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Where Do You Put Hair Extensions When Not In Use?

Where Do You Put Hair Extensions When Not In Use?

After visiting a hair extensions salon and getting the extensions of your life, you wouldn’t want them to get damaged, would you? Besides wearing them properly, the other thing that will go a long way towards keeping the extensions in top shape is storing them properly after work or when you aren’t using them.

Where do you put hair extensions when not in use? There are plenty of places you can put them, with the common ones being:

Store them in a box

This is probably the easiest way to store the extensions and one of the best ways to store the extensions for extended periods and when you aren’t planning on using them every day. All you need is a box, preferably one that came with the hair or a regular shoebox.

To store the extensions in the box, begin with brushing the hair gently and ensuring it’s nice and smooth. You should then stack the wefts on top of each other and roll them together.

Brush the extensions one more time and twist them then, place them into a box.

If you have a lot of wefts, don’t collect all of them at once. Instead, repeat this step a few times, making multiple hair bundles. Once you are done, close the box and put it in the closet, shelf, or drawer.

Use a hair storage bag.

If you have the budget, you should consider buying a hair storage bag. Thankfully there are many types of hair bags in the market you can go for.

If you have fancy hair that you would love to protect, go for a fancy hair bag with hangers.

To use the hair bag, clip the extensions to a hanger, place it in the bag, and zip it up. Place the bag back in the closet, and you are all set.

Use hair extension hangers.

No, these aren’t the same hangers you use for the clothes—these are special hangers made specifically for the wefts. The beauty of hangers is they are affordable, and you can use them to store clips in wefts that you wear every day.

By doing this, you store the extensions safely and at the same time have easy access to them, should you need them.

Using hangers also allows you to style the extensions to your desired style. For example, you can curl or straighten the wefts while still on the hangers.

There is no formula to storing the hair wefts on hangers. Simply set the hairpieces on the hangers. You can use as many or as few hangers as you want.

When hanging the extensions, take note not to squeeze the hangers as they will lose their shape and develop other problems.

After placing the extensions on the hangers, brush the hair and place the hangers in your closet.

Use your custom storage area.

If you don’t have money to buy a storage box or hanger, you can develop your own creative ways to store the extensions. One way to go about it is to use a decent-sized drawer. Lay a cotton towel at the bottom of the drawer, then place the extensions on top.

If the drawers are in direct sunlight, lay another cotton layer on top to protect the extensions from the sun rays.

Other places you can store the extensions as given by stylists working in salons that do hair extensions Rockville include shoeboxes and cardboard containers.

When storing the extensions, remember to give them enough room to breathe. This calls for you to avoid placing them in tightly sealed, glass or plastic containers.

Tips for Getting the Best Hair Color

hair color

Hair Color

Hair color is one of the features of the human body that never remains constant. We humans, try to experiment with our hair first more than any other part of our body. Simply because it keeps growing back and it stands right on top of our head. The first thing one does to experiment with his hair, is to give various other tones and shades to it. People just love coloring their hair and keep changing looks based on the color. But if one does not give the proper color or a good quality color to his hair, it might just ruin your looks and make you look really bad.

Before stepping into the salon, one must decide and be sure of what color one is giving to his hair. One can’t be skeptical about the color till the last minute.

Few Tips for the Right Hair Color

1. If one is color his hair just to hide all the gray hair popping up over is scalp, then it is best to die the color, that is pretty close to one’s natural hair color. Giving some contrast color, would be a suicidal move and will make one look real bad.

2. If one wants to change his hair color and still wants his hair to remain natural, then the best choice is to give a lighter or darker shade of his own natural color. This would make you change your hair tone and also make you look natural.

3. If you totally prefer a change over, then go for the color you think is the best. Today people just don’t care what is on top of their head. Even fluorescent green and yellow seems to be the color people ought for their hair these days. But before going all crazy, make sure your daily life and routine doesn’t get affected due to this move. For example, your workplace must be totally cool with this new look of yours.

4. Make sure your hair color is contrast to your skin color. A fair complexion then one must go for a dark shade of hair.

Haircuts and hair color are very decisive in deciding how we generally look. Hence one should be really careful before making a move on them.

A Complete Guide to Choosing the Right Hair Color

hair color

You can cut your hair in any style that you may want. But will look better when your hair color is vibrant. Sadly, many are born with dull hair. Such people can still change their hair color and still not look strange.

 Tips to help you to choose colors that look good on you


Your face complexion will determine what color will look good on you. A natural redhead, with a fair complexion, can ruin some haircuts, by dying their hair black, deep brown, or other really dark colors. People with naturally dark hair have naturally darker complexions, and almost always have brown eyes. Even if you don’t have such dark hair, do not try to dye your hair black if you have a light skinned complexion.

Shades closer to natural color

You can try applying colors that are one or two shades darker or lighter than your natural hair color. If you are blonde naturally, then stick with darker blondes, light browns, or lighter blondes. These colors will look good with your complexion, and will not make you looked washed out, or pale.

Choose colors carefully

Any dye that has the word ash in the name will have a hint of red in it. People with red undertones are advised to stay away from such colors.

Color chart

On the side of the package the manufacturer places a color chart to show you what shade your hair will turn out depending on the shade that it is naturally in. If your hair is already colored then you must check how it might look later before you buy it.

Existing color

It is safer to remove any old color already left on your hair. You should visit an expert salon to get it professionally removed.

