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Can I Tie My Hair after Keratin Treatment?

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After getting Brazilian keratin straightening, you can be tempted to tie your hair into a ponytail, so you have an easy time controlling it. Can I tie my hair after keratin treatment? No, you can’t, and you shouldn’t, as the accessories you use to tie the hair will leave dents and demarcation lines on the hair beating the reason for straightening it in the first place.

To prolong the life of your keratin-treated hair, keep the hair down and straight for as much as you can.

Besides avoiding tying your hair, there are plenty of other things you should do to keep the hair as straight as possible. Some of these things include:

Treat your wet hair right.

To keep your hair straight, it’s recommended you protect it from water as much as possible. Unfortunately, accidents happen, and the hair gets wet. For example, you might be in the shower, and some of the water gets on your hair. It also might during the rainy season and a light rain gets you off guard.

When this happens, you shouldn’t worry, but you should move with haste to rectify the issue. Begin with blow-drying the hair, then flat iron it to straighten it.

Watch the shampoos that you use.

It’s recommended you wash your hair after 72 hours of treatment to avoid ruining your keratin-treated hair. When you are washing the hair, use the right shampoo.

The keratinized hair needs gentle shampoos with micro keratin, so when you are in the stores making the purchase, this is what you should look out for.

To maintain your hair, avoid shampoos containing sodium chloride and sulfate. This is because the sulfates are surfactants that deplete the natural oils from the hair and scalp. The sulfates also destroy the acid mantle that keeps the scalp healthy and free from bacterial infection.

You also should avoid salt-based shampoos as they will dissolve the keratin coating and wash out your expensive treatment.

Avoid touching your hair too much.

I know you love how your hair looks and feels, but you should avoid touching it too frequently as it makes it feel greasy. And if you are like me, when the hair feels greasy, you want to wash it more often, which washes away the keratin.

Touching your hair too much increases the risk of kinking up your strands when you manipulate them too much.

To maintain your elegant straight hair for a long time, keep it down and straight and let it be. If you feel like you need to confirm whether it’s still straight, stand in front of a mirror. How does it look?

Protect your hair from dirt and other materials

As much as you want to show off your beautiful straight hair, keeping the hair open all the time makes it hard to control. Thankfully, you can control it with a scarf that prevents it from coming on your face now and then. Covering it with a silk scarf also prevents it from dirt and other materials.

When the hair keeps coming to your face, and you don’t have a scarf, some people try to hold it using sunglasses. Don’t do this, as the sunglasses create dents and creases that might require you to redo your hair sooner than you would have.

Some sunglasses even have sharp edges that cut your prized hair.

Sleep on silk pillows

After keratin treatment by hairstylist Rockville, the cotton pillow becomes your enemy as it makes your hair frizzy and dry as the cotton absorbs moisture from your hair. Due to the friction caused by the cotton pillow covers, the hair forms tangles and knots that aren’t good for your hair.

To prevent this, get silk pillows.

Brazilian Blowout vs. Keratin Treatment: What’s the Difference?

Everyone wants to have good-looking and healthy hair all the time. Our hair is a reflection of our overall health. If you experience hair fall and dryness, you might need to improve your diet and lifestyle. A hair treatment is also a good investment for healthier-looking hair, as part of personal care and improvement.

For your hair care needs, you can schedule a keratin treatment by a hairstylist soon. A Brazilian keratin straightening is also a good idea for smoother and healthier hair. Such hair treatments can cost you some bucks, but the effects should last for months.

Two of the most popular hair treatment nowadays are keratin treatment and Brazilian blowout. But which of the two should you have? Which of the two is a better choice?

Brazilian Blowout and Keratin Treatment: Which is which?

Both a Brazilian blowout and a keratin hair treatment will help save you time from hair styling. Unfortunately, not all hair products available in stores can guarantee smooth and healthy hair you want to achieve. Some can only be achieved by visiting a keratin treatment salon or a Brazilian blowout salon.

But the question is which among the two the better hair treatment option is. For one thing, these two hair treatments can make hair shinier and softer and get rid of frizz. Both of these treatments can work on all types of hair and dyed hair. However, one major difference is that Brazilian blowout can be customized according to your hair goals.

Both hair treatments can smoothen your hair. However, a Brazilian blowout can be adjusted depending on what you want your hair to be. You can make it still manageable but not too straight or keep your hair’s original texture (i.e. curly or wavy).

On the other hand, a keratin treatment is a type of hair straightening treatment that aims to add shine and smoothness to hair. This means it will make your hair straighter than your original hair texture. This hair treatment, usually available in a keratin treatment salon, can last for about three months.

Is a keratin treatment the same as Japanese straightening treatment?

As mentioned, a keratin treatment is a type of hair straightening treatment. However, it is different from permanent and Japanese straightening treatments. For one, the former is less harmful than the latter in terms of ingredients and processes used. On the other hand, a Japanese straightening treatment can alter your hair’s structure and can even cause damage later on.

