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Is it Safe to Dye Your Hair While Pregnant?

Pregnancy is one of the most important milestones of a woman’s life. For one thing, it can be overwhelming to bring and carry another life inside your body for the next nine months. However, you would also have to set aside activities you usually do before getting pregnant including intense physical activities, drinking coffee, or going to your favorite Brazilian blowout salon.

Speaking of salons, it would be nice to feel fresh and pretty especially if you are pregnant. Being pregnant can be uncomfortable at times due to the growing baby inside momma’s tummy. Not to mention the expected weight gain, swollen ankles, fatigue, and even the emotional roller-coaster ride that goes along with it.

Can you dye your hair while pregnant?

While there are some things that you cannot control when you are pregnant, you still have control of your hairstyle and color. Nice hair color can make you feel better and prettier despite being pregnant. However, most hair dyes contain chemicals that can be bad for the growing fetus.

All expectant mothers only want to have a healthy and safe pregnancy. Anything you put into your body will affect your baby’s growth and development. But at the same time, some moms would still want to look good and glowing. This is understandable, since being pregnant is not easy, to begin with.

A lot of pregnant women might already miss visiting a keratin treatment salon for some hair TLC. Or visiting a Japanese hair straightening salon to keep your hair straight and easy to style. However, you might have to be careful of any hair treatments while pregnant.

It is important to stay away from any toxins and harmful chemicals while pregnant. But if you want to get a hair dye while pregnant, you can go ahead and color your hair either with permanent or semi-permanent hair color. Some tiny amount of dye can get into the skin, but won’t cause harmful effects to the developing baby.

Color your hair safely while pregnant

Make sure to consult your doctor first before having a Brazilian keratin straightening treatment or some hair color. Looking good while pregnant is not bad at all as long as you do it safely. Still, you should take note of the following to lessen the risk of harming your unborn child.

Opt for safer hair dye alternatives.

Choose semi-permanent hair dyes that are bleach or ammonia-free instead of permanent hair colors. The former may not be as long-lasting as the latter but has fewer toxins and chemicals which make it a safer choice for pregnant women. Other options include henna and natural vegetable hair dyes. For hair color, you can try highlights or any hair treatments that won’t have skin or scalp contact.

Choose safer hair treatments.

Hair treatments are generally safe for pregnant women. But there is nothing wrong with erring on the side of caution. Using clip-in hair extensions can also be safe since there are no chemicals involved here. If you are concerned about using hair products while pregnant, opt for safer hair treatment options. You might have to skip going to a permanent hair straightening salon in the meantime.

Have hair treatments in your second trimester.

Some professionals advise having hair treatments at least during your second trimester of pregnancy. This is to lessen the risk of harming the fetus inside your tummy.

How to lessen chemical exposure while pregnant

The abovementioned tips should help protect you and your baby from toxins and harmful chemicals. Other ways to lessen chemical exposure coming from hair products and treatments include the following.

  • Make sure to be in a well-ventilated area when applying hair color or any hair product.
  • Wear gloves when putting hair dye. Also, don’t leave the hair dye on your hair for too long.
  • Rinse your hair and scalp thoroughly after the hair treatment process.
  • Go only to your trusted hair professionals for quality and safe hair treatments.


Being pregnant can be challenging physically and emotionally. Adjustments have to be made, from an expectant mom’s diet, daily activities, and even beauty routines. The same goes when deciding to color your hair while pregnant.

Hair treatments should be generally safe, but make sure to check the ingredients. Opt for safer alternatives if it is available on-hand. Before going to a Brazilian blowout salon in Bethesda for some hair treatment, make sure to have the go-signal from your doctor.

Grow Out Your Hair Color in Style Without Going to the Salon

The world is currently reeling on the devastating effects of COVID-19. As of date, more than 700,000 total confirmed cases have been reported since it began around late December last year. More than 200 countries have already been affected and have killed more than 37,000 individuals around the world.

It has also affected our daily routines and our lives in general. We are advised to stay at home until the coast becomes clear. Even simply going to a Brazilian blowout salon for a Brazilian keratin straightening treatment is not advisable for now. In the meantime, we have to live with limited movements until the pandemic slows down and dies a natural death.

The problem with hair care nowadays

There are two sides to the coin, with what is happening nowadays. On the one hand, you have more time with your family. You realized that your room needs some deep cleaning and did it anyway. You also have more time to rediscover yourself and your hidden passions.

However, this entire stay-at-home thing we all have to do has already taken a toll on our health and beauty regimen. You might have to let your hair grow out for now… and your dyed hair as well. Maintaining your colored hair can be harder especially now since most salons are temporarily closed due to COVID-19.

The same goes if you are planning to go to a Brazilian keratin salon or a Japanese hair straightening salon. Because of the ongoing pandemic, everyone has no choice but to put their salon treatment plans on hold. You can do the hair coloring on your own, but it may not come out as good as you expect it to be.

Another option is to let your natural hair color grow out. It may be awkward seeing your natural brunette roots peeking through your blonde-dyed hair. However, you can get through this awkward hair phase and still rock your semi-maintained dyed hair.

Growing out your highlights

Highlights are still nowadays. Actually, it can be a great hair coloring alternative unlike when you color your entire hair. However, you might be getting tired of hair highlights and would like to try something new.

