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Dos and Don’ts after Keratin Treatment

Brazilian keratin straightening has been shown to reduce the time you spend straightening your hair by up to 60%, so if you love styling your hair straight, this is the best treatment to go for.

If you love the way your hair looks, you would want to maintain the hair for as long as possible, right? To help you do it, here are dos and don’ts after keratin treatment:


Wash your hair at the right time

If this is the first time getting the treatment, you might not wait to wash the hair. But not so fast. As much as you might be having a weird feeling, you can’t wash your hair until after 72 hours.

Avoid washing your hair earlier as you will reverse the process, and you will have to go back to the salon to redo the treatment. You don’t want this, do you?

Protect your hair

Like your shoe or any other valuable item, you can’t get a long life out of anything if you don’t protect it. So for your keratin-treated hair to last for a long time, you should protect it.

One of the things you should protect it from is water. When you go swimming or are out in the rain, cover it, so it doesn’t contact water.

If you are out hiking or on a dusty road, cover the hair with a scarf so that it doesn’t contact dust.

Treat wet hair correctly.

Even with the best hair care, sometimes the hair will get wet when showering or out in light rain. If you forgot to put on a shower cap or accidentally got rained on, worry not as you can salvage the situation.

To fix the hair, blow-dry it, then flat iron it to dry it up.

Use the right shampoo.

When cleaning the hair, don’t use just any product—use shampoo and conditioner containing micro keratin in it. These products maintain the hair better and keep the hair smooth for extended periods.

Keratin treatment don’ts

Don’t style the hair immediately after treatment.

You shouldn’t make ponytails or any other type of hairdo as soon as you come back from the salon, as you will spoil your treatment. Stylists even advise against putting the hair behind the earlobe after the treatment.

If you want to style your hair, wait until the keratin has properly adhered to the hair. This can be after a week or two, depending on your hair type.

Stay away from hair accessories.

As much as you love your hair clips, headbands, and other types of hair accessories, you should stay away from them as they damage freshly prepared keratin hair.

For at least two weeks, stay away from these accessories.

Avoid a cotton pillowcase.

All through, you have been sleeping on a cotton pillow, and there is nothing with this, as the pillows tend to be highly comfortable. Their downside is they cause a lot of friction that tangles up and knots the hair.

You don’t want to tangle up your recently straightened hair, do you? To avoid it, you should throw away the cotton pillow and use a silk pillow instead.

Even if the pillow will be expensive, it maintains the hair straight, so your efforts to get keratin treatment by hairstylist Rockville don’t go to waste.

Stay away from clarifying shampoo.

Clarifying shampoo gets rid of dirt and promotes the absorption of keratin, but you shouldn’t use it after treatment as it cleanses the hair, and it might end up washing the keratin off your hair.

Can I Tie My Hair after Keratin Treatment?

Hair Salon Bethesda

After getting Brazilian keratin straightening, you can be tempted to tie your hair into a ponytail, so you have an easy time controlling it. Can I tie my hair after keratin treatment? No, you can’t, and you shouldn’t, as the accessories you use to tie the hair will leave dents and demarcation lines on the hair beating the reason for straightening it in the first place.

To prolong the life of your keratin-treated hair, keep the hair down and straight for as much as you can.

Besides avoiding tying your hair, there are plenty of other things you should do to keep the hair as straight as possible. Some of these things include:

Treat your wet hair right.

To keep your hair straight, it’s recommended you protect it from water as much as possible. Unfortunately, accidents happen, and the hair gets wet. For example, you might be in the shower, and some of the water gets on your hair. It also might during the rainy season and a light rain gets you off guard.

When this happens, you shouldn’t worry, but you should move with haste to rectify the issue. Begin with blow-drying the hair, then flat iron it to straighten it.

Watch the shampoos that you use.

It’s recommended you wash your hair after 72 hours of treatment to avoid ruining your keratin-treated hair. When you are washing the hair, use the right shampoo.

The keratinized hair needs gentle shampoos with micro keratin, so when you are in the stores making the purchase, this is what you should look out for.

To maintain your hair, avoid shampoos containing sodium chloride and sulfate. This is because the sulfates are surfactants that deplete the natural oils from the hair and scalp. The sulfates also destroy the acid mantle that keeps the scalp healthy and free from bacterial infection.

You also should avoid salt-based shampoos as they will dissolve the keratin coating and wash out your expensive treatment.

Avoid touching your hair too much.

I know you love how your hair looks and feels, but you should avoid touching it too frequently as it makes it feel greasy. And if you are like me, when the hair feels greasy, you want to wash it more often, which washes away the keratin.

Touching your hair too much increases the risk of kinking up your strands when you manipulate them too much.

To maintain your elegant straight hair for a long time, keep it down and straight and let it be. If you feel like you need to confirm whether it’s still straight, stand in front of a mirror. How does it look?

Protect your hair from dirt and other materials

As much as you want to show off your beautiful straight hair, keeping the hair open all the time makes it hard to control. Thankfully, you can control it with a scarf that prevents it from coming on your face now and then. Covering it with a silk scarf also prevents it from dirt and other materials.

When the hair keeps coming to your face, and you don’t have a scarf, some people try to hold it using sunglasses. Don’t do this, as the sunglasses create dents and creases that might require you to redo your hair sooner than you would have.

Some sunglasses even have sharp edges that cut your prized hair.

Sleep on silk pillows

After keratin treatment by hairstylist Rockville, the cotton pillow becomes your enemy as it makes your hair frizzy and dry as the cotton absorbs moisture from your hair. Due to the friction caused by the cotton pillow covers, the hair forms tangles and knots that aren’t good for your hair.

To prevent this, get silk pillows.

How to Reverse a Keratin Treatment

When you visit a keratin treatment salon, you expect to get rid of any frizz and have soft, smooth hair. While in most cases you have the straight hair of your dreams, it’s sometimes not the case, especially when the treatment is applied by an inexperienced professional.

When you don’t like how the hair looks or feels, you want to reverse it. While it’s possible to reverse a keratin treatment, you can’t do it in one day. You also can’t do it in one week. It will take you several weeks to completely reverse the keratin treatment.

Wondering how to reverse a keratin treatment? There are plenty of ways you can do it. Some of these ways include:

Wash your hair

When you wash your hair, you prevent the keratin from working in the cuticle’s inner part. As soon as you get home, wash your hair with as much water as possible. To increase the length of time you are exposed to water, enroll in swimming classes in your area.