When having a keratin treatment by a hairstylist, make sure to follow their instruction for post-keratin treatment care. This includes not wearing any hair clips or ponytail and washing your hair for three days after the treatment. Otherwise, your hair will form creases and will look unappealing.

On the contrary, you can wash your hair the next day after having a Brazilian blowout. Still, it might be a good idea to leave your hair unwashed for about two to three days for better results.

A word of caution

A Brazilian blowout might be a good choice if you don’t want to make your hair stick-straight but manageable and smoother. However, it also has its issues including the formaldehyde content in most Brazilian blowout formulas. For one thing, it is said that the chemicals used in Brazilian blowout treatments such as formaldehyde are harmful to health.

According to several studies, it is possible to experience several symptoms due to Brazilian blowout treatments. This includes headaches, scalp itching, and burning, rashes, vomiting, nausea, and breathing difficulties. Some may experience hair loss and breakage later on, in the worst cases.

But the good news is that there are hair treatments that are formaldehyde-free. You can ask your favorite salon if they use hair-friendly products that won’t damage your hair and scalp.

Which treatment is better?

Both hair keratin and Brazilian blowout treatment provide amazing benefits for your hair. But which one should you choose? It depends on your hair goals. If you want straighter and shinier hair, you can go for hair keratin treatment. But if you just want to make your hair healthier and more manageable without altering your hair’s natural texture, a Brazilian blowout can be a better choice.

For your hair care needs, you can visit a salon that offers Brazilian keratin straightening in Bethesda. Set an appointment today!

Is a Keratin Hair Treatment Really Necessary?

No matter the gender, all people tend to get too conscious of how their hair looks. Everywhere you look, you will find lots of hair salons most likely in every corner of your neighborhood. Whether it’s a Brazilian blowout salon or a hair extensions salon, there is a type of salon that will cater to your hair styling and treatment needs.

One of the most popular hair treatments nowadays is keratin treatment. It basically helps lessen your hair frizz and makes your hair shinier, softer, and more manageable.

But the question is whether you really need to have to schedule a keratin treatment by a hairstylist or any hair products would suffice.

What you need to know about keratin treatments

As mentioned, a keratin treatment refers to a procedure that can help in making your hair shinier and smoother. Keratin treatment may be known as Brazilian keratin straightening. You can opt to go to a salon to have keratin treatment or opt for DIY treatments you can do at home.

Specifically, keratin lessens your hair’s porosity and lessens the risk of damage and tangles. Basically, a keratin treatment aims to put back the lost protein on your hair due to exposure to hair products and other harsh elements. Hence, you can expect life-changing results for your hair.

So, what you can expect if you decide to have a keratin treatment? For one thing, most keratin products contain chemicals such as formaldehyde, a major ingredient that helps in making hair straight and frizz-free. However, there are already some keratin products that are formaldehyde-free and won’t alter your hair texture.

The process starts by washing your hair. Next, the hairstylist will apply the keratin solution on your hair and let it sit for about an hour. There are some stylists who prefer blowdrying the hair first before applying keratin. A hair iron will then be used to seal the treatment in the hair and achieve the results you are looking forward to.

Is it different from other straightening or relaxing treatments?

There are many ways that keratin treatment differs from permanent or hair relaxing treatments. For one thing, the former only lasts for a few months depending on how often you wash your hair. If you are naturally blonde, make sure to consult a professional hairstylist first before having keratin or any other hair treatments for that matter.

A permanent hair straightening salon usually offers treatments that contain ingredients such as hydroxide to “relax” the hair. In the process, it breaks your hair’s bonds and can make your hair more prone to damage. On a side note, permanent straightening treatments usually last around six months up to a year depending on the level of care applied to your hair.

As mentioned, there are DIY keratin products and keratin-infused hair products you can use. However, you may not expect long-lasting results unlike when you have a keratin treatment in a Brazilian blowout salon. Still, it can be a good keratin treatment alternative depending on your set expectations and budget.

Other essential tips in keratin treatment

For one thing, it is important to choose a salon that doesn’t use keratin products with formaldehyde. This chemical is often linked to cancer and can cause other adverse side effects. Nonetheless, it is best to do your own research and be wary of any products that will be put on your hair. If you still want to try keratin treatment, here are some tips to go by.

  • Follow your hairdresser’s advice. If he or she says you should not put clips or tie it up Ariana Grande-style, then don’t. Experts also suggest not to wet your hair for two days to achieve optimum results.
  • Make sure to follow proper after-care for your keratin-treated hair. The better hair care you do, the longer its effect will last. Better yet, use sulfate-free hair products for better hair health.
  • Because a lot of keratin treatment products contain formaldehyde, you should ensure that the area is ventilated. This is to lessen the risk of inhaling hazardous chemicals during treatment, which in turn can cause potential health risks.
  • You can have keratin treatments every few months just to maintain your hair health. In fact, it is better than ironing your hair daily.

Visit a keratin treatment salon today

If you want to have a keratin treatment, make sure to turn to the experts. Visit the best salons specializing in Brazilian keratin straightening in Bethesda today!

