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How to Hide Clip in Extensions

There is no doubt that clip-in hair extensions are a savior. They add length and volume to the hair and, at the same time, give you the freedom to pop them in and out every time you want. While visiting a hair extensions salon and having the extensions is great, you don’t have to shout from the rooftops that you have the extensions on. This is because you can easily hide them.

Wondering how to hide clip-in extensions? There are plenty of ways to do it. Here are some of them:

Find the right color match.

Everything begins here. Like the camouflaging chameleon, you need to have extensions that will camouflage with your natural hair. To do it, you need to visit several hair extension salons and look for extension colors that match your hair color.

If you have a problem finding a color that precisely matches your hair color, create it, and it’s much easier to do it than you can think. One effective way to do it is to mix two different shades to achieve your desired color.

There are plenty of online resources that teach you how to blend in different hair extensions. Learn from them but if you are still having a problem, consult your stylist.

Blend the extensions with a root concealer

The root concealer comes in handy at hiding the tracks on the hair extensions and blends them into your natural hair. While you can use the concealer on any hairstyle, it works best when putting on a complicated hairstyle such as a top knot or braid.

Trim your extensions to blend with your natural hair

If you have tones of layers or razored ends, they are a dead giveaway that you are wearing extensions, and you don’t want this, do you? So, one way to hide these ends is to trim them like the rest of the head. You can cut the extensions by yourself or hire a stylist to help out.

Tease your hair

Do you have super fine and soft hair extensions? Chances are the clips keep sliding out of place as there isn’t enough hair for the clips to hang on, right? And as you can guess, if the hair extensions keep sliding out of place, everyone can see they aren’t part of your natural hair, and this isn’t a great impression.

To prevent this from happening, make it a habit to tease the hair around the area where you want to clip the extensions. If this doesn’t give you enough hair for the extension to grip on, spritz your hair with dry shampoo to add some grip, so the clips don’t slide out.

After clipping in the extensions, tease the hair covering the wefts, so the wefts don’t peek through.

Section your hair properly.

Sectioning your hair is such a great way to not only have an easy time getting in the extensions, but also to hide the extensions. And the beauty is you don’t need to be fancy when doing it. Use a comb and go for a neat line.

You can do it by yourself if you have the skills, but for best results, let an experienced stylist working in salons that do hair extensions Rockville help you out.

After sectioning out the hair, proceed with applying the first weft. When making the application, ensure that you clip in the extensions close to the root. With the extensions at the bottom, now all you need to do is pay attention to those at the sides. For the clips on your face, ensure they are an inch or so from your face, so they don’t show.

What you should know about DreamCatchers Extensions

If you are unhappy about the length, volume and thickness of your natural hair, you can actually think about getting hair extensions. Every girl craves for long, beautiful, and voluminous hair, but only a few are blessed with naturally beautiful hair. Well, it is still possible to enjoy the longer, shiner, prettier, and more voluminous hair with hair extensions. There are many types of hair extensions available on the market these days, from temporary and cheap synthetic hair extensions to luxurious and stunning dream catchers hair extensions and everything in between. You can opt for any hair extensions depending on your requirements and budget. But if you want ultimate celebrity like hair, you should give a try to dream catcher hair extensions.

Know about DreamCatchers Hair Extensions

Dream catchers are not ordinary hair extensions. They are made from the finest quality human hair. These extensions can be styled, colored, permed and straightened –allowing you to treat the extensions just like your natural hair. However, you should pay attention over hair extension care and maintenance.

When it comes to getting benefits from hair extensions, quality plays an important role. The extensions should be capable of bearing pollution, humidity and daily wear and tear. Dream catcher extensions are a unique combination of the finest quality human hair, so you when you touch the extensions, they will feel like natural hair. Dream catchers are basically extended bliss of amazing looking hair. The hair used in dreamcatchers is premium quality it performs for a long period of time without losing its luster.

DreamCatchers Hair Extensions

Along with beautifications, dream catcher hair extensions provide full coverage for fine and see-through hair. With the help of dreamcatchers, you get ultimate natural-looking solutions. These extensions are suitable for everyone.

Installation of the dream catchers is also important. In order to make your extensions look good, they should be installed in an adequate manner. These extensions can be installed in many manners. You can opt for the best method according to your requirements. You should discuss about the hair extensions installation method with your stylist. Your hairstylist will recommend you the best method.

