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4 Social Media Hair Hacks That Actually Work!

Imagine life without social media. Sure, there are ups and downs when it comes to social media use. On the one hand, social media can be toxic and stressful. However, social media can also make us laugh, make us go “aww”, and also a source of life hacks.

Speaking of life hacks, these can be a lot of things. It can be a new food recipe, fashion tips, or hair care tips. A lot of people think that hair care or having hair treatment is expensive. Not everyone might be willing to go to a Brazilian blowout salon for Brazilian keratin straightening treatment. For some, these kinds of hair treatments are too fancy.

However, there are actually inexpensive ways to care for your hair. There are a lot of them when you search on Google. And yes, on various social media platforms as well. Have you already tried these social media hair hacks? Perhaps it’s time to try these and see for yourself if at least one of these will work on your hair type.

Hair hack #1: Faster hair growth

A popular social media influencer named Farah Dhukai shared a hair growth hack. Apparently, this hair hack helped grow her hair faster. How? According to Dhukai, she massaged her scalp upside down for about 7 to 10 minutes per day. Another way is by brushing your hair the other way around the same duration. Doing so can aid in increasing blood circulation which can promote faster growth of hair.

The social media celebrity said that doing these has helped increased her hair length by an inch per week. The key here is doing the routine consistently. Seems enticing, since this hair hack does not require you to buy any hair product (except for a hairbrush) or going to a keratin treatment salon. You can try this trick if you want to boost hair growth.

Hair hack #2: Less hair frizz

One of our biggest enemies is frizzy hair. Even if you have straight hair, it can get frizzy too at some point. Frizziness can be because of hair dryness, but those with wavy or curly hair are more prone to frizziness. Fortunately, you can also do something with your frizzy hair. Aside from going to a Brazilian blowout salon, of course.

If you have naturally kinky hair, this hair hack is for you. To unravel your natural curls, you should use hair oil and gently separate them. Start doing this at the bottom and work your hair upwards. Tug your hair gently until the curls unravel and then rub your hands on your entire hair to remove any frizz. Ta-dah! A simple and less complicated way to give your curls a new and refreshing life!

Hair hack #3: More hydrated hair

All hair products like shampoos and conditioners usually contain “moisturizers” on their labels. Aside from making your hair clean, such hair products should also improve your hair’s moisture. You can also go to a keratin treatment salon to add life to your dry and dull hair.

One of the most popular hair care ingredients is aloe vera. It is a versatile plant that can moisturize your hair and skin. Hair products with aloe vera can be effective in adding moisture to your hair. Better yet, why not use the real thing? You can make a homemade natural hair moisturizer using aloe vera.

Get some aloe vera, peel and scrape its meat, put them in a bowl, and mix. You can use a blender to mix the scraped aloe vera. Pour some mixture on your hairbrush and apply on your entire hair. Let it sit for an hour before rinsing and drying it.

Hair hack #4: Styling short hair

Styling short hair can be a challenge. No wonder some women opt using human hair extensions to add length to hair. Yet, it is possible to add style to your hair without relying on extensions.

To style short hair, part your hair starting at your nape then make small ponytails. Build those ponytails up to the next one until you get to the middle of your head. Get a scrunchie and tie your hair, then get another hair tie and secure your hair.

Taking care and styling your hair need not be expensive and complicated. You just have to be resourceful when it comes to finding alternative ways. You can also choose to have a keratin treatment by a hairstylist in Rockville. But at the end of the day, social media is not always a bad thing. You can utilize it for learning and making your life better.

Hair Care Around the World: How Different Cultures Take Care of Their Hair

Haircare has evolved over the years. Back then, Brazilian keratin straightening wasn’t a thing yet until several years ago. Hair extensions salon also became one of the go-to places for those who want to avail quality clip in hair extensions and other hair extension types.

