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Hair Extensions for Men

Most people think of hair extensions are only meant for women. There are different types of hair extensions – ones that can be clipped, sewn, or glued on your real hair. Hair extensions are either made from natural or synthetic hair. To ensure quality human hair extensions, it is recommended to get them only from a trusted professional hair extensions salon.

Hair extensions have become popular over the years. It was originally catered for women who want to change their look in an instant. Many women have slow-growing hair, making hair styling a challenge. Adding hair extensions can help address this concern and should be only done by trusted salons that do hair extensions.

Different types of hair extensions

Hair extensions can either be made from synthetic or natural hair. They vary on the application method. Among common types of hair extensions include:

Clip-in hair extensions

As the name suggests, these hair extensions are clipped onto your real hair. It is also easy to remove and put it back on when needed. It won’t need any heating or using chemicals to put these extensions, hence guaranteeing 100 percent damage-free application.

Tape-in hair extensions

As its name also suggests, these are pre-taped and glued on your natural hair. Unlike clip in hair extensions, tape-in extensions should be done by a professional. This is because the extensions need to be aligned with your hair roots. It also requires using a heating tool so that the hair extensions will be properly attached.

Sew-in / weave hair extensions

It is applied by braiding your real hair and form it into a cornrow. From here, the hair extensions will be sewn into the cornrows. This is the recommended type of hair extensions for individuals with thicker hair.


Wigs have been around for thousands of years ago. In ancient Egypt, men and women shaved their heads due to the hot climate and prevent lice infestation. To protect their heads against the heat of the sun, they used wigs instead. It has also been used to signify social status and has been an important piece of fashion back then.

Hair extensions for men

Just when you think hair extensions are only for women, you are wrong. In fact, hair extensions are starting to become popular these past few years. Not only women experience hair problems but men as well. Hair extensions can help address hair problems in men such as baldness. At the same time, it also helps in boosting confidence.

According to one report, UK salons saw a staggering increase of 200 percent in the demand for hair extensions for men. A lot of men who sought after hair extensions wanted to improve their hair length and thickness. Also, these men were also inspired by the trendy hairstyles of football superstar David Beckham and former One Direction member Harry Styles.

One London-based hair stylist noticed the demand for micro bond extensions among men. This type of hair extension is applied with real hair while retaining its invisibility to the naked eye. However, not all hair extensions are made equal. There are things men need to consider in choosing the right hair extensions.

How to choose the right hair extensions

First of all, it is important to visit a hair professional doing hair extensions in salon. The hair stylist will recommend one that matches the color of your natural hair. If you are having a hard time finding a hair extension with the right color, you may consider dyeing your hair to match the hair extension.

Meanwhile, there may be no need for color matching if your objective is to add depth to your real hair. Likewise, you can try using a hair extension that is in contrast with your natural hair color. This will create a “highlight” look on your hair. If you are feeling adventurous, you can try brighter-colored hair extensions.

Hair extension care and maintenance

Here are some tips in taking care of your hair extensions:

  • Buy products that cater specially for hair extensions such as brushes, shampoos, conditioners and the like
  • Human hair extensions can be a better choice because it can be less prone to hair tangling. It also requires less amount of maintenance than other hair extension types
  • Make sure to follow the application procedure. Better yet, visit a professional hair extension salon. Find the best salons that do hair extensions in Rockville.

Alternate List of Best Hair Extension Companies

When your aim is to get something as delicate and precise as micro link hair extensions, you can expect the journey for finding the most precise and excellent extensions to be very difficult.

This article aims to aid you in this search of yours by pointing out to some of the best hair extension companies and brand which have come to being. Getting the right products will go a long way in ensuring that your extensions add to your natural beauty.


Hairdreams hair extensions are an excellent preservation of the mark of quality because they have a detailed stepped manual every strand of hair is supposed to pass only after which the hair is declared safe for usage. With branches spreading out to around 100 countries in the world, Hairdreams hair extensions have the backing of some of the biggest names in the make-up artists industry.

The range of products available in the Hairdreams line are meant for aiding hair in growing length wise, volume wise, and can get your hair naturally dyed to whatever color you like. The quality of the range of products is indeed the defining quality of Hairdreams hair extensions.

Cinderella Hair

The defining features of Cinderella hair are the chemical-free color blends that it still makes and the natural 4-6 month time that it takes for the hair to settle in. What it demands from the client is devotion towards maintaining the extensions, which can be quite difficult, but the results are pretty much guaranteed to look like what you want them to.

Apart from the hair extensions you can get from Cinderella, you can opt for getting kits of hair care products and accessories to support your extensions at home or at the saloon where you plan on becoming a professional at the task.


Babe hair extensions do justice to the name of the company due to the excellent fusion, tape in, and micro link hair extensions that it provides. It is stated that hair from Babe is kept to be as raw as possible so that the extensions are perfectly natural in their appeal. The method of attachment for clients is without the use of any glue or chemical which means that the main focus is on ensuring that the already hair from the scalp is not damaged.

For the perfection that Babe seeks, it has an excellent training program for potential hair extension experts, and if you are a member of that bunch you should certainly be on the lookout for it.

Easihair Pro

The customer loyalty shown to Easihair Pro is one of the most profound in the world because of the genuine affordability of the company’s products and services relative to the quality provided. Each expert in the company is made to go through an extensive five stage training program before getting to serve a customer.

Easihair Pro is indeed one of your finest bets on getting micro link hair extensions, or for most others you are looking for.