Yogurt and sea salt

Mix salt and yogurt and let the mixture sit for a few minutes. To remove the keratin, begin with rinsing the hair with lukewarm water, then gently apply the mixture to your hair then massage it evenly throughout.

Keep the mixture in your hair for 45 minutes, then put a towel on your shoulder to prevent it from dripping on your clothes. After 45 minutes, wash your hair thoroughly. Once you are done, pat dry the hair with a microfiber towel.

Give your hair time to air dry, so don’t blow dry it.

The salt exfoliates the hair while the yogurt buffers the exfoliating drying effect with its moisturizing properties, making sure that the hair doesn’t get brittle and fragile.

After applying this mixture, you will notice the keratin treatment begin to fade. For the treatment to completely go away, you have to repeat the process a few times.

Engage in physical activities

Engaging in physical activities makes you sweat, which significantly affects your keratin. The cool thing is there are plenty of physical activities you can engage in. The most popular ones being: spinning, basketball, soccer or any other strenuous activity that will make you sweat.

Sea salt spray and coconut oil hair mask

Begin with spritzing your hair evenly with the sea salt spray, massage it gently over your hair, and support your hair’s hydration with a warm coconut oil hair mask. For the coconut oil to infuse into your hair, sit under the hair steamer for at least 15 minutes.

Since the coconut oil is slightly alkaline, it will open the cuticles to loosen the keratin layers so they can melt away and you have your original hair.

Try out different hairstyles.

When you get a keratin treatment, you are discouraged from trying out any hairstyle, but you should try out as many styles as possible when you are looking to reverse the style. As soon as you come back from the salon, wash the hair, then try to style it to your preferred style.

You can braid it, pull it up in a ponytail and use different bows and clips. The purpose of doing this is to touch your hair as much as possible and, as a consequence, impede the keratin from penetrating and acting on your hair.

Use a Bentonite clay hair mask.

Finally, you can reverse your Brazilian keratin straightening Rockville using a Bentonite clay mask that works as a deep cleansing treatment. The treatment flexes the hair cuticles and removes the keratin layers the same way it would remove buildup and toxins from the hair.

Men Deserve A Good Hair Day, Too: Why Men Should Have Hair Keratin Treatment


Like women, a lot of men nowadays are spending money to look good. Not just spending on shoes or apparel, but also in hair care. In fact, more and more men prefer going to professional salons to make their hair looking good all the time. Some even go as far as applying human hair extensions to make their hair look more lush and youthful.

Back then, parlors and hair salons are only for women. Men only wanted their hair trimmed every few months, while women go to hair salons and get more than just a haircut. Some men may even find it taboo going to a keratin treatment salon out of fear of being teased as effeminate. Thankfully, times have changed.

Hair treatments: Not just for women

Gone are the days where gyms are for men and salons are for women. Men have become more open in terms of hair and skin care, while women worked out in the gym alongside buff men. In other words, health and fitness have already become a “unisex” thing.

That is why you should not already be surprised to see men comfortably seated in salons that do hair extensions. Or men getting a keratin treatment by a hair stylist. Men, especially those who love sporting long hairstyles, should have regular hair treatment to make it smoother, shinier, and healthier.

For men with slow-growing hair or those who want to add volume to their hair, they can visit a hair extensions salon. You can choose from a wide variety of hair extension options that will suit your needs. Some hair extensions can be easily clipped on, weaved, or tape – it depends on your preference.

For frizzy hair, men can also try visiting a Japanese hair straightening salon. But if you do not want permanent straightening yet wanted to manage that stubborn hair frizz, you can opt for a Brazilian blowout treatment.

Keratin treatment for men

Having frizzy and dry hair can be a headache for both men and women. One way to restore health and shine to your hair is through keratin treatments. It can make your hair shinier and healthier after treatment. Likewise, it can save you from time-consuming hair care routines and wear your hair prouder than ever.

For starters, keratin is a type of protein that is present in hair, nails, and skin. It is a major component that makes up your hair and strengthens it. Meanwhile, keratin treatments help enhance your hair’s health and make it stronger and resistant to damage. It can last around two to months depending on the hair care routine you follow.

Keratin treatments can help manage your frizz, but it won’t make your hair permanently straight. This is because keratin treatments won’t break down the structural bonds of your hair, unlike hair straightening treatments.  But if you want to have your hair straightened for a longer time, you should visit a permanent hair straightening salon instead.

Brazilian blowout treatment for men

Meanwhile, Brazilian hair treatments have become popular over the past few years. In fact, popular celebrities such as actor Jonah Hill and professional snowboarder Shaun White get their Brazilian hair treatment fix regularly. Like keratin treatments, a Brazilian blowout can also help eliminate and smoothen frizz and add shine to hair.

A Brazilian blowout treatment can only take around 90 minutes for the entire procedure to finish. On the other hand, hair straightening treatments may take as long as four or even five hours. Plus, you can wash your hair immediately after the treatment unlike keratin and hair straightening treatments which you have to wait up to three days.

More importantly, it won’t permanently alter your hair. It will simply manage frizz and add shine to your hair. You won’t have to spend hours in front of the mirror and applying hair gel or cream that may do more harm on your hair than good.

Be man enough to take care of your hair

Before trying out hair treatments, make sure to consult hair experts first. Hair care professionals would likely recommend treatments that would suit your lifestyle and natural hair texture. For your hair care needs, you can visit a keratin treatment salon in Bethesda and schedule an appointment today.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Oiling Your Hair

Who doesn’t want to have healthy-looking hair all the time? With so many hair care products available in the market today, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one that will suit every hair’s needs. There are also a lot of salons that can provide you with your hair care needs.

You can visit a hair extensions salon if you want to add volume to your hair. For better-looking hair, you can visit a keratin treatment salon or head on to a permanent hair straightening salon for more manageable hair. Regardless of your options, keeping your hair healthy all the time is just as important for your overall well-being.

All about hair oiling

As mentioned, everyone wants to have hair that is worth a second look. There are a lot of hair care products that promise to give your hair the attention and luster it deserves. One of the most commonly-used hair products that have existed since ancient times is using hair oils.