Haircare and culture

For many people, hair is simply a part of the body that we need to take care of and maintain. But for others, hair is an important part of their culture and tradition. Putting coconut oil on one’s hair may be a normal thing in a certain country, but not so in another country. Nonetheless, hair culture in some parts of the world continues to exist along with modern hair trends nowadays.

Every culture is unique. It’s what makes an individual, a group of people, or an entire place distinct from the rest. The same goes for how we take care of our hair. In many countries, haircare is rooted in social status, gender, or ethnicity, which makes up their own identity.

Haircare routines in different cultures

Perhaps it is a good idea to know how different cultures around the world perceive hair care. For most people today, hair care means spending on a keratin treatment by a hairstylist. For others, hair care may mean other things. It may seem weird for some, but this is what may make them unique from the rest.

For example, most people use coconut oil for cooking. In India, however, they use this oil as part of their hair care regimen. In fact, Indian women learn to use coconut and almond oil as a hair mask as early as their childhood days. Apparently, it does help a lot in moisturizing Indian women’s naturally-thick hair.

Indian culture gives high regard to their hair. In fact, it is one of the most important beauty aspects of their culture. A lot of people would do anything to have thick and healthy hair like Indians have… thanks to coconut oil.

Meanwhile, Ethiopian women use unsalted butter for their hair. Aside from butter, they also use ghee, coconut oil, and even clay and mud to moisturize their hair. Not only can butter moisturize hair but also your skin, too. Ethiopian women also use fresh ochre to color their hair a reddish tinge and then twist it.

Danish women seem to be more chill with their hair care routine, unlike Ethiopians and Indians. A lot of them don’t really spend time in a keratin treatment salon. But they do splurge on hair care products like dry shampoos and hair masks. On the contrary, Brazilian women splurge on keratin treatments to manage their dry and frizzy hair.

Haircare traditions around the world

As mentioned, hair care varies depending on one’s culture and lifestyle. Westerners like to visit their favorite Brazilian blowout salon for regular treatments. Meanwhile, other cultures are fond of using natural ingredients like oil and egg among others. Other interesting traditions that persisted through the years include the following.

  • Ancient people were already coloring their hair ever since using lime, turmeric, and henna.
  • In some cultures, not cutting or shaving their hair is strongly connected to religious beliefs.
  • Dreadlocks, a hairstyle associated with Rastafarianism, is said to symbolize Samson’s strength and power.
  • In Masaai culture, females shaving their heads is a symbol of beauty.
  • Ancient Egyptians already knew the art of shaving body hair using sharpened stones and seashells.

Hair hacks that you can apply in daily life (as inspired by various cultures)

Nowadays, it is easy to have access to a Brazilian blowout salon for your hair treatment needs. But perhaps you can consider trying these following hair hacks and see if it will work for you.

  • Style your hair as French women do. Instead of blowdrying their hair after a shower, let it air dry naturally and use your fingers to add volume and style to hair.
  • Protect your hair from the heat of the sun as Aussies do. There are hair products in the market that also have UV protection to protect hair against frizz and damage.
  • You can also try using Shea Butter (West Africa) and Argan Oil (Morocco) to add shine and health to your hair.

You can choose to do these at home. But it won’t hurt if you also consult a hair professional near you. Schedule a visit to your favorite Brazilian blowout salon in Rockville today!

Baddest Things You Can Do to Your Hair (But Are Doing Anyway)

When it comes to hair care, a lot of people would go the extra mile just for that. For one, some people would invest time and money for hair treatments and visiting a keratin treatment salon to improve their hair. For those with thin hair, there is an option to avail human hair extensions to improve the volume of their hair. Meanwhile, some would prefer going to a Japanese hair straightening salon so that they can manage their hair easier.

Despite all of these hair care treatments and products available in the market, it is still important to know how to take care of your hair the right way. Aside from the right hair products, the usual things you do to your hair also matters. You should also be aware of how you brush or comb your hair and even the right timing to do so. Otherwise, it can make your hair weak and be more prone to damage.

