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4 Things you Should Know When Getting Hair Extensions For The First Time

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Are you getting hair extensions for the first time? Before you head to a hair extensions salon, there are several things you should know. These things include:

There are many types of hair extensions you can buy

As much as you might have fallen in love with a friend’s extensions, you should know that you might not look as good as how they look is significantly influenced by the type of extensions they have on.

Some of the popular hair extensions in the market are:

Temporary extensions: These are perfect when you are getting your feet into the extensions arena and want to test the waters before taking the plunge. Do you want to wear extensions for weekends or special occasions? These are the extensions to go for.

Popular extensions under this category are clip-ins, wefts, and weaves.

Semi-permanent: These are designed to be worn for 6-8 weeks, after which you should remove them and install new ones. The most popular semi-permanent extensions in the market are tape-in extensions that are often smaller than clip-ins.

There are also invisible tape extensions that are often completely undetectable, especially when your hair is down or up.

Permanent hair extensions: From their name, these are extensions designed to be worn for extended periods of time. The extensions are usually strand by strand, meaning that many small attachments are often added to the extensions. The best examples of the extensions under this category are micro rings and macro bonds.

Good quality extensions don’t come cheap.

While you will find extensions of all price ranges, you should avoid cheap extensions as they tend to be unsightly.

When you are shopping for the extensions, avoid salon standard extensions as they are often made from poor quality materials, often have inconsistent colors, and get clumpy on your hair.

The key to looking the best in hair extensions is buying quality extensions, which unfortunately don’t come cheap. So if you are looking to steal the show when you wear your extensions, get a quality 100% human hair extensions.

Avoid synthetic hair extensions as they give you an unnatural shiny look, and you can’t heat style them.

The hair extensions can damage your hair.

I know you want to improve your hair with extensions, but you should be wary as the extensions can damage your hair, especially if you have your extensions applied by an inexperienced professional.

When the stylist doesn’t apply the hair using the correct method, they are bound to damage your natural hair. Some of the popular hair damage you can go through include: hair loss, breakage, and even damage to the hair strands.

To reduce the risks of hair damage, ensure that your hair is done by an experienced professional working in a reputable hair extensions salon.

If you aren’t sure about your stylist’s proficiency, choose micro ring attachments as they are the safest to apply as the stylist doesn’t need to use chemicals to apply them.

To place the extensions, the stylist slips them through a metal ring and clamps it shut, and secures the extensions into your head.

Hair extensions need care.

Having the hair extensions applied in professional salons that do hair extensions Rockville doesn’t mean you are out of the woods—you still need to maintain the extensions to keep them looking spectacular. And there are plenty of ways to do it depending on the type of extensions you got on.

If you have semi-permanent extensions, use the shampoo recommended by the stylist. As a rule of thumb, don’t condition or apply oils to your hair root.

Do you have tape-in extensions? Brush the extensions regularly to keep them shiny and tangle-free.

Avoid sleeping with wet hair but if you have to, style the hair with a loose braid and fasten it with a scrunchie to avoid breakage.

What Hair Extensions Can Do More Than Add Length on Your Natural Hair

A lot of people think of hair extensions as anything but uncomfortable and artificial. Back then, it can feel awkward and even embarrassing to wear in public. Nowadays, wearing human hair extensions is a normal thing. Celebrities and ordinary citizens alike love these simple yet elegant hairpieces. And yes, hair extensions are way different from traditional wigs.

If you want to avail hair extensions, better avail yourself in a trusted hair extensions salon. You can choose between clip in hair extensions or human hair extensions to add length and volume to your current hair. Hair extensions indeed have come a long way as it has become more available in the beauty market and improved in quality as well.

What hair extensions can do for you

One of the main purposes of using hair extensions is to add length and volume to your hair. Hair extensions are available in different lengths and shades that will suit your preference. You can also have it chopped by a professional hairstylist for a customized length.

If you are considering buying getting hair extensions, you should know first the different types of hair extensions. For example, clip-in hair extensions are the fastest way to have longer and fuller-looking hair. Some are made from artificial hair, while others are made from 100 percent human hair. Aside from adding length and volume to your current hair, hair extensions can also:

Add color and highlights to your hair.

You can get hair extensions if you are not that confident yet to put permanent color on your hair. Hair extensions can add a pop of color to your hair, from ombre, balayage highlights, or even a peek-a-boo hair highlight. You can do this in just a few minutes without going out for a salon trip.

