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Can I Tie My Hair after Keratin Treatment?

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After getting Brazilian keratin straightening, you can be tempted to tie your hair into a ponytail, so you have an easy time controlling it. Can I tie my hair after keratin treatment? No, you can’t, and you shouldn’t, as the accessories you use to tie the hair will leave dents and demarcation lines on the hair beating the reason for straightening it in the first place.

To prolong the life of your keratin-treated hair, keep the hair down and straight for as much as you can.

Besides avoiding tying your hair, there are plenty of other things you should do to keep the hair as straight as possible. Some of these things include:

Treat your wet hair right.

To keep your hair straight, it’s recommended you protect it from water as much as possible. Unfortunately, accidents happen, and the hair gets wet. For example, you might be in the shower, and some of the water gets on your hair. It also might during the rainy season and a light rain gets you off guard.

When this happens, you shouldn’t worry, but you should move with haste to rectify the issue. Begin with blow-drying the hair, then flat iron it to straighten it.

Watch the shampoos that you use.

It’s recommended you wash your hair after 72 hours of treatment to avoid ruining your keratin-treated hair. When you are washing the hair, use the right shampoo.

The keratinized hair needs gentle shampoos with micro keratin, so when you are in the stores making the purchase, this is what you should look out for.

To maintain your hair, avoid shampoos containing sodium chloride and sulfate. This is because the sulfates are surfactants that deplete the natural oils from the hair and scalp. The sulfates also destroy the acid mantle that keeps the scalp healthy and free from bacterial infection.

You also should avoid salt-based shampoos as they will dissolve the keratin coating and wash out your expensive treatment.

Avoid touching your hair too much.

I know you love how your hair looks and feels, but you should avoid touching it too frequently as it makes it feel greasy. And if you are like me, when the hair feels greasy, you want to wash it more often, which washes away the keratin.

Touching your hair too much increases the risk of kinking up your strands when you manipulate them too much.

To maintain your elegant straight hair for a long time, keep it down and straight and let it be. If you feel like you need to confirm whether it’s still straight, stand in front of a mirror. How does it look?

Protect your hair from dirt and other materials

As much as you want to show off your beautiful straight hair, keeping the hair open all the time makes it hard to control. Thankfully, you can control it with a scarf that prevents it from coming on your face now and then. Covering it with a silk scarf also prevents it from dirt and other materials.

When the hair keeps coming to your face, and you don’t have a scarf, some people try to hold it using sunglasses. Don’t do this, as the sunglasses create dents and creases that might require you to redo your hair sooner than you would have.

Some sunglasses even have sharp edges that cut your prized hair.

Sleep on silk pillows

After keratin treatment by hairstylist Rockville, the cotton pillow becomes your enemy as it makes your hair frizzy and dry as the cotton absorbs moisture from your hair. Due to the friction caused by the cotton pillow covers, the hair forms tangles and knots that aren’t good for your hair.

To prevent this, get silk pillows.

How to Reverse a Keratin Treatment

When you visit a keratin treatment salon, you expect to get rid of any frizz and have soft, smooth hair. While in most cases you have the straight hair of your dreams, it’s sometimes not the case, especially when the treatment is applied by an inexperienced professional.

When you don’t like how the hair looks or feels, you want to reverse it. While it’s possible to reverse a keratin treatment, you can’t do it in one day. You also can’t do it in one week. It will take you several weeks to completely reverse the keratin treatment.

Wondering how to reverse a keratin treatment? There are plenty of ways you can do it. Some of these ways include:

Wash your hair

When you wash your hair, you prevent the keratin from working in the cuticle’s inner part. As soon as you get home, wash your hair with as much water as possible. To increase the length of time you are exposed to water, enroll in swimming classes in your area.

Yogurt and sea salt

Mix salt and yogurt and let the mixture sit for a few minutes. To remove the keratin, begin with rinsing the hair with lukewarm water, then gently apply the mixture to your hair then massage it evenly throughout.

Keep the mixture in your hair for 45 minutes, then put a towel on your shoulder to prevent it from dripping on your clothes. After 45 minutes, wash your hair thoroughly. Once you are done, pat dry the hair with a microfiber towel.