Baddest Things You Can Do to Your Hair (But Are Doing Anyway)

When it comes to hair care, a lot of people would go the extra mile just for that. For one, some people would invest time and money for hair treatments and visiting a keratin treatment salon to improve their hair. For those with thin hair, there is an option to avail human hair extensions to improve the volume of their hair. Meanwhile, some would prefer going to a Japanese hair straightening salon so that they can manage their hair easier.

Despite all of these hair care treatments and products available in the market, it is still important to know how to take care of your hair the right way. Aside from the right hair products, the usual things you do to your hair also matters. You should also be aware of how you brush or comb your hair and even the right timing to do so. Otherwise, it can make your hair weak and be more prone to damage.

The simple thing matters

Brushing or combing your hair may seem harmless. However, it depends on how and when you do it. Washing your hair regularly is not a bad thing. For one thing, it can help make your hair feel more refreshed and clean. But just like hair brushing, how and when you wash your hair also matters a lot when it comes to maintaining it.

Even hair treatments matter, too. It is easy to decide to get clip-in hair extensions to add volume to your hair. Getting your hair colored or a Brazilian keratin treatment by a hairstylist can be easy decisions as well. Still, you need to be careful when it comes to hair care and treatment.

Worst things you can do to your hair

As mentioned, even simple hair brushing and washing can do damage to your hair depending on how you do it. If you are doing the following hair care routines, you should stop them now.

Brushing your hair when wet

Wet hair is more delicate and prone to damage. You don’t believe it? You can try breaking a strand of dry and wet hair. You will learn that the latter tends to break easier than the former. Just imagine the amount of damage if you brush or style your hair when it is wet.

Using a dirty comb or brush

When you comb or brush your hair, dead skin also gets stuck together with loose hair in between the bristles. This means that when you use a dirty brush or comb, all sorts of disgusting bacteria will be transferred on your scalp and cause dandruff and itching.

Washing your hair with hot water

It can be very relaxing to bathe in hot water after a long and tiring day. However, you should be careful when washing your hair using hot water no matter how relaxing it can be. For one thing, it can strip off your scalp’s natural oils. The same also goes when you wash your hair too much.

Proper hair care tips

By now, you might be guilty of doing the above hair care errors at least once of your life. So, what you need to do is to stop those altogether if you want to keep your hair healthy and strong for the long term. Other than that, here are some tips in properly taking care of your hair.

  • Let your hair dry first before styling it. Never use hot tools such as a curler or hair straightener while your hair is still wet. Better yet, use hair protectants when styling your hair.
  • Wash your hair using warm or slightly cold water. Experts recommend washing your hair about twice a day or every other day.
  • Make it a habit to use a conditioner after shampooing your hair. Not only can it make your hair more moisturized.
  • Don’t pull your hair when combing or brushing it. Instead, you can start combing at the hair tips, focusing on tangles but doing so gently.
  • Let your hair loose once in a while. Avoid tying your hair too tightly every day as it can weaken your hair and cause damage to your hair.


It is not a bad thing to use hair products and going to a Brazilian keratin salon for a treatment. However, you should keep the abovementioned tips in mind when it comes to proper hair care. For your regular hair treatment fix, you can visit a keratin treatment salon in Rockville. Contact one today!

Simple Tips to Make Fine Straight Hair Appear Thicker and Fuller

Most girls with fine straight hair, wish for long voluminous, shiny and revitalized hair.  When you have fine, straight hair then you know that the fixes on wavy thick hair don’t work for your hair. It’s therefore important that you develop your own regimen that will keep your hair healthy. In this article, we tell you how to breathe life into your fine hair every morning and keep your hair lively and healthy. We can’t forget to mention that the first step to good hair is consulting the top-rated hair stylist on the best routine for your hair type. The stylist will assess your hair and advice on the best way to deal with your hair.

How to Make Fine Straight Hair Appear Thick


  • Clip in Hair Extensions

Clip-ins will help your hair appear thicker. Make a small pony in the middle of your hair and add clip hair extensions. Add one or two wefts of the hair extensions and then pull your hair back. To make it look more natural choose a color that matches with your hair. Clip in hair extensions are easy to wear and remove making them effective and an easy way to add volume to fine hair.

  • Hair color and Highlights

Hair color and highlights add texture to your hair making it appear fuller. You need to find the best hair color salon for the best result and make your hair fuller. Color makes each hair shaft swell and looks thicker. The hair stylist at the hair salon specializing in hair color can color the hair in a shade that is a different color from your scalp giving an illusion of thick and fuller hair.

