Fab Hairstyles You Can Try on Your Next Zoom Meeting

Fab Hairstyles You Can Try on Your Next Zoom Meeting

Who says you cannot look and feel fab during work-related Zoom calls? For one thing, there is no reason not to continue your hair and skincare regimen while stuck at home. Even if there is no Brazilian blowout salon or salons that do hair extensions that are open right now, it’s no excuse to give your hair some tender loving care at home.

How COVID-19 has changed our professional lives

A lot of companies opted for a work-at-home set up to keep the business running. At the same time, it enables the employees to keep their jobs that will help sustain their source of income during this pandemic. It seems that this kind of work setup will become the new normal.

This means people didn’t have to power-dress every day to work. Instead, they can opt to wear their PJs and uncombed hair while working in front of their computers. However, you should still pay attention to how you look while working at home. More so, you should still look your best when there is an online meeting with your team.

That said, people should not forget their beauty regimen even if they are mostly at home now. It is understandable to feel lazy even tying your hair because of not being able to get a hair treatment in a keratin treatment salon. Still, taking care of our hair is important even during these uncertain times.

Hairstyling ideas for your next online meeting

It might be impossible to visit a Brazilian keratin salon since most of them are closed right now. But there are still ways that you can look glam and fab on your Zoom meetings. There is no need to visit a Brazilian keratin straightening salon. Instead, you can do with what you have at home.

Try using hair accessories/pieces.

You can use a hair clip, a nice headband, or a scarf to at least cover up your bad hair day. You can check out other ways to wear a scarf fashionably. Nonetheless, using hairpieces and other accessories can spice up your overall look.

Add volume to your hair.

If you are not fond of using hair clips and the like, you can add volume to your hair instead. You can use hair curlers or using a brush and brushing your hair from underneath for added volume.

Try a low-knot bun or a half-ponytail.

This is actually one of the easiest hairstyles you can do. Either polished or messy, it will look fab and sophisticated nonetheless. Meanwhile, you can also try a half-ponytail instead of a full-on ponytail. These are stylish and aren’t complicated to do.

You can also try a high-knot bun.

If you have long hair, you can also explore sporting a loose high bun. Not only it is stylish but can also highlight your jawline and collarbone. It is also one way to hide your bad hair day.

Use some hair styling tools.

If you have more time to style your hair, you can use your hair curler or iron. Make loose curls on your hair, or make your hair look sleek in front of the camera. It looks simple but professional, too.

And for the finishing touch

Aside from your hair, you should also pay attention to how your skin looks in front of the camera. Here are some tips on taking care of your skin and making it look fresh in front of the camera.

Apply moisturizer on your face.

It will make your skin look supple, fresh, and vibrant. Slather a nice amount of moisturizer on your face for an instant and refreshing glow. Make sure to choose one that is lightweight and quickly absorbed by the skin.

Less is more.

It is a good idea to wear makeup on your Zoom meeting. But make sure not to overdo it. Use a foundation and pat it on the specific spot on your face using your fingers, like the dark circles under the eyes or a zit on your forehead. Use your eyebrow pencil to touch up your eyebrows. Dab a little lipstick or lip stain on your cheek and lips.

Look and feel confident and pretty all the time

Whether with meetings or none, it is important to maintain your hair and skincare regimen even at home. Just because your favorite Japanese hair straightening salon is closed now doesn’t mean you would take care of your hair and skin.

As mentioned, there are many ways of maintaining your beauty regimen in your home. More so, if there will be Zoom meetings. You would have to wait for a while before you can have a keratin treatment by a hairstylist in Potomac. In the meantime, you should keep yourself and your family safe from this pandemic. Stay pretty and glam at home!

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