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How to Reverse a Keratin Treatment

When you visit a keratin treatment salon, you expect to get rid of any frizz and have soft, smooth hair. While in most cases you have the straight hair of your dreams, it’s sometimes not the case, especially when the treatment is applied by an inexperienced professional.

When you don’t like how the hair looks or feels, you want to reverse it. While it’s possible to reverse a keratin treatment, you can’t do it in one day. You also can’t do it in one week. It will take you several weeks to completely reverse the keratin treatment.

Wondering how to reverse a keratin treatment? There are plenty of ways you can do it. Some of these ways include:

Wash your hair

When you wash your hair, you prevent the keratin from working in the cuticle’s inner part. As soon as you get home, wash your hair with as much water as possible. To increase the length of time you are exposed to water, enroll in swimming classes in your area.

Yogurt and sea salt

Mix salt and yogurt and let the mixture sit for a few minutes. To remove the keratin, begin with rinsing the hair with lukewarm water, then gently apply the mixture to your hair then massage it evenly throughout.

Keep the mixture in your hair for 45 minutes, then put a towel on your shoulder to prevent it from dripping on your clothes. After 45 minutes, wash your hair thoroughly. Once you are done, pat dry the hair with a microfiber towel.

Give your hair time to air dry, so don’t blow dry it.

The salt exfoliates the hair while the yogurt buffers the exfoliating drying effect with its moisturizing properties, making sure that the hair doesn’t get brittle and fragile.

After applying this mixture, you will notice the keratin treatment begin to fade. For the treatment to completely go away, you have to repeat the process a few times.

Engage in physical activities

Engaging in physical activities makes you sweat, which significantly affects your keratin. The cool thing is there are plenty of physical activities you can engage in. The most popular ones being: spinning, basketball, soccer or any other strenuous activity that will make you sweat.

Sea salt spray and coconut oil hair mask

Begin with spritzing your hair evenly with the sea salt spray, massage it gently over your hair, and support your hair’s hydration with a warm coconut oil hair mask. For the coconut oil to infuse into your hair, sit under the hair steamer for at least 15 minutes.

Since the coconut oil is slightly alkaline, it will open the cuticles to loosen the keratin layers so they can melt away and you have your original hair.

Try out different hairstyles.

When you get a keratin treatment, you are discouraged from trying out any hairstyle, but you should try out as many styles as possible when you are looking to reverse the style. As soon as you come back from the salon, wash the hair, then try to style it to your preferred style.

You can braid it, pull it up in a ponytail and use different bows and clips. The purpose of doing this is to touch your hair as much as possible and, as a consequence, impede the keratin from penetrating and acting on your hair.

Use a Bentonite clay hair mask.

Finally, you can reverse your Brazilian keratin straightening Rockville using a Bentonite clay mask that works as a deep cleansing treatment. The treatment flexes the hair cuticles and removes the keratin layers the same way it would remove buildup and toxins from the hair.

Should You Get A Keratin Treatment?

If you are not keen on having your hair rebonded but want to have frizz-free and manageable hair, you may want to consider getting keratin treatment by hair stylist. Apparently, this hair treatment is one of the most popular hair care procedures these days. You may want to visit the nearest keratin treatment salon and know more about this revolutionary hair treatment.

What is keratin treatment?

Keratin treatment aims to make your hair smoother and shinier in just one visit to a Brazilian keratin salon. This treatment is a great alternative if you do not want to undergo permanent hair straightening. On a slight downside, the effect of keratin treatment can only last up to three months. Nonetheless, having keratin treatment can help improve your hair’s texture that won’t empty your pockets.

Scientifically-speaking, keratin is a type of protein. It is commonly present in your nails, skin, and hair as well as in the internal organs. Keratin is also commonly used as an ingredient in various hair and beauty products. Apparently, the keratin component of these hair care products can help improve hair health in the long run.

Among common hair care products that contain keratin include:

  1. Keratin treatments available in salons

These include Brazilian keratin straightening and other keratin-based hair treatments. However, such treatments also involve several procedures done by a professional Brazilian blowout salon.