Can Kids Have Keratin Treatment? And Other Things You Need to Know About Kids’ Hair Care

A child’s hair is more delicate than adults’ hair. That is why extra care is necessary for your kid’s precious locks. However, your child’s hair has no escape from damage and other unhealthy hair situations. Still, there are many ways to take care of your child’s hair without necessarily having to go to a Brazilian blowout salon.

Speaking of a salon, it is often advised that children should not be subjected to chemical hair treatments. As mentioned, children’s hair is super sensitive so you should be careful in using hair products to avoid possible adverse reactions. On one hand, there are natural hair care products for your child’s hair health. There are also hair care routines you can do for your child’s hair health as well.

Can children get hair treatments?

There are many hair care products in the market nowadays that are specially formulated for young children. Likewise, there are also various salons offering keratin treatment by a hairstylist. Most of these hair products for kids may not generally cause adverse reactions to the point of compromising your child’s health.

Also, some experts say there is no age limit to get hair treatment in a Brazilian keratin salon. But before using these so-called kid-friendly hair products, you should first consider looking at the ingredients printed on the packaging. As much as possible, you should not use hair care products containing paraben and sulfate.

There may be also a keratin treatment salon that may allow children to have hair treatment. While dosage and methods may vary specifically for children, it is still important to consider the following. For one thing, children may have varying temperaments during salon appointments.

  • Hair salon treatments may take some time, about two to three hours at least.
  • Children may not like the smell of chemicals applied to their hair, which can affect their mood while seated in the salon chair.
  • Hair salon treatments may not come cheap, either. Make sure you have enough budget to afford such treatments for your child.
  • After-care hair routine should be followed as well for optimum results. However, it can be overwhelming for children in some cases.

Hair loss in children

Like adults, hair loss can also plague children as well. For one thing, hair loss is a common occurrence among children. However, it can be a cause of alarm if there is excessive hair loss to the point where there are already visible bald spots present. In such cases, it is best to call a doctor for proper treatment.

Hair loss in children may either be due to medical or non-medical reasons. Among these common hair loss causes include the following.

  • Scalp infections (ex. tinea capitis, alopecia, etc.)
  • Behavioral issues (ex. trichotillomania or excessive hair pulling)
  • Lack of nutrition (ex. lack of minerals, protein, and vitamins which cause hair fall)
  • Hormonal issues (ex. hypothyroidism)
  • Medical treatments (ex. chemotherapy)
  • Using hair products with strong chemicals
  • Using hair ties frequently

If your child experiences these symptoms, it may not be a good idea to visit a Brazilian blowout salon for your child’s hair treatment. Instead, it is best not to use any hair products that can be harmful to your child’s hair.

Haircare product alternatives

Meanwhile, you can choose to use natural hair care products for your child. One example is by using products you can actually find at home such as aloe vera, coconut oil, and apple cider vinegar.

Aloe vera

Simply apply aloe vera gel onto the child’s scalp. Let it sit for a few hours before washing it thoroughly with a kid-friendly shampoo. Aloe vera is a natural source of vitamins as well as useful in preventing hair loss.

Coconut oil

Like aloe vera, coconut oil also contains essential vitamins and iron that helps in maintaining your child’s hair health. Simply massage the oil onto the child’s scalp and let it sit for about 30 minutes. Afterward, wash thoroughly with mild shampoo.

Apple cider vinegar

It helps in preventing hair and scalp infection. Simply mix two tablespoons of apple cider with water, apply the mixture onto the child’s scalp and let it sit for about five minutes. Afterward, wash thoroughly with a mild shampoo.

Take care of your hair

Not only should you take care of your hair but more so with your child’s hair. For one thing, children’s hair is more sensitive than that of adults. But for adults, it is best to have regular hair treatment from a professional keratin treatment salon. For your hair care needs, make sure to set an appointment for keratin treatment by a hairstylist in Bethesda today!


Planning to Have a Brazilian Blowout? Read This First

All of us dream of having smooth, silky, and manageable hair, especially women. Seeing popular celebrities flaunt their “fresh from the salon” look can make you envious with their hair at some point. But achieving star-quality hair is now possible to achieve. A Brazilian blowout salon can help make your hair as shiny and stylish than before.

Perhaps you have already heard about a Brazilian Blowout. It has become a popular hair treatment over the past years. Back then, women go to a permanent hair straightening salon to achieve stick-straight and shiny hair. Nowadays, more and more women simply want their hair more manageable and smooth.

Hair rebonding is still popular today, but more women opt for natural, healthy-looking hair. That is why there are a lot of treatments available for those who do not want their hair to be too straight. If you want to experience a Brazilian blowout, visit a professional and trusted Brazilian keratin salon near you.

What is a Brazilian Blowout?

You may have seen posters and read about it. A Brazilian blowout has transformed countless women’s hair by making it shinier, smoother, and frizz-free. It won’t make your hair permanently straight unlike hair rebonding.