Give your hair time to air dry, so don’t blow dry it.

The salt exfoliates the hair while the yogurt buffers the exfoliating drying effect with its moisturizing properties, making sure that the hair doesn’t get brittle and fragile.

After applying this mixture, you will notice the keratin treatment begin to fade. For the treatment to completely go away, you have to repeat the process a few times.

Engage in physical activities

Engaging in physical activities makes you sweat, which significantly affects your keratin. The cool thing is there are plenty of physical activities you can engage in. The most popular ones being: spinning, basketball, soccer or any other strenuous activity that will make you sweat.

Sea salt spray and coconut oil hair mask

Begin with spritzing your hair evenly with the sea salt spray, massage it gently over your hair, and support your hair’s hydration with a warm coconut oil hair mask. For the coconut oil to infuse into your hair, sit under the hair steamer for at least 15 minutes.

Since the coconut oil is slightly alkaline, it will open the cuticles to loosen the keratin layers so they can melt away and you have your original hair.

Try out different hairstyles.

When you get a keratin treatment, you are discouraged from trying out any hairstyle, but you should try out as many styles as possible when you are looking to reverse the style. As soon as you come back from the salon, wash the hair, then try to style it to your preferred style.

You can braid it, pull it up in a ponytail and use different bows and clips. The purpose of doing this is to touch your hair as much as possible and, as a consequence, impede the keratin from penetrating and acting on your hair.

Use a Bentonite clay hair mask.

Finally, you can reverse your Brazilian keratin straightening Rockville using a Bentonite clay mask that works as a deep cleansing treatment. The treatment flexes the hair cuticles and removes the keratin layers the same way it would remove buildup and toxins from the hair.

Should You Get A Keratin Treatment?

If you are not keen on having your hair rebonded but want to have frizz-free and manageable hair, you may want to consider getting keratin treatment by hair stylist. Apparently, this hair treatment is one of the most popular hair care procedures these days. You may want to visit the nearest keratin treatment salon and know more about this revolutionary hair treatment.

What is keratin treatment?

Keratin treatment aims to make your hair smoother and shinier in just one visit to a Brazilian keratin salon. This treatment is a great alternative if you do not want to undergo permanent hair straightening. On a slight downside, the effect of keratin treatment can only last up to three months. Nonetheless, having keratin treatment can help improve your hair’s texture that won’t empty your pockets.

Scientifically-speaking, keratin is a type of protein. It is commonly present in your nails, skin, and hair as well as in the internal organs. Keratin is also commonly used as an ingredient in various hair and beauty products. Apparently, the keratin component of these hair care products can help improve hair health in the long run.

Among common hair care products that contain keratin include:

  1. Keratin treatments available in salons

These include Brazilian keratin straightening and other keratin-based hair treatments. However, such treatments also involve several procedures done by a professional Brazilian blowout salon.

First, a professional hair stylist will apply a formaldehyde-based cream. It will then be blow-dried, straightened and should be kept dry for a few days. You will have to return to the salon to wash your hair. Another treatment is then applied to complete the treatment which is expected to last for about three months.

  1. Hair care products (shampoos, conditioners, and hair serums)

If you find keratin treatment in salons expensive, you can use shampoos and conditioners infused with keratin. These commercial hair care products with keratin promise salon-quality results. However, it may not be as effective as when you have your hair treated in a professional salon.

  1. Supplements

Keratin supplements are available in most health stores around. It may come in capsule or powder forms. However, make sure not to over-use it as it can lead to too much protein in your body, which is unhealthy nonetheless.

Benefits of keratin treatments

A Brazilian keratin salon would highly-recommend having a keratin treatment to ensure your hair’s optimum health. Keratin smoothens down your hair strands, making your hair smoother, shinier, and easier to manage. Likewise, it lessens hair frizz and makes your hair look straighter.

However, the type of keratin treatment to be used will depend on your hair’s thickness. This is to ensure that your hair gets the maximum effects of the keratin treatment. That said, the treatment results may vary. Make sure to only have your keratin treatment done by a professional hair expert.