First, a professional hair stylist will apply a formaldehyde-based cream. It will then be blow-dried, straightened and should be kept dry for a few days. You will have to return to the salon to wash your hair. Another treatment is then applied to complete the treatment which is expected to last for about three months.

  1. Hair care products (shampoos, conditioners, and hair serums)

If you find keratin treatment in salons expensive, you can use shampoos and conditioners infused with keratin. These commercial hair care products with keratin promise salon-quality results. However, it may not be as effective as when you have your hair treated in a professional salon.

  1. Supplements

Keratin supplements are available in most health stores around. It may come in capsule or powder forms. However, make sure not to over-use it as it can lead to too much protein in your body, which is unhealthy nonetheless.

Benefits of keratin treatments

A Brazilian keratin salon would highly-recommend having a keratin treatment to ensure your hair’s optimum health. Keratin smoothens down your hair strands, making your hair smoother, shinier, and easier to manage. Likewise, it lessens hair frizz and makes your hair look straighter.

However, the type of keratin treatment to be used will depend on your hair’s thickness. This is to ensure that your hair gets the maximum effects of the keratin treatment. That said, the treatment results may vary. Make sure to only have your keratin treatment done by a professional hair expert.

As to the treatment cost, it depends on the salon and the keratin treatment brand to be used. Normally, a keratin treatment would cost around $300 to as much as $800 or above. On the other hand, there are DIY keratin treatment kits available in beauty stores that cost $50 and below. However, make sure you carefully follow the instructions or have it applied by a hair professional.

A word of caution

While keratin treatment can do wonders on your hair, it still contains chemicals that can potentially do damage if incorrectly applied. Apparently, some keratin treatments contain high levels of formaldehyde which may be beyond the recommended safety standards.

Salon personnel can even be at risk of adverse effects due to frequent handling of such hair chemicals. These may include the occurrence of respiratory issues and nose bleeding. This safety hazard is also the reason why pregnant women and people with respiratory problems are advised against having this treatment.


All hair treatments, including keratin treatment, have its benefits. However, it is important to understand the ingredients and procedures that go into your hair. It is also important to note that treatment results may vary depending on your hair thickness and the type of treatment used.

To achieve the best results for your hair, you should only have keratin treatment by hair stylist in Rockville or any other trusted salons near you. Having nice and manageable hair is everyone’s dream. But make sure to trust only the experts to make that dream a reality.

Keratin Treatment vs. Permanent Hair Straightening

If you have thick hair, unmanageable you are probably thinking of straightening it. Hair straightening or hair smoothing will make your hair more manageable. Are wondering what option is best for your hair. The best place to begin your quest to more manageable hair is at the permanent hair straightening salon. The expert hair stylist will assess your hair and advice you on the best technique for your hair. In this article, we guide you on how to differentiate the two techniques and which one may work for your hair.

Keratin treatment

Keratin treatment is a smoothing treatment that works on most hair types. The treatment will make your hair smooth and reduce frizz. Keratin treatment offers you the semi-permanent hair straightening option because it will last for about three months. You can prolong the results of the treatment if you follow the right regimen.

Keratin treatment will not damage your hair but will nourish it instead. If you have damaged hair, this treatment is ideal for you. Make sure you follow the right regimen to keep your hydrated after the application of the treatment. If you don’t take proper care of the hair after the treatment that could lead to damage.

Advantages of keratin treatment

Brazilain keratin treatment has several benefits and advantages. Below a list of them;

  • Work on all hair types

The Brazilian keratin treatment is effective on all hair types. It helps repair damaged hair.

  • Safe

The treatment is safe and will not damage your hair

  • You style the hair after the treatment

Its low maintenance. It’s however important to ensure that you follow the right regimen.