As the name suggests, this hair treatment traces its origin in Brazil. It uses a keratin formula that makes your hair smooth, shiny and moisturized. Among ingredients included in this treatment formula include acai berry, annatto seeds, and Camu Camu.

It bonds to your hair strands so each strand will be protected against harsh elements. After treatment, you can expect your hair to look healthier than ever. In fact, Brazilian Blowout can work on different hair types. Brazilian Blowout can be a game-changer in the world of hairstyling.

So if you want to have manageable hair but don’t want it too stick-straight, you can visit a Brazilian blowout salon near you. However, make sure the salon carries the original Brazilian Blowout treatment. You can find the list of certified Brazilian Blowout treatment salons here.

Can it make my hair straight?

A flat iron will be used on your hair as part of the treatment process. This is not to make your hair permanently straight. Rather, it will help seal the treatment more effectively into your hair. If you prefer to have straight hair, you can visit salons that offer hair straightening such as a Japanese hair straightening salon.

If you have curly hair, using a flat iron along with the treatment can help lessen the hair frizz. But if you want to maintain your hair’s natural curl and volume, you should let your stylist know. The more important role of the Brazilian hair treatment is improving your hair’s texture and smoothness and tame frizz.

Brazilian Blowout vs hair rebonding

When you have hair rebonding treatment, you cannot wash your hair for about three days. Apparently, this is to ensure that the treatment will get absorbed by the hair for best results. You are not advised to tie your hair, or even tuck your hair behind your ear. Otherwise, your hair won’t be as straight as you want it to.

Not so for Brazilian Blowout hair treatments. You can get the treatment at two hours at most, depending on the hair thickness. With hair rebonding, it may take about four to five hours to complete. You can even wash your hair the day after you had a Brazilian Blowout treatment.

You can also go to a keratin treatment salon to give your hair some TLC. But this and other similar treatments like hair spa and hot oil can last only a few weeks or a month at most. If you want hair treatment that can last longer and won’t change your hair texture, then a Brazilian Blowout can be a great option.

How about for color-treated hair?

It is also good news for those who have color-treated hair. Getting a Brazilian Blowout is safe for dyed hair. In fact, it can even make your colored hair look more vibrant for longer.

But make sure to let your hair colorist know you are planning to get a Brazilian Blowout. For one thing, following the color treatment with another treatment such as a Brazilian Blowout can make your hair a shade lighter and brighter.

Brazilian Blowout treatment can last longer the more you take care of your hair. This treatment usually lasts around four months or longer. For better results, use sulfate-free and paraben-free shampoo and conditioner. Better yet, visit professional Brazilian keratin salon in Rockville and let the experts handle your hair.

How to Make Your Brazilian Blowout Last Long

Keeping your hair looking flawless and elegant can be difficult especially if it’s curly and thick. It’s important to understand the kind of hair you have and the best hair procedure for your hair. There are different hair treatment procedures that you can use to make your hair more manageable and to make it look sleek. Brazilian blow out is one of the best methods of hair smoothing that works on most hair types. It’s imperative to know how to take care of your hair after the Brazilian keratin treatment to ensure it lasts longer. In this article, we look at haircare tips to ensure that your Brazilian hair straightening treatment will last longer. It’s important to have the Brazilian blowout done by an expert at the Brazilian blowout salon because the expert will guide you on how to manage your hair after the treatment. Follow the right instructions to keep your hair elegant.

How to Care For your Hair After Brazilian Blowout

After the application of the Brazilian blowout, you need to the right care procedure for the treatment to last as long as possible. You can save salon money by simply taking care of your hair after the treatment.

  • Washing the hair after the treatment

The hair treatment will last long if you minimize the number of times you wash your hair. Reduce the number of times you shampoo your hair, and that will ensure the smoothing treatment last longer. When washing the hair make sure that your shampoo doesn’t contain any sulfates or any other chemical that may damage your hair. Consult the hair expert at the hair salon on the best products for your hair. Make sure that you use the right products for your hair to avoid damaging the protective layer of the hair. Following the right procedure will ensure that your hair is frizz free for more than ten weeks

  • Brazilian Blowout and hair coloring

It’s best to color your hair before you apply the Brazilian blowout treatment. Visit the Brazilian Keratin salon and let the expert apply the hair color. After the hair color and highlight give your hair time before the application of the treatment. The treatment will make your hair look luscious. If you, however, choose to apply the treatment before hair coloring makes sure you give your hair a week or two after the treatment.

Before color application makes sure that you assess the state of your hair, you need to ensure your hair is healthy before you color it. At the keratin treatment salon, the hairstylist will evaluate your hair and advise on how best to style your hair. Most hair color will lift the hair cuticles, and that could lead to damage if the right hair care procedure is not followed. It’s best to color a darker shade because once the Brazilian blowout treatment is applied to the hair, the color will become lighter. Consult the hair stylist on the best color for your hair.