Perhaps you can still stick with hair highlights but with some tweaks along the way. Here are some tips to rock your highlights while you cannot go out for a salon treatment for now.

  • Let your hair grow until your natural hair color becomes visible enough.
  • If you can, trim your hair to get rid of the split ends and dryness at the tips.
  • Try using human hair extensions to add volume and life to your hair.
  • Try a balayage or an ombre look out of your growing highlighted hair.
  • For bleached, light-colored, or “adventurously” dyed hair, it is better to let the professionals do your hair. Hair color correction or re-dyeing your hair should be better done by experienced hair stylists.

How to make your dyed hair last longer

Dyed hair takes a lot of care so that the color will last longer. For one thing, coloring your hair can already be expensive enough depending on the type of coloring treatment done.

That is why it only makes sense that you need to maintain its color for as long as it can. Here are some ways you should do to make your colored hair last longer.

Lessen the use of hair styling tools.

This is important especially if you have just colored your hair. Doing so will protect your hair against premature fading. You can use these tools but you have to wait for about a week or two to prevent your colored hair from fading.

Do not shower using hot water.

Not only can it dry out your skin but also your hair. Instead, rinse your hair using warm or cold water. This will help make your colored hair last longer and more vibrant.

Protect your hair when swimming or under the sun.

Before swimming, make sure to apply a hair protector with SPF to protect your colored hair. Hair products with sunflower oil can also help protect your hair and contains antioxidants as well.

Do not wash your hair after coloring your hair.

Hair experts suggest waiting for about 24 to 48 hours before you can wash your hair after hair coloring. Use a sulfate-free shampoo for better results.

Taking care of your hair during these uncertain times

Visiting a keratin treatment salon in Rockville may not be a good thing for now. However, this does not mean you should already forget your hair routine even when you’re just at home. The abovementioned tips will help you take care of your colored hair.

Add Color to Your Hair (and Your Life, too!): Hair Care Tips for Dyed Hair

Our hair does a lot not only to our overall look but also tells a lot about a person. For example, guys with long hair seem to be more the adventurous type than those with short hair. Women with vibrant-colored hair can be more on the artsy and spontaneous side. Nevertheless, choosing a hairstyle and color is a matter of personal taste and preference.

When it comes to hair, one should make sure to take care of it to lessen the occurrence of split ends and dryness. For better-looking hair, you should try visiting a Brazilian blowout salon and set an appointment for a keratin treatment by a hairstylist. For hair that is easier to manage and no styling needed, you can also visit a Japanese hair straightening salon for frizz-free, shiny hair.

So you want to color your hair?

There are many ways to spice up your hair. Aside from a keratin treatment or a Brazilian blowout, you can also consider trying out changing your hair color. Chestnut brown, platinum blonde, balayage color, or perhaps try to be adventurous with other colors like orange or purple?

Coloring your hair can provide several benefits. For one, it can enhance your overall look. It can help boost your confidence and rediscover yourself in the process as well. So go ahead and choose the right hair color that really suits your personality and taste. But if you are not sure, you can consult a hair expert in a trusted salon near you.

What to know before coloring your hair

Hair coloring is one of the most exciting yet nerve-racking decisions you can ever make. Once you go with it, there is no turning back. That is why you need to decide carefully the right color you will use to dye your hair. Also, you need to consider the following before turning up to a salon or grab a hair dye in your nearest beauty store.

The right dye for your natural hair color

When doing hair dyeing at home, make sure not to go more than two shades darker or lighter than your original hair color. Better yet, you should go to a keratin treatment salon that also does hair coloring. Apparently, DIY hair dye kits aren’t really as long-lasting as compared to the ones used in the salon.

Who will do the coloring?

On the one hand, there are DIY coloring kits you do at home by yourself. Before proceeding, make sure to do a test coloring first such as trying a demi-permanent hair dye. If you want, you can also visit a permanent hair straightening salon that also offers professional hair coloring services.

When the color starts to fade

Instead of dyeing your hair anew upon signs of hair color fading, you can simply re-color your new growth and refresh faded hair ends before the end of the coloring session.

Caring for colored hair

Your hair coloring doesn’t stop when you get the hair color that you want. Rather, after-care is also important so that you maintain your hair’s vibrant color. Otherwise, improper hair care can lead to premature hair color fading and wasted time and effort. Here are tips to ensure that your hair color will last a long time.

Wait for 72 hours before washing your hair.

Before coloring your hair, wash it first using clarifying shampoo. Also, do not wash your hair following the first wash (to remove the dye from the hair). Instead, let it dry first and wait for about three days before washing it again.

Add dye to white conditioner.

If you have the unconventional hair colors like purple, green, or orange, you can add a few drops of dye in your plain conditioner. Make sure that you are the only one using it within your household – or else one of them end up having colored hair, too!

Use hair mask every week.

Specifically, use ones that are meant for colored hair. Deep-conditioning and nourishing masks are also great for dyed hair. Make sure that the hair mask does not have sulfates.

The refreshing change you deserve

It is important to think about hair coloring carefully as it can change your hair (and your life) forever. You can do it at home, or you can visit a keratin treatment salon that also offers professional hair coloring services.

Post-hair color treatments are also important so that your colored hair lasts longer. Whether you choose to DIY or to visit a Brazilian keratin salon in Bethesda, make sure to trust professionals to help you achieve the beautiful hair that you deserve.