Thicker and longer braids

Hair extensions can also make your braids look fluffier and longer and feel like a Disney princess. Clip a couple of wefts throughout your hair before starting to braid your hair.

Fuller ponytail or buns

No one wants a limp, lifeless ponytail that can be saved by hair extensions. Whether it’s a low ponytail, a braided ponytail, or even an Ariana Grande-inspired ponytail, hair extensions can help you transform your lifeless ponytail into a voluminous, bouncy hairdo.

Why you should give hair extensions a try

There should be no reason not to wear hair extensions. Also, hair extensions are for everyone. You don’t need to be a celebrity to wear one. There are a lot of hair extensions salon you can avail quality hair extensions from. Here are reasons why you should give hair extensions a try.

Lessens the regret of chopping your hair off

A lot of us have experienced those unfortunate mishaps. But hair extensions can help save the day. Hair extensions won’t affect hair growth, but instantly add length to your hair as intended.

Won’t damage your hair

One of the best features of using hair extensions is that it won’t cause damage to your hair. But it depends on the type of hair extensions you are going to use. For example, tape-ins are not usually recommended as it can affect hair growth. You can ask hair extension professionals for the best extensions that won’t cause damage.

Style it any way you want

You can use heat styling tools on it. Just make sure to use these tools properly to prevent damage. You can also dye hair extensions if you want of any color you like. Use it to add volume to your ponytail or braids.

How to care for hair extensions

Here are some tips to care for your hair extensions.

Keep them moisturized.

You can shampoo and condition the extensions like what you do on your real hair. This will also help extend the lifespan of the hair extensions.

Ensure proper storage.

Hair extensions usually come with dedicated containers where you can store the hairpiece properly and. Make sure to store them in a dry and cool place such as the drawer or closet.

Use proper hair care tools and products.

Avoid hair products that contain harmful chemicals such as sulfates or alcohol. Use a soft-bristled brush to remove tangles. Do not brush when it is wet as well.


If you want to avail hair extensions, you should go to a trusted hair extensions salon in Rockville. There are a lot of ways that you can benefit from using hair extensions without damaging your real hair. It is a nice-to-have hair accessory every woman should have!

Is There Such a Thing as Hair Extension Allergies?

Sometimes, beauty comes with a price – literally and figuratively. For one thing, it is not a bad thing to invest in beauty products and treatments. You can also visit a keratin treatment salon for regular hair treatment. There are also hair extensions in a salon available near you if you want to add volume to your hair.

Some hair treatments and products can be a little expensive. It depends on the brand, ingredients, and the process used. Still, a lot of people especially women spend a lot of money on beauty products and treatments regardless of the price. However, make sure to be careful about using such products or it can potentially cause side effects.

What you need to know before using hair extensions

Not everyone is blessed with thick and volumized hair. There are even some who experience hair fall due to some reason. It can be due to genetics, stress, or harsh hair products used.

If you have thin hair, you can use human hair extensions or clip in hair extensions. Both types of hair extensions can make your hair fuller, longer, and more stylish-looking. The difference is the material used in each type of hair extensions.

On the one hand, using hair extensions can make a lot of difference to your hair. You can wear hair extensions without compromising your hair health. It’s all about proper application and TLC to ensure that your hair extensions will last.

A word of caution

There are a lot of people who are allergic to something. It can be a food, pollen, or even a beauty product ingredient. Some might experience mild allergic reactions, while some can be life-threatening.

Unfortunately, hair extensions can cause allergic reactions, too. It can be due to how the extensions are applied or the material itself.

It can be because of the glue used to install the human hair extensions. If you are using synthetic hair extensions, it can also be due to the material used.

For example, a lot of synthetic hair extensions have an alkaline base coat layer that some people might be allergic to. Such ingredients are not supposed to come into contact with skin, hence the allergic reactions.

The hair extension material can also cause allergic reactions especially if it’s synthetic. In particular, the poly filament or monofilament fibers and dyes used in some hair extensions can cause allergic reactions.

How to wear extensions properly

Hair extensions can make a lot of difference to your overall look. However, make sure that you don’t have any allergic reactions to it or risk suffering from its consequences. You should trust only a professional hair extensions salon to do the job. Here are tips to do to before wearing extensions.

Relax your hair and scalp.

Before installing hair extensions, make sure to prime it first. Let your hair rest from hair styling and chemical products to avoid adverse effects when putting the extensions. Clean your hair of any impurities as it can cause itching and dryness.

