How to Make your Clip in Hair Extensions Last Longer

How to Make your Clip in Hair Extensions Last Longer

Quality human hair Extension is an investment and it’s important that you take care of it. When you find the extensions that gives you that glamorous look you want it to remain in good condition for long. The care and maintenance you give your mane will determine how long and how well the extension will look after months of wearing it. In this post, we look at how you can keep your extensions looking as good as new for a long time.

Why Use Clip in Extensions

  • Easy to install

With a little lesson from the hair extension stylist, clip-ins are easy to install and remove. The extension will save you time and make it easy to manage your hair.

  • Durable

When well take care of, clip-ins are easy to wear. Since you only wear them during the day they will last a long time.

  • Your hair extensions salon has it in store

Your hair salon is the perfect place to get quality human hair extensions including clip in hair extensions. Talk to your stylist on your extension needs and you will get what suits you.

Tips to Keep Your Clip in Hair Extensions Looking Good for Longer

  • Avoid Sleeping in Your Extensions

Should you sleep in your clip in extensions? Sleeping in clip ins will not only damage your extensions but will also damage your hair. Sleeping in the extension will cause the pins to pull the hair as you turn and toss at night. Don’t be tempted to sleep in the extension no matter how good of a sleeper you are, as that will damage your hair. Before going to bed make sure you remove the extension and safely store the extension for use the next day.

  • Regularly Brush Your Hair

Failing to brush your extension will lead to tangling and that will result in hair-pulling as you try to tangle. Sometime when on vacation you may be tempted to skip the brushing routine. Always brush your hair extension with a wide brush to ensure there is no tangling. Brush the extension at least two times a day will keep it without tangling and ensure there is no hair damage.

  • Wash the Extensions Sparingly

Washing the extension too much will cause damage to the extension. When you wash them use gentle shampoos and conditioners. Avoid shampoos that have sulfates as that will leave the extensions dry and damaged. Wash the extension once every couple of weeks. Invest in a daily regimen that will keep your hair in top shape.

  • Avoid Heat

Your extensions don’t get oils from the scalp and therefore too much heat will cause the extension to become dry and brittle. Avoid heat as much as possible and in case you wash your extensions air dry them. Wash the clip in extensions at night and let them dry during the night. if you must use heat make sure you use heat protectors to prevent the extension from drying out.

  • Storing Hair Extensions

When you remove your extensions, don’t toss them in a drawer, instead, brush them and keep them in a box to ensure they don’t tangle. Make sure that you don’t leave them in a place where they are exposed to dirt and dust.

  • Visit the Hair Extension Stylist Often

Check in with your hair stylist as often as possible to ensure that your hair doesn’t have product build up, or for root growth check and to assess that you are properly taking care of your hair and the extension. Schedule maintenance appointment regularly to have your hair checked.

Other Tips to Ensure your Extensions Last Longer

  • Before you remove your clip in hair extensions brush them thoroughly to avoid tangling
  • Invest in the right brush for your hair extension. Consult the expert at the hair extension salon on the best brush for your extension.
  • Don’t overstay with an extension. Take a break and let your hair breathe

Take care of your extension and you can be sure that they will be looking gorgeous for a long time. Make you have a daily regimen that you follow to ensure your extension looks amazing and retain their shine for longer.  Visit the hair extensions salon  Rockville and invest in high-quality products to take care of your extension.

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