How to Hide Hair Extensions if You Have Short Hair

How to Hide Hair Extensions if You Have Short Hair

Hiding hair extensions when you have short hair is something you need to know. If your hair is short, and you do not like how hair extensions sit on your scalp, you should research what to do. Going to a hair extensions salon can be an excellent way to change your look for special occasions or if you want to just add some extra glamour to your style every day.

However, before you panic and call your stylist, there are some things you need to know. When you read this article, you are going to learn about how to best hide your hair extensions even if you have very short hair.

How Come Hair Extensions Do Not Blend with Short Hair?

Anyone is able to use a wig since this is the kind of hair you can use to “save” you from problems related to hair. When you have hair extensions, you are allowed to get the style you want, from long to short hair, straight hair, curly hair, and more. However, not all types of hair are easy to mix into hair extensions. If your hair is short, it can be quite challenging to blend them together naturally, so you should know how to hide your extensions when you have short hair.

Choose the Right Color

It is important to choose hair extensions with the same color as your hair.

For instance, women who have ombre or balayage should opt for the same color of extensions that blends with the ends of their hair in harmony. You should also remember that the extensions should blend at the bottom of your hair strands more than the top.

Go for a Set with Heavier Weight

You should go for a sustained extension. In case you find yourself trying to make your hair blend into your natural hair, it could be because you chose the wrong set.

  • In case you have short hair, you should choose an extension with a maximum weight of 220 grams. Since you need thicker hair compared to the normal one, you should make it a natural look and it should look like real hair.
  • One of the ways you can hide hair extensions in short hair is to not go for extensions that have a smaller weight since it makes your hair look unnatural and not bouncy.

This is an excellent way to hide extensions if you have short hair but a lot of people forget about it. Choosing a suitable hair extension is important.

Curly or Straight

This will depend on what you prefer, and the length of your hair. You cannot heat style synthetic extensions, so regardless of what style you buy them is how they will stay. You can treat human hair extensions which prevent you to try both styles.

If your hair is shorter, then curling can be an excellent way to blend extensions with your hair. If you are able to, you should try curling your hair as well.

Straight hair can also look natural if you should cut layers into the extensions; or, the two distinct lengths can emphasize your extensions and make them look fake.

Pile Them

Pile them up. If your hair is too short and it becomes hard to blend your hair with tangled hair, this is what you should do.

Pile it up until you reach the volume you want. This is going to help you have thick and bouncy hair while keeping your hair underneath.

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