The Art of Hair Extensions!

The Art of Hair Extensions!

hair extension methodsThe hair extension industry is progressing at a rapid rate. In the olden days, hair extensions used to be big and bulky. But now this hair accessory is smaller and faster to apply. Many hair salons are actively offering top-notched hair extension services. The professional hairstylists install hair extensions in a manner that it is almost impossible to differentiate between natural and artificial hair.

Choosing the right hair extension method

Selecting the right hair extensions method can be a tricky and confusing task. With the availability of plenty of hair extension methods, it is not easy to select the one. Here are some tips to help you along the way:

Human Hair Extensions

When selecting the hair extensions, you should check whether extension is made from human hair or artificial hair. Human hair extensions look more real and they get perfectly amalgamate with the natural hair. You can color, cut, style and curl human hair extensions just like your natural hair.

Remy Hair Extensions

Remy hair extension method involves bundling of human hair to arrange roots and tips in the right direction. Remy hair extensions are made from the finest quality hair, which remains tangle free. Remy extensions are also considered as the finest hair extensions because they are made from the best quality human hair.

Seamless Hair Extensions

Seamless Hair Extensions are installed closer to head rather than hair line. This is to create illusion of real hair. In order to get the right look, seamless hair extensions must be installed according to the natural direction of the hair so that extensions can perfectly look like real hair. An expert hair stylist is needed for seamless hair extension installation.

Things to remember while choosing hair extensions

#1: Hair extension must match with the color of your natural hair.

#2: Hair extension must match with the natural texture of your hair.

#3: Always prefer a good hair extension salon for hair extension installation.

#4: Always choose a high quality hair extension to minimize the maintenance efforts.

#5: Consult your hair stylist or any other professional hair stylist to choose the right kind of the hair extension.

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