extensions is a good source of information on how to take care of your extensions. The hair stylist will analyze your hair before hair extensions application, and advice you on the best extension for your hair. It’s also best to consult the hair stylist on how best to take care of your hair and the products to use. In this article, we tell you simple tips on how to take care of your human hair extensions.

Tips to Help Maintain Your Hair Extensions

  • Separate hair extensions bonds daily

Separate the extensions bond is a crucial care step that should be done daily. Use your fingers to separate the bonds daily. That will prevent the extensions from tangling and matting. It also becomes easier to remove the extensions without damaging your hair. Failing to separate the bonds will cause tangling which results in hair damage. Make sure that the hair bonds are separated daily and that will keep your extension looking good.

  • Wash your hair extension using the right procedure and the right products

It’s important to use the right products and the right procedure to wash your extensions. Once you fix new hair extensions, make sure that you consult on the best procedure to wash your hair. Invest in shampoo and conditioners that are right for your extensions. Using the right extensions products will make sure that your hair bonds are loosened, the extensions don’t become brittle and damaged. Avoid washing the hair extensions in hot water because that strips off the extensions oils and makes it dry.

  • Gently brush or comb your extensions

Brushing your extensions is crucial, its however essential to do it gently. Slowly brush your extension and avoid yanking it away. Pulling the extension will cause damage to the extensions and your hair. The hair stylist will guide on how best to brush your extensions.

  • Dry your hair extensions before going to bed

When wet human hair extensions are likely to tangle, and it’s important to ensure you dry your extension completely before going to bed. Make sure you have enough time to dry your hair and avoid the temptation of sleeping with damp or wet extensions Sleeping in wet extensions will cause tangling which will result in hair damage. Have enough time, wash your extension and let it dry.

  • Secure your hair extensions before sleeping

Securing your extensions before sleeping will make it easy to brush them in the morning. You can style the extension easily if you take care of the extension the night before. It will also prevent the extension from tangling and pulling your hair as you sleep at night.

  • Visit the hair extensions salon regularly for hair maintenance

Make sure you follow up on the extensions maintenance schedule. During the schedule the hair stylist will assess the state of your extension and hair, then advise you on how best to take care of your extension. Visit the hair salon after every 4-6 weeks for maintenance of the extension.

  • Condition your extensions regularly

Hair extensions don’t have their natural oils, and it’s important to condition the extensions to keep it hydrated and soft. It’s essential to treat extensions with the right conditioners every week, and that will keep your extensions looking shiny and feeling soft.

  • Taking care of your hair extensions during a vacation

If you are taking a trip while wearing hair extensions, it’s important to ensure you carry the right care products. If you are going to a beach or swimming, make sure you dip your extensions in clean water and condition the extension after the swim. Exposing the extensions to chlorine will make it brittle and dry leading to breakage.

You need to invest time and take care of your extension. The above tips will help you take care of your extension. However, it’s important that you visit the hair extensions salon Rockville for the hair stylist to check and assess your hair progress. Consult on the best way to take care of the human hair extension you are wearing. 

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