Disadvantages of the keratin treatment

  • The treatment can irritate the skin. You need to ensure the treatment you use is of high quality
  • Its expensive treatment. You will need to invest in products that are appropriate for your hair.
  • It can cause hair damage if not applied properly. Ensure the treatment is applied by a top-rated hair stylist.
  • It’s not suitable for pregnant women

Permanent hair straightening

They are a different kind of hair straightening techniques, but one of the safest methods is Japanese hair straightening. The hair stylist in the permanent hair straightening salon will add a chemical to your hair and then add heat to straighten the hair. The techniques alter the structure of your hair by breaking the bonds of your hair. Compared to keratin treatment it may result in damage if not done properly. It’s imperative to visit the Japanese hair straightening salon and let the expert apply the chemical.

The first step is hair assessment. If you previously used chemicals on the hair the treatment may be damage your hair. A strand test will determine whether your hair is healthy enough to undergo the straightening.

After the straightening, your hair is likely to become dry and its therefore imperative to keep the hair hydrated. Make sure you condition your hair often. Avoid shampoos that contain alcohol and sulfates.

Advantages of hair straightening

Below are reasons why you should straighten your hair.

  • The straightening chemical will make your hair smooth and easy to manage. If your hair is unruly and unmanageable, consider applying the Japanese hair straightening treatment.
  • Your hair remains straight until it grows out.
  • Keratin treatment will work on any hair type. Making sure your hair is healthy is important.

Disadvantages of Hair Straightening

  • The hair straightening chemicals can damage your hair. It’s imperative to ensure that you ensure your hair is healthy enough. Let the expert at the Japanese hair straightening salon apply the chemical to prevent damage.
  • It’s expensive
  • After the chemical is applied you need to invest in products that will work for your hair. You will also need to visit the hair salon regularly for retouch and that will cost you money
  • Changes the structure and texture of your hair completely. After the treatment has been applied, you can’t go back to the old hair look. You need to give your time to grow out.

You need to visit the top rated hair straightening salon Rockville, and the hair stylist will guide you on the best technique to use on your hair. After an assessment, your hair and advise whether to apply the Brazilian keratin treatment or the Japanese hair straightening. Follow the care procedure given by the hair stylist to keep your hair smooth and shiny.

Things You Can Do to Prevent Winter Hair Damage

Winter will wreck your hair, and you need to develop the right regimen to protect and keep your hair healthy. The cold outside and the heat inside may damage your hair and it’s imperative that you care for your hair properly. Your hair may become weak leading to split ends and breakage. To keep your hair looking good especially during winter, you need to visit the hair straightening salon Rockville for the expert stylist to assess your hair and advice you how to maintain it. In this article, we look at how you can keep your straightened hair strong and amazing throughout this cold season.

How to Prevent Hair Damage During Winter

  • Shampoo your hair less often

While shampooing will keep your hair clean, it may deprive your hair of essential hair oils. It’s therefore important to minimize the number of times you shampoo your hair. The hair stylist at the keratin treatment salon will guide you on how often you should shampoo your hair. Make sure you use the right type of shampoo for your hair. Shampoo that contains sulfates and alcohol can cause your hair to become dry.

  • Condition your hair often

You need to keep your hair moisturized. Straightened hair is prone to breakage and split ends. It’s crucial to ensure your hair is moisturized. Invest in an oil-based moisturizer to lock in moisture. In winter there is little moisture in the air, and that will make the hair dry off. The hair stylist will guide you on the best conditioner for your hair. Combat static with a good hair conditioner. Follow the winter hair care advice given by the hair stylist.

  • Reduce heat styling

Too much heat will make your hair dry and cause split ends. In case you have to use on your make sure you use a heat protector. It’s best to give your hair time off the heat styling during winter. If you need to style your hair visit the brazilian keratin straightening salon and let the expert straighten your hair.

  • Don’t go out with damp hair

Going out when your is damp will put your hair at the risk of breakage. The hair shaft will expand leading to loss of moisture and result in breakage. If you have colored your hair, loss of moisture will result in the color fade. Take time to dry your hair.

  • Invest in silk or satin hat

Cover your hair with a silk or satin hat. Hats made of wool or cotton will cause split ends and breakage. Make sure you invest in a hat that is lined with satin or silk. Moisturize your hair before wearing that, and that will prevent your hair from tangling.