Using oil on hair has since existed during our ancestors’ time. Ancient Egyptians put a concoction of animal and plant fat on their hair. Meanwhile, ancient Greeks used olive oil as a natural hair conditioner. Nowadays, the use of hair oil is still pretty much popular in some parts of the world.

Our scalp naturally produces oil and helps make our hair healthy, moisturized, and strong. Adding oil-based hair products helps in supplementing the natural oils our bodies already produce. In addition, oil helps in smoothing and providing nourishment for the hair.

However, hair experts believe that there is a hair oil product suitable for every individual. It may depend on the type of hair and texture, so make sure to do your research before considering to buy an oil product for your hair. You can also consult a hair professional in a Brazilan keratin salon for the right treatment that is suitable for your hair type.

Who should use hair oils?

In general, using hair oil is great to add moisture and shine to your hair. Adding oil to your hair care regimen is good especially those with dry scalp and those with thick curls. Aside from that, hair oils can also help in providing moisture and lessening the risk of damage for chemically-treated hair.

Therefore, it can be a good idea to add oil a few weeks after visiting a permanent hair straightening salon to maintain moisture on your hair. The same may also apply for color-treated hair. However, oiling may not be suitable for those with fine hair although you can still do as long as it doesn’t touch the roots. Instead, brushing is enough for your scalp to produce natural oils that will help in moisturizing your hair.

Tips on applying oil on your hair

Some may not be comfortable applying oil on their hair. But as mentioned, it depends on the hair type and texture. Adding oil can be more suitable for thick and curly hair. On the contrary, putting oil on fine and thinning hair can weigh down your hair and may feel icky at some point.

However, you should also know the right hair care method, especially when applying oil on your hair. Here are some important tips to remember when applying hair oils and to maximize its benefits.

  • Do not let the oil sit on your hair for too long because it can attract dirt that can mess up with your natural hair oils.
  • Avoid tying your hair after applying oil because it can cause damage and split ends.
  • Do not use other hair products after applying oil. You can only do after washing your hair of the hair oil.
  • Avoid combing or brushing your hair immediately after applying oil. If you have to, start combing from your hair tips and work your way to the top.
  • Do apply hair oils only once a week.

Keeping your hair healthy and strong

Hair oiling may not be for everyone, depending on your hair texture and type. Nonetheless, it can do wonders for your hair and can even help improve its health. Having a keratin treatment by a hairstylist can also help in maintaining your hair. For your hair care needs, make sure to visit a professional keratin treatment salon in Bethesda.

Essential Tips to Have your Best Hair Yet this Winter Season

There is something about winter that a lot of people love. This is the time where you can finally wear your snuggly sweater, your knee-high winter boots, and of course, experiment with your winter hairstyle. Speaking of hair, it can be challenging to maintain your hair in this kind of weather. However, this does not mean you cannot do something about your hair.

That one thing people hate about winter

For one thing, the winter season is a great time to have a keratin treatment by a hairstylist. The cold weather can wreak havoc on your hair, which is why you should visit a keratin treatment salon and give your hair some pampering. Aside from that, you should also use winter-suitable hair products and avoid other hair tools that can actually do harm on your hair than good.

Your hair can be prone to ugly issues during the winter season. We all know how cold winters can be. It can cause dry skin and chapped lips. At the same time, it can dry out your hair as well. Plus, your hair can be prone to static due to the absence of humidity and moisture during this time of the year.

As a result, the lack of moisture on your hair can make your hair brittle and prone to damage. As mentioned, static hair is also common during winter. It normally occurs when you are in a cold area and then your hair rubs against your woolen winter outfit. Static also causes your skin to feel a tingling sensation when you are in a cold area and then you touch a metal object or your skin brushes against the woolen fabric.

Common hair issues during the winter season

Since your hair will be more prone to static and damage during winter, it is important that you keep your hair healthy at all times. One way to take care of your hair is by visiting a keratin treatment salon. Even your human hair extensions need the right treatment, too. Since it’s made from real hair, it can also be prone to winter static and damage. Aside from dry hair, here are other common hair mishaps during the winter season.

Dry and itchy scalp

The absence of moisture and humidity means you will be more prone to dry and itchy scalp. In effect, a dry scalp can also cause dry hair, split ends, and slower hair growth.

Slow hair growth

Speaking of which, it is a normal thing to wash your hair less often due to cold weather. However, this also means your hair will be more prone to dirt accumulation and clogged pores. One effect of these is slow hair growth and hair fall.

Messy and unmanageable hair

You will also be wearing beanie hats and scarves during winter. These can also cause tangling and static hair. Combing your hair may even cause further damage depending on the comb you are using.

How to keep your hair healthy this winter season

While the abovementioned situations may be inevitable, it doesn’t mean you cannot do something about it anymore. In fact, there are many ways to help you manage these hair hassles. Here are some useful tips in taking care of your hair this winter season.

Use oil-based moisturizers.

This is the right time to use oil-based hair moisturizers. As mentioned, winter air can be dry which can also dry up your hair as well. That is why your hair will also need an extra dose of moisture this time.

Have weekly hair treatments.

We cannot stress enough how important frequent hair treatments are in keeping your hair healthy this cold season. Use conditioner and hair serums more often and slather a good amount on your hair.

Consider darker hair colors.

You can also still color your hair this winter season. However, experts recommend opting for darker hair colors instead of going lighter shades of blonde. It is also advised to keep the roots a little on the dark side and applying a semipermanent hair color instead.

Lessen heat-styling.

In such cases, going to a permanent hair straightening salon and any treatments involving heat are not recommended at this time. Doing so can cause hair damage.

Keep your hair healthy this winter

Whether you visit salons that do hair extensions or any hair treatments, it is important to keep your hair healthy and damage-free this winter season. The abovementioned tips can help you achieve healthy-looking hair in time for the cold season. Visit a keratin treatment salon in Bethesda for your regular dose of hair treatments. Contact one today!

Baddest Things You Can Do to Your Hair (But Are Doing Anyway)

When it comes to hair care, a lot of people would go the extra mile just for that. For one, some people would invest time and money for hair treatments and visiting a keratin treatment salon to improve their hair. For those with thin hair, there is an option to avail human hair extensions to improve the volume of their hair. Meanwhile, some would prefer going to a Japanese hair straightening salon so that they can manage their hair easier.