As to the treatment cost, it depends on the salon and the keratin treatment brand to be used. Normally, a keratin treatment would cost around $300 to as much as $800 or above. On the other hand, there are DIY keratin treatment kits available in beauty stores that cost $50 and below. However, make sure you carefully follow the instructions or have it applied by a hair professional.

A word of caution

While keratin treatment can do wonders on your hair, it still contains chemicals that can potentially do damage if incorrectly applied. Apparently, some keratin treatments contain high levels of formaldehyde which may be beyond the recommended safety standards.

Salon personnel can even be at risk of adverse effects due to frequent handling of such hair chemicals. These may include the occurrence of respiratory issues and nose bleeding. This safety hazard is also the reason why pregnant women and people with respiratory problems are advised against having this treatment.


All hair treatments, including keratin treatment, have its benefits. However, it is important to understand the ingredients and procedures that go into your hair. It is also important to note that treatment results may vary depending on your hair thickness and the type of treatment used.

To achieve the best results for your hair, you should only have keratin treatment by hair stylist in Rockville or any other trusted salons near you. Having nice and manageable hair is everyone’s dream. But make sure to trust only the experts to make that dream a reality.

What to Expect When You opt For A Keratin Treatment

Brazillian Keratin straightening is the perfect solution for unruly and wild hair. If you are struggling with frizzy hair that easily tangles, then the keratin treatment is the ideal solution. It’s important to work with the top-rated hair straightening salon for best results. In this article, we tell you why the keratin treatment is the perfect solution for your hair. An expert hairstylist will first assess your hair to ensure it’s healthy enough for the treatment.

What is Keratin Treatment?

Your hair is made up keratin which protects hair from damage. However, due to chemicals and other environmental factors, the keratin in the hair is depleted, and that creates the need for the Brazilian keratin straightening treatment. If your hair has no keratin, it will become dry and frizzy. It’s important that you visit the Brazilian Keratin salon for a hair assessment and application.

How Does A Keratin Treatment Work?

The hair stylist will wash your hair with a sulfate free shampoo and then apply the treatment to your hair. The treatment is then sealed with a flat iron. The treatment is used to strengthen your hair, and if your hair is damaged, it will help repair the hair. If you want your hair to be straightened, the hair stylist will ensure the hair bonds are broken to make your hair straight. A keratin treatment will smoothen your hair and make it easy to manage.

Keratin Treatment Process

It will take the hairstylist 1 or two hours to apply the keratin treatment. The time it takes will depend on length, hair thickness, porous your hair is, and the expertise of the hair stylist. The hair stylist will clarify your hair with a shampoo and then divide your hair into sections. The stylist will then apply the keratin treatment to your hair and leave it for a while. The hair stylist will then flat iron the hair to seal the keratin treatment. The process will make the hair shiny, strong and rejuvenated. Make sure you visit the top rated hair salon for the process to get the best results. The application process is key to ensuring your remains healthy, and it’s crucial that it’s done properly.

Why You Should Apply a Keratin Treatment
  • Reduces the time you take to blow dry your hair by half
  • It makes your hair frizz free and shiny
  • Repairs damaged hair and give it volume
  • Makes hair styling easy and more manageable
  • Prevents hair fall and makes your hair resilient
  • Makes the hair smooth and easy to manage

The keratin treatment will leave your hair looking great. It’s important to let the hair stylist at the hair straightening salon apply the treatment to ensure that it doesn’t damage your hair. The stylist will know the right amount of heat to apply to your hair and also the right amount of treatment to use.

