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Hair Shedding vs. Hair Loss: How They Are Different

Several studies reveal that an average person sheds up to 100 hair strands per day. More than that, it can be due to an underlying medical condition. It can also be because of the wrong hair treatments that make you lose hair strands. Make sure to consult trusted hair experts before going to a Brazilian blowout salon or a permanent hair straightening salon.

Hair shedding may vary from person to person. Some people seem not to experience such since they have thicker or longer hair than others. Hair shedding is normal unless you see clumps of hair on your pillow or the shower drain. Also, is hair shedding the same with hair loss? Here’s what you need to know.

Hair shedding vs. Hair loss: What’s the difference?

Hair shedding and hair loss are commonly used interchangeably. However, these two are different from each other. Also known as telogen effluvium, hair shedding is common to those who experience stress and other factors such as:

  • Significant weight loss
  • Recent birth
  • Recent high fever
  • Recently gone through surgery
  • Not taking birth control pills for some time

As mentioned, stress is also a major factor for excessive hair shedding. But if you can overcome or adjust to a stressful situation, the alarming hair shedding usually stops without undergoing any surgery or medications.

Hair loss, on the other hand, is also known as anagen effluvium. It happens when hair stops growing due to several factors, such as:

  • Genetics
  • Reaction due to treatments or drugs/medication
  • Using hair products with harsh ingredients (ex. products used in a questionable Japanese hair straightening salon)
  • Using human hair extensions or clip-in hair extensions improperly (ex. not removing them after the recommended)
  • Hairstyles that pull your hair too much (ex. ponytail)

There are treatments for hair loss, but may not be as effective to everyone who suffers from it. Instead, you might need to consult a dermatologist to treat your hair loss as soon as possible. More so, dermatologists can determine if you are experiencing hair shedding or hair loss.

Hair life cycle

Like frogs and other living things, our hair also goes through a life cycle. It starts in the follicles, where it receives all the nutrients to ensure healthy hair growth. Our hair undergoes four stages of hair growth (and loss).

Stage 1: Anagen

This is also known as the “growth phase”. During this phase, our hair can grow as long as 3 feet. It can last for up to 7 years.

Stage 2: Catagen

Also known as the “transition phase”, it is when your follicles shrink and your hair starts to detach. Hence, the start of “hair shedding”. This phase lasts for up to 3 weeks.

Stage 3: Telogen

This is also known as the “resting phase”. It occurs when there is hair regrowth going on in the follicle and pushing the old hair. This entire phase lasts for 3 months.

Stage 4: Exogen

This last phase happens when the old hair falls off completely and the new hair grows continuously. At the same time, some of the hair naturally sheds off.

When to know if your hair fall is normal

There are two popular ways to know if you are experiencing normal hair fall: the pull test and the comb test. In the pull test, you get a couple of hair strands and gently comb them using your fingers. If you get more than 20 strands from it, it can indicate excessive hair fall.

In the comb test, find a bedsheet with a light color and, while leaning, comb your hair starting from the back down to the front. After combing, check for any loose strands. If there are more than 15 loose strands, it can be a sign of excessive hair fall.

Preventing hair fall

Here are tips you should do to lessen, if not prevent, hair fall.

  • Pay attention to your diet. Eat more protein and greens.
  • Take supplements such as vitamins A, B, C, D, zinc, iron, and selenium.
  • Consider taking biotin supplements, too. But make sure to consult a doctor before taking any health supplements.
  • Check first the hair products used before having a keratin treatment by a hairstylist.
  • Use a mild shampoo when washing your hair.
  • Use medications specially prescribed for hair fall (ex. Minoxidil, Propecia)
  • For quality hair treatments, trust the best salons that offer services such as Brazilian keratin straightening in Rockville and more!