Despite all of these hair care treatments and products available in the market, it is still important to know how to take care of your hair the right way. Aside from the right hair products, the usual things you do to your hair also matters. You should also be aware of how you brush or comb your hair and even the right timing to do so. Otherwise, it can make your hair weak and be more prone to damage.

The simple thing matters

Brushing or combing your hair may seem harmless. However, it depends on how and when you do it. Washing your hair regularly is not a bad thing. For one thing, it can help make your hair feel more refreshed and clean. But just like hair brushing, how and when you wash your hair also matters a lot when it comes to maintaining it.

Even hair treatments matter, too. It is easy to decide to get clip-in hair extensions to add volume to your hair. Getting your hair colored or a Brazilian keratin treatment by a hairstylist can be easy decisions as well. Still, you need to be careful when it comes to hair care and treatment.

Worst things you can do to your hair

As mentioned, even simple hair brushing and washing can do damage to your hair depending on how you do it. If you are doing the following hair care routines, you should stop them now.

Brushing your hair when wet

Wet hair is more delicate and prone to damage. You don’t believe it? You can try breaking a strand of dry and wet hair. You will learn that the latter tends to break easier than the former. Just imagine the amount of damage if you brush or style your hair when it is wet.

Using a dirty comb or brush

When you comb or brush your hair, dead skin also gets stuck together with loose hair in between the bristles. This means that when you use a dirty brush or comb, all sorts of disgusting bacteria will be transferred on your scalp and cause dandruff and itching.

Washing your hair with hot water

It can be very relaxing to bathe in hot water after a long and tiring day. However, you should be careful when washing your hair using hot water no matter how relaxing it can be. For one thing, it can strip off your scalp’s natural oils. The same also goes when you wash your hair too much.

Proper hair care tips

By now, you might be guilty of doing the above hair care errors at least once of your life. So, what you need to do is to stop those altogether if you want to keep your hair healthy and strong for the long term. Other than that, here are some tips in properly taking care of your hair.

  • Let your hair dry first before styling it. Never use hot tools such as a curler or hair straightener while your hair is still wet. Better yet, use hair protectants when styling your hair.
  • Wash your hair using warm or slightly cold water. Experts recommend washing your hair about twice a day or every other day.
  • Make it a habit to use a conditioner after shampooing your hair. Not only can it make your hair more moisturized.
  • Don’t pull your hair when combing or brushing it. Instead, you can start combing at the hair tips, focusing on tangles but doing so gently.
  • Let your hair loose once in a while. Avoid tying your hair too tightly every day as it can weaken your hair and cause damage to your hair.


It is not a bad thing to use hair products and going to a Brazilian keratin salon for a treatment. However, you should keep the abovementioned tips in mind when it comes to proper hair care. For your regular hair treatment fix, you can visit a keratin treatment salon in Rockville. Contact one today!

Do’s and Don’ts of Hair Treatments While You Are Pregnant

Pregnancy is one of the amazing wonders of nature. There will be a lot of changes in your body while waiting for your bundle of joy to come out. Most of these changes in your body are due to hormonal changes, which can also affect your hair health. Effects may vary from woman to woman: some may experience dry and frizzy hair, while others may experience hair fall.

It may be understandable that some women may feel ugly and haggard during their pregnancy days. However, there is no reason why women have to give up their usual beauty routines including the use of human hair extensions or visiting a keratin treatment salon.

Are hair treatments safe?

A lot of pregnant women are often advised not to do any hair treatments while they are pregnant. Apparently, the chemicals used in such hair products may seep into the bloodstream and affect the growth of the baby. As a result, they would settle on brushing their hair and skipping visits to a Japanese hair straightening salon.

Among some of the most popular hair treatments include hair coloring, hair rebonding, using hair extensions, and Brazilian keratin straightening. Most of these hair treatment products contain chemicals in order to work as you expect them to be. No wonder there are common notions that using such hair products can harm the fetus and affect its growth.

However, research shows that chemicals used in hair color products do not really have high toxic content. If ever, only a minimal amount of dye or any other ingredients will be absorbed by the skin and won’t cause harm to the fetus. Hence, it is safe to say that such products won’t cause a negative impact on a woman’s pregnancy.

There are also no proven data that shows that hair treatments can also affect the quality of breastmilk. But if in doubt, you can delay visits in a permanent hair straightening salon and opt for safer alternatives instead. For example, you can opt for highlights or Balayage coloring as it won’t touch your scalp and instead only applied on your hair strands.

Precautionary tips before having hair treatments

Here are some tips you can consider if you are having second thoughts in having hair treatments.

  • Remember that your hair’s texture and strength may differ due to hormonal changes while pregnant. These are normal and you should not panic when you start experiencing hair fall or dry hair.
  • You can wait until the second trimester of your pregnancy if you want to have a hair treatment.
  • Do not overdo hair treatments and instead follow the indicated instructions.
  • Make sure to wear gloves when you are applying hair treatments on your own. Also, do a patch test first before using hair treatment products.

Taking care of your hair the natural way

In case you do not know, there are natural and safe alternatives to maintain your hair while you are pregnant. Here are some tips on taking care of your hair without necessarily having to visit a Brazilian blowout salon.

Do indulge in hair massages.

Who doesn’t love massages? Just imagine how relaxing it can be to have a body massage. The same applies to hair massages – it can be as relaxing and beneficial as a body massage. Use natural oils such as olive, jojoba, or castor oil to massage your hair and scalp. For better results, slightly heat the oil, apply on hair, and wrap your oiled hair using a warm towel.

Do use shampoo and conditioner.

Make sure to shampoo your hair at least once to thrice a week. Better yet, use herbal or organic shampoo and conditioner, applying the latter on the hair tips.

Don’t comb your hair when wet.

Doing so can cause hair breakage and hair fall. Instead, you should let your hair naturally dry or finger-comb your hair. If you still insist, use a wide-toothed comb for your hair.

Do schedule hair trims.

Hair tends to get dry and split ends while pregnant. That is why it is better to have regular hair trims to remove those rough ends and ensure better and healthier growth.

Understanding hair care needs during pregnancy

You can expect some drastic changes in your physical appearance during your pregnancy. But all those sacrifices, whether big or small, will all be worth it once you see your baby for the first time. Visiting a Brazilian keratin salon in Rockville can wait, but surely you cannot wait to see your bundle of joy after nine months of carrying in your womb.

