How to Take Care of your Hair During a Vacation

How to Take Care of your Hair During a Vacation

Going for a vacation is super exciting but it’s important to prepare and pack everything you need for your hair especially if it’s permanently straightened. You want your hair to look good throughout your vacation and that requires that you follow your regimen even when on vacation. It can especially be challenging if you the vacation you are taking will take you to a humid place which may lead frizz and tangling. Visit your permanent hair straightening salon for advice and products on how best you can take care of your hair without spending hours on it while on vacation.

Simple accessories you May Need During a Vacation

  • Brush
  • Small packs of the best conditioners
  • Head wraps, hair bun, scarf  and pins for styling

How  to Your Enjoy Your Vacation and Still Take care of your Hair

  • Visit your hair salon for hair care before you travel

Before taking that flight visit your hair salons and let the hair stylist take care of the hair. Condition and shampoo as this will buy some time before you require to take care of the hair again. No need to pack your shampoo and conditioner unless you will not be able to access the products. If you need to carry the hair products, consider carrying small packs to avoid too much luggage.

  • Carry only the essential hair styling tools and products

While traveling you may be tempted to carry a suitcase full of styling tools. First, establish what tools you will find in the hotel or accommodation and then pack what is not available. Some hotels offer dryers while others don’t. If there are no styling tools in your accommodation consider buying in the country or state you are going to as there are countries with different voltages. Carry your own brush, pins, headband, and scarfs to help you easily style your hair.

  • Condition your hair before that dive on the beach

Before you dive into the beach, condition your hair to help moisturize the hair. Protect the hair with a cap before you dive into the chlorinated water. A leave-in conditioner is perfect as you can use it soon after the swim without having to leave your comfort to go to the salon. Conditioning will also maintain healthy hair while you travel and enjoy yourself.

  • Brush your hair often

Brush your hair as often as you can do to avoid your hair from tangling and breaking. Brush your hair from the bottom all the way up to avoid knots. If you vacation lasts more than 6 weeks visit the top rated hair salons in the area for a trim to make sure there are no split ends on your hair.

  • Learn simple hairstyles from your hair stylist

Visit your hair salons and ask your stylist to train you on how to lift simple hairdo that you can use on the hair. Simple hair such as buns and headwraps will go along as they save time during your vacation.

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