How Hair Straightening And Hair Smoothening Can Be Differentiated

How Hair Straightening And Hair Smoothening Can Be Differentiated

hair straighteningStraight hairs are never out of style and trend, easy to carry and look pretty. They look classy and sophisticated, and are in Vogue again for a long time. Curly, tangled hair are a great pain to manage and especially in humid weather it becomes even more difficult, whereas, for straight hair you just need few strokes of a brush, blow dry and you are ready to go. Tie them, curl them, leave them open; one has so much to do with straight hair.

Different ways to manage your hair

There are different ways to get rid off those unruly, frizzy and unmanageable hairs; hair treatments like straightening, smoothening, blowout and Rebonding. There is a difference in the methods use in all these treatments and also for how long all these treatments last.

  • Hair straightening

This involves treatment of hair with certain chemicals which break apart the bonds of hairs and then put them back together to create sleek and straight pattern. This treatment gives your hairs pin-straight look. Rebonding is also permanent hair straightening, which refers to the chemical method used to get straight hairs. Other than Rebonding, there is also a Japanese blow-out treatment which changes the natural frizzy structure of hairs and is a popular hair straightening treatment.

  •  Hair smoothening

Hair smoothening is done to improve the overall texture of hairs. It can completely re-generate and transform the dull and damaged hairs, giving them natural shine, smooth texture and make your hair look healthy. This treatment is especially beneficial for those who have thin and life less hair, the smoothening treatment will give them body with natural bounce. Even if one has thick curls, with the smoothening treatment, the result will be gentle wavy hair. In hair smoothening treatment the hair are washed with deep cleansing shampoo and treated with keratin, which is a protein. After this, the hair are blow-dried and ironed to seal the keratin with the hair cuticle, resulting in smooth straight hair.

Though, both the treatments; hair straightening and hair smoothening treatment, result in smooth, straight and manageable hair, but the procedure and chemicals involved in achieving the end result is different in both.

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