  • Use dry shampoo to keep your hair from becoming limp

Your hair is likely to become limp especially after covering it the whole day. Dry shampoo can help your hair become more full and robust.

  • Keep your hair and scalp oiled to preserve moisture

The heat indoors will make your hair dry and lose moisture. Make sure you oil your hair and that will keep your hair moisturized. Oils will keep your moisturized, and that will prevent breakage.

  • Use darker hair colors during winter

Darker hair colors are ideal during winter because they don’t need to constant recoloring and highlighting. Hair coloring and highlighting may make your hair to become drier and its, therefore, best to avoid coloring. Darker hair color shades don’t require recoloring often, and that will  ensure that your hair is not damaged by too many chemicals

  • Take a lot of water

Drinking water will encourage hair growth, and that will keep your scalp from becoming dry. Drinking enough water will keep your hair from split ends and make your hair shiny and radiant.

The dry and cold winter air condition will make your hair frizzy, dry and dull. The exposure to the cold weather and the heat indoors is a recipe for dry and dull hair. Failure to care for your hair will lead to hair breakage. It’s important to ensure that you follow the right regimen to keep your hair hydrated. Visit the permanent hair straightening salon often for the stylist to assess your hair. Consult on how best to manage the hair. Invest in products that will nourish and keep your hair hydrated. You need to combat hair dryness by following the right hair regimen. It’s best to come up with a hair care routine for the winter season.

How to Make Your Brazilian Blowout Last Long

Keeping your hair looking flawless and elegant can be difficult especially if it’s curly and thick. It’s important to understand the kind of hair you have and the best hair procedure for your hair. There are different hair treatment procedures that you can use to make your hair more manageable and to make it look sleek. Brazilian blow out is one of the best methods of hair smoothing that works on most hair types. It’s imperative to know how to take care of your hair after the Brazilian keratin treatment to ensure it lasts longer. In this article, we look at haircare tips to ensure that your Brazilian hair straightening treatment will last longer. It’s important to have the Brazilian blowout done by an expert at the Brazilian blowout salon because the expert will guide you on how to manage your hair after the treatment. Follow the right instructions to keep your hair elegant.

How to Care For your Hair After Brazilian Blowout

After the application of the Brazilian blowout, you need to the right care procedure for the treatment to last as long as possible. You can save salon money by simply taking care of your hair after the treatment.

  • Washing the hair after the treatment

The hair treatment will last long if you minimize the number of times you wash your hair. Reduce the number of times you shampoo your hair, and that will ensure the smoothing treatment last longer. When washing the hair make sure that your shampoo doesn’t contain any sulfates or any other chemical that may damage your hair. Consult the hair expert at the hair salon on the best products for your hair. Make sure that you use the right products for your hair to avoid damaging the protective layer of the hair. Following the right procedure will ensure that your hair is frizz free for more than ten weeks

  • Brazilian Blowout and hair coloring

It’s best to color your hair before you apply the Brazilian blowout treatment. Visit the Brazilian Keratin salon and let the expert apply the hair color. After the hair color and highlight give your hair time before the application of the treatment. The treatment will make your hair look luscious. If you, however, choose to apply the treatment before hair coloring makes sure you give your hair a week or two after the treatment.

Before color application makes sure that you assess the state of your hair, you need to ensure your hair is healthy before you color it. At the keratin treatment salon, the hairstylist will evaluate your hair and advise on how best to style your hair. Most hair color will lift the hair cuticles, and that could lead to damage if the right hair care procedure is not followed. It’s best to color a darker shade because once the Brazilian blowout treatment is applied to the hair, the color will become lighter. Consult the hair stylist on the best color for your hair.

  • Protect your hair before you go for a Swim

After the smoothing treatment, exposure to chlorine will cause hair damage. Chlorine will make the hair brittle, and that will lead to hair breakage. Before going for a swim make sure protect your hair. After the swim ensure that you wash and condition your hair. That will minimize the chances of hair damage. Protect your hair from exposure to strong UV rays using a protector. It’s best to consult the hair straightening expert at the hair salon. Deep condition your hair as often as possible because that will keep your hair hydrated.

