How to Properly Take Care of Your Hair Extensions

How to Properly Take Care of Your Hair Extensions

hair salonsHair extensions are one of the most trending hair accessories. After all, extensions can full fill the dreams of every girl of having long and lustrous locks. Many types of hair extensions are available on the market and plenty of hair salons are offering hair extension installation services. Modern hair extensions look and feel like real hair. You can add color, length, volume and style with this hair accessory. The hair extensions may look like natural hair, but long hair always requires special attention.

Take care of your Hair Extensions

How well you pay attention over hair extension maintenance will directly influence how long they will last and how well they will look. During your consultation, a professional hairstylist will tell you about hair extensions maintenance, so that you can keep them in the best possible condition. Always follow the hair extension maintenance plan provided by the hairstylist. It is because different types of hair extensions have different maintenance needs.

Tips on How to Care for Your Hair Extensions …

Brush: It is important to brush hair extensions on the regular basis. Brushing will keep your hair extension neat and prevent tangling. Simply, comb extensions like you comb your natural hair. However, you will have to be a little more delicate to extensions. Also, use hair extensions friendly brush to do this task.

Wash carefully: If you think that hair extensions don’t get dirty, then think again! The hair extensions are also exposed to dust, dirt and pollution. The way your natural hair gets dirty, hair extensions also get dirty. So, carefully wash your extensions and be extra gentle at bonds.

Conditioning: You can extend the life of your human hair extension by treating them with hair conditioners. After shampooing your extensions, apply conditioner on them. The conditioner will nourish your extensions from deep inside and prevent them from getting rough.

Blow-dry carefully: If possible, let your hair extensions dry naturally. And if you are blow-drying them, be extra cautious. Use low heat settings while drying the bonds. Heat may break the hair bond.

Store with care: Do not throw your expensive hair extensions here and there. Store them properly to avoid any sort of damage.

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