  • Style your hair to look thicker

The hairstyle you choose can amp up the volume of your hair making it look as though you have thicker hair. A ponytail will make the hair appear fuller and bouncier other than leaving it lying flat. Haircuts like the bob and wispy bangs will are perfect for adding dimension to your fine hair. Add hair accessories like the pin stuck at the side will make the hair appear thicker. Your hair stylist will give ideas on how you style the hair to make it look thicker. Hairstyling is one of the easiest hacks for fuller hair

  •  Diet

Your diet plays a major role in ensuring the health of your hair. The best way to ensure your hair is thick is from the inside out. Eat food rich in iron and proteins that will ensure hair growth

  • Scalp Massages

Blood circulation will ensure the hair follicles receive nutrients and scalp massage is a good way to ensure to rev up the circulation of blood. Regular scalp massages stimulate the flow of blood and that will give your fine hair some body. A simple DIY home massage will stimulate growth and make you look thicker.

  • Boost Volume with Cleansers and conditioners

Invest in volumizing shampoos and conditioners as they will gently cleanse your hair without stripping it of hair moisture and they make the hair look fuller. It’s best to apply conditioners from the middle shaft to the ends of the hair.

  • Reduce the Heat

Too much heat will cause your hair to become brittle and eventually fall. The last thing you need when you have fine straight is hair loss so turn down the heat, air dry the heat instead of using a blow drier.

Fine Hair Maintenance Practises

  • Use the right products. Seek the help of the top-rated hair stylist at the hair salon while choosing shampoos and conditioners. Avoid shampoos that contain sulfates as they cause to become brittle and fall off.
  • Fine hair may require more cleaning than thick coarse hair as it becomes oilier quickly. Wash the hair every other day to avoid build up
  • Avoid using conditioner on the roots as some of the ingredients will weigh down the hair cuticles
  • Don’t sleep on wet hair as this causes damage.

Before you choose any volumizing method for your hair visit the hair salon Bethesda and consult on your hair type and the best method to use to increase the volume of your hair. Follow the recommended method and ensure that you take care of your hair to avoid damage.

How to Apply Brazilian Blowout and its Benefits

Brazillian blowout will give your hair the shine and smooth feel you always wanted. If you have curly frizzy and your hair is damaged, the blow out will give you the much-needed relief. The blowout reduces drying and will help make styling easier. It involves applying keratin bonds to your hair to create a protective bond around each hair strand. The treatment which began in Brazil will leave your hair more hydrated, Frizz free and a gloss look.

Why You Should Consider a Brazillian blowout

The blowout has several benefits;

  • Easy to Maintain

Brazillian blowout will leave your hair looking gorgeous and also easy to maintain. The treatment will leave your hair easy to style as it improves the look and texture of your hair. If you have a busy schedule and you have no time to fix your hair this is the best hairstyle.

  • Reduce hair Frizz

Frizzy hair is hard to manage. The blowout process will make your hair less frizzy even in different weather patterns. It ensures that your hair remains smooth in summer when you sweat and in the rainy and humid weather seasons

  • Healthy Hair

It will help repair damaged hair. The keratin bonds help seal the hair cuticles and prevents split ends making the hair healthy.

  • Works well with all hair types

Whether the hair has hair color and highlights, curly, thin thick or frizzy hair, the blowout works for every hair type.

Application of the Blowout

  • Wash hair with a clarifying shampoo to rid it of dirt and oil clogs. Dry the hair with a towel but leave it damp.
  • Section the hair into parts. Apply the solution starting from the hair base to the tip of the hair. Complete with each section until all the hair I did. Comb the hair to ensure even distribution of the product.
  • Blow dry the hair on high heat using a flat iron to ensure the applied treatment firmly sticks to the hair.
  • Flat iron each section, once the hair is dry to seal the solution into the hair. The flat iron heat will seal the proteins to the hair cuticles creating a glamorous and glossy finish.
  • Apply a conditioner and rinse off the solution from the hair. Your hair stylist will help you style your hair after the procedure is done.


Once the treatment is done, you can visit your hair salon bethesda md after every three months for upkeep. It’s necessary to vet your hair stylist to be able to understand the process and the chemicals in use. Some chemicals may contain formaldehyde and other chemicals that may have long-term damage effects on your hair. It’s also essential to confirm and understand the upkeep requirements of your hair to retain the healthy looking hair.