The simple thing matters

Brushing or combing your hair may seem harmless. However, it depends on how and when you do it. Washing your hair regularly is not a bad thing. For one thing, it can help make your hair feel more refreshed and clean. But just like hair brushing, how and when you wash your hair also matters a lot when it comes to maintaining it.

Even hair treatments matter, too. It is easy to decide to get clip-in hair extensions to add volume to your hair. Getting your hair colored or a Brazilian keratin treatment by a hairstylist can be easy decisions as well. Still, you need to be careful when it comes to hair care and treatment.

Worst things you can do to your hair

As mentioned, even simple hair brushing and washing can do damage to your hair depending on how you do it. If you are doing the following hair care routines, you should stop them now.

Brushing your hair when wet

Wet hair is more delicate and prone to damage. You don’t believe it? You can try breaking a strand of dry and wet hair. You will learn that the latter tends to break easier than the former. Just imagine the amount of damage if you brush or style your hair when it is wet.

Using a dirty comb or brush

When you comb or brush your hair, dead skin also gets stuck together with loose hair in between the bristles. This means that when you use a dirty brush or comb, all sorts of disgusting bacteria will be transferred on your scalp and cause dandruff and itching.

Washing your hair with hot water

It can be very relaxing to bathe in hot water after a long and tiring day. However, you should be careful when washing your hair using hot water no matter how relaxing it can be. For one thing, it can strip off your scalp’s natural oils. The same also goes when you wash your hair too much.

Proper hair care tips

By now, you might be guilty of doing the above hair care errors at least once of your life. So, what you need to do is to stop those altogether if you want to keep your hair healthy and strong for the long term. Other than that, here are some tips in properly taking care of your hair.

  • Let your hair dry first before styling it. Never use hot tools such as a curler or hair straightener while your hair is still wet. Better yet, use hair protectants when styling your hair.
  • Wash your hair using warm or slightly cold water. Experts recommend washing your hair about twice a day or every other day.
  • Make it a habit to use a conditioner after shampooing your hair. Not only can it make your hair more moisturized.
  • Don’t pull your hair when combing or brushing it. Instead, you can start combing at the hair tips, focusing on tangles but doing so gently.
  • Let your hair loose once in a while. Avoid tying your hair too tightly every day as it can weaken your hair and cause damage to your hair.


It is not a bad thing to use hair products and going to a Brazilian keratin salon for a treatment. However, you should keep the abovementioned tips in mind when it comes to proper hair care. For your regular hair treatment fix, you can visit a keratin treatment salon in Rockville. Contact one today!

Here are Some of the Worst Things You Are Actually Doing to Your Hair

Ensuring hair health is a must for both men and women. As the adage goes, our “hair is our crowning glory”. For one thing, having nice and healthy-looking hair can make a lot of difference in our physical appearance. You can put hair color or cut it the way you please to add more character and make you feel better about yourself.

To achieve healthy hair, you may consider getting keratin treatment by a hairstylist. You can also visit salons that do hair extensions if you want a new look or make your hair look fuller and longer. Regardless of your options, it is important to take care of your hair the right way.

Common hair care mistakes to avoid from now on

Just when you think you are already doing enough care for your hair, you are wrong. Here are some common hair care errors you might be doing all this time that you should stop right now.

Washing your hair every day

Washing every day can actually damage your hair, stripping it of its natural oils that make hair healthy and shiny. Experts recommend washing hair every two to three days. But if your hair tends to get sweat a lot or you work out, rinse your hair and scalp only and apply conditioner on the tips.

Using too much conditioner and the wrong shampoo

Instead of slathering conditioner all over your hair, apply only a reasonable amount on the hair ends. It is also important to choose a shampoo that has no harmful ingredients, which will be discussed later on.

Brushing/combing hair when it is wet

Hair tends to get weaker as it gets wet, that is why you should avoid combing or brushing it after washing it. To avoid tangles, you can comb or brush your hair before stepping into the shower. Also, make sure not to tug your hair when you comb or brush it.