  • Protect your hair before you go for a Swim

After the smoothing treatment, exposure to chlorine will cause hair damage. Chlorine will make the hair brittle, and that will lead to hair breakage. Before going for a swim make sure protect your hair. After the swim ensure that you wash and condition your hair. That will minimize the chances of hair damage. Protect your hair from exposure to strong UV rays using a protector. It’s best to consult the hair straightening expert at the hair salon. Deep condition your hair as often as possible because that will keep your hair hydrated.

  • Products to use on your hair after a Brazilian blowout

It’s important to consult the hair stylist on the best products to use on your hair. Avoid shampoos that contain sulfates and alcohol because they will dry your hair. Deep condition using the right conditioner to keep your hair hydrated. Don’t over wash your hair because that will make the treatment ineffective and it will not last long. Minimize the use of heat styling tools on your hair

Brazilian blow out is effective in repairing damaged hair. It’s important to have the treatment applied in the hair straightening salon Rockville to ensure that it’s done effectively. Make sure that you follow the care instructions given by the hair stylist and keep your hair hydrated.

The Different Hair Straightening Techniques

Long, beautiful and shining hair is a trend that is not going away any time soon. One of the ideal ways of obtaining long and shiny hair is through hair straightening techniques. It’s however important that you understand what hair straightening is and how to manage the hair after the techniques. Start the research process at the hair straightening salon Rockville and talk to the hair stylist on the different methods of hair straightening. Understand what each technique involves and then you can choose the one that suits your hair.

What is Permanent Hair Straightening?

Permanent hair straightening is the process of breaking hair bonds and leaving your hair pin straight using chemicals, and heat. The process involves applying straightening treatment to your hair and then styling the hair using a flat iron.

How Much Does Permanent Hair Straightening Cost

The cost of the hair straightening process will depend on the quality of treatment and the state of your hair. Visit the Japanese hair straightening salon and consult on how much it will cost. Ensure that the treatment used is of high quality.

Hair Straightening Techniques

  1. Hair straightening techniques can be divided into temporary and permanent.
  2. Temporary hair Straightening Techniques
  3. Brazilian Keratin Treatment
  4. Brazilian blow out Treatment
  5. Permanent Hair Straightening Techniques
  6. Japanese Permanent Hair Straightening
  7. Hair Rebonding
  8. Chemically Straightened Hair
  • Brazilian Keratin Treatment

Brazilian keratin treatment is one of the best temporary hair smoothing techniques. The treatment is ideal if you have damaged hair because the keratin will repair your hair. The keratin treatment will make your hair frizz free and keep it hydrated. The treatment will add a keratin coat to your hair and make it stronger.

The treatment will last for about six months, and you will need to reapply it. A keratin treatment can be redone severally without damaging your hair.

Advantages of Keratin Hair Straightening

  • Makes your hair smooth and silky
  • It’s safe and will repair your hair.
  • It works on all hair types
  • It protects against the sun and will keep your hair looking good.

Tips to Follow after the Treatment

  • Take proper care of your hair after the treatment.
  • Ensure an expert does it at the keratin hair salon for best results
  • Use the right products for your hair

Japanese Permanent Hair Straightening

The technique is also known as thermal reconditioning. It’s done using chemicals and heat to make your hair straight. Japanese hair straightening alters the hair bonds and changes the hair structure completely. It’s imperative that you understand the process before diving in.

During the processed hair, straightening chemical is applied to your hair and then flat ironed. The technique involves several processes, and it may take 3-8 hours depending on hair type. The process will last up to 7 months before you can do a retouch.

Considerations You Should Make Before a Japanese Permanent Straightening

  • Once the technique has been carried, you can’t reverse it unless you trim your hair
  • Avoid permanent hair straightening if your hair has done undergone other chemical applications
  • Consider the hair type. Visit the permanent hair straightening salon and consult whether your hair is in the right state.
  • Keep your hair protected from harsh UV rays and take proper care of the hair to ensure it’s not damaged

Chemical Straightening

This is a hair relaxing technique that breaks all the hair bonds. Unlike the Japanese permanent hair straightening technique which breaks the protein bonds chemical straightening breaks all the bonds and makes the hair straight. It’s important that it’s done at the hair straightening salon to protect your hair from damage.

Considerations to Make Before Chemical Straightening

  • Consider the hair type and the chemical to use
  • It will make your hair weak and it ideal for healthy hair
  • It should be done by an experienced hair stylist at the hair salon

Hair Rebonding

Hair rebonding is the process of making your hair straight using chemicals. It’s permanent and quite expensive.

Side Effects of Permanent Hair Straightening

  • May cause excessive dryness and frizziness
  • If not properly maintained, it may result in an itchy scalp and dandruff
  • It could result in split ends and hair loss if the hair is not well maintained

How to Care for your After-Hair Straightening

Speak to the hair stylist in the Japanese hair straightening salon on the right products for your hair

Make sure that your hair is well hydrated. Condition the hair often

Develop a care routine that suits your hair. speak to the hair stylist on the best routine for your hair

This Is What Celebrities Do For Gorgeous Hair

celebrity hairstylists

The shiny, bouncy, sleek and beautiful celebrity hair never fails to impress. But how did celebrities get such stunning hair? What do celebrities do to make their hair look amazingly beautiful? How celebrity hairstylists make such phenomenal hairstyles? Well, there are multiple secrets behind the shiny locks of celebrities. With right care, treatments and hairstyle, it is possible to get celebrity like hair.

