Signs of Heat-Damaged Hair

Signs of Heat-Damaged Hair

Embracing the natural texture has become more popular in hair care; there is something tempting about using hot tools to curl, wave, strengthen, or crimp strands. Even for the people that have natural tresses, living a busy life can normally need a little leaning on your blow dryer for great results in minutes.

The hot tools are great, but the issue is that, when it is overused or misused, they can lead to major damage to tresses. In addition, heat damage does not just happen regularly. You can scorch the strands in a simple curl twirl, swipe, or curl. Heat damage happens when the hair is compromised because of heat.

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Dry Hair

The frequent heat application causes your hair to lose its moisture. High temperatures strip off the hair’s natural oils, evaporating water molecules that are found in the cortex, and then crack the cuticle.

When you consider that hair is made of 12% to 15% water, it means the water evaporation is because of high heat affecting the hair’s protein structure. Stripping off protective natural oils could make your look hair feel and look dry.

Damaged Ends

There is a possibility that you have heard from many stylists that your hair should be snipped. That is because the ends of your hair strands are the oldest few inches on your hair shaft that can be easily snagged, split, or damaged because of friction, lack of moisture, or breakage. Split ends that are unable to hold moisture will lead to uncontrollable and disobedient results when you are styling them. The hair is going to look dull and dry with no shine at all. Major heat damage makes the ends of your hair look lifeless.


When you use hot tools, especially when they are at high temperatures, remove the moisture from the strands. This will leave hair cuticles prone to damage, which is going to prevent your hair from being flat. Most of the time, flyaways are an indication of breakage and they are short hair strands that can stand up after they break off near the roots. Flyaways can be hard to manage and tame and may affect your hair’s overall look, especially if you want a polished and sleek style.


One of the most common signs of heat damage is frizziness. That means having plenty of hair that does not align with the hair strands surrounding it, but curls or stands up separately instead, which creates a frizzy and irregular texture. When you have frizzy hair, it is going to be hard to style it because your hair will not easily follow the style you want.

Check the Texture

When your strands are going bad, the hair shaft texture is normally the first telltale sign. It is the same case when scorching your hair locks. The first big sign of heat damage is frayed hair. If you have hair damage because of heat, it is going to feel signed and will look extremely split.

If your tresses are textured, it can be a little easier to detect changes when you change back to your hair’s natural texture. For girls who are curly and wavy, scorched hands can result in a bent or looser curl pattern or wave. This does not have to consistently happen throughout your hair  – it can straighten out one section or in some cases, one or two ringlets throughout your head.

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