Waiting too long before getting a hair cut

Ideally, you should trim your hair at least every six weeks, but there are some exceptions to the rule. You don’t need to cut your hair drastically, just a simple trim will suffice.

Read the label

Choosing the right hair products is also important to ensure healthy hair. On the other hand, there are a lot of hair care products that claim to do wonders on your hair. So, which ones to choose and ones to avoid? Here are some ingredients you should check out on your shampoo label.


This includes anything with ingredients such as propyl, butyl, ethyl, and methyl. These are considered preservatives that can cause skin reactions.

Sodium Laureth Sulfate/sodium lauryl sulfate

This ingredient is the one responsible for creating a lather when you shampoo your hair. This is also the same ingredient that makes laundry detergents and other cleaners lather. Go figure.

Mineral oil

This is similar to crude oil, the one that is commonly used for industrial purposes. It does not provide any benefits on hair, perhaps only make it shiny but not healthy.

Diethanolamine (DEA)/Triethanolamine (TEA)

These are foaming agents that are acidic and cause adverse reactions on hair and skin. It can also make hair feel dry and lifeless.

Haircare tips you should not ignore

To avoid disastrous effects on your hair, you should take these necessary steps to ensure healthier hair.

  • You can visit a keratin treatment salon to help maintain your hair health. A Brazilian keratin straightening can do wonders on your hair, but make sure to let it be done only by professional hairstylists.
  • Let your hair assessed first in a permanent hair straightening salon before undergoing chemical treatments that can potentially damage your hair.
  • Let your hair breathe. Every now and then, let your hair rest from any chemicals and hair styling products that can do extensive damage when done all too often.
  • Ensure a healthy diet and lifestyle. It may sound irrelevant but what you eat actually affects your hair’s health.
  • Do not wash your hair using hot water for it can dry out your hair. Experts recommend washing with lukewarm water instead.

Love your hair

With so many treatments and hair care products available in the market today, it can be tempting to use such whatever suits our fancy. Whether we choose to go to salons that do hair extensions or have your hair straightened in a Japanese hair straightening salon in Rockville, make sure to know the right amount of care our hair needs to ensure optimum hair health.

The Icky Truth about Not Washing Your Hair Everyday

We all want to have beautiful hair. For one, you may have gone to a Brazilian blowout salon to make your hair look more luscious, shinier, and more manageable. Some may prefer visiting a Japanese hair straightening salon for a permanent hair straightening treatment. Meanwhile, some may prefer applying human hair extensions to add more volume to their hair.

These are only some of the many ways to improve your hair’s appearance. Regardless of your choice, it should help you gain more confidence and feel better about yourself. At the same time, you should also ensure proper post-hair treatment care for better results. This is more important if you have visited a permanent hair straightening salon or had a keratin treatment by a hairstylist.

You may have already been advised not to wash your hair every day if you want to keep your hair healthy. For many people, it may be easier said than done. Imagine not having to wash and shampoo your hair at the end of the day? Thinking about it can make you already feel icky.

But what is the truth behind this hair care advice?

On one hand, washing your hair too often can dry out your hair and be prone to damage. On the other hand, not washing your hair often can cause scalp itching and excessive oil. Both options can ultimately lead to clogged pores and hair loss.

As to answer the question of whether to wash your hair daily or not, it depends on your hair type. In case you don’t know, hair type and texture varies from person to person. Some have thick hair, while others have thin hair. Some are naturally curly, while others have effortlessly straight hair.

However, how often you should wash your hair depends on your hair type. For example, washing your hair weekly may already be enough for those with dry hair. Those with thick and curly, graying, or chemically-treated hair are more prone to dry hair. Washing your hair once a week will preserve your scalp’s natural oils and keep your hair moisturized.

For “average” hair – not too curly, still manageable and not very dry – experts recommend washing hair two or three times a week. By washing hair, it means not shampooing your hair every day. But if you want a fresher and cleaner smell on your hair, you can put some conditioner from the mid-shaft to the hair ends.