Get Perfect Hair like celebrities

Just like us, celebrities also struggle with hair problems, and they are not naturally blessed with such glorious manes. They nurture their hair to make them look beautiful all the time. Below mentioned are tips and tricks to get celebrity like hair:

Wear hair masks

In this fast paced life, hair has to deal with pollution, chemical, dust and dirt on the daily basis. This makes hair lose natural sheen and shine. But hair masks can give a new life to hair. Apply hair masks containing natural ingredients such as eggs, yogurt, henna etc. These hair masks will nourish your hair, and help in retaining the shine.

Moisturize your hair

If you want to make your hair look beautiful, you need to keep it moisturized. Hair starts losing natural moisturizer with time. In order to avoid hair damage, it is important to provide moisturizer externally. Use a good quality conditioner after shampoo.

Remove excess product buildup

After sometime, hair styling products build up on hair, this build-up makes hair dry, and prone to damage. It is important to remove the excess buildup. Thus, wash your hair regularly with good quality shampoo.

Massage your scalp for extra volume

Blood flow to your scalp has positive impact on hair growth, and integrity. Massage your hair and scalp with herbal oils at least once in a week. This will not only help you in growing your hair better, but also make you feel relax.

Tame hair frizz

If you want flawless hair like celebs, you need to get rid of the hair frizz. You can use frizz control shampoos, conditioners, masks and oils for temporary solution. In order to get rid of hair frizz for a long period of time, opt for permanent hair straightening procedures such as Brazilian keratin hair straightening and Japanese hair straightening.

Use hair extensions

Many a times, celebrities wear hair extensions to get perfect hair look. There are extensions that look and feel like real hair.

Instructions for Applying Brazilian Keratin Treatment

Brazilian Keratin
Brazilian straightening is a type of protein-based, thermal reconditioning technique used to transform frizzy and curly locks into straight hair. The Brazilian straightening method involves using a protein solution on hair and then application of intense heat with the help of a flat iron used to seal the keratin treatment into the hair fiber. But before getting any hair treatment at any hair salons, make sure to maintain your hair in best condition and visit your salon for a pre-straightening visit to determine whether thermal reconditioning through Brazilian Keratin straightening is the right choice for your hair type.

Application of Brazilian Keratin

Some of the important steps must be followed before applying the straightening products. First and foremost is to get it done at a well-ventilated facility. The application of keratin products produces toxic fumes and adequate arrangement must be made to disperse it. Make sure to wash your hair thoroughly to prevent any chemical reactions between hair and other straightening products. It’s important to dry the hair up to 80%. All professional hair stylist at hair straightening salons wear rubber gloves for the application.
The key to application is to separate the hair into four parts and apply keratin to the hair about ½ inch away from the scalp. Apply the product throughout your hair and ensure not to soak your hair with the product to prevent any hair damage. Allow the products to stay in your hair for 15 minutes and then dry hair with the help of a dryer. Next, divide your hair into 2-inch sections and use a flattening iron to further straighten your hair. After a gap of 60 minutes, wash your hair and use a neutralizing conditioner. Allow the conditioner to sit for 5 minutes to work on your hair and rinse thoroughly.

Treatment after Application

After completing the process of keratin treatment, wear your hair down to prevent premature curling. In case your hair becomes wet due to any reason, use a blow dryer or a flat iron immediately within the three-day waiting time. Even after waiting time, avoid using a sodium-chloride based shampoo.

What to Avoid

Avoid making a ponytail or experimenting new haircut and styles as it cause additional curls. Always avoid any form of braiding. Try to avoid excessive sweating as moisture makes your hair curl again. Finally, stay away from
Brazilian Keratin treatment in case you are pregnant or allergic to keratin products as it can cause redness and swelling on your scalp.

How to Care for Brazilian Blowouts

Brazilian BlowoutThe Brazilian Blowout also known as Brazilian Keratin Treatment popularly used to straighten curly and wavy hair. This treatment involves hair coating with keratin that soaks into hair cortex. When the keratin sinks, the pores fill and add volume thus straightening each hair strand. Some other similar type of treatments requires precise hair care but some of the celebrity hair stylist insists that Brazilian Blowout is relatively low-key care hair care procedure that helps to optimize Brazilian Keratin Treatment.

Why go for Brazilian Blowout?

Brazilian Blowout is infact a viable hair treatment for people who’d like to get sleek tresses. Almost all the reputed hair straightening salons offer this treatment that helps to minimize frizz and control unruly curls for up to 12 weeks. The treatment of Brazilian Keratin makes your hair more manageable. With time, it will make you master your strands and enjoy the ease of styling.

