Important facts about Keratin Hair Treatments

Important facts about Keratin Hair Treatments

Brazilian keratin straighteningKeratin treatments are very popular these days. This treatment is in fact the “latest trend in smoothing and defrizzing any type of hair texture from curly to relax.
People who have obtained benefits from Brazilian Keratin Straightening call it as a “miracle” and applaud for renewing blow drying and straightening hair much easier. The buzz about the treatments isn’t all positive and make sure to choose the right products of right brands and consult a professional or follow the advice of a celebrity hair stylist. This will help to make correct and easier decisions.

Difference between Keratin Hair Treatment and Japanese Straightening

A keratin hair treatment differs from Japanese straightening as the Japanese hair straightening treatment is permanent and it changes the structure of your hair and removes all the curls to pin-straight the strands. On the other hand, keratin hair treatments last for maximum six months depending on the choice of the product and hair care and lifestyle you follow. The Brazilian Keratin softens curls, straighten them and remove frizz to make your hair look healthier over time.

Process of keratin treatment

Firstly, hair is washed with a clarifying shampoo and blow dried before applying any treatment on any section of your head. Then sit for a while with the treatment before the hair stylist blow dries again and seals the treatment with the help of a flat iron. The entire procedure of this treatment takes two to four hours depending on the length and type of hair.

Suitability of Keratin Treatment

All those people spending tons of time in blow drying or flat ironing to loosen the curls and to remove the frizz should opt for Brazilian keratin straightening. Keratin hair treatments leads to best results in all types of hair like African or American and color-treated according to the type of hair. Most of the hair straightening salons advise to avoid these treatments if you are pregnant or have damaged hair due to excessive bleaching. Basically, if you hair can stand a 450-degree flat iron then you can experience the best results of this treatment.

Safety of Keratin treatments

Keratin hair treatments are controversial as some of the hair products contain a chemical known as formalin (or methylene glycol) that on heating turn back to formaldehyde which is reasonably anticipated as human carcinogens and has been linked to certain cancers. But further research indicates that the levels of formaldehyde used in these treatments are safe especially when used carefully with adequate precautions and ventilation. The risk remains with the clients who have an allergy with formaldehyde r other aldehydes and some of the products available in hair salons use alternatives to formalin and neutralizes the risk associated with these treatments.
So, it’s best to consult a hair stylist because there are different types of treatment like
Brazilian Blowout , keratin hair treatment that offer similar but slightly different results. The haircut and styles must be given according to your hair texture and the result you want and your lifestyle, some may be a better alternative for you.

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