Can Kids Have Keratin Treatment? And Other Things You Need to Know About Kids’ Hair Care

A child’s hair is more delicate than adults’ hair. That is why extra care is necessary for your kid’s precious locks. However, your child’s hair has no escape from damage and other unhealthy hair situations. Still, there are many ways to take care of your child’s hair without necessarily having to go to a Brazilian blowout salon.

Speaking of a salon, it is often advised that children should not be subjected to chemical hair treatments. As mentioned, children’s hair is super sensitive so you should be careful in using hair products to avoid possible adverse reactions. On one hand, there are natural hair care products for your child’s hair health. There are also hair care routines you can do for your child’s hair health as well.

Can children get hair treatments?

There are many hair care products in the market nowadays that are specially formulated for young children. Likewise, there are also various salons offering keratin treatment by a hairstylist. Most of these hair products for kids may not generally cause adverse reactions to the point of compromising your child’s health.

Also, some experts say there is no age limit to get hair treatment in a Brazilian keratin salon. But before using these so-called kid-friendly hair products, you should first consider looking at the ingredients printed on the packaging. As much as possible, you should not use hair care products containing paraben and sulfate.

There may be also a keratin treatment salon that may allow children to have hair treatment. While dosage and methods may vary specifically for children, it is still important to consider the following. For one thing, children may have varying temperaments during salon appointments.

  • Hair salon treatments may take some time, about two to three hours at least.
  • Children may not like the smell of chemicals applied to their hair, which can affect their mood while seated in the salon chair.
  • Hair salon treatments may not come cheap, either. Make sure you have enough budget to afford such treatments for your child.
  • After-care hair routine should be followed as well for optimum results. However, it can be overwhelming for children in some cases.

Hair loss in children

Like adults, hair loss can also plague children as well. For one thing, hair loss is a common occurrence among children. However, it can be a cause of alarm if there is excessive hair loss to the point where there are already visible bald spots present. In such cases, it is best to call a doctor for proper treatment.

Hair loss in children may either be due to medical or non-medical reasons. Among these common hair loss causes include the following.

  • Scalp infections (ex. tinea capitis, alopecia, etc.)
  • Behavioral issues (ex. trichotillomania or excessive hair pulling)
  • Lack of nutrition (ex. lack of minerals, protein, and vitamins which cause hair fall)
  • Hormonal issues (ex. hypothyroidism)
  • Medical treatments (ex. chemotherapy)
  • Using hair products with strong chemicals
  • Using hair ties frequently

If your child experiences these symptoms, it may not be a good idea to visit a Brazilian blowout salon for your child’s hair treatment. Instead, it is best not to use any hair products that can be harmful to your child’s hair.

Haircare product alternatives

Meanwhile, you can choose to use natural hair care products for your child. One example is by using products you can actually find at home such as aloe vera, coconut oil, and apple cider vinegar.

Aloe vera

Simply apply aloe vera gel onto the child’s scalp. Let it sit for a few hours before washing it thoroughly with a kid-friendly shampoo. Aloe vera is a natural source of vitamins as well as useful in preventing hair loss.

Coconut oil

Like aloe vera, coconut oil also contains essential vitamins and iron that helps in maintaining your child’s hair health. Simply massage the oil onto the child’s scalp and let it sit for about 30 minutes. Afterward, wash thoroughly with mild shampoo.

Apple cider vinegar

It helps in preventing hair and scalp infection. Simply mix two tablespoons of apple cider with water, apply the mixture onto the child’s scalp and let it sit for about five minutes. Afterward, wash thoroughly with a mild shampoo.

Take care of your hair

Not only should you take care of your hair but more so with your child’s hair. For one thing, children’s hair is more sensitive than that of adults. But for adults, it is best to have regular hair treatment from a professional keratin treatment salon. For your hair care needs, make sure to set an appointment for keratin treatment by a hairstylist in Bethesda today!


Common Hair Care Myths That Should Be Debunked Now

Everyone wants to have nice, full, and healthy-looking hair, men and women alike. Having healthy hair is a sign of youth. Meaning, it can make you look younger than your actual years. Healthy hair can also boost one’s confidence and maintain positivity in all aspects of his/her life. If you want to have healthy-looking hair, you can visit a keratin treatment salon and let professional hair experts take care of your precious hair.

Common hair care myths

Perhaps you heard about various tips about proper hair care. Whether you saw it online or passed on to you through word of mouth, these so-called tips promise one common thing: to improve your hair’s health. There are also so-called cheaper alternatives to make your hair healthy without resorting to expensive Brazilian keratin straightening or using human hair extensions.

However, “fake news” is common nowadays so you should not believe everything you see or hear. Some would say that there would be no harm in trying. But surely you would not want to try something that is not at least scientifically proven. It’s up to you if you want to try these so-called hair care tips, but don’t say we didn’t warn you.

The more often you cut your hair, the more it will grow faster.

In truth, cutting your hair won’t really create a major impact in your hair follicles. On the contrary, cutting your hair of split ends can make your hair healthier and grow longer. To reiterate, the frequency of hair cutting won’t affect its hair growth but can promote healthier hair growth.

Blow drying can damage your hair.

It is true that excessive heat can cause hair damage especially when done frequently. However, you can still use your hair dryer as long as you adjust it to the minimum heat setting. Make sure to hold the dryer away from your hair to prevent the risk of hair damage due to heat.

Using oils can make your hair too oily.

Oil will make your hair greasy if you apply it on your scalp. However, applying oil on the ends can actually do wonders to your hair. In fact, oil can make your hair shinier and more hydrated. Make sure to shampoo your hair thoroughly to remove excess oils in your hair and scalp. Apply oil only on the hair surface and not on the scalp.

Plucking gray hair can result in more gray hair growth.

This is not true. In fact, there is nothing wrong with plucking gray or white hairs. There are also instances wherein when you pluck gray or white hair, hair regrowth may be less gray or white-looking.

Brush your hair 100 times to make your hair healthier.

Perhaps your mom or grandmother did this before and has passed on that belief to you. For now, you can lay down your brush and give it a rest. Excessive hair brushing can lead to breakage and friction that can result to damage over time. Better yet, you can use an ionic brush which can help stimulate hair growth.

