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What Hair Extensions Can Do More Than Add Length on Your Natural Hair

A lot of people think of hair extensions as anything but uncomfortable and artificial. Back then, it can feel awkward and even embarrassing to wear in public. Nowadays, wearing human hair extensions is a normal thing. Celebrities and ordinary citizens alike love these simple yet elegant hairpieces. And yes, hair extensions are way different from traditional wigs.

If you want to avail hair extensions, better avail yourself in a trusted hair extensions salon. You can choose between clip in hair extensions or human hair extensions to add length and volume to your current hair. Hair extensions indeed have come a long way as it has become more available in the beauty market and improved in quality as well.

What hair extensions can do for you

One of the main purposes of using hair extensions is to add length and volume to your hair. Hair extensions are available in different lengths and shades that will suit your preference. You can also have it chopped by a professional hairstylist for a customized length.

If you are considering buying getting hair extensions, you should know first the different types of hair extensions. For example, clip-in hair extensions are the fastest way to have longer and fuller-looking hair. Some are made from artificial hair, while others are made from 100 percent human hair. Aside from adding length and volume to your current hair, hair extensions can also:

Add color and highlights to your hair.

You can get hair extensions if you are not that confident yet to put permanent color on your hair. Hair extensions can add a pop of color to your hair, from ombre, balayage highlights, or even a peek-a-boo hair highlight. You can do this in just a few minutes without going out for a salon trip.

Thicker and longer braids

Hair extensions can also make your braids look fluffier and longer and feel like a Disney princess. Clip a couple of wefts throughout your hair before starting to braid your hair.

Fuller ponytail or buns

No one wants a limp, lifeless ponytail that can be saved by hair extensions. Whether it’s a low ponytail, a braided ponytail, or even an Ariana Grande-inspired ponytail, hair extensions can help you transform your lifeless ponytail into a voluminous, bouncy hairdo.

Why you should give hair extensions a try

There should be no reason not to wear hair extensions. Also, hair extensions are for everyone. You don’t need to be a celebrity to wear one. There are a lot of hair extensions salon you can avail quality hair extensions from. Here are reasons why you should give hair extensions a try.

Lessens the regret of chopping your hair off

A lot of us have experienced those unfortunate mishaps. But hair extensions can help save the day. Hair extensions won’t affect hair growth, but instantly add length to your hair as intended.

Won’t damage your hair

One of the best features of using hair extensions is that it won’t cause damage to your hair. But it depends on the type of hair extensions you are going to use. For example, tape-ins are not usually recommended as it can affect hair growth. You can ask hair extension professionals for the best extensions that won’t cause damage.

Style it any way you want

You can use heat styling tools on it. Just make sure to use these tools properly to prevent damage. You can also dye hair extensions if you want of any color you like. Use it to add volume to your ponytail or braids.

How to care for hair extensions

Here are some tips to care for your hair extensions.

Keep them moisturized.

You can shampoo and condition the extensions like what you do on your real hair. This will also help extend the lifespan of the hair extensions.

Ensure proper storage.

Hair extensions usually come with dedicated containers where you can store the hairpiece properly and. Make sure to store them in a dry and cool place such as the drawer or closet.

Use proper hair care tools and products.

Avoid hair products that contain harmful chemicals such as sulfates or alcohol. Use a soft-bristled brush to remove tangles. Do not brush when it is wet as well.


If you want to avail hair extensions, you should go to a trusted hair extensions salon in Rockville. There are a lot of ways that you can benefit from using hair extensions without damaging your real hair. It is a nice-to-have hair accessory every woman should have!

Common Hair Care Myths That Should Be Debunked Now

Everyone wants to have nice, full, and healthy-looking hair, men and women alike. Having healthy hair is a sign of youth. Meaning, it can make you look younger than your actual years. Healthy hair can also boost one’s confidence and maintain positivity in all aspects of his/her life. If you want to have healthy-looking hair, you can visit a keratin treatment salon and let professional hair experts take care of your precious hair.

Common hair care myths

Perhaps you heard about various tips about proper hair care. Whether you saw it online or passed on to you through word of mouth, these so-called tips promise one common thing: to improve your hair’s health. There are also so-called cheaper alternatives to make your hair healthy without resorting to expensive Brazilian keratin straightening or using human hair extensions.

However, “fake news” is common nowadays so you should not believe everything you see or hear. Some would say that there would be no harm in trying. But surely you would not want to try something that is not at least scientifically proven. It’s up to you if you want to try these so-called hair care tips, but don’t say we didn’t warn you.

The more often you cut your hair, the more it will grow faster.

In truth, cutting your hair won’t really create a major impact in your hair follicles. On the contrary, cutting your hair of split ends can make your hair healthier and grow longer. To reiterate, the frequency of hair cutting won’t affect its hair growth but can promote healthier hair growth.

Blow drying can damage your hair.

It is true that excessive heat can cause hair damage especially when done frequently. However, you can still use your hair dryer as long as you adjust it to the minimum heat setting. Make sure to hold the dryer away from your hair to prevent the risk of hair damage due to heat.

Using oils can make your hair too oily.

Oil will make your hair greasy if you apply it on your scalp. However, applying oil on the ends can actually do wonders to your hair. In fact, oil can make your hair shinier and more hydrated. Make sure to shampoo your hair thoroughly to remove excess oils in your hair and scalp. Apply oil only on the hair surface and not on the scalp.

Plucking gray hair can result in more gray hair growth.

This is not true. In fact, there is nothing wrong with plucking gray or white hairs. There are also instances wherein when you pluck gray or white hair, hair regrowth may be less gray or white-looking.

