Primp Tip: Everything You Need to Know About Hair Extensions

Primp Tip: Everything You Need to Know About Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are one of the most luxurious hair services offered in the hair salons. This hair accessory provides privilege of adding texture, volume, length, color and chemical-free highlights within a few minutes. There are so many types of hair extension methods. Choosing the right hair extension installation method can be really very overwhelming. However, which hair extension method is apt for you depends on your requirements, lifestyle, budget and hair type.

Types of hair extension methods

Hair extension methods can be classified into four main categories: strand-by-strand attachment, weave-in, clip-in and micro-link hair extensions. Each hair extension method has its own significance. You should learn about the pros and cons of every hair extension method before committing to hair extensions.

Strand-by-strand hair extension installation

Strand by strand hair extension installation is where artificial hair is attached via glue bond to your natural hair. This can be achieved by cold fusion installation or warm fusion installation. Strand by strand installation method is also known as keratin bonding. The glue with which hair is attached contains keratin protein.


+ Suitable for thick hair

+ With proper maintenance, hair extensions can be last up to 6 months


-Strand by strand hair extension installation is a time consuming process

-Extensions are not re-usable

Weave-in hair extension installation

In this hair extension installation method, wefts of hair are weaved with your natural hair. It is temporary hair extension installation method. It is cheaper as compared to keratin bonding, and are mostly available in synthetic hair type.


+ Most suitable for thick hair

+ The hair wefts are re-usable


-You can’t wash your hair extensions

-Provide temporary solution

-Limited hairstyling options

Clip-in hair extension method

Clip-in hair extension is another temporary hair extension installation method, where hair wefts are attached to natural hair via clips. Clip in hair extensions can be an amazing option for girls who are not ready to commit to wearing extensions. This is one of the most popular hair extension option available.


+ Flexibility of taking in and out

+ More versatility


-Cannot be worn for a long time

-Not good for thin and fine hair

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