Guidelines to Follow Before the Treatment
  • Research and apply the treatment. Make sure that the treatment will work for your hair. The hair stylist will advise you on whether the treatment will work for your kind of hair.
  • Condition your hair before the treatment to ensure its well hydrated and moisturized
  • Avoid using shampoo laced with sulfates because that will damage your hair
  • Consult the hair expert at the Brazilian keratin salon on other routine practices you should follow.
Guidelines to Follow After the Treatment
  • After the application of the treatment make sure you give your hair enough time to absorb the treatment. The hair stylist will advise you on the amount of time required
  • Keep your hair hydrated to avoid breakage. Protect your hair from harsh UV rays.
  • Invest in the right hair care products for your hair. Consult the hair stylist on the best products for your hair.
  • Follow the right hair regimen to keep your hair looking shiny and smooth

Keratin treatment will make your hair more manageable. Make sure that you visit the keratin treatment salon for the best outcome. The hair stylist will ensure that the right amount of keratin treatment is applied to your hair and the right amount of heat is used. Make sure you follow the care routine given at the keratin hair straightening salon, and that will ensure you enjoy smooth and easy to manage hair.


Hair Straightening Gone Wrong? The Side Effects and How to Counter Them

A lot of women world over want long straight hair, and hair straightening techniques are the perfect solution.  Brazilian keratin straightening or Japanese hair straightening is the most common methods of hair straightening. Wrong Hair straightening procedure comes with several side effects and it’s therefore important that you do it at the hair straightening salon for the best outcome and avoid hair damage. Wrong Hair straightening method will result in hair disasters and we look at some of them of the side effects and how to avoid them each of them.

Side Effects of  Wrong Hair straightening Process

  • Dry Hair

Excessively drying of hair is one of the most common side effects of hair straightening and that could be as a result of  too many chemicals and heat which dries out the moisture in hair. Using too many chemicals and heat for a long period of time will remove the natural oils from your hair and make dry and brittle. Its imperative that before you apply any hair straightening chemical that you visit the hair straightening salon for a hair checkup that will assess whether your hair is healthy enough to undergo the treatment.

  • Hair Frizz

Once the hair dries out due to too much heat and chemical, that ultimately leads to hair frizz. Applying hair straightening chemicals too many times will not reduce but will increase the hair frizz.

  • Breakage

When you apply the straightening chemicals too often that leads to weak hair cuticles and hair strands. Excessive dryness of the hair will lead to hair becoming brittle and eventually breaking.

  • Split Ends

Split ends result from weak hair breaking in the middle. Split ends are an indication of fragile hair and make your hair appear dull and ugly.

  • Permanent Hair Fall

Straightening your hair for years without following the proper maintenance practices will eventually cause permanent hair loss. Heat styling tools kill the hair follicles and that eventually lead to traction alopecia which is permanent hair loss.

  • Itchy Scalp

When the hair follicles die that also lead to low production of natural oils leading to a dry and flaky scalp.

  • Slower Hair Growth

Frequent hair straightening without protecting your hair against heat will damage the hair cuticles and that will lead to slower hair growth. It’s important to use a heat protector before you expose your hair to any heat.

  • Permanent Alteration of the Hair Texture

The chemicals that you use during permanent hair straightening will change the texture of your hair permanently and it may be hard to get back the old hair texture unless you trim your hair.

How to Avoid Side Effects After Hair Straightening

  • Let the Hairstylist do the Hair straightening

The hair straightening process requires a delicate balance because a hgh heat level and too much  chemicals will damage your hair. Visit the permanent hair straightening salon and let the hair stylist do the process. Before carrying out the hair straightening, a strand test will be done to ensure your hair is healthy enough to handle the chemical. When the right amount of heat and treatment is used that will ensure your hair remains healthy at the end of the process

  • Use High-Quality Products

Again, the best place to apply the chemical is the Japanese hair straightening salon because you will find quality products. The Hairstylist has the expertise and experience to choose products that are quality and will not damage your hair. When washing and conditioning the hair, use sulfate free shampoos and conditioners.

  • Take Care of your Hair After Straightening

Keep the hair hydrated always to avoid the hair from drying out and becoming brittle. Make sure you minimize the use of heat styling tools after the straightening. Avoid washing your hair with hot water as this will strip natural oils of the hair.

To get the best out of the Brazilian keratin straightening or any other straightening process visit the hair straightening salon Rockville and let the hair stylist straighten your hair. That will save your hair from the above side effects which could permanently damage your hair. Make sure the products in use are of high quality and after the top-rated hairstylist has done the straightening follow the regimen as advised. That way your tresses become so manageable and easy to style.

