Hair Extension Mistakes People Make

Hair Extension Mistakes People Make

The market has extensions and wigs that remain undetectable and make your hair look expensive. However, it is important to choose the best ones and apply those with plenty of care. However, it is important to choose the top-quality ones because hair extensions are like an investment and things can go wrong if you make a mistake. Some of the mistakes can be caused by bad hair extensions or wigs.

If you are planning to go to a hair extensions salon, you should be aware of the most common mistakes to avoid. This article is going to tell you what those mistakes are so you can avoid doing them and enjoy your hair extensions.

Failing to Research

There is such a thing as mislabeling that normally happens when people get hair extensions, and that is why it is important to research and find out what you are buying. You must never buy extensions because of their good advertisement. These are words that refer to the best quality of hair on the market, but you need to make sure to get the best of the best on what hair looks like.

Installing a Lot of Hair Extensions

You should not install several extensions at once. Over-installation is not just painful for you, but it will make you look bad too. Even if you do not do that, you should place every weft at space of your pinkie finger apart. You might even place them so close to each other like the tail of your comb. You should not allow them to teach each other. They should like be cousins and siblings. You can contact your hairstylist or a friend who frequently goes to parlors or hair salons, and get tips on proper spacing and installation.

No Proper Treatment and Maintenance

While you wash may your hair extensions too much, once a month is actually enough. Another mistake is that you do not wash and care for them enough. Similar to the hair on your head, you must care for your extensions.

In order to prevent knots, it is necessary to brush your hair extensions carefully using a special hairbrush. If you style them using hot tools, make sure to use a heat protectant.

If you want to maintain hair extensions for using it long-term, you would have to go for regular appointments. Regular appointments are helpful in expanding your hair extensions’ lifespan. Make sure that you have a professional extensionist you like to spend time with so you will not dread going to appointments.

Going to the Wrong Stylist

This is very important and you need to love going to a hair extensionist. This can sound silly at first, but you should go to their salon almost regularly to have your extensions reinstalled so they will always look flawless and fresh. If you are dreading your extensions every 6 weeks, you should damper on how much you are loving your extensions or the worse thing is you end up skipping the re-installation.

Keep in mind that regular appointments are necessary and non-negotiable if you want to make sure that your extensions look and feel great. Therefore, if you think that you and your extensionist do not mesh well, or you simply do not like the work they do, maybe it is time to change salons.

You might think this is a minor factor, but it is not because you are spending a lot on hair extensions and you want it to be perfect.

Avoid doing these mistakes when going to hair extensions in salon Potomac anytime.


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