Hair Color and Highlights – Should You Consider Single Process Color or Highlights?

Hair Color and Highlights – Should You Consider Single Process Color or Highlights?

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In terms of hair color and highlights, you have some options and these include double process color, single process color or highlighting. However, which is ideal for you? Below are some of the things you should know to help you determine the best option for your hair.

Go for Consultation

It is always recommended to get a hair color consult with the help of experts if you are not about what you like. Bring some of the hair color pictures that you want to achieve and wish to see on your hair. Your colorist would know what to do and can find the right color shades to flatter your skin tone. During the consultation, see to it that you mention some hair processing you have had done. Although salon hair colors are easier on hair compared to the box colors, you do not like to over process your hair.

To Highlight or to Color?

If you have a good base hair tone, you are better off with your hair highlights. You do not like to mess with the nature. What you should only do is to improve it.

If you want single process color, there are some things to take note. You can consider single process color if you like to go on some shades darker or lighter than your natural hair color. This option is also perfect if your base color of your hair washes out your skin tone.

Single process color is not as expensive as highlights. The highlights look best when stylist uses at least 2 various shades. To brighten up your complexion, you may ask for more and it should be around your face. With the highlights, your colorist must be using more than a single color and it should not be just bleach. Good highlights must also be layered to produce the tonal variations.

There must be mediums, dark, and lights to make translucence and depth in the hair. Highlighting must be like you are painting a masterpiece and you cannot do this using a single color. Take note that because of the root growth, coloring all-over should be touched up each 4-8 weeks while the highlights could last up to 2 or 3 months. You may also ask your stylist regarding a gloss treatment after color. The gloss improves the color and makes the hair much shinier.

Should You Do Hair Color and Highlights by Yourself?

Although some people can handle hair color and highlights on their own, it’s always essential to visit the nearest hair salons in bethesda. in this way, you can be assured that professionals will provide you the service you need with care and would help you achieve the best hair style ideal for you.

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