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What You Need to Know Before Toning Your Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can do wonders for your natural hair. It can add instant length and volume to your hair. There are several types of hair extensions you can choose from – human hair extensions, clip in hair extensions… choose according to your hair needs. You can avail of the best and quality hair extensions in a hair extensions salon.

But sometimes, it can be challenging to find the right hair extensions especially if you are particular with the color. The good news is that you can tone your hair extensions according to your taste. There are hair extensions made from real human hair that you can tone by yourself or by a professional colorist.

Remy human hair is a popular hair extension as it only uses the best quality, 100 percent real human hair. Its cuticles are not stripped and look like natural hair when you apply it. It remains silky soft and tangle-free no matter how often you use it. But before you use it, you need to consider these things if you want to tone it as well.

Do’s of toning hair extensions

First of all, you should only get quality hair extensions in salons that do hair extensions. Of course, you also need to know how to apply it, unless you let professional hairstylists put it on for you. If you want to tone your hair extensions according to your liking, take note of the following tips.

Test some strands first.

Make sure to have some test strands first when planning on toning your hair extensions. This is to ensure you will be satisfied with the outcome and avoid regrets later on. If you are not satisfied with the initial outcome, you can try in another set of test strands until you achieve the right toning.

Apply the toner on both sides and in a downward direction.

This will ensure even results. Start by applying the toner from the weft’s base while moving downwards up to the hair tips. Doing this in the opposite direction can cause damage to the hair extensions and can make your hair tangled and frizzy.

Let a professional hair colorist tone your hair extensions.

If you are not that confident enough to go DIY toning, you can always ask a professional colorist in a hair extensions salon to do it for you. The hair extensions might also need to be pre-washed with alcohol-free shampoo and sulfate before the toning process.

Keep your hair moisturized all the time.

Regardless of your hair’s texture, it is important to keep it moisturized at all times. More so, if you have color-treated hair. This also applies to color-treated human hair extensions. Hair experts suggest using a sulfate-free deep conditioner or any hair oil after toning your hair extensions. Better yet, leave the treatment overnight.

Don’ts or toning hair extensions

On the other hand, you should NOT do the following when toning your hair extensions.

Do not tone the entire hair extensions at the same time.

Doing so can lead to tangles and cause frizziness and further damage. Instead, you should tone the wefts one at a time so you can be able to control the outcome you want for the hair extensions.

Using bleach is a no-no.

Hair experts suggest using bleach on your hair extensions. Most likely, the clip in hair extensions is already dyed. Also, bleaching can be damaging to the extensions in the long run.

Do not apply purple shampoo to the extensions directly.

As mentioned, hair extensions are most likely color-treated. That means applying purple shampoo directly to the extensions can do more harm than good. Instead, you can dilute the purple shampoo first with warm water before applying on the extensions.

What if you have accidentally over-toned your hair extensions?

In case this happens, using clarifying shampoo can help solve your predicament. Take note that clarifying shampoo can make your hair dry. So, make sure to apply a deep conditioner and let it sit for at least 5 minutes to restore moisture.

Another way to deal with over-toning is to mix the shampoo with vitamin C powder. Then, apply directly to hair in a downward motion and wrap using cling-wrap. Leave it for several hours before rinsing off.


Hair extensions can do wonders for your hair. It is important to choose the right type of hair extensions depending on your hair type and preference. If you are not sure which one to get, you can visit salons that do hair extensions in Bethesda.

Is There Such a Thing as Hair Extension Allergies?

Sometimes, beauty comes with a price – literally and figuratively. For one thing, it is not a bad thing to invest in beauty products and treatments. You can also visit a keratin treatment salon for regular hair treatment. There are also hair extensions in a salon available near you if you want to add volume to your hair.

Some hair treatments and products can be a little expensive. It depends on the brand, ingredients, and the process used. Still, a lot of people especially women spend a lot of money on beauty products and treatments regardless of the price. However, make sure to be careful about using such products or it can potentially cause side effects.

What you need to know before using hair extensions

Not everyone is blessed with thick and volumized hair. There are even some who experience hair fall due to some reason. It can be due to genetics, stress, or harsh hair products used.