Brush your hair 100 times to make your hair healthier.

Perhaps your mom or grandmother did this before and has passed on that belief to you. For now, you can lay down your brush and give it a rest. Excessive hair brushing can lead to breakage and friction that can result to damage over time. Better yet, you can use an ionic brush which can help stimulate hair growth.

Tips on proper hair care product use

Be careful when applying hair products.

Make sure not to apply too much hair products so as not to weigh down your hair. Use dime-size gel or mousse on short hair, and more for longer hair.

Do not apply styling products on wet hair.

Instead, apply hair styling products after towel or air-drying your hair. Massage the product onto the scalp for better results. However, consult a professional hair stylist first before using styling products.

Visit professional hair salons for proper hair treatment

You can visit salons that do hair extensions if you want to add volume to your hair. You can also try keratin treatment by hair stylist to ensure maximum hair quality.

Why it’s a good idea to visit hair salons

If you want to maintain the health of your hair, you can visit hair salons near you. Here are the reasons why it is a good idea to have regular salon visits.

For one, experts recommend going to the salon once a month for proper hair treatments. You can try Brazilian keratin straightening to lessen hair frizz and make your hair shinier and more manageable.

Professional hair stylists will also ensure vibrant hair color if you had hair coloring treatment recently. Lastly, stylists know everything about hair care so it’s recommended to heed their useful advice when it comes to hair maintenance.

Find professional hair stylists near you

You can visit a keratin treatment salon in Bethesda for your regular dose of hair care treatment. Learn a thing or two about proper hair care from the industry’s experts today!

How to Take Care of your Hair During a Vacation

Going for a vacation is super exciting but it’s important to prepare and pack everything you need for your hair especially if it’s permanently straightened. You want your hair to look good throughout your vacation and that requires that you follow your regimen even when on vacation. It can especially be challenging if you the vacation you are taking will take you to a humid place which may lead frizz and tangling. Visit your permanent hair straightening salon for advice and products on how best you can take care of your hair without spending hours on it while on vacation.

Simple accessories you May Need During a Vacation

  • Brush
  • Small packs of the best conditioners
  • Head wraps, hair bun, scarf  and pins for styling

How  to Your Enjoy Your Vacation and Still Take care of your Hair

  • Visit your hair salon for hair care before you travel

Before taking that flight visit your hair salons and let the hair stylist take care of the hair. Condition and shampoo as this will buy some time before you require to take care of the hair again. No need to pack your shampoo and conditioner unless you will not be able to access the products. If you need to carry the hair products, consider carrying small packs to avoid too much luggage.

  • Carry only the essential hair styling tools and products

While traveling you may be tempted to carry a suitcase full of styling tools. First, establish what tools you will find in the hotel or accommodation and then pack what is not available. Some hotels offer dryers while others don’t. If there are no styling tools in your accommodation consider buying in the country or state you are going to as there are countries with different voltages. Carry your own brush, pins, headband, and scarfs to help you easily style your hair.

  • Condition your hair before that dive on the beach

Before you dive into the beach, condition your hair to help moisturize the hair. Protect the hair with a cap before you dive into the chlorinated water. A leave-in conditioner is perfect as you can use it soon after the swim without having to leave your comfort to go to the salon. Conditioning will also maintain healthy hair while you travel and enjoy yourself.

  • Brush your hair often

Brush your hair as often as you can do to avoid your hair from tangling and breaking. Brush your hair from the bottom all the way up to avoid knots. If you vacation lasts more than 6 weeks visit the top rated hair salons in the area for a trim to make sure there are no split ends on your hair.

  • Learn simple hairstyles from your hair stylist

Visit your hair salons and ask your stylist to train you on how to lift simple hairdo that you can use on the hair. Simple hair such as buns and headwraps will go along as they save time during your vacation.

Fine Layered Hairstyles for Thin Fine Hair

hair styles

Haircut ideas

Choosing the haircut that suits you the best is something arduous. Because it is quite an obvious and known fact that the layered hairstyles that go well with thick hair may not look so good with thin hair hence it is vital to make a wise choice in order to look beautiful and trendy.

These haircut ideas for thin hair will enable you to choose the best haircut. Moreover, we have also stated the pros and cons against each one of them so that you can compare them and end up selecting the best one out of all.

 Idea 1: – Short Layered Hair Styles

Short hair with bangs generally looks prodigious on people and  it makes one appear young, vibrant and frisky but do they work similarly with thin hair? The answer is certainly no because short layered haircut makes your fine hair look even thinner, light and frizzy so they becomes incapable of falling naturally. But with thick hair this hair style goes brilliantly.

In the case if you possess very less hair then do opt for a short hairstyle as that makes you hair look puffy and bouncy thereby adding a little volume to it.

Idea 2: – Long Thin Layered Haircut Ideas

Long hair possess enough weight hence they fall naturally and do not appear frizzy, dry or light after layered cut but if you owe less hair then layered hair style is not a good deal as your hair will then appear even lighter and  kinky,  which then does not look good or attractive.

Idea 3: – Bob Curly or Straight Layered Hair

Some prominent figures from the glamour world like Rihanna, Jessica, Alba etc generally prefer to carry this hairstyle. The most striking thing about Bob haircut with Layers is that it goes amazingly well with straight as well as curly hair. So women with both curly as well as straight hair can prefer to experiment with this style.

Bob layered haircut renders an Egyptian Look to your straight hair whereas it looks very perky and skittish with curly hair. Choose a well reputed hair salon for styling your hair.