How To Care For European Human Hair Extensions

How To Care For European Human Hair Extensions

European hair extensionsEuropean hair extensions are luxury hair accessories. The European hair extensions are the ideal for girls having thin and damaged hair. These extensions are made from finest virgin hair (i.e. human hair that is not chemically treated before). Each and every strand of European hair extension is pure and healthy. If installed properly, these hair extensions look completely real. Though European hair extensions are expensive, they worth every penny you spend on them.

Caring For the European Hair Extensions

There is no such thing as using European hair extensions for six months without any care or maintenance. When you get these hair extensions, your hair routine is inevitably going to change. You will have to make changes by keeping hair extensions in your mind.

Protect your investment by following below mentioned hair extension care tips:

Use good quality hair brushes

Invest in a quality brush or comb that is easy to use. Brush your hair before sleeping and before washing to make sure that your hair extension does not get tangled. Do not comb wet hair as hair follicles are most vulnerable at that time.

Change hair washing habits

Pay attention over how you are washing your hair. Section off hair and gently apply shampoo into the roots and then gently slide your fingers between the beads. Try to wash your hair as gently as you can. When it comes time to conditioning, slather the tips, but be careful. Try not to coat the hair beads for a long time, as the beads get smooth and can slide out.

Get a few hair styling tools

As European hair extensions give you the luxury hair, you need proper hair styling tools to style your hair. Buy best quality curler or straightener to take full advantage of your extensions.

Find your best hairstyles

When it comes to styling with European hair extensions, you should have at least 3 different hairstyles. Consult with a professional hair stylist regarding hairstyles that not only aggrandize the beauty of your hair extension, but also look good on you. However, with luxurious European hair extensions, you will get endless hair styling options.

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