Gray hair

If you are attempting to dye gray hair, you will have to leave the dye solution on the hair for longer. Read the instructions carefully to find out how long the solution will take to dye gray hair. If your hair is gray in the roots, apply it there first and then the rest of the hair. This will stop you from having darker hair on the bottom, and lighter colored hair next to the roots. A professional hair salon can do it better than novices.

One has to choose hair colors very carefully before using them for right results.

Colored Hair Can Add Stars to Your Looks

blonde hair color

Do you want to get a new look? Have you got bored of your hair color? Hair add style and look to the overall appearance of a person. If a person has beautifully cut and colored hair, looks more attractive than usual. Hair colors are the synonyms of hair styling. You can make your hair look gorgeous by only changing your hair color. Hair styling experts can help you in finding the correct color for your hair according the nature of your hair. Important thing before going for hair coloring is to consult hair experts about the extensive care of colored hairs.

Trendy hair color ideas

Though choosing correct hair color may confuse you as there is a variety of colors in the market, but it is very necessary to choose a color that suits your personality. Correct hair color can add stars to your personality, on the other hand wrongly chosen color can make you feel embarrassed. Professional hair salon can guide you more on choosing right color for your hair. Following are some ideas for trendy hair colors you can choose from for styling your hair:

Blonde hair color

It is one of the hottest hair colors styling ever. It never goes out of fashion. Blonde hair color styles offer a variety of color styles- lighter golden touch, platinum blonde color, and different lighter shades of brown. Be careful about choosing blonde hair color as all shades don’t suit to all skin types.

Red hair color

If you want to try something looking very trendy and different, choose red hair color. It is the hottest hair color and very popular as well. There are different shades of red, just find the best suitable shade for your hair.

Dip-dye hair color

This is popular among teens; color is not applied on hairs globally, only tips are dipped in color. This style looks amazing and gives you an entirely different look.

So don’t waste your time, visit a good hair salon nearby your place and make your hair look gorgeous and get ready to receive compliments. But don’t forget to ask after color care tips from your hair style expert as it is very important in order to keep your hair healthy.

How often should I cut my hair?

haircutHair Care Products

Generally speaking, you should usually get your hair cut at least once every two months.  This will help your hair to retain its natural glow and beauty by keeping it as healthy as possible!  You should only cut your hair at home if you have experience in cosmetology; otherwise, always make an appointment at a professional hair salon!  The right hairstylist can help you out by suggesting flattering haircuts for your facial features and skin tone.  If you’re looking for a cute haircut to stay cool this summer, don’t hesitate to ask your professional hair stylist for his or her expert advice!

Best Hair Color

A hairstylist at a professional hair salon will also be able to tell you which hair colors and highlights would work well with your skin tone.  In order to get the best hair color possible, you should bring in several photos of the hair color you want so that your stylist can mix his or her professional hair coloring products to get just the right shade.  Professional hair color application is preferable over at home hair coloring because there is far less chance of making a mistake.  After all, you can’t see your whole head; your stylist can!

What color should I dye my hair?

If you’re looking for new and unique hair color ideas, you are in the right place!  At Hair By Moses, we specialize in providing top quality color and highlight services to all of our clients.  If you’re not sure which temporary hair color is right for you, don’t despair!  Our hair color and bridal hair stylists will be more than happy to help you find the best hair color for you.  Take a look through our hair color pictures to get an idea of some current hair color trends!  Whether you are looking for semi permanent hair color or permanent hair color, we’ve got you covered!

There are a large number of blonde hair colors that are becoming more and more popular.  Red hair color is also a great way to end the summer and kick off autumn!  We provide the widest range of hair coloring types and techniques in Rockville, including organic hair color.  We guarantee that our professional hair color service will look better and last longer than any hair color brands you might buy!  Come into our local hair salon today to learn more about our services as well as our line of professional hair care products!

Will permanent hair color damage my hair?

Professional hair color is the way to go if you’re thinking of dying your hair.  We recommend salon color over home hair color brands for a number of reasons.  You are less likely to damage your hair or botch your color job if you leave the task to a professional!  Sit back and relax in our state of the art local hair salon while your professional hair stylist transforms your natural hair color into a work of art.  Share your hair color ideas with your stylists so he or she knows what kind of style you are looking for!  There are countless current hair color trends from which to choose.

We offer a wide range of the best hair color options available, including temporary hair color and organic hair color.  Many of our top of the line hair color products are also available to purchase in our salon.  Feel free to come to us for everything from simple hair color and highlights to bridal hair color and hair color remover services!  We also offer colored hair extensions application if, for whatever reason, you don’t want to dye your natural hair.  There are tons of options at Moses’ hair salon, so pay us a visit today!

Not sure what new hair color to get?

If you’re looking for professional advice about which hair color styles fit you the best, you have come to the right place!  Our hair salon is just brimming with experienced hair stylists ready to give you a whole new look.  We can either tweak your natural hair color and create something totally new for you!  We offer many different hair colors and can even mix them together to create the perfect look for you.  If you trust us with your new look, we guarantee that we will find the best hair color for you!  Currently, some popular hair color trends include auburn hair color, brown hair color, strawberry blonde hair color and red hair color.  We have a hair color chart and dozens of hair color pictures for you to browse to help you come up with more hair color ideas for yourself.  Whichever new color you choose, we know you’ll get great with your new hair and a pair of designer sunglasses!

Whether you are looking for non permanent hair color or permanent hair coloring, our hair color experts have got you covered.  We offer hair color for men and women that will last much longer than typical at-home brands.  In addition to hair coloring, we offer a wide number of other salon services such as hair extensions, hair straightening and bridal hair services.  Make an appointment with one of our stylists today!