Hair Straightening or Hair Smoothing; What’s Suits Your Hair

Brazilian keratin treatment and Japanese hair straightening are both methods that will help you manage frizzy, coarse and curly hair. If you have curls that show up even after brushing, it may not be easy to manage the hair. A hair care plan will help ease the curls but if your hair is stubborn it may not work. The keratin treatment and Japanese straightening methods are both remedies for unmanageable hair, but which one is the most appropriate for your hair? Its imperative that you visit the permanent hair straightening salons and consult with the hair stylist which of the two processes best suits your hair. We dive deep and tell you the difference between hair smoothing and hair straightening

Difference Between Hair Smoothing and Straightening

  • Hair Smoothing

Brazilian keratin treatment involves saturating your hair with a keratin treatment and then flat ironing the hair. The natural hair contains keratin which helps keep the hair straight and shiny, but due to various reasons such as stress, diet, and chemicals the keratin content decreases making the hair frizzy, dry and tangled. When you visit the Brazilian keratin salon, the hairstylist will add a coating of the keratin treatment after shampooing the hair leaving your hair soft and silky. The treatment will last up to 6 months and your hair returns to its original structure. Proper hair care will determine how long the keratin treatment will last.

Advantages of the Keratin treatment.

  • The keratin treatment is applied and the flat iron is used to seal the formula into the hair creating a moisture barrier and this reduces frizz making your hair smooth and soft.
  • The treatment is not damaging to the hair and will not open the hair cuticle
  • It takes a short time to apply as compared to the straightening techniques
  • The major advantage of this method is that the hair will come back to its natural state.
  • Makes the hair silky, soft and manageable
  • It has no side effects and provides extra protection from the sun and pollution
  • Keratin treatment by the hair stylist will give you professional results and ensure there is no damage to the hair.


  • Hair Straightening

Japanese hair straightening changes the structure of the hair bonds to give the straight hair. The process uses chemicals that completely break the bonds in your hair shaft, then heat is applied to change the structure of your hair. The stylist at the Japanese hair straightening salon will ensure that even the curliest hair is straightened. The hair stylist will apply the chemical to the hair and let it rest for 15-20 minutes and during that time the cysteine hair bonds are broken down. After the chemical, the hair is then subjected to heat and then more chemicals are added.

Japanese hair straightening done at the hair straightening salons may take 6 to 8 hours and last up to 7 months before the next hair touch up. Its important for the top-rated hair stylist to analyze your hair for best results.

Advantages of Hair straightening

  • Works for most kind of hair even the curliest
  • Makes it easy to manage difficulty hair

If your hair has previously been subjected to chemicals then the Japanese hair straightening method may cause damage to your hair. It’s also important that you review all the options because once the chemical is applied to your hair, you can’t regain the old hair structure. The hair straightening has to be done at the Japanese hair straightening salon to minimize chances of hair damage. Too much heat during the process will cause untold damage to your hair and it’s therefore important that the chemical is applied by the hair stylist.

Why you should Choose Hair smoothening over hair straightening

  • If your hair is not healthy enough to handle hair straightening, then hair smoothing will give you frizz-free hair.
  • Hair smoothing is temporary and the hair won’t look pin straight and there is minimal damage.
  • Hair smoothing allows you to regain the hair structure after a few months.
  • When Hair straightening is the Perfect Option
  • Works well when your hair is extremely thick, kinky and curly as this will make the hair frizz free

What’s your Choice?

The technique you choose depends on your hair type. Consult the hair stylist at the hair straightening salon Rockville on which method suits your hair. And with the information above now, you can make a more informed decision.


Hair Straightening: For beautiful and manageable hair

permanent hair straightening

Are you looking for ways to get rid of hair frizz? Are you trying to make your hair more manageable? Or do you want to make your hair look sleek? Well, if so, then you can opt for permanent hair straightening. The permanent hair straightening is an amazing way of changing natural texture of hair, and getting silky smooth hair like celebrities. There are many types of permanent hair straightening treatment options available these days. You can choose one according to your needs, requirements and budget.

