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What You Need to Know About Heat-Damaged Hair and How to Treat It

We all have different hairstyles. Some have straight hair, while others have wavy or curly hair. Some have long hair, while others have short hair. But one thing is for sure: everyone wants to have healthy hair. No wonder there are a lot of hair products and treatments that promise smooth and healthy-looking hair.

There are a lot of hair treatments to choose from. You can visit a Japanese hair straightening salon if you want to have straighter, easy-to-manage hair. Or if you don’t want your hair to be too straight but make it more manageable at least, you can opt to have a keratin treatment by a hairstylist in a Brazilian keratin salon. You can go to salons that do hair extensions if you want to add length to your hair.

Heat styling tools: Boon or bane?

Aside from these common hair salon treatments, there are also hair styling tools you can use. Although we know these tools can potentially cause hair damage, we do use it anyway to achieve those magazine-worthy hairstyles.

It’s not that bad if you use these tools only as needed. But the more you use it, the more you put your hair at risk for damage. The result: dull, lifeless, brittle, and frizzy hair! And then you would try to reverse such hair damage but unfortunately, your hair seems not to cooperate.

But there are still ways to fix heat-damaged hair. Before that, we should understand how and why heat is one of our hair’s worst enemies. Also, we will know the common signs of heat-damaged hair and how to prevent it next time.

How heat damages your hair

Our hair is made up of different parts. The hair itself, called the hair shaft, is composed of three layers: the cortex, cuticle, and medulla. The first two layers, the cortex, and cuticle are mostly affected by hairstyling including the use of heat and even some hair treatments.

The cuticle serves as the hair’s protective layer. When you style your hair using heat styling tools or have a hair rebond, the cuticle raises and lessens its protective properties and puts the hair at higher risk of damage. When the cuticle cracks, the cortex will be exposed and makes the less lose its strength and elasticity. As a result, the hair becomes more prone to dryness and damage.

We all know how important sunblock is when we go outside or swim outdoors to avoid being sunburned. The same goes for when we use heat-styling tools on hair. There should be some kind of protection you need to do before using these tools on your hair. Otherwise, these can cause damage to your hair.

Is your hair heat-damaged?

As mentioned, there are different types of hair. Some are naturally straight while others are naturally curly. But every hair can be prone to damage especially due to frequent use of heat-styling tools. You can tell that your hair is already heat-damaged if you notice the following.

  • Stiff and difficult-to-style hair
  • Presence of split ends
  • Hair fall and breakage
  • Hair that is too dry (no matter the amount of conditioner you slather on your hair)
  • Dull and lifeless hair
  • Frizzy and knotted hair
  • Faded hair color (if you dyed hair)

Having a keratin treatment by a hairstylist can help rehydrate your hair. Some common hair routines can actually do more harm to your hair than good. One example is using hair styling tools too often. Is there no hope anymore for heat-damaged hair? Fortunately, there is still hope for healthier hair.

How to revive heat-damaged hair

The hair care industry earns about billions of dollars annually. No wonder there are a lot of hair care brands competing for customers’ attention and promise to give life back to your hair. Hair treatments in a keratin treatment salon can also help revive your hair and make it look and feel healthier.

But you can also try the following to revive heat-damaged hair.

  • Protect your hair from the sun’s heat by wearing a hat, using an umbrella, or using a protective hair serum.
  • Do not comb wet hair. Instead, you can finger-comb it and gently squeeze your hair of any excess hair. Let it air dry and comb using a wide-toothed comb afterward.
  • Use shampoo on your hair and scalp, while use conditioner on your hair tips only.
  • Use heat-styling tools sparingly or as needed only. Do not use it every day or else risk damaging your hair.
  • For quality hair treatment, visit a trusted keratin treatment salon in Bethesda.

A Basic Guide for a Fabulous Ponytail Hairstyle Without the Damage

Most people right now are cooped up inside their homes. Some are fortunate to be working at home and stay safe from the virus. Since people are in their homes these days, it is natural to be more laid-back in terms of clothing and hairstyle.

Speaking of hairstyle, it may be impossible to find an open keratin treatment salon nowadays. But this doesn’t mean you don’t pay attention to your usual hair care routine anymore. In fact, you should have more time to take care of yourself including your hair.

Haircare at home

First of all, taking care of your hair need not be expensive. Haircare is not based on how often you visit salons that do hair extensions or a Brazilian blowout salon. Rather, you can also do that at home – minus the hairstylist, the salon chair, and other salon tools.

This pandemic has made many people stuck in their homes. It means limiting outdoor activities including Brazilian keratin salon visits. This also means that your usual beauty routines might take a backseat during the pandemic. It’s understandable to feel lazy fixing your hair every morning. Still, your hair deserves tender loving care even during this pandemic.

Ponytail: One of the easiest hairstyles ever

For those working at home, it may be a good idea to style your hair a little bit especially during online meetings. The last thing you want to happen is your disheveled hair seen by your teammates during your meeting. However, you don’t need to plan for an extravagant hairstyle for every work-related video conference meeting.

You can do simple hairstyles like the classic and timeless ponytail. It’s easy to do, keeps your hair neat, and is stylish, too. Popstar Ariana Grande is known for her ultra-high ponytail, and other celebrities sport this hairstyle every now and then.

Summer can be too hot sometimes, and wearing ponytail can somehow help our necks cool. Plus, it can help cover up your bad hair day. However, daily ponytails can do potential damage and breakage to your hair.