Instructions for Hair Care

  • Wash your hair using a rich shampoo and conditioner. The use of harsh chemicals present in most of the keratin blowout like glutaraldehyde and thioglycolate drains moisture from hair. So, make sure to with discuss with your hair stylist before choosing any procedure. Some people complain that scalp become oily after the treatment and requires frequent hair wash. While the reality is that the scalp stabilizes after a week of getting this treatment. Remember, using a creamy shampoo prevents hair to become dry.
  • After hair wash, allow your strands to air-dry rather than blow-drying. Coat your strands with a heat protectant free from sodium chloride. This is important as chloride break down the chemicals used in a Brazilian Blowout and decreases its lifespan. Check the label before using any hair care products to rule out the presence of sodium chloride.
  • The saline water affects this hair treatment. So, avoid submerging hair in saltwater for at least three to four days after the treatment. Visiting pools and oceans seems to be harmful as the sodium chloride found in swimming pools weakens the bonds that coat the keratin treatment. Refrain from taking dips in pool or oceans.
  • It would be better to go for hair color and highlights before getting a Blowout. The keratin coating used in this treatment fills the microscopic pores of hair strand. These pores tend to soak hair dye and leave no space for any other factor to affect your hair. Be ready to get a new hair cut and styles or color your hair after two weeks of Brazilian Blowout.

Keratin Hair Treatments: What to Expect

Brazilian Keratin StraighteningKeratin hair straightening treatments are popular at most of the hair salons. Keratin is a protein which is present in your hair naturally. Even a celebrity hair stylist applies a keratin hair-straightening product to straighten hair and then with the help of iron helps to seal it. The entire process takes 90 minutes to straighten hair depending on the type of hair. If you style your hair straight then a keratin hair-straightening treatment helps to shorten the blow-dry time by 40% to 60%. This treatment gives you complete freedom from hair frizziness and you could come out easily in light rain or moist environment with no worries.

Wait before you wash

Make sure not to wash your hair for at least three days just after the treatment as the solution takes time to show results. After getting a keratin hair treatment and use a sodium-sulfate free shampoo to get best effects of the treatment. The results last for two to 2 and half months.
Keratin treatments prevent hair breakage but the use of flat-iron might affect hair. The hair breakage is not related with the treatment and flat irons are used to seal and blow dry the hair afterwards. Keratin is more of restorative treatment and it helps to strengthen the hair shaft and makes hair more springy.

Formaldehyde Factor

You must have heard about formaldehyde in salon using keratin products. Formaldehyde has been linked to several health issues especially in people who regularly use it. The problems affect salon workers and not people who get Brazilian Keratin treatment. Most of the companies that put out keratin treatments use safe levels but the problem comes when hair salons mix their own to incorporate more formaldehyde.
After getting the Brazilian Keratin Straightening , make sure to switch your shampoo afterwards and it is not necessary to buy theirs. Many hair salons make their own smoothing treatments and recommend some take-home products that they claim to offer you best results. Buy them if you wish so and don’t feel pressured. Any shampoo free from sulfate will work and stay away from continuous use of a single hair styling product.


Avoid getting an in-salon hair-smoothing treatment more than three times a year. The increase in hair treatment makes hair more brittle and prone to breakage. A smoothing treatment acts as a ticket to a great short haircut. If you want to get short haircut then look for a salon that does incremental pricing for their smoothing treatments.

Important facts about Keratin Hair Treatments

Brazilian keratin straighteningKeratin treatments are very popular these days. This treatment is in fact the “latest trend in smoothing and defrizzing any type of hair texture from curly to relax.
People who have obtained benefits from Brazilian Keratin Straightening call it as a “miracle” and applaud for renewing blow drying and straightening hair much easier. The buzz about the treatments isn’t all positive and make sure to choose the right products of right brands and consult a professional or follow the advice of a celebrity hair stylist. This will help to make correct and easier decisions.

Difference between Keratin Hair Treatment and Japanese Straightening

A keratin hair treatment differs from Japanese straightening as the Japanese hair straightening treatment is permanent and it changes the structure of your hair and removes all the curls to pin-straight the strands. On the other hand, keratin hair treatments last for maximum six months depending on the choice of the product and hair care and lifestyle you follow. The Brazilian Keratin softens curls, straighten them and remove frizz to make your hair look healthier over time.

Process of keratin treatment

Firstly, hair is washed with a clarifying shampoo and blow dried before applying any treatment on any section of your head. Then sit for a while with the treatment before the hair stylist blow dries again and seals the treatment with the help of a flat iron. The entire procedure of this treatment takes two to four hours depending on the length and type of hair.

Suitability of Keratin Treatment

All those people spending tons of time in blow drying or flat ironing to loosen the curls and to remove the frizz should opt for Brazilian keratin straightening. Keratin hair treatments leads to best results in all types of hair like African or American and color-treated according to the type of hair. Most of the hair straightening salons advise to avoid these treatments if you are pregnant or have damaged hair due to excessive bleaching. Basically, if you hair can stand a 450-degree flat iron then you can experience the best results of this treatment.