Dos and don’ts of hunting for a hairstylist

hair salon

Finding the right hair salon and hairstylist is not an easy task. It is quite difficult to trust anyone with hair. No matter if you need stylist for hair coloring, hair extension installation, hair straightening or haircut, the hairstylist needs to be best at its job. You are required to be able to trust your hairstylist and be sure that he or she understands exactly what you are after. The hairstylist and client relationship involves communication, trust and loyalty. Finding a stylist can be a daunting task. But there is always a way.

Choosing the right hair salon

When you move to a new city or your hairstylist moved out of the city, the dilemma is to find a new hairstylist. So many questions run in parallel. Before finalizing any hairstylist, you need to look for several qualities in the hairstylist, such as:

  • Expertise
  • Experience
  • Hygiene
  • Price

Tips for choosing the best hairstylist

DO some research

In order to find the right hairstylist, you need to do some research. Ask friends and colleagues for referrals. You can also search online. Read the customer reviews and explore the official websites of the salons. The more you browse the more options you will discover.

DO ask for discounts

It is always good to look for the hair salon that fits into your budget. While finalizing the hairstylist and hair salons, you should boldly ask for discount on each and every service. It is good to compare the price and discounts of various hair salons to get the best deals. Many good hair salons offer great discounts.

DO ask about hair products

Hair products have great impact on the hair. You should ask about the hair products they will use on your hair. It is always good to consider the brands of hair products. The better the brand, the better effect on your hair.

DON’T run after advertisements

Nowadays, hair salon advertisements are floating everywhere. Some can be genuine but most of them make false promises and discounts. You should use your brain before believing any random advertisement.

DON’T get lured by offers

Many hair salons lure their customers with attractive discounts and offers. If you are choosing a hair salon just because of their discounts and offers, then you are making a huge mistake. Quality should be your main concern.

What are the benefits of Brazilian keratin straightening?

keratin hair straightening

Brazilian keratin treatment is one of the amazing ways of getting straighter hair. This treatment straightens the hair by changing the hair structure with the help of keratin protein. Keratin treatment works very well with wavy and curly hair, and has proved to be effectual even on tight curls or color treated hair.

Brazilian keratin straightening

Brazilian keratin hair straightening is beneficial in many manners. It is long-lasting, yet nonpermanent hair straightening solution. Unlike other chemical hair straightening treatments, Brazilian keratin treatment does not modify the natural structure of hair permanently. It means once the hair straightening chemicals are washed out, your hair will come back to its natural state.

Generally, Brazilian keratin hair straightening lasts up to 2.5 months. After that you can consult with your hairstylist and re-treat your hair with the Brazilian keratin chemicals. This treatment works like a charm every time.

Brazilian keratin hair straightening does not cause any harm to natural hair. The hair straightening chemicals simply sweeps out after some time. They do not reap of natural sheen and shine of the hair. Your hair will retain to its normal state after the treatment.

Unlike other hair straightening and smoothing treatments, Brazilian keratin treatment does not look fake. This treatment provides smoothness to your hair that it lacks. After treating your hair with Brazilian keratin treatment, you will notice different kind of smoothness on your hair. And your hair will appear naturally straighter and smoother.

Benefits of Brazilian keratin hair straightening treatment

  • This treatment cuts down the hair frizz and waves.
  • This treatment works even on the naturally curly hair.
  • This treatment is not harmful for hair.
  • This treatment does not change the natural structure of hair permanently.
  • This treatment makes hair smoother and shiner.
  • This treatment is not very expensive

Brazilian keratin hair straightening treatment is readily available these days. You can find this hair smoothing treatment option in many hair salons. However, you should choose the best hair salon and the hairstylist for this treatment. Hair straightening is a long time commitment. You should make sure that you get it right at the right price.

Switch Up Your Look with Gorgeous Hair Highlights

hair color salonHair Highlighting is a common technique to add a new dimension, shine, depth and style to your hair while keeping your natural color. Hair highlighting is also a perfect way of lightening your hair color without causing any serious damage to your manes. It is because only a selected portion of your hair is treated with hair color.

Hair highlighting tips

Highlighting can bulge out your bone structure and make your hair shine in the sun. Just like hair coloring, hair highlighting is a customized thing. You should not highlight your hair by blindly following latest celebrity trends. Wrong highlights can ruin your entire appearance. For best results, consult your hairstylist before selecting any color. Your hairstylist knows your hair better than you. He/ she can recommend the highlights which can enhance your facial features.