  • Products to use on your hair after a Brazilian blowout

It’s important to consult the hair stylist on the best products to use on your hair. Avoid shampoos that contain sulfates and alcohol because they will dry your hair. Deep condition using the right conditioner to keep your hair hydrated. Don’t over wash your hair because that will make the treatment ineffective and it will not last long. Minimize the use of heat styling tools on your hair

Brazilian blow out is effective in repairing damaged hair. It’s important to have the treatment applied in the hair straightening salon Rockville to ensure that it’s done effectively. Make sure that you follow the care instructions given by the hair stylist and keep your hair hydrated.

6 Reasons Why You Should Apply Keratin Treatment to Your Hair

Keratin treatment has immense benefits for your and in this post, we tell you why you need to apply the treatment. A comprehensive keratin treatment will replenish your hair’s lost keratin and add the shine and smooth texture that it had previously lost. Your hair is made of keratin which protects your hair strands from damage but due to harsh chemicals, the keratin in the hair is depleted and application of the keratin treatment to you will add back the keratin to your hair giving your hair the shine and luster. To get the best result visit the keratin treatment salon and let the expert stylist analyze your hair and apply the treatment.

6 Reasons Why You Should Apply the Keratin Treatment

  • Add shine to your hair

A keratin treatment will add an amazing shine to color and highlights, dry and brittle hair. The hair stylist will apply the keratin treatment on the hair and then seal it with a hot iron. That helps seals the moisture and the hair color giving the hair the shine it deserves. The results you get are determined by the health of your hair before the keratin straightening treatment. Keratin treatment by hair stylist will give you the best results as the stylist is able to assess your hair before applying the treatment.

  • Repairs Brittle, dry and Damaged Hair

Adding keratin to your will add proteins to your hair and revitalize it sealing the split ends. Once the ends are sealed that will ensure your hair retains moisture. Let the top-rated hair stylist apply the treatment on hair as that will ensure your hair brittle and damaged is gently treated to avoid damage. The keratin treatment will penetrate the hair cuticles repairing the damage and leaving your hair full and moisturized. Wondering whether keratin treatment is good for hair growth? The ingredients in the treatment will spur your hair to grow and become more voluminous but it’s important that it’s done by an expert.

  • Frizz Control

Do you have thick curly hair that tends to curl at the slightest provocation?  After the keratin hair straightening treatments are added to your hair, it will penetrate your cuticles and leave your hair with smooth curls and frizz free and you can easily manage your mane. When your hair is frizz free then that means that it will not tangle and that reduces chances of any breakage.

  •  Helps Retain Hair color for Longer

The keratin treatment helps seal in hair color from permanent or semi-permanent hair color and highlights. As the experts in the hair salons specializing in hair color will tell you, first have your hair colored and then schedule the keratin treatment. You can choose to color the hair after the treatment but for best results, you will have to wait for two weeks to ensure that the Coloring is effective.

  • Saves Hair Management Time

After applying the keratin treatment that will ensure that your hair is frizz free, well moisturized thus making it easier to manage. Keratin works by smoothing the hair cells that form the hair strands resulting in hair that is smooth, glossier and easy to style. So, if you have thick unmanageable hair visit the keratin treatment salon and get the hair treated with keratin for easy management

  • Makes it easy to brush the Hair

Keratin treatment penetrates the hair cuticles and will leave your hair glossy and feel smooth. After years of chemical and the harsh environment, our hair is left looking dull and lifeless and hard making it hard to brush the hair. The treatment will give your hair the shine and leave it looking full and healthy and easy to pass the brush through.

To get the best results with the keratin treatment ensure its done by the hair stylist at the keratin treatment salon. That will ensure that your hair is analyzed and assessed before the application. Also during the application, the hair stylist will be able to apply the treatment and make sure there is no damage to the hair. Once the treatment is applied consult the expert in the hair salon Bethesda on how best to take care of your hair to avoid damage. So, if you are wondering how your hair will regain the volume and glamour visit the hair salon and let the keratin treatment expert do the wonders.