Why not shampooing can be a good thing to your hair

If you have already noticed, shampooing your hair every day has resulted in drier hair and split ends. That is why hair experts advice against using shampoos every day as it can do more harm on your hair than making it smell good. If you worry about your hair feeling dry because of not shampooing, your scalp can avoid that.

This is because our scalp naturally produces sebum or oil that is naturally produced by our scalp. The production of sebum is the reason why our hair and scalp feels greasy when left unwashed for a couple of days. However, sebum can actually improve your hair by making it more moisturized and hydrated.

On the other hand, shampoo can help remove impurities and make your hair smell better. However, experts warn against shampooing hair every day. For one, it can strip off the hair’s natural oils. Most shampoos also contain ingredients like surfactants and sulfates. These can effectively remove dirt on your hair but will make your hair dry the more you use it.

Keeping your hair in tiptop shape

By now, you already have an idea of why it is not ideal to use shampoo every day. But there are still ways to keep your hair healthier. Here are some hair care tips to remember:

  • Use shampoo alternatives such as dry shampoos and “no-poos” shampoos. Still, it is a good idea at least twice or thrice a week. Then again, it depends on your hair type.
  • You can also use a conditioner on your hair. However, do not put on the scalp. Instead, apply it from mid-shaft down to the ends only.
  • When shampooing or conditioning hair, make sure to wash it thoroughly before stepping out of the shower.
  • Before considering a Brazilian keratin straightening or other hair treatments, consult a hair expert first.

Taking care of your hair

There is really no right or wrong answer as to how often you should wash your hair. It will depend on your hair type and even your lifestyle. At the end of the day, your hair’s health should be important. For your hair treatment needs, visit a keratin treatment salon in Rockville today.

Hair Care Tips This Summer Season

Summer is just around the corner – an exciting time to wear your swimsuits, get a tan and be out under the warmth of the sun. It is also the time to sport refreshing haircuts or a new hair color that will suit the season. You can even get a hair treatment to give more life to your hair. For your hair care needs, you can visit a keratin treatment salon near you.

Our skin needs some daily dose of sunshine as it has Vitamin D that is good for our skin. However, everything that is in excess is bad – and that includes sun exposure. Too much exposure to the sun can cause sunburns and, in worst cases, skin cancer. The same precaution also applies to your hair.

Getting your hair exposed too much under the sun can literally “fry” your hair. According to experts, excessive sun’s heat can make the hair brittle and weak. This can result to dry hair as well as fading and discoloration for those with colored hair. Even those without hair color can notice that their hair has brassy-colored hair that is not the usual.

That is why it is important to have a professional keratin treatment by a hair stylist. Having regular hair treatment especially this summer helps protect your hair from the sun’s damage. Plus, you can feel more confident to let down your hair and let the wind blow your beautiful hair.

Swimming and hair damage

Another fun activity you can do during summer time is swimming at the beach or in a luxurious pool. However, too much swimming can also cause frizz and damage to your hair. Frizzy hair happens when dry hair absorbs the humidity in the air. This causes the hair shaft to break and swell, hence making hair frizzy and unmanageable.

Swimming can also damage your hair regardless if it’s in the pool or at the beach. Pool water contains chlorine that can strip off your hair’s natural oils. It can also turn your hair in a greenish tinge if you have blonde hair. On the other hand, an excessive amount of salt in seawater can remove water and moisture from your hair and also your skin.

Hair care tips this summer season

Everyone wants to have summer-ready hair, and you can achieve that as well. Just follow these simple hair care tips and make your hair look good this hot season.

Have your hair trimmed.

It is a good idea to start the season with trimmed hair. It will help rid of split ends and promote better hair growth.

Protect your hair from the sun’s heat.

There are many hair care products designed to protect your hair against harmful UV rays. You can find some of these hair care products in a Brazilian blowout salon or keratin treatment salon. They also come in gel, spray, or cream forms.

