Pros And Cons Of Tape-In Hair Extensions

Pros And Cons Of Tape-In Hair Extensions

Tape-in hair extensions are popular due to their ease of use. But before you visit a hair extensions salon and commit to this type of hair extension, you would want to know more about it and what are its major advantages and disadvantages. Let’s dive in!

Tape-In Hair Extensions

These extensions come in wefts that have a sticky tab on one end. There is a paper tab on the sticky part which you can remove when you want to use the hair extensions. This makes them straightforward to apply whenever required.

Pros Of Tape-In Hair Extensions


If you wear hair extensions, you know how some hair extensions are hard to wear even only for a couple of hours. Therefore, no matter how good you look with hair extensions, if they are not comfortable, you will hesitate to wear them.

A huge reason for the popularity of tape-in hair extensions is that they are more comfortable than most types of hair extensions. They are lightweight because they are only human or synthetic hair with a small amount of glue on their top. Some argue that these extensions are so lightweight that you might even forget that you’re wearing hair extensions.

Many celebrities prefer tape-in extensions for their comfort. However, comfort and installation are directly related. Improper installation can make hair extensions a headache. So, go to an expert for applying the hair extensions.

Tape-In Extensions Hide Well In Your Hair

The hair extensions that are liked by most people are those that blend well with hair and hair appear natural. This can be achieved with tape-in hair extensions because they have transparent tape on the small top end of the wefts that are attached to the hair. They remain hidden more easily than other methods and don’t give away that you’re wearing hair extensions.

The Application Is Easy And Doesn’t Require Any Heat Tools

Waiting for hours to get hair extensions done can be exhausting. So, if you’re looking for an option that is quick and easy, tape-in hair extensions will be perfect for you.

This is because you don’t need any heat tools for the application. Mostly, everything you need to put on tape-in hair extensions is already on the wefts – the glue. You can simply remove the paper from the glue part of the wefts and install them on your hair.

However, keep in mind that applying any type of hair extensions yourself is not suggested. Have a friend install them on your hair who knows their way around hair extensions or simply go to a hair salon.

Easy To Remove

If have ever gotten stitched hair extensions, you know the struggle of removing hair extensions. Therefore, for quick application and removal, tape-in hair extensions are the best (clip-ins are good as well).

For removing your tape-in extensions, all you need to do is apply a mild bond remover to painlessly slide out the extensions.

Tape-In Extensions Can Be Used As Highlights Without Bleaching Or Dyeing Your Hair

If you want to change your hair look, you go for hair highlights or any other hair dyeing treatment. However, these treatments take hours and are usually permanent. What if you want to rock hair highlights for one event only? Or what if you want to add highlights to your hair instantly?

You can do it by using tape-in hair extensions. The wefts of these hair extensions are thin so you can use any color of tape-in wefts and add color to your hair. However, keep in mind that the application of tape-in hair extension still takes from 20-60 minutes. Moreover, making this work requires a skillful hairstylist.

They Are Reusable

You can reuse tape-in hair extensions. Per application, you can get 6-8 weeks out of them. However, if you have oily hair, the extensions, one application will last for 4-5 weeks.

If the tape-in hair extensions are removed correctly by a professional, you can reuse them 3-4 times. So, they can last for about six months. But you must have them applied and removed by a professional.

Tape-Ins Are The Best For Thin Hair

Finding suitable hair extensions for women with thin hair is a real problem. This is because thin hair is prone to damage from hair extensions. Moreover, many hair extensions don’t hide perfectly in thin hair and ruin the long-hair look.

In this sense, tape-in hair extensions are a lifesaver for thin hair. They are lightweight and adhere to hair without the use of any tools. They are in small wefts so the weight of the extensions is evenly distributed. They don’t damage thin hair or the damage is the least compared to other types of hair extensions.

Also, tape-in hair extensions hide well in thin hair because of the transparent adhesive. The hair extensions mix with your hair and give you the look you need.

Cons Of Tape-In Hair Extensions

Higher Cost

Tape-in hair extensions are costlier than most types of hair extensions. The type of hair you choose also impacts the cost of the hair extensions. Remy and human hair are costlier than synthetic hair. If you want cheap hair extensions, you should avoid tape-ins and select clip-in hair extensions made of synthetic hair.

However, clip-in hair extensions are non-permanent and you will need to remove them before sleeping.

High-Maintenance: You Need Special Shampoos And Conditioners For Tape-Ins

Tape-in hair extensions are semi-permanent hair extensions, so you can keep them on for a few weeks before needing to remove them or reapply them. Many of us wash hair every day so if you have tape-ins for 2 weeks, washing hair every day with regular shampoos and conditioners can impact the adhesive of your tape-in extensions and the extensions can slide out.

To prevent this problem, you must never use regular shampoos and conditioners after putting tape-in hair extensions. Only use special shampoos made for tape-in hair extensions so the extensions remain glued to your hair for weeks.

Furthermore, after the application of tape-in hair extensions, your stylist will instruct you to avoid washing your hair or performing any exercise that can produce excessive sweat for 24-48 hours. This is because the adhesive on tape-ins requires time to cure.

Additionally, you should not use any hair product that contains silicone or oil, and also don’t use any sprays or treatments directly on the adhesive part of your tape-in hair extensions.

Only An Expert Should Apply Tape-In Hair Extensions

Tape-in hair extensions are easy to put on given that you only have to glue them to the hair. But this is a delicate process and if the extensions are not applied properly, they can slip down or slip out from the hair. To avoid a hair disaster, don’t let just anyone put on tape-in hair extensions on your hair. Go to a trained hairstylist for that.


Tape-in hair extensions have many benefits like they are lightweight, comfortable, least damaging to hair, reusable, mix well with your hair, perfect for thin hair, and you can use another color of tape-ins as highlights. But you should know that tape-in hair extensions require a lot of maintenance and are costly. And never let anyone other than an expert from salons that do hair extensions Potomac apply or remove tape-in hair extensions.

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