If you have thin hair, you can use human hair extensions or clip in hair extensions. Both types of hair extensions can make your hair fuller, longer, and more stylish-looking. The difference is the material used in each type of hair extensions.

On the one hand, using hair extensions can make a lot of difference to your hair. You can wear hair extensions without compromising your hair health. It’s all about proper application and TLC to ensure that your hair extensions will last.

A word of caution

There are a lot of people who are allergic to something. It can be a food, pollen, or even a beauty product ingredient. Some might experience mild allergic reactions, while some can be life-threatening.

Unfortunately, hair extensions can cause allergic reactions, too. It can be due to how the extensions are applied or the material itself.

It can be because of the glue used to install the human hair extensions. If you are using synthetic hair extensions, it can also be due to the material used.

For example, a lot of synthetic hair extensions have an alkaline base coat layer that some people might be allergic to. Such ingredients are not supposed to come into contact with skin, hence the allergic reactions.

The hair extension material can also cause allergic reactions especially if it’s synthetic. In particular, the poly filament or monofilament fibers and dyes used in some hair extensions can cause allergic reactions.

How to wear extensions properly

Hair extensions can make a lot of difference to your overall look. However, make sure that you don’t have any allergic reactions to it or risk suffering from its consequences. You should trust only a professional hair extensions salon to do the job. Here are tips to do to before wearing extensions.

Relax your hair and scalp.

Before installing hair extensions, make sure to prime it first. Let your hair rest from hair styling and chemical products to avoid adverse effects when putting the extensions. Clean your hair of any impurities as it can cause itching and dryness.

Be careful not to put it too tight.

Putting hair extensions should not cause headaches. If it does, it means the extensions are installed too tightly and cause adverse effects later on. Aside from headaches, extensions that are too tight can cause hair fall and breakage. That is why it is recommended to put them on loosely. Better yet, have them installed by a professional hairstylist.

Don’t forget to shampoo.

Make sure to shampoo your hair gently at least once a week to maintain your scalp health. It also reduces buildup due to styling and to get rid of dead skin cells. If you have clip-in extensions, make sure to remove it first, then clean and dry before reattaching. If you have sewn hair extensions, do your best to separate it from your real hair. Wash your real hair separately from the extensions.

Let your hair rest from extensions.

As much as possible, let your hair rest from hair extensions every after few weeks. Try hairstyles that won’t strain your hair such as tight ponytails and braids. Better yet, put on extensions only during special events instead of on an everyday basis.

Are hair extensions for you?

Hair extensions can do wonders for your overall look. However, you should determine whether you have allergies from it. Otherwise, it can cause itching, dryness, and other adverse hair and scalp allergic reactions. Make sure to have your hair extensions done by professional salons that do hair extensions in Bethesda.

What You Need To Know Before Having Hair Extensions

A lot of women want to have lush, voluminous hair. As the saying goes, our hair serves as our “crowning glory”. Beautiful hair makes you look blooming and healthy in general. That is why you should take extra care with your pretty locks. You can also experiment with your hair by going to salons that do hair extensions.

This summer, having long, wavy tresses is perfect. If you have shorter hair but would love to try out having beach-wave hair in time for the season, you can try going to a hair extensions salon. A hair extension can instantly solve your long hair problems. Plus, you can style your hair extension any way you want.

But before going ahead for a hair extension, you should carefully consider some factors. For one thing, you should choose the right type of hair extension that will suit your needs. Also, having hair extensions can also cost you some bucks depending on the salon and the type of extensions used.

What is a hair extension?

Hair extensions are a common service in most hair salons. It aims to make your hair look fuller and to instantly add length to your current, natural hair. There are also different types of hair extensions, including human hair extensions and clip in hair extensions among others.

The hair extension commonly used in this process is called hair weave. It is made of either real human hair or artificial material that resembles real hair. Hair extensions are ideal for people who want to add volume to their hair. Likewise, it can also add character to the user without using harmful chemicals to your natural hair.

However, one should be careful when using hair weaves and other types of hair extensions. For one, it can potentially cause hair loss on areas where the hair extension is mostly applied.