Shower first before dipping in the pool or beach.

This is why there are shower areas near the pool or beach area, not just simply for rinsing after taking a dip into the pool or beach. Dampening your hair in the shower can lessen the effects of hair damage by pool chlorine or sea salt water.

Avoid using hot tools.

It’s summertime, so why use hot styling tools in the first place? Let loose of your natural hair. Skip going to a permanent hair straightening salon because chemically-treated hair can be more prone to damage during the summer season.

Hair trends you can try this summer

Summertime does not necessarily mean a temporary rest from clip-in hair extensions (unless you will be going swimming more often). However, it can be a good excuse to sport a new look in time for this season. Here are some looks that can look good this summer.


This season, it can be a good idea to have a Balayage hair that suits the summer waves. Choose hair products that will give you a sun-kissed look minus the hair damage.

Long and textured curls

This summer look is all about natural wavy hair movement. Consult a professional hair stylist for the best look that will suit your hair and your overall appearance.

Short bangs

It can give a vintage vibe for everyone. It may not suit everyone, but it can definitely be a show-stopper.

Keep your hair healthy this summer

This summer, it is important to keep your hair healthy. You can visit a Brazilian keratin salon in Rockville for hair treatment. Your hair doesn’t need to suffer this hot season – it’s actually a great time to give it the best care it deserves.

Common Hair Care Myths That Should Be Debunked Now

Everyone wants to have nice, full, and healthy-looking hair, men and women alike. Having healthy hair is a sign of youth. Meaning, it can make you look younger than your actual years. Healthy hair can also boost one’s confidence and maintain positivity in all aspects of his/her life. If you want to have healthy-looking hair, you can visit a keratin treatment salon and let professional hair experts take care of your precious hair.

Common hair care myths

Perhaps you heard about various tips about proper hair care. Whether you saw it online or passed on to you through word of mouth, these so-called tips promise one common thing: to improve your hair’s health. There are also so-called cheaper alternatives to make your hair healthy without resorting to expensive Brazilian keratin straightening or using human hair extensions.

However, “fake news” is common nowadays so you should not believe everything you see or hear. Some would say that there would be no harm in trying. But surely you would not want to try something that is not at least scientifically proven. It’s up to you if you want to try these so-called hair care tips, but don’t say we didn’t warn you.

The more often you cut your hair, the more it will grow faster.

In truth, cutting your hair won’t really create a major impact in your hair follicles. On the contrary, cutting your hair of split ends can make your hair healthier and grow longer. To reiterate, the frequency of hair cutting won’t affect its hair growth but can promote healthier hair growth.

Blow drying can damage your hair.

It is true that excessive heat can cause hair damage especially when done frequently. However, you can still use your hair dryer as long as you adjust it to the minimum heat setting. Make sure to hold the dryer away from your hair to prevent the risk of hair damage due to heat.

Using oils can make your hair too oily.

Oil will make your hair greasy if you apply it on your scalp. However, applying oil on the ends can actually do wonders to your hair. In fact, oil can make your hair shinier and more hydrated. Make sure to shampoo your hair thoroughly to remove excess oils in your hair and scalp. Apply oil only on the hair surface and not on the scalp.

Plucking gray hair can result in more gray hair growth.

This is not true. In fact, there is nothing wrong with plucking gray or white hairs. There are also instances wherein when you pluck gray or white hair, hair regrowth may be less gray or white-looking.

Brush your hair 100 times to make your hair healthier.

Perhaps your mom or grandmother did this before and has passed on that belief to you. For now, you can lay down your brush and give it a rest. Excessive hair brushing can lead to breakage and friction that can result to damage over time. Better yet, you can use an ionic brush which can help stimulate hair growth.

Tips on proper hair care product use

Be careful when applying hair products.

Make sure not to apply too much hair products so as not to weigh down your hair. Use dime-size gel or mousse on short hair, and more for longer hair.