The Do’s And Don’ts of hair highlighting

DO frame the face

When you are highlighting your hair, placement is the key. Always place the fattest and brightest highlights around the face’s frame. Highlights should be darker at the root and lighter at the tips of hair. This creates perfect hair highlights.

DON’T add too many different colors

While dimension is good, too many shades mess up hair and give unnatural look. Never add more than three shades at one time. Otherwise your hair will look like rainbow. (Wait, what? Rainbow highlights are in trend!)

DO have depth and dimensions

Over highlighted hair looks unsophisticated and flat. Hair highlights should vary in shade and size. The highlights you choose should accent your base color. Opt for highlights that match with the tone of your hair.

DON’T go too light

Please avoid highlights which match with your skin color. Such highlights will make you look washed out.

DO change your highlights with seasons

Hair highlights should be paler and brighter during summer, and deeper and golden during winter. Changing hair highlights with seasons is actually a good idea.

DON’T try DIY highlighting

If you are thinking about DIY highlighting, then think again. Hair highlighting is a complicated process. Instead of messing up with your hair, visit a hair color salon and get the perfect highlights.

Questions You Should Be Asking Your Hairstylist

hairstylistThe relationship between you and your hairstylist is an important one and it can take some time to develop a friendly relationship with a hairstylist. You should try to keep a communicative relationship with your stylist. In order to get the desired style, it is essential to properly communicate with a celebrity hairstylist. The more you discuss, the more you come to know about the styling, and thus you can get the kind of style that you ever wanted.

Ask your hair stylist…

You should not be silent at the hair salon. To get the hair that you want, you are required to talk to your hair stylist. Here are a few questions that you should ask your hairstylist to get the best hair for you.

How is regular trimming helpful?

Many girls who are growing their hair often have this question in mind. It is because hair will grow from the scalp, so how trimming is going to accelerate the hair growth! Although there are many theories on the internet about this particular topic, nothing seems to give the satisfactory answer. Only a professional hairstylist can adequately answer this question.

Do you know about any anti-frizz hair product?

Many girls who have curly or frizzy hair crave for silky straight hair. If you are one of them, then you should ask this question to your hairstylist. The hair professionals are expert of hair care. Your hairstylist may recommend you any magical anti-frizz shampoo, conditioner or oil, which can allow you to tame your manes.

Will this hairstyle or hair color look good on me?

Before you finalize any haircut or hair color, you should consult with your hairstylist. Your selected hairstyle might look good on a celebrity, model or someone else, but only a professional can tell you if it is going to look good on you or not. So, never hesitate in taking the opinion of a professional hairstylist.

How should I style my new cut?

You should take hair styling tips from your hairstylist before leaving the hair salon, so that you can adequately style your hair at home.

Doubts About Hair Coloring? Read this expert tips

hair salonToday, hair colors are as common as lipsticks. Nearly seven out of ten American women go to hair salon to get their hair colored. There are many reasons for hair coloring such as hiding gray hair, exploring blonde look, or just trying something new.

However, according to some people, hair coloring have an ugly flip side! This spread lots of doubts and misgivings about hair coloring. Some say that chemical colors can badly damage the natural hair while others say that hair colors results premature graying of hair. But fashion forward world don’t care about any of these side effects! Both good and bad affects of hair coloring largely depend on the type of hair color you are using.

Well, if you are dying to dye your hair but the hair coloring side effects afraid you, then STOP worrying now. Read this information and get the hair color of your dreams.

Must Know Tips for Changing Your Hair Color

Hair coloring is in vogue. Plenty of hair color options lure people to keep changing their hair color to match with the latest hair coloring trends. New hair color can definitely gives you a new look and enhance your overall appearance, but before changing your hair colors, you need to keep a few things in mind.

Tips for the best Hair coloring results

Dramatic changes

If you are thinking about switching from dark shade to light shade or vice versa, then think again. This dramatic change will not only shock your friends and family but it will not be easy for you to accept yourself like that.

Color Selection

You should not select any random hair color. If a particular hair color look good on your friend, that doesn’t guarantee that it will look good on you as well. Thus, take opinion of your hairstylist while choosing a hair color.

Hair color correction

In case, you are not happy with your current hair hue, you can opt for hair color correction. Many hair color salons offer hair color correction services.

After care

Use color friendly shampoos and conditioners. These products will increase the life of your hair color.