Tips on proper hair care product use

Be careful when applying hair products.

Make sure not to apply too much hair products so as not to weigh down your hair. Use dime-size gel or mousse on short hair, and more for longer hair.

Do not apply styling products on wet hair.

Instead, apply hair styling products after towel or air-drying your hair. Massage the product onto the scalp for better results. However, consult a professional hair stylist first before using styling products.

Visit professional hair salons for proper hair treatment

You can visit salons that do hair extensions if you want to add volume to your hair. You can also try keratin treatment by hair stylist to ensure maximum hair quality.

Why it’s a good idea to visit hair salons

If you want to maintain the health of your hair, you can visit hair salons near you. Here are the reasons why it is a good idea to have regular salon visits.

For one, experts recommend going to the salon once a month for proper hair treatments. You can try Brazilian keratin straightening to lessen hair frizz and make your hair shinier and more manageable.

Professional hair stylists will also ensure vibrant hair color if you had hair coloring treatment recently. Lastly, stylists know everything about hair care so it’s recommended to heed their useful advice when it comes to hair maintenance.

Find professional hair stylists near you

You can visit a keratin treatment salon in Bethesda for your regular dose of hair care treatment. Learn a thing or two about proper hair care from the industry’s experts today!

Different Hair Straightening Treatments

They say that our hair is our crowning glory. In fact, a lot of women – and even men – invest in hair care products to keep their hair in top condition. People also look up to famous celebrities for the latest hair trends. Others would visit a Brazilian keratin salon to get their regular hair treatments. Nonetheless, it is important to keep our hair healthy, strong, and damage-free.

Some are blessed with naturally-straight hair. These are ones who don’t have to spend extra time in front of the mirror styling their hair. A little bit of combing, and they’re good to go. For others who don’t have naturally straight hair, this is something they would love to have.

This is how a permanent hair straightening salon can help. These salons offer different hair straightening treatment for their hair needs. But before heading to your nearest permanent hair straightening salon, you should know the different types of hair straightening treatments. Among these options, you can choose the best treatment for your hair care needs.

Hair straightening treatments

For starters, permanent hair straightening uses chemicals to eliminate curls and waves and makes your hair shiny and straight. Most permanent hair straightening treatments can last around six months up to a year. It will depend on how you take care of your straightened hair.

As mentioned, there are different types of hair straightening treatments.

Brazilian keratin / Brazilian Blowout

This treatment has become popular over the years. It restores the hair’s health by replacing the lost protein, called keratin, in our hair. Keratin is also naturally present in our nails and teeth.

Brazilian Blowout salons offer this hair treatment, which is said to be safer than other hair straightening treatments. It does reduce frizz and make your hair straighter. On the contrary, this treatment can last a maximum of six months. This is generally safe, it can be done several times.

Japanese hair straightening

As the name suggests, this treatment originated in Japan. It promises smoother and straighter hair that can last for up to a year. The procedure involves using a chemical to break down the hair’s protein structure. The heat will then be applied, and then treated again with chemicals to lock the bonds in and make the hair straighter and smoother.

Before proceeding, visit a Japanese hair straightening salon first to know if it’s the right treatment for your hair type. Once you have this treatment, you cannot curl or tie it in a ponytail because it can damage your hair. Make sure to treat your hair regularly with a deep conditioner.

Hair Rebonding

It is one of the most popular hair treatments up to this day. It is ideal for those who have thick and wavy hair. The effect can last up to a year depending on the amount of care given to the hair. It uses a chemical that makes hair straight and shiny. However, make sure to have hair masks or hot oil treatments to keep your hair healthy.

When should you have hair straightening treatment?

Hair experts say you should wait for at least a year before you can undergo a hair straightening treatment again. This is to make sure your hair can “breathe” before various chemicals are applied to your hair. Otherwise, frequent use of hair straightening treatments can cause serious damage to your hair such as hair fall and split ends.

Meanwhile, some may allow touch-ups after three to six months after the straightening treatment. It will depend on the growth of your natural hair. However, make sure to consult professional stylists for the best post-hair straightening care options.

Taking care of straightened hair

You should follow strict measures to maximize the effect of your straightened hair. To ensure optimal hair health following a hair straightening treatment, here are some hair care tips you should remember.

  • Follow your hair stylist’s instructions. He or she is likely to have been in the business for years, so trust the experts.
  • After hair rebonding or Japanese hair straightening, do not wash your hair for three days. This is to ensure the treatment’s maximum results.
  • Avoid tying your hair or tucking your hair behind your ear.
  • Be careful not to make your hair messy before going to bed.
  • Use conditioner frequently. If you have to use shampoo, use one that is free from sulfate and parabens.
  • Wash your hair using cold water. Do not color your hair following the hair straightening treatment.

Let the best hair salon take care of your hair

Whether you plan to go to a Brazilian blowout salon, it is important to know the entire hair straightening process. Once you are already decided, make sure to visit a professional Japanese hair straightening salon in Rockville.

Should You Get A Keratin Treatment?

If you are not keen on having your hair rebonded but want to have frizz-free and manageable hair, you may want to consider getting keratin treatment by hair stylist. Apparently, this hair treatment is one of the most popular hair care procedures these days. You may want to visit the nearest keratin treatment salon and know more about this revolutionary hair treatment.

What is keratin treatment?

Keratin treatment aims to make your hair smoother and shinier in just one visit to a Brazilian keratin salon. This treatment is a great alternative if you do not want to undergo permanent hair straightening. On a slight downside, the effect of keratin treatment can only last up to three months. Nonetheless, having keratin treatment can help improve your hair’s texture that won’t empty your pockets.

Scientifically-speaking, keratin is a type of protein. It is commonly present in your nails, skin, and hair as well as in the internal organs. Keratin is also commonly used as an ingredient in various hair and beauty products. Apparently, the keratin component of these hair care products can help improve hair health in the long run.

Among common hair care products that contain keratin include:

  1. Keratin treatments available in salons

These include Brazilian keratin straightening and other keratin-based hair treatments. However, such treatments also involve several procedures done by a professional Brazilian blowout salon.

First, a professional hair stylist will apply a formaldehyde-based cream. It will then be blow-dried, straightened and should be kept dry for a few days. You will have to return to the salon to wash your hair. Another treatment is then applied to complete the treatment which is expected to last for about three months.