Be careful not to put it too tight.

Putting hair extensions should not cause headaches. If it does, it means the extensions are installed too tightly and cause adverse effects later on. Aside from headaches, extensions that are too tight can cause hair fall and breakage. That is why it is recommended to put them on loosely. Better yet, have them installed by a professional hairstylist.

Don’t forget to shampoo.

Make sure to shampoo your hair gently at least once a week to maintain your scalp health. It also reduces buildup due to styling and to get rid of dead skin cells. If you have clip-in extensions, make sure to remove it first, then clean and dry before reattaching. If you have sewn hair extensions, do your best to separate it from your real hair. Wash your real hair separately from the extensions.

Let your hair rest from extensions.

As much as possible, let your hair rest from hair extensions every after few weeks. Try hairstyles that won’t strain your hair such as tight ponytails and braids. Better yet, put on extensions only during special events instead of on an everyday basis.

Are hair extensions for you?

Hair extensions can do wonders for your overall look. However, you should determine whether you have allergies from it. Otherwise, it can cause itching, dryness, and other adverse hair and scalp allergic reactions. Make sure to have your hair extensions done by professional salons that do hair extensions in Bethesda.

What You Need to Know about Fusion Hair Extensions

Some people are blessed to have naturally-luscious, healthy hair. And here you are, wishing that you have hair as thick and lustrous as those popular celebrities walking on red carpet events. But whether you have curly, straight, thick, or thin hair, we have a major responsibility of taking care of our hair and ensure its optimum health.

There are ways to thicken or make your hair more voluminous. For one, you can use hair grower/thickening shampoos, creams, or serums. On the other hand, you can visit a hair extensions salon near you. You can choose from a wide variety of hair extension options – from human hair extensions or clip-in hair extensions.

Another popular option is the fusion hair extension. It can provide a natural look as if it is your real hair. For optimum results, it should be installed properly by professional salons that do hair extensions. Otherwise, your fusion hair extensions can mean disaster.

Basic facts about hair extensions

For starters, hair extensions are one of the most popular hair treatment that helps in adding volume and length on your natural hair. Hair extensions can either be made from synthetic or natural hair. Between the two, the latter is more expensive – more so if it is made from virgin hair. On the other hand, synthetic hair is more affordable and would use it for only a short time.

Among popular hair extension options include:

  • Clip-in hair extensions
  • Weave hair extensions
  • Micro ring hair extensions
  • Tape-in hair extensions
  • Fusion hair extensions

So, why you should consider getting hair extensions? For one, it is a faster way to have longer hair. By having hair extensions, you won’t have to wait for months to grow out your natural hair. It can also add volume to your thin hair. Plus, you can easily style and even dye your hair any way you want (preferably if you use natural hair extensions).

Types of fusion hair extensions

There are also different types of hair extensions. One of the most popular ones is the hot fusion hair extensions. It is also considered one of the most durable hair extension application methods available as it can stay in up to six months, as long as with proper application and care. However, it can take some time to apply and should be applied professionally.

On the other hand, there are also cold fusion hair extensions. The application process is shorter than using hot fusion hair extensions. However, it only stays in place for up to three months. If you want long-lasting fusion hair extensions, then you should opt for the former instead.

Caring for fusion hair extensions

If you want a long-lasting hair extension, you can opt for fusion hair extensions instead. It can provide a natural look on your hair as if it is your natural hair. Make sure it is installed by professional salons that do hair extensions.

On your part, you should also take care of your newly-installed hair extensions. Here are some tips to remember for proper hair extension care.

  • Use sulfate-free hair products. This is to prevent your hair extensions from becoming dull, dry, and lose color.
  • Avoid using heavy hair products that can weigh down and damage the fusion hair extensions.
  • Learn the right way of washing the hair extensions. Wash your hair from root to tip with a slow, gentle motion while working on the shampoo. Apply conditioner to the middle part of your hair (not the roots) and then work on the ends. Better yet, add more conditioner at the hair tips to lessen tangles.
  • You can use hot tools such as curlers or straightening irons as long as it does not touch the roots. Make sure to adjust in the right heat, or the extensions can become sticky and damaged.
  • Experts suggest tying your hair in a low braid or ponytail before you sleep. Avoid sleeping with your hair (including the extensions) wet.
  • Make sure to schedule regular trimming every five to six weeks. This will help you determine whether you’re doing great in maintaining your hair extensions.