Enjoy amazing benefits of permanent hair straightening

Every girl with frizzy hair dreams for silky, shiny, smooth and straight hair. After all, straight hair not only looks beautiful, but they are more manageable. Any random hairstyle looks good when you have good hair. With permanent hair straightening treatment, it is absolutely possible to change the natural texture of hair and get long-term solution for hair frizz.

It is not easy to manage frizzy hair. Such hair is not easy to wash, style and maintain. One has to use a lot of hair care products to tame the frizzy manes, and have to spend a lot of time in hair styling. On the other hand, straight hair is pretty much manageable. Your hair can be styled without any effort, and you need not have to invest in a lot of hair care products to make your hair look good.

Straight hair is in trend. A lot of hairstyles are trending for straight hair. If you use flat iron on the regular basis to style your hair, heat will make your hair dry and thin. On the other hand, permanent hair straightening will not damage your hair. Once all chemicals sweep off, your hair will come back to their normal state. And you can opt for re-application.

Permanent hair straightening options

Today, a lot of permanent hair straightening treatment offered in hair salons, including but not limited to Brazilian Blowout, Brazilian keratin straightening and Japanese hair straightening. These hair straightening treatments have positive reviews and renowned for providing long-term solution. You can consult with your hairstylist before finalizing any treatment.

Instructions for Applying Brazilian Keratin Treatment

Brazilian Keratin
Brazilian straightening is a type of protein-based, thermal reconditioning technique used to transform frizzy and curly locks into straight hair. The Brazilian straightening method involves using a protein solution on hair and then application of intense heat with the help of a flat iron used to seal the keratin treatment into the hair fiber. But before getting any hair treatment at any hair salons, make sure to maintain your hair in best condition and visit your salon for a pre-straightening visit to determine whether thermal reconditioning through Brazilian Keratin straightening is the right choice for your hair type.

Application of Brazilian Keratin

Some of the important steps must be followed before applying the straightening products. First and foremost is to get it done at a well-ventilated facility. The application of keratin products produces toxic fumes and adequate arrangement must be made to disperse it. Make sure to wash your hair thoroughly to prevent any chemical reactions between hair and other straightening products. It’s important to dry the hair up to 80%. All professional hair stylist at hair straightening salons wear rubber gloves for the application.
The key to application is to separate the hair into four parts and apply keratin to the hair about ½ inch away from the scalp. Apply the product throughout your hair and ensure not to soak your hair with the product to prevent any hair damage. Allow the products to stay in your hair for 15 minutes and then dry hair with the help of a dryer. Next, divide your hair into 2-inch sections and use a flattening iron to further straighten your hair. After a gap of 60 minutes, wash your hair and use a neutralizing conditioner. Allow the conditioner to sit for 5 minutes to work on your hair and rinse thoroughly.

Treatment after Application

After completing the process of keratin treatment, wear your hair down to prevent premature curling. In case your hair becomes wet due to any reason, use a blow dryer or a flat iron immediately within the three-day waiting time. Even after waiting time, avoid using a sodium-chloride based shampoo.

What to Avoid

Avoid making a ponytail or experimenting new haircut and styles as it cause additional curls. Always avoid any form of braiding. Try to avoid excessive sweating as moisture makes your hair curl again. Finally, stay away from
Brazilian Keratin treatment in case you are pregnant or allergic to keratin products as it can cause redness and swelling on your scalp.

Important facts about Keratin Hair Treatments

Brazilian keratin straighteningKeratin treatments are very popular these days. This treatment is in fact the “latest trend in smoothing and defrizzing any type of hair texture from curly to relax.
People who have obtained benefits from Brazilian Keratin Straightening call it as a “miracle” and applaud for renewing blow drying and straightening hair much easier. The buzz about the treatments isn’t all positive and make sure to choose the right products of right brands and consult a professional or follow the advice of a celebrity hair stylist. This will help to make correct and easier decisions.