Having your usual keratin treatment by a hairstylist may be impossible for now due to the ongoing pandemic. Still, there are ways to take care of your hair at home. More so, you need to be careful when doing ponytails without or at least lessen the damage.

Tips to avoid hair damage due to frequent ponytail hairstyle

Wearing a ponytail may be inevitable especially during the summer season. It is also the go-to hairstyle for those at home. However, you need to be careful when doing ponytails more often. For one thing, frequently ponytail-ing your hair can lead to breakage and unpleasant hair deforming.

More so, tying your hair into a ponytail is discouraged when done daily. As mentioned, it can lead to breakage later on. Other than that, here are other tips to make the most of your ponytail hairstyle.

Do not ponytail your hair when wet.

According to experts, your hair is at its weakest when it’s wet. No wonder the usual snags and dents are common and worst when done on wet hair. As a result, your hair will be more brittle if you have that habit. That is why you should let your hair dry first before sporting a ponytail.

Do not sleep with a ponytail.

Let your hair breathe after a full day of ponytail hairstyle, especially before bedtime. If you really have to tie your hair, make sure to sleep with satin or silk pillowcases instead of cotton. It will lessen the friction that can cause damage to your hair.

Do not pull your hair too tight.

Doing so can tug your hair and can leave bald spots on your hairline. Instead, it is better to leave your hairline a little looser. Plus, you can make loose or tousled ponytailed hair stylish, too.

Be gentle with your hair.

Never yank the hair tie off your hair as it can snap your hair and cause breakage. Instead, don’t rush and take time to remove the tie off your hair gently. Much better if you use fabric hair ties instead of ones with metal components.

Stay fab even during the quarantine

There should be no excuse when it comes to taking care of your hair. Even if there is no Brazilian blowout salon open now, there are still ways to take care of your hair. In the meantime, you would have to wait for a while before salons open. By then, you can already have a Brazilian keratin straightening in Rockville. For now, make sure to keep you and your loved ones safe from the virus.

Bang for the Buck: Will Sporting Bangs Suit You?

So you think bangs only suit little girls? Apparently not. There are other types of bangs aside from that infamous box-type bangs that cover your entire forehead. You may have even sported on during your elementary days. You might be laughing or embarrassed to see your 7-year old self with that ridiculous short hair complete with bangs.

Nowadays, wearing bangs is actually a stylish way to freshen up your whole look. Aside from bangs, there are also hair treatments that can help improve your look and boost your confidence. More importantly, you need to take care of your hair and ensure its shine and luster at all times.

You should visit a keratin treatment salon for some life-changing Brazilian keratin straightening treatment. Or perhaps consider having human hair extensions to add volume

Types of hair bangs

As mentioned, there are different types of bangs that will suit depending on your face shape and hair length. You might want to refresh your look and try to cut some bangs. But hold it right there – you should know first the different types of bangs before once you cut it, that’s it. Here are some of the most popular ones.


Also known as baby bangs, it has been sported by the likes of Emma Watson and Audrey Hepburn. It is that kind of bangs that sits at least an inch above your eyebrows. The best thing about micro-bangs is that it is suitable both for short and long hair. If you want to test this one out, you can try bangs clip-in hair extensions first.

Wispy bangs

This one has strands of hair that slightly touches the brows and with longer hair strands at both sides that frame the face. Wispy bangs can help soften sharp jawlines and add shape to round-shaped faces. Unlike micro-bangs, wispy bangs may not be too meticulous to maintain.

Side-swept bangs

This was often associated with so-called “emo” fashion back in the early 2000s. Nowadays, side bangs are making a comeback and look classier than ever. It can look even better after visiting a Brazilian blowout salon for some hair treatment.

Full/blunt bangs

This is the kind of bangs we are more familiar with. Unfortunately, it might not be for the faint of heart. When done right, it can make you look sophisticated like never before.

What to consider before having bangs

As mentioned, you need to determine which kind of bangs will suit you best. Other than that, here are other things to consider before having bangs.

Consider your face shape.

Here is a guide to the right type of bangs according to your face shape.

  • Square-shaped face – try side-swept bangs which can soften your jawline
  • Heart-shaped face – try full or wispy bangs; basically, any bangs styles can work
  • Oval-shaped/rectangular-shaped face – blunt bangs work best as it emphasizes your cheekbones and eyes

Be committed to maintenance.

It is said that cutting the bangs is not really the hardest part, it’s the maintenance that comes with it. Bangs require regular trimming and some styling so it will look good at all times. Experts advise trimming your bangs about once every two to three weeks.

Consider your hair texture as well.

There are some types of bangs that may not work well with your natural hair texture. For example, blunt/full bangs most likely won’t work with curly hair. On a positive note, there are still other bangs styles that can work on curly hair.

How to maintain your bangs

Your bangs do not work its magic unless you exert extra effort to make your bangs look good all day. Here are some tips you can do to make your bangs stand out from the crowd.

  • Expect your bangs to be oilier since it comes into contact with your face. That is why you have to wash your bangs more than you shampoo and moisturize your hair.
  • Avoid cutting bangs on your own. Instead, you should visit a professional hairstylist to prevent hair disasters (like the ones you see on social media videos).
  • Do not use a flat iron on your bangs. Instead, you can use a blow dryer set on low heat and a round brush to add volume to your bangs.

Are you ready to sport bangs?

There is at least one type of bangs that will suit your personal preference and face shape. Or if you are not sure, you can always try clip-in hair extensions for your bangs. You can have yours done in a hair extensions salon in Rockville. Visit one today!