Find hair extension experts in your area

Fusion hair extensions can be one of the best hair extension options out there. It depends on your preference and hair needs. If you want to have one, make sure to consult professional hairstylists who do hair extension in a salon in Bethesda.

How to Take Care of Your Hair Extensions

Have you ever wondered how Hollywood stars suddenly their hair overnight? A short bob the day before, and then long Balayage hair during an Awards night. You may ask what kind of sorcery is that. The truth is that it’s no sorcery – it’s the “magic” of clip-in hair extensions. If you want to have instant long hair for a special event, you can go to salons that do hair extensions

Why hair extensions?

Hairstyles come and go. One moment long and wavy locks are in, and then pixie haircuts become a big thing the next day. A lot of women invest in making their hair look good at all times, which is why trips to the salon are a normal part of their lives.

Some women grow hair quickly, while some are not as blessed as them. More often than not, long hair can be easier to style than short hair. However, not even tons of hair grower tonics can make hair grow long in just one use. Hence, human hair extensions can be considered one of the greatest inventions of man.

For one, clip-in hair extensions can instantly make your hair longer. Plus, you can style your hair any way you want. Hair extensions can help change your look for that special night or event. If you want to add hair extensions, you can go to your nearest hair extensions salon.

Taking care of your hair extensions

The answer is yes – hair extensions also need regular maintenance. According to experts, clip-ins should be washed for every six to eight times you use them. Wash using sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, towel dry, and then air dry. Once dry, comb the extensions of any stubborn tangles.

Make sure that the hair extensions are already dry before styling it using curlers or hair straighteners. However, using heat styling tools should not be used on keratin or tape extensions directly. Avoid going to bed while your hair with extensions is still wet.

More importantly, make sure to follow the time frames until when you can only wear the hair extensions. Also, it is important to ensure that the hair extensions do not feel too heavy. Otherwise, it can do damage to your hair and even cause hair fall.

How to choose a hair extension

Choosing the right hair extensions can be easier said than done. For one thing, there are various hair extension types. Here are some tips in choosing the right hair extensions for your hair:

  1. Know your hair extensions.

As mentioned, there are different types of hair extension which are the following:

  • Clip-ins – considered user-friendly and perfect for beginners. It is attached to your real hair and can be removed easily whenever you want.
  • Tape – usually attached to the hair using a special invisible adhesive tape. It normally lasts for eight weeks or about two months.
  • Keratin – it uses a sophisticated procedure to bind with your natural hair. It can last for more than three months. This may be the best option among the three, but it can be heavier on the budget.
  1. Choose the right hair extension depending on your lifestyle.

Experts recommend using keratin extensions if you have an active lifestyle (ex. do Yoga or any kind of exercise regularly). On the other hand, you can choose tape extensions if you like changing hair color frequently. Lastly, clip-ins are more of a practical choice as you can easily remove it anytime you want.

  1. Choose the right hair extension color.

Choosing the right color for your hair extension can make a difference to your overall look. One way to determine the right hair extension is to match it with the ends of your hair (not the hair roots).

  1. Think high-quality over extra savings.

On the one hand, there are a lot of synthetic hair extensions that are more budget-friendly. However, these types of extensions may look unnatural and prone to tangles. On the other hand, human hair extensions blend well with your natural hair. The latter can be expensive but is worth the price as far as quality is concerned.

Experience quality hair extensions near you

There are a lot of hair salons that do hair extensions and other hair care services. If you are planning to get hair extensions, you should only get quality hair extension in salon in Bethesda.

What kind of hair extensions are best for summertime?

If you’re thinking of changing your look for the summer, human hair extensions are a great way to mix things up.  At Hair by Moses, we offer more types of hair extensions than any other hair salon in Rockville.  We have a ton of popular brands including Remy hair extensions and celebrity hair extensions such as Jessica Simpson hair extensions.  If you are looking for a specific kind of premium hair extensions, we guarantee that we have it for you!  Whether you are looking for straight or curly hair extensions, bridal hair extensions or brightly colored hair extensions, we have got you covered!

As the #1 hair extensions salon in Rockville, we provide a wide range of other professional hair care services as well.  Our hair stylists are all very talented at coming up with the perfect hair cut and color for a given person.  There are dozens of beautiful summer hairstyles to choose from to match to your gorgeous new designer sunglasses!  Our professional hair stylists use only the finest hair products and salon equipment around to guarantee the best possible results.  In addition to the best hair extensions around, we can also do bridal updos and makeup on your big day!