Difference between Keratin Hair Treatment and Japanese Straightening

A keratin hair treatment differs from Japanese straightening as the Japanese hair straightening treatment is permanent and it changes the structure of your hair and removes all the curls to pin-straight the strands. On the other hand, keratin hair treatments last for maximum six months depending on the choice of the product and hair care and lifestyle you follow. The Brazilian Keratin softens curls, straighten them and remove frizz to make your hair look healthier over time.

Process of keratin treatment

Firstly, hair is washed with a clarifying shampoo and blow dried before applying any treatment on any section of your head. Then sit for a while with the treatment before the hair stylist blow dries again and seals the treatment with the help of a flat iron. The entire procedure of this treatment takes two to four hours depending on the length and type of hair.

Suitability of Keratin Treatment

All those people spending tons of time in blow drying or flat ironing to loosen the curls and to remove the frizz should opt for Brazilian keratin straightening. Keratin hair treatments leads to best results in all types of hair like African or American and color-treated according to the type of hair. Most of the hair straightening salons advise to avoid these treatments if you are pregnant or have damaged hair due to excessive bleaching. Basically, if you hair can stand a 450-degree flat iron then you can experience the best results of this treatment.

Safety of Keratin treatments

Keratin hair treatments are controversial as some of the hair products contain a chemical known as formalin (or methylene glycol) that on heating turn back to formaldehyde which is reasonably anticipated as human carcinogens and has been linked to certain cancers. But further research indicates that the levels of formaldehyde used in these treatments are safe especially when used carefully with adequate precautions and ventilation. The risk remains with the clients who have an allergy with formaldehyde r other aldehydes and some of the products available in hair salons use alternatives to formalin and neutralizes the risk associated with these treatments.
So, it’s best to consult a hair stylist because there are different types of treatment like
Brazilian Blowout , keratin hair treatment that offer similar but slightly different results. The haircut and styles must be given according to your hair texture and the result you want and your lifestyle, some may be a better alternative for you.

Brazilian Hair Extension Techniques

Brazilian keratin hair extensionHair extensions are the best way to add length and hair volume. Human hair extensions last for longer duration and are less prone to damage. Hair stylists are constantly exploring different ways to apply hair extensions. Brazilian Keratin hair extension method is most innovative and latest technique. The process includes attaching extension hair to the customer hair with the help of small elastic bands. The technique of Brazilian Keratin Straightening is recently becoming as the most practiced technique to get straight hair. The use of hair extensions seems to be best way to try different hairstyles and textures. The recent technological advances help to improve the quality of hair extensions. With the availability of different types of methods to integrate hair extensions, they are affordable for everyone.

Types of Hair

Virgin Brazilian Hair: Such type of hair are not processed or treated and they have natural shine with a slight wave. Make sure to visit any hair straightening salons for any type of process and ensure that your stylist has tied the extensions properly. Some people called such type of hair as cuticle hair as cuticles are always in one direction and minimize the problems of tangles, frizzing and abrading.

Remy/Temple Hair: Such type of hair are most sought after and are referred as temple hair as they come from young people in India who shave their hair due to any religious belief. Mostly, these hairs are available in black and brown color. They can be dyed and processed after been attached to the natural hair. The need of hair varies and for a natural look use about 7 ounces and 8 to 12 ounces are recommended for a fuller look.


The Brazilian hair extension is a weightless application that helps to minimize shedding. Firstly, hair is washed with no use of conditioners, mousses, hair gels or oils, pomades, etc.. The cuticle must remain open to facilitate hair bonding to hair extensions. Then, the hair is divided into quarter-inch sections. The extension hair is tied to hair of the customer using elastic bands and these bands are colored to match the natural hair color. The complete process takes around three to four hours to give a new look.

Process of Extensions Removal

The removal of any type of extension should be done at hair salons. This is important as self-removal of elastic bands might damage the hair if not removed properly.

How Long do Extensions Lasts?

European hair extensions can last for 6 to 12 months with proper care and regular adjustments. On the other hand, African textured hair, time depends on the growth of the hair and how frequently the new growth needs to be readjusted.