Different types of hair extension

There are different types of hair extensions, but all of these fall under three major categories. These are the following:

  1. Temporary hair extensions

These types of hair extensions can be used and easily taken out every day or up to a week. Clip in hair extensions and hair weaves are some examples of temporary hair extensions. These hair extensions are commonly used during special events, and then easily taken off after.

  1. Semi-permanent hair extensions

These types of hair extensions usually last for up to two months. Unlike clip-on extensions, semi-permanent hair extensions are attached to hair using tape. This hair extension also looks natural while attached to your real hair, regardless of the hairstyle you use.

  1. Permanent hair extensions

These types of hair extensions involve attaching strands of hair instead of using clips or tape. Examples of permanent hair extensions include micro-bonds and micro rings. Permanent hair extensions are ideal for those who have slow-growing hair. Likewise, this is also perfect for those who want to have voluminous hair daily.

Synthetic or natural?

Obviously, the logical choice is using natural human hair extension. While it can look nicer on your natural hair, this hair extension material can be more expensive, unlike synthetic ones. However, using this can be more affordable in the long run.

On the other hand, hair extensions made from synthetic hair cannot be heat-styled. It also does not look naturally shiny and may look stiff at a closer look.  As to how much hair extensions cost, it depends on the type of extension you prefer.

For one, permanent extensions are more expensive mostly due to the amount of time it needs to be attached to your hair. Normally, it would take around two to three hours to complete the process. In other words, the huge chunk of the cost may go to labor and the amount of effort needed to accomplish it.

Final tips

Here are other tips you need to remember if you do decide to have hair extensions:

  1. Don’t use temporary hair extensions daily.

These types of hair extensions are not meant to be used daily. Otherwise, it can cause hair loss in that area of your head. If you want to use hair extensions for a long time, consider using permanent ones instead.

  1. Do not use hair extensions if you have a history of hair loss.

Doing so can make your hair loss worse. For one, it can contribute to hair growth delays. Hair extensions are not also recommended for those with fine or thin hair.

  1. Never remove hair extensions on your own.

Make sure to have your hair extensions removed only by the best salons that do hair extensions in Bethseda or elsewhere near you.

Will hair extensions cause damage to my natural hair?

hair extensionsHair Extension Application

Have you always wished for longer hair?  Even if your hair grows particularly slowly, you can still find ways to make your hair appear long and lustrous.  Natural hair extensions blend in perfectly with your own hair to add volume and length!  If you are interested in finding the best hair extensions for your hair type, we recommend working with a professional stylist at a local hair extension salon.  Professional hair extension application is a much safer bet than applying extensions at home, and it guarantees that your new hair extensions will look as natural as possible!

Keratin Extensions

There are many different hair extension varieties to consider including Indian hair extensions and European hair extensions.  Your hairstylist will be able to recommend the best hair extension brand and type for you.  Hair Dreams hair extensions, Fusion hair extensions and Remy hair extensions are just two of the most popular brands out there.  Depending on how fast your hair grows you’ll have to change your new hair extensions every couple months.  For this reason, we highly recommend finding a hair extension salon and hair stylist you can trust to help you make all your major hairstyle decisions!

What kind of haircut and color should I get for Valentine’s Day?

hair relaxerNew Haircut and Color

Are you looking for a fun way to spice up your appearance this Valentine’s Day?  A new haircut and hair color is a great place to start.  The expert hairstylists at our hair salon would love to help you come up with a new romantic look to enjoy with your loved one this February 14!  We suggest going with a totally different hair color to give yourself a brand new edge.  There are tons of vibrant blonde hair colors and red hair colors out there that can really make your eyes pop!  We will be sure to match your new coloring exactly the way you want it, taking extra care to choosing shades that are complimentary to your skin tone and facial structure.

Short Hairstyles

Some women opt for short hairstyles as the weather starts to get warmer.  Bob hairstyles and short pixie haircuts will never go out of style!  We can show you pictures of a ton of the most current popular hairstyles to match your facial features and designer sunglasses.  We also offer some of the best permanent hair straightening services around!  Visit us today for a long lasting keratin treatment; your hair will be soft and silky for months on end.