Reasons Why Your Hair is Not Growing Longer

Long hair is one of the hairstyles that never go out of fashion, yet so many women struggle to grow their hair long. They try human hair extensions, Japanese hair straightening, Brazilian keratin treatment but they don’t achieve the hair length. Some even cut their hair to give their hair a new start, but, still, the hair doesn’t seem to grow past a certain level. While the hair techniques are perfect for hair growth and maintenance why are most women not achieving the hair length they want? In this article, we give you expert tips on what you should do to ensure your hair grows longer. Before trying out any hair technique, it’s best to visit the hair salon and let the experts assess your hair to determine what will work for you.

Reason Why Your Hair is Not Growing Long

  • Hair Breakage

Hair breakage is one of the most significant cause of stunted hair growth. Healthy hair should grow 6 inches every year. Below are some of the causes of hair breakage;

  • Over-processing your hair

Over-processing during hair color and the highlight will lead to hair breakage. Exposing your hair to too much color and dye will cause the outer cuticle to lift, and that will damage the hair strands. A lifted hair cuticle will cause the hair to become dull, brittle and that will lead to damage. Over-processing will lead to breakage and eventually hair loss.

Using too many chemicals during permanent hair straightening will also cause hair breakage. The chemicals will dry out your hair and lead to breakage. It’s best to have the hair straightened at the permanent hair straightening salon because the hair stylist will assess your hair and use the right amount of chemicals

  • Overusing heat tools

Too much heat will make your hair dry and brittle. During the Japanese permanent hair straightening, make sure that the right amount of heat is applied to your hair. Let the hair expert at the Japanese hair straightening salon apply the straightening chemicals because they know the level of heat your hair can handle. Instead of using heat tools to dry your hair, air dry it. It’s also important that you give your hair a break after application of the permanent hair straightening chemicals. That will give your hair time to grow strong and long.

  • Aggressive hairstyle

Hairstyles that are aggressive will break your hair. If you are wearing braided hair extensions, make sure the cornrows are not too tight because that will damage your hair. When removing hair extensions make sure you do it gently to avoid yanking out your hair. When removing bonded or glued hair extensions visit the hair extensions salon and let the hair stylist remove them.

  • Split ends

Split ends are hair ends that split in two, and that will lead to damage and stunt hair growth. Split ends result when your hair doesn’t have enough nutrients, and they eventually cause hair breakage. Once your hair has split ends your hair grows from the root but doesn’t grow longer at the ends. The only solution for split ends is trimming. It’s therefore important that you visit the hair straightening salon often and let the hair stylist check on split ends and trim them.

To prevent split ends, make sure your hair is not over processed, overexposed to heat and drying using towels. Make sure that your hair doesn’t tangle.

  • Poor diet

They say beauty comes from within, and so does hair. To grow your hair require nutrients such as vitamin D, zinc, salmon, and mushrooms. Failure to have a balanced diet will lead to weak hair and stunted growth. A balanced diet is one of the easy ways to have healthy hair.

  • Build of oils and hair products on the scalp

A healthy scalp means healthy hair. A build-up of hair care products on the scalp will stall hair growth. Build up of hair products on the scalp will block hair follicles and that will stunt hair growth. Hair products that have silicone build up and block the follicles. Blocked hair follicles mean no more hair is growing while the normal breakage is occurring leaving your hair thin.

  • Poor hair care routine

Its imperative that you come up with a hair regimen that will keep your hair healthy. Washing your hair with hot water doesn’t make your hair clean but removes the natural hair oils, and that makes the hair dry. If you are wearing hair extensions, speak to the hair extensions stylist on the best regimen to follow. After permanently straightening your hair, make sure you follow the right hair care routine.

Healthy Hair Tips to Follow

  • Avoid brushing your hair when it’s wet. Brush your hair before washing and after its dry.
  • Turn the heat down. Avoid hot water and overuse of heat styling tools.
  • Keep your hair hydrated. Condition your hair often.

The hair care regimen you follow will determine how healthy and long your hair will become. To permanently straighten your hair, visit the hair straightening salon  Rockville for professional straightening, if you want to wear hair extensions, let the hair stylist at the hair straightening salon fix your hair extensions. Work with the expert hair stylist for best results, follow the above tips, and you can expect long hair in no time.


