How to Keep Your Hair Color and Highlights for Longer

How to Keep Your Hair Color and Highlights for Longer

Leaving the hair salons after applying Hair color and highlights will make you feel like on the top world. How do you ensure that the hair color looks good weeks later? Maintaining highlights looking gorgeous requires a commitment to a regimen that will help your color saving you time and money.

Tips and Tricks to Make your Hair Color and Highlights Last Long

  • Choose Balayage over foils

Foils require more visit to the hair stylist as compared to Balayage. If you choose foils the hair grows fast and the roots are seen more quickly. Balayage allows for a more natural look which grows out in a less noticeable way.

  • Give the hair color time to settle

After application of the hair color, give the color time to settle before the first wash. Give the hair at least one day for the color to settle in before washing and if you must rinse, use cool water to rinse the hair

  • Keep your hair moisturized

When the hair is moisturized, its losses colorless. If you want to hit the gym apply some oil on the ends of the hair and braid it, to keep moisture locked. Hot showers will open up your cuticles and release the moisture. Always rinse the hair with room temperature water to seal the hair cuticles. That will keep your hair hydrated, color and hair highlights will last longer and avoid split ends.

  • Avoid Products with sulfates and Alcohol

Shampoos and conditioners that have sulfates with strip the hair of moisture and also color leaving your hair dry and dull. Use products with no sulfates and the hair color will last longer.

  • Shampoo your Hair Less often

Shampooing the hair every day will strip the hair of oils and color. Space out the wash days.While shampooing focuses your hair on the scalp and roots of the hair and not the end.  Visit your hair salon and invest in conditioners and shampoos meant for hair with color as they will make the hair color last longer.

  • Use Gradual Highlight style

Ombre is the perfect low maintenance highlights and when the hair starts to grow out the demarcation are not easily noticeable.

Use Heat Styling Tools Sparingly

Avoid using too much heat on the hair especially after the color application. Blow dryers and straightening tools speed up the fading of the hair color and highlights.

  • Protect your Hair while swimming

Chlorine will cause your hair to fade much faster. Invest in a product that will protect the hair against chlorine and the harsh UV rays to prevent the color from fading away too fast.

Your hair color and highlights will last longer, with these tricks and you can visit your hair salon after three months for a hair color and highlights retouch.

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