Safety of Keratin treatments

Keratin hair treatments are controversial as some of the hair products contain a chemical known as formalin (or methylene glycol) that on heating turn back to formaldehyde which is reasonably anticipated as human carcinogens and has been linked to certain cancers. But further research indicates that the levels of formaldehyde used in these treatments are safe especially when used carefully with adequate precautions and ventilation. The risk remains with the clients who have an allergy with formaldehyde r other aldehydes and some of the products available in hair salons use alternatives to formalin and neutralizes the risk associated with these treatments.
So, it’s best to consult a hair stylist because there are different types of treatment like
Brazilian Blowout , keratin hair treatment that offer similar but slightly different results. The haircut and styles must be given according to your hair texture and the result you want and your lifestyle, some may be a better alternative for you.

How to care for Brazilian Blowouts?

Beautiful Brunette Girl. Healthy Long HairBrazilian blowout referred as Brazilian Keratin Treatment converts frizzy curls into straight tresses. The use of preservative solution and liquid keratin straightens out the hair and seal them. The tresses become straight with the help of a flat iron. Unlike most of the conditioners, the keratin seals the hair cuticles and prevents breakage. It traps moisture and gives a glossy finish. This technique makes your hair perfectly straight for up to 3 months. A keratin solution is applied in combination with heat from a blow dryer and a straightner. The use of this treatment makes hair shiny, frizz-free, manageable and voluminous. The Brazilian Blowout should be done at hair salons to get the best effect. When it comes to hair care after this treatment then follow the given tips:

Avoid sub-merging your hair in saltwater for atleast four days after the treatment. Going into pools or oceans cam prove harmful to Brazilian Blowouts as sodium chloride weaken the bonds of the keratin treatment. Stay away from swimming and even if you want to do so then soak your hair in the water before taking a dip in a pool or saltwater to reduce the quantity of salt that affects your hair.

Wash your hair by using a creamy shampoo and conditioner. Avoid using harsh chemicals like glutaraldehyde and thioglycolate present in many keratin blowout preparations as they take away moisture content from hair. Always ask your hair stylist and check at hair straightening salons before choosing the procedure as some of the ingredients make your scalp oily and require frequent hair wash. The scalp stabilizes within a week after the treatment. Using a creamy shampoo prevent hair from drying out and recommended in case frequent washing becomes necessary for you.

Get your hair color and highlights done before opting for a Brazilian Blowout. The Brazilian Keratin coating fills the microscopic pores of each hair strand. These pores absorb hair dye and the keratin will leave no space for any substances in your hair. Make sure to wait for at least 15 days for hair color after getting a Brazilian Blowout.

After the treatment, always try to keep your hair dry for at least three days after the treatment. Avoid using hair clips and other accessories that can leave kinks in your hair. In case you notice any marks in your hair then straighten them immediately. Also, make sure not to use any hair styling products with alcohol.

Brazilian Hair Extension Techniques

Brazilian keratin hair extensionHair extensions are the best way to add length and hair volume. Human hair extensions last for longer duration and are less prone to damage. Hair stylists are constantly exploring different ways to apply hair extensions. Brazilian Keratin hair extension method is most innovative and latest technique. The process includes attaching extension hair to the customer hair with the help of small elastic bands. The technique of Brazilian Keratin Straightening is recently becoming as the most practiced technique to get straight hair. The use of hair extensions seems to be best way to try different hairstyles and textures. The recent technological advances help to improve the quality of hair extensions. With the availability of different types of methods to integrate hair extensions, they are affordable for everyone.

Types of Hair

Virgin Brazilian Hair: Such type of hair are not processed or treated and they have natural shine with a slight wave. Make sure to visit any hair straightening salons for any type of process and ensure that your stylist has tied the extensions properly. Some people called such type of hair as cuticle hair as cuticles are always in one direction and minimize the problems of tangles, frizzing and abrading.

Remy/Temple Hair: Such type of hair are most sought after and are referred as temple hair as they come from young people in India who shave their hair due to any religious belief. Mostly, these hairs are available in black and brown color. They can be dyed and processed after been attached to the natural hair. The need of hair varies and for a natural look use about 7 ounces and 8 to 12 ounces are recommended for a fuller look.


The Brazilian hair extension is a weightless application that helps to minimize shedding. Firstly, hair is washed with no use of conditioners, mousses, hair gels or oils, pomades, etc.. The cuticle must remain open to facilitate hair bonding to hair extensions. Then, the hair is divided into quarter-inch sections. The extension hair is tied to hair of the customer using elastic bands and these bands are colored to match the natural hair color. The complete process takes around three to four hours to give a new look.

Process of Extensions Removal

The removal of any type of extension should be done at hair salons. This is important as self-removal of elastic bands might damage the hair if not removed properly.

How Long do Extensions Lasts?

European hair extensions can last for 6 to 12 months with proper care and regular adjustments. On the other hand, African textured hair, time depends on the growth of the hair and how frequently the new growth needs to be readjusted.