  1. Hair care products (shampoos, conditioners, and hair serums)

If you find keratin treatment in salons expensive, you can use shampoos and conditioners infused with keratin. These commercial hair care products with keratin promise salon-quality results. However, it may not be as effective as when you have your hair treated in a professional salon.

  1. Supplements

Keratin supplements are available in most health stores around. It may come in capsule or powder forms. However, make sure not to over-use it as it can lead to too much protein in your body, which is unhealthy nonetheless.

Benefits of keratin treatments

A Brazilian keratin salon would highly-recommend having a keratin treatment to ensure your hair’s optimum health. Keratin smoothens down your hair strands, making your hair smoother, shinier, and easier to manage. Likewise, it lessens hair frizz and makes your hair look straighter.

However, the type of keratin treatment to be used will depend on your hair’s thickness. This is to ensure that your hair gets the maximum effects of the keratin treatment. That said, the treatment results may vary. Make sure to only have your keratin treatment done by a professional hair expert.

As to the treatment cost, it depends on the salon and the keratin treatment brand to be used. Normally, a keratin treatment would cost around $300 to as much as $800 or above. On the other hand, there are DIY keratin treatment kits available in beauty stores that cost $50 and below. However, make sure you carefully follow the instructions or have it applied by a hair professional.

A word of caution

While keratin treatment can do wonders on your hair, it still contains chemicals that can potentially do damage if incorrectly applied. Apparently, some keratin treatments contain high levels of formaldehyde which may be beyond the recommended safety standards.

Salon personnel can even be at risk of adverse effects due to frequent handling of such hair chemicals. These may include the occurrence of respiratory issues and nose bleeding. This safety hazard is also the reason why pregnant women and people with respiratory problems are advised against having this treatment.


All hair treatments, including keratin treatment, have its benefits. However, it is important to understand the ingredients and procedures that go into your hair. It is also important to note that treatment results may vary depending on your hair thickness and the type of treatment used.

To achieve the best results for your hair, you should only have keratin treatment by hair stylist in Rockville or any other trusted salons near you. Having nice and manageable hair is everyone’s dream. But make sure to trust only the experts to make that dream a reality.

Keratin Treatment vs. Permanent Hair Straightening

If you have thick hair, unmanageable you are probably thinking of straightening it. Hair straightening or hair smoothing will make your hair more manageable. Are wondering what option is best for your hair. The best place to begin your quest to more manageable hair is at the permanent hair straightening salon. The expert hair stylist will assess your hair and advice you on the best technique for your hair. In this article, we guide you on how to differentiate the two techniques and which one may work for your hair.

Keratin treatment

Keratin treatment is a smoothing treatment that works on most hair types. The treatment will make your hair smooth and reduce frizz. Keratin treatment offers you the semi-permanent hair straightening option because it will last for about three months. You can prolong the results of the treatment if you follow the right regimen.

Keratin treatment will not damage your hair but will nourish it instead. If you have damaged hair, this treatment is ideal for you. Make sure you follow the right regimen to keep your hydrated after the application of the treatment. If you don’t take proper care of the hair after the treatment that could lead to damage.

Advantages of keratin treatment

Brazilain keratin treatment has several benefits and advantages. Below a list of them;

  • Work on all hair types

The Brazilian keratin treatment is effective on all hair types. It helps repair damaged hair.

  • Safe

The treatment is safe and will not damage your hair

  • You style the hair after the treatment

Its low maintenance. It’s however important to ensure that you follow the right regimen.

Disadvantages of the keratin treatment

  • The treatment can irritate the skin. You need to ensure the treatment you use is of high quality
  • Its expensive treatment. You will need to invest in products that are appropriate for your hair.
  • It can cause hair damage if not applied properly. Ensure the treatment is applied by a top-rated hair stylist.
  • It’s not suitable for pregnant women

Permanent hair straightening

They are a different kind of hair straightening techniques, but one of the safest methods is Japanese hair straightening. The hair stylist in the permanent hair straightening salon will add a chemical to your hair and then add heat to straighten the hair. The techniques alter the structure of your hair by breaking the bonds of your hair. Compared to keratin treatment it may result in damage if not done properly. It’s imperative to visit the Japanese hair straightening salon and let the expert apply the chemical.

The first step is hair assessment. If you previously used chemicals on the hair the treatment may be damage your hair. A strand test will determine whether your hair is healthy enough to undergo the straightening.

After the straightening, your hair is likely to become dry and its therefore imperative to keep the hair hydrated. Make sure you condition your hair often. Avoid shampoos that contain alcohol and sulfates.

Advantages of hair straightening

Below are reasons why you should straighten your hair.

  • The straightening chemical will make your hair smooth and easy to manage. If your hair is unruly and unmanageable, consider applying the Japanese hair straightening treatment.
  • Your hair remains straight until it grows out.
  • Keratin treatment will work on any hair type. Making sure your hair is healthy is important.

Disadvantages of Hair Straightening

  • The hair straightening chemicals can damage your hair. It’s imperative to ensure that you ensure your hair is healthy enough. Let the expert at the Japanese hair straightening salon apply the chemical to prevent damage.
  • It’s expensive
  • After the chemical is applied you need to invest in products that will work for your hair. You will also need to visit the hair salon regularly for retouch and that will cost you money
  • Changes the structure and texture of your hair completely. After the treatment has been applied, you can’t go back to the old hair look. You need to give your time to grow out.

You need to visit the top rated hair straightening salon Rockville, and the hair stylist will guide you on the best technique to use on your hair. After an assessment, your hair and advise whether to apply the Brazilian keratin treatment or the Japanese hair straightening. Follow the care procedure given by the hair stylist to keep your hair smooth and shiny.

Tips to Help Maintain Straightened Hair

Styling curly hair daily can be difficult especially if you have a busy schedule. If you have hair which is difficult to manage you need to set enough time to style it every morning and that can be frustrating. You can, however, straighten your hair to make manageable and easy to style. Permanent or temporary hair straightening will make your hair shiny, smooth and you can style quickly. It’s however important to ensure that you take care of your hair after the hair straightening process to protect your hair from damage. It’s important to visit the Permanent hair straightening salon Rockville for the hair stylist to analyze your hair and advise on how best to take care of your mane. In this article, we look at tips to help you maintain your straightened hair.