How to Protect Your Hair from Damage While Wearing Hair Extensions

Most women dream of long fuller hair that is hassle-free to maintain. They want hair that resembles a certain celebrity, but they don’t have the facts on how to avoid the hair damage that results from wearing an extension which in turn becomes disappointing and frustrating. The damage that results  from wearing poor hair extension  quality, poor application process and poor maintenance

Its possible to achieve your celebrity hair looks and reap the benefits of hair extensions without damaging your hair. It’s imperative to visit a hair extension salon near you to get expert advice and services on the best way to wear an extension.

Ways to Protect your Hair from Damage while Wearing Extensions

  • Choose Extensions that are lighter than your hair

Hair Extensions that are heavier than your hair will tug your hair down along the hairline and cause breakage. When wearing extensions like clip extension ensure that its light in weight to avoid stressing your hairline and causing hair thinning.

  • Remove the Extensions with care

Carefully remove the extension especially if they integrate with your hair to avoid hair damage. Don’t yank the extension out of your head as this will automatically damage your hair strands. Visit your hair specialist to help remove the extension carefully without damaging the hair.

  • Give your hair a break

Wearing extensions for long will make the hairline weak eventually causing hair thinning and loss. To ensure your grows back to give your hair a break and if you are wearing clip in extensions remove them while sleeping. Remove and replace the extensions often to avoid traction alopecia

  • Avoid Excess heat

Using heat frequently to style your extension will eventually catch up to your hair and cause breakage. It’s ideal to style the extensions before attaching them to the hair.

How to Take care of Your Damaged Hair After removing Hair Extensions

  • Treat your Hair with Sulfate-free shampoos

To remove oil build-up and other products from your hair use shampoo which doesn’t contain sulfate as part of the ingredients. Visit the hair extension salon near you and consult your hair specialist for advice on the best products. Deep condition using protein treatment after shampooing to help the hair regain its strength.

  • Take supplements and Ensure you eat well-balanced meals

Taking a break from wearing extension is necessary, but also a balanced diet will ensure your hair regrows back from inside out. Take enough water to stay hydrated and vitamins that mainly help hair growth.

  • Groom the hair Properly

Gently comb through hair using wide tooth combs to avoid straining the hair more. Ensure that the hair is tangle free and then apply conditioner. Use the least harsh method while styling your hair. Wear hair back as headbands and ribbons may pull the hair more.

Is Short Hair Attractive On Women?

hair salonThe idea of having short haircut is itself amazing for girls. If you are thinking about having short haircut, visit hair salon and get it. Don’t be afraid of chopping your hair short. Get haircut that you want, for reasons that make you feel happy. The short haircuts are not just snazzy, but they are easy to be taken care of. However, it is extremely important to select the right hairstylist to cut your hair short. Only a few hairstylists have talent of giving a perfect short haircut to their clients.

Do girls look good with short hair?

Yes, girls do look good with short haircut, as there will be no hair to hide behind. These haircuts highlight the natural facial features. Girls who embrace short hairstyles walk with pride. These haircuts boost the confidence from inside and that confidence can be seen on the face. It means you can proudly flaunt your personalized style, as short hair is an amazing way of getting in tune with yourself. You start valuing your facial features and learn how to live with them.

Reasons to cut your hair short

Short haircut is actually a great way of bringing a big change in your look.  With short haircut, you can actually look totally different. And this change will be good. You will look and feel more confident. There are many types of stunning short haircuts to choose from. You can opt for the one that you think is apt for you.

Having a short haircut doesn’t always mean that you have to chop of all your hair or cut your hair like men. There are many shoulder length short haircuts that are absolutely feminine, for example –shoulder length bob. You can even use hair accessories (such as hair band, bobby pins etc.) with short haircuts and hairstyles.

If you are dealing with hair problems like hair fall, hair thinning, split ends and dry scalp, you can cut your hair short. It is not easy to look after the long hair. By cutting your hair, you can nourish your scalp for proper hair growth of the new hair. Maintenance of short hair is easy, you can consult with a hairstylist for short haircut about hair care.