Do not apply styling products on wet hair.

Instead, apply hair styling products after towel or air-drying your hair. Massage the product onto the scalp for better results. However, consult a professional hair stylist first before using styling products.

Visit professional hair salons for proper hair treatment

You can visit salons that do hair extensions if you want to add volume to your hair. You can also try keratin treatment by hair stylist to ensure maximum hair quality.

Why it’s a good idea to visit hair salons

If you want to maintain the health of your hair, you can visit hair salons near you. Here are the reasons why it is a good idea to have regular salon visits.

For one, experts recommend going to the salon once a month for proper hair treatments. You can try Brazilian keratin straightening to lessen hair frizz and make your hair shinier and more manageable.

Professional hair stylists will also ensure vibrant hair color if you had hair coloring treatment recently. Lastly, stylists know everything about hair care so it’s recommended to heed their useful advice when it comes to hair maintenance.

Find professional hair stylists near you

You can visit a keratin treatment salon in Bethesda for your regular dose of hair care treatment. Learn a thing or two about proper hair care from the industry’s experts today!

How to Keep Your Hair Hydrated in the Summer Heat

hair salon

For sure, you get those sun-kissed highlights in summer, but summer heat can also be the culprit behind your dehydrated, parched hair. If your hair is looking dry this summer, you need to moisturize your manes from root to tip. You can try DIY hacks as well as visit hair salon to keep your hair hydrated and moisturized.

Summer hair care routine

Summer heat and humidity may damage your hair resulting in drab, dry, brittle, split or frizzy hair and rough ends. Sun exposure can be damaging to unprotected hair. Summer heat can damage all type, texture, length and color of hair. It is very much important to protect the hair from summer heat. You need to change your hair care routine to keep your hair in healthy condition during hot summers.

The summer hair care tips

Hydrate from the Inside, Out

It is important to keep your hair hydrated. So, drink a lot of water, juices and smoothies throughout the summer. Keep the water bottle nearby for quick accessibility. Lack of hydration may make your strands brittle and more prone to damage and frizz, so drink up!

Change Your Routine

In case, you are noticing split-ends, dry hair and damaged hair, you need to change your hair care routine right away. Take a sneak peek over below mentioned hair care tips:

-Use frizz control shampoo and conditioner

-Apply hair oil at least once in a week

-Apply hair mask occasionally

-Opt for good hair care treatment

Turn Down the Heat

Avoid using blow-dryer and flattening iron during hot summer days. Too much heat will steal the moisture from your hair. Let hair dried-up naturally. Also, if styling is necessary, use heat protection sprays first.

Cover your hair

Whenever you go out try covering your hair with cloth. You can uses stylish scarfs for this purpose. This will protect your hair from summer heat. Also, protect your hair from chlorinated and salty water.

It is important to provide special care to hair during hot summer months. If your hair started looking really dull and dry in summer, you can consult with a celebrity hairstylist regarding best hair care routine for summer.

How often should I shampoo my hair after coloring it?

You should always try waiting for a couple days before shampooing your hair after a hair coloring or highlight application.  When your new hair color has properly set in, there are a number of helpful hair care products you can use to keep your highlights from fading.  For example, you should refrain from washing your hair every day so that your hair color lasts for as long as possible.  During your appointment, your hair care expert can share with you helpful hair care tips about natural hair care products as well!  All of the professional hair stylists at Moses’ Hair Salon have years of experience creating unique looks for each and every one of our clients.

Once your new color is in place, you might want to think about getting a nice relaxing keratin hair treatment!  This professional hair care service will leave your hair feeling straight, soft and luxurious for months on end.  We also provide top quality hair extensions, including a wide range of wedding hair styles and bridal extensions.  Few other hair salons in the DC metro area provide as many hair and spa services as we do.  Whether you are looking for an effective gray hair treatment or layered hair styles to match your new sunglasses, this is the place for you.