Tips to Help You Maintain Straightened Hair

  • Obey the instruction and advice given by the hair stylist

You need to know how to take care of your hair after a Japanese hair straightening. After the straightening process, your hair will experience some level of dryness and it’s crucial that you know how to take care of it. The hair stylist will guide you on how to take care of your straightened hair. After hair straightening, you need to give your hair time before you can shampoo it. After a keratin treatment, you shouldn’t tie your hair backward or use clips on it. It’s important that you follow the instructions given by the top-rated hair stylist.

  • Avoid using more chemicals on your hair

It’s important that you give your hair time to ensure that it’s healthy and strong. Adding more chemicals to your hair before the hair regains it’s strength will lead to damage. If you are planning for hair color and highlight give your hair time before you can color. Hair color contains chemicals that could make your hair brittle and weak. Visit the hair salon for color and let the hairstylist advice you when you should color your hair.

  • Minimize the use of heat styling tools

Use of too much heat after the hair straightening will damage your hair. Avoid using the heat, styling tools on your hair for some time. Before you use the heat styling consult the hair stylist at the permanent hair straightening salon on when is the best time to use the heat styling tools. Also, avoid washing hair with very hot water because that will cause the hair to dry off and become brittle. Wash your hair with warm water to ensure your hair retains the natural oils.

  • Condition hair often and shampoo occasionally

Shampooing your hair too often will cause the hair to become dry. It’s, therefore, best to condition your hair regularly and shampoo occasionally. Invest in high-quality conditioners and shampoos that don’t contain sulfates and alcohol. You can deep condition your hair once in a while to keep it hydrated and nourished.

  • Invest in the right hair care Products

After permanently straightening your hair you need to get products for straightened hair. The hair stylist at the Japanese permanent hair straightening salon will advise you the products that you need. Its imperative that the products you use have the right formulation to keep your hair nourished. The products may cost more money, but your hair will be healthy and nourished

  • Protect your hair from harsh UV rays

Harmful UV rays will damage your hair, especially after hair straightening. In case the sun is hot invest in caps or head scarf. Make sure that you protect your hair in each season.

  • Trim your hair regularly

Trimming your hair will help maintain the condition of your hair and prevent split ends. Trimming your hair often will get rid of regularly trimmed hair and ensure that your hair doesn’t develop split ends. Visit the permanent hair straightening salon and let the hair stylist trim your hair.

  • Visit the hair salon often

To ensure that your hair is healthy, visit the hair salon and let the hair stylist assess the state of your hair. The hair stylist will be able to advise you on how to keep your hair looking. Make sure you follow the advise given.

Straightened hair is easy to manage but require care. Make sure you visit the Japanese hair straightening salon for a hair check to ensure your hair remains healthy. Invest in the right and follow the care instructions give at the permanent hair straightening salon.

What to Expect When You opt For A Keratin Treatment

Brazillian Keratin straightening is the perfect solution for unruly and wild hair. If you are struggling with frizzy hair that easily tangles, then the keratin treatment is the ideal solution. It’s important to work with the top-rated hair straightening salon for best results. In this article, we tell you why the keratin treatment is the perfect solution for your hair. An expert hairstylist will first assess your hair to ensure it’s healthy enough for the treatment.

What is Keratin Treatment?

Your hair is made up keratin which protects hair from damage. However, due to chemicals and other environmental factors, the keratin in the hair is depleted, and that creates the need for the Brazilian keratin straightening treatment. If your hair has no keratin, it will become dry and frizzy. It’s important that you visit the Brazilian Keratin salon for a hair assessment and application.

How Does A Keratin Treatment Work?

The hair stylist will wash your hair with a sulfate free shampoo and then apply the treatment to your hair. The treatment is then sealed with a flat iron. The treatment is used to strengthen your hair, and if your hair is damaged, it will help repair the hair. If you want your hair to be straightened, the hair stylist will ensure the hair bonds are broken to make your hair straight. A keratin treatment will smoothen your hair and make it easy to manage.

Keratin Treatment Process

It will take the hairstylist 1 or two hours to apply the keratin treatment. The time it takes will depend on length, hair thickness, porous your hair is, and the expertise of the hair stylist. The hair stylist will clarify your hair with a shampoo and then divide your hair into sections. The stylist will then apply the keratin treatment to your hair and leave it for a while. The hair stylist will then flat iron the hair to seal the keratin treatment. The process will make the hair shiny, strong and rejuvenated. Make sure you visit the top rated hair salon for the process to get the best results. The application process is key to ensuring your remains healthy, and it’s crucial that it’s done properly.

Why You Should Apply a Keratin Treatment
  • Reduces the time you take to blow dry your hair by half
  • It makes your hair frizz free and shiny
  • Repairs damaged hair and give it volume
  • Makes hair styling easy and more manageable
  • Prevents hair fall and makes your hair resilient
  • Makes the hair smooth and easy to manage

The keratin treatment will leave your hair looking great. It’s important to let the hair stylist at the hair straightening salon apply the treatment to ensure that it doesn’t damage your hair. The stylist will know the right amount of heat to apply to your hair and also the right amount of treatment to use.

Guidelines to Follow Before the Treatment
  • Research and apply the treatment. Make sure that the treatment will work for your hair. The hair stylist will advise you on whether the treatment will work for your kind of hair.
  • Condition your hair before the treatment to ensure its well hydrated and moisturized
  • Avoid using shampoo laced with sulfates because that will damage your hair
  • Consult the hair expert at the Brazilian keratin salon on other routine practices you should follow.
Guidelines to Follow After the Treatment
  • After the application of the treatment make sure you give your hair enough time to absorb the treatment. The hair stylist will advise you on the amount of time required
  • Keep your hair hydrated to avoid breakage. Protect your hair from harsh UV rays.
  • Invest in the right hair care products for your hair. Consult the hair stylist on the best products for your hair.
  • Follow the right hair regimen to keep your hair looking shiny and smooth

Keratin treatment will make your hair more manageable. Make sure that you visit the keratin treatment salon for the best outcome. The hair stylist will ensure that the right amount of keratin treatment is applied to your hair and the right amount of heat is used. Make sure you follow the care routine given at the keratin hair straightening salon, and that will ensure you enjoy smooth and easy to manage hair.