Japanese Hair Straightening Vs Brazilian Blowout: Which One Suits Your Hair

Japanese Hair Straightening Vs Brazilian Blowout: Which One Suits Your Hair

Japanese permanent hair straightening and Brazilian blowout are common hair technologies especially among women with unruly and frizzy hair. Permanent hair straightening or smoothing will make curly and thick hair easier to manage and the two methods will give you the best results. Both treatments will leave your hair smooth, add shine and frizz free. Because both treatments change the structure of your it’s better to have the treatment applied at the hair straightening salon for best results. If you are wondering which one is the best method for your hair, then read on as we tell you the difference and similarities.

What is the Japanese Permanent Hair Straightening?

Japanese hair straightening is also known as thermal recondition and it originated from Japan in the 1990’s. The hair is treated with chemicals that break the protein bonds in the hair and give it the pin straight shape. A flat iron is also used to help break the hair bonds and leave the hair smooth and straight.

How Japanese Hair Straightening Works

The process takes about 4 hours during which the hair stylist will assess the state of your hair and advice whether it will work for your hair. The hair is then washed with shampoo, dried and the chemical solution applied. The chemical will process the hair and then the hair is rinsed, conditioned and a heat protector applied before its flat ironed. Japenese hair straightening in the salon is best as that will ensure professional results and your hair is not damaged.

After the flat ironing, the hair stylist will apply a neutralizer to ensure your hair’s PH is stable. A final blow-dry is done and the hair is now pin straight, smooth and shiny.

Which Hair Types are best for Japanese Hair straightening?

It’s important to visit the hair straightening salon and let the expert do a strand test to determine whether your hair will be able to withstand this process. The Japanese hair straightening process works best on course, thick and curly hair. If you have tight curls and you can hardly comb your hair, then this process will work for you.

What is the Brazilian Blowout?

Brazilian Blowout treatment is applied to your hair, creating a protective layer around the hair strands reducing frizz and protecting the hair. The treatment which originated in Brazil will leave your hair hydrated, less frizzy, shiny and make the hair stronger. The formula is mild and will leave your smooth

How does Brazilian Blowout Work?

The hair stylist will apply the liquid to your hair ensuring that each strand and left until the treatment penetrates the hair. The hair is then washed and conditioned and then blow-dried and you are ready. Make sure that you don’t use shampoos that contain sulfates as that will dry your hair. That will leave your hair smooth, shinier and make it easy to manage. To get the best results and make sure your hair is not damaged visit the Brazilian blow out salon and let the top-rated hair stylist apply the treatment. It’s best to have the chemical applied at the hair straightening as the experts will analyze your hair and advice on the best treatment. The hair stylist is also able to use the right amount of chemical and heat on your hair.

 Japanese Hair straightening VS Brazilian Blowout

Benefits of Japanese Hair straightening

  • The treatment will make even the curliest hair pin straight and smooth
  • Since the method is permanent you don’t have to worry about frizz and curls.
  • It makes it easy for you to manage your hair. It saves your hair care time as you require little or no hair management.


  • It takes a lot of time to apply the treatment
  • If not professionally done it could lead to damage and hair breakage.
  • You need to protect your hair from UV rays otherwise your hair will become dry and brittle.
  • Permanently alters the hair structure and to get back your natural unless you get a haircut.

Brazillian Blowout


  • It’s not intense and will not cause any damage to your hair
  • It’s safe for most types of hair.
  • Smoothens hair and makes it frizz free for weeks
  • It doesn’t alter the hair structure and you can regain your natural hair after a few weeks

Disadvantages of Brazilian Blow out

  • It’s temporary and only last about four weeks
  • It won’t work on very curly and coarse hair

Which one Suits Your Hair?

Both treatments will help smooth and defrizz your hair, but it’s best to let the expert at the hair straightening salon Rockville assess your hair and advice which method will work for you. A professional stylist will be able to tell you which of the two methods is best for your hair and apply the treatment professional to ensure your hair is protected.

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