The Different Hair Straightening Techniques

The Different Hair Straightening Techniques

Long, beautiful and shining hair is a trend that is not going away any time soon. One of the ideal ways of obtaining long and shiny hair is through hair straightening techniques. It’s however important that you understand what hair straightening is and how to manage the hair after the techniques. Start the research process at the hair straightening salon Rockville and talk to the hair stylist on the different methods of hair straightening. Understand what each technique involves and then you can choose the one that suits your hair.

What is Permanent Hair Straightening?

Permanent hair straightening is the process of breaking hair bonds and leaving your hair pin straight using chemicals, and heat. The process involves applying straightening treatment to your hair and then styling the hair using a flat iron.

How Much Does Permanent Hair Straightening Cost

The cost of the hair straightening process will depend on the quality of treatment and the state of your hair. Visit the Japanese hair straightening salon and consult on how much it will cost. Ensure that the treatment used is of high quality.

Hair Straightening Techniques

  1. Hair straightening techniques can be divided into temporary and permanent.
  2. Temporary hair Straightening Techniques
  3. Brazilian Keratin Treatment
  4. Brazilian blow out Treatment
  5. Permanent Hair Straightening Techniques
  6. Japanese Permanent Hair Straightening
  7. Hair Rebonding
  8. Chemically Straightened Hair
  • Brazilian Keratin Treatment

Brazilian keratin treatment is one of the best temporary hair smoothing techniques. The treatment is ideal if you have damaged hair because the keratin will repair your hair. The keratin treatment will make your hair frizz free and keep it hydrated. The treatment will add a keratin coat to your hair and make it stronger.

The treatment will last for about six months, and you will need to reapply it. A keratin treatment can be redone severally without damaging your hair.

Advantages of Keratin Hair Straightening

  • Makes your hair smooth and silky
  • It’s safe and will repair your hair.
  • It works on all hair types
  • It protects against the sun and will keep your hair looking good.

Tips to Follow after the Treatment

  • Take proper care of your hair after the treatment.
  • Ensure an expert does it at the keratin hair salon for best results
  • Use the right products for your hair

Japanese Permanent Hair Straightening

The technique is also known as thermal reconditioning. It’s done using chemicals and heat to make your hair straight. Japanese hair straightening alters the hair bonds and changes the hair structure completely. It’s imperative that you understand the process before diving in.

During the processed hair, straightening chemical is applied to your hair and then flat ironed. The technique involves several processes, and it may take 3-8 hours depending on hair type. The process will last up to 7 months before you can do a retouch.

Considerations You Should Make Before a Japanese Permanent Straightening

  • Once the technique has been carried, you can’t reverse it unless you trim your hair
  • Avoid permanent hair straightening if your hair has done undergone other chemical applications
  • Consider the hair type. Visit the permanent hair straightening salon and consult whether your hair is in the right state.
  • Keep your hair protected from harsh UV rays and take proper care of the hair to ensure it’s not damaged

Chemical Straightening

This is a hair relaxing technique that breaks all the hair bonds. Unlike the Japanese permanent hair straightening technique which breaks the protein bonds chemical straightening breaks all the bonds and makes the hair straight. It’s important that it’s done at the hair straightening salon to protect your hair from damage.

Considerations to Make Before Chemical Straightening

  • Consider the hair type and the chemical to use
  • It will make your hair weak and it ideal for healthy hair
  • It should be done by an experienced hair stylist at the hair salon

Hair Rebonding

Hair rebonding is the process of making your hair straight using chemicals. It’s permanent and quite expensive.

Side Effects of Permanent Hair Straightening

  • May cause excessive dryness and frizziness
  • If not properly maintained, it may result in an itchy scalp and dandruff
  • It could result in split ends and hair loss if the hair is not well maintained

How to Care for your After-Hair Straightening

Speak to the hair stylist in the Japanese hair straightening salon on the right products for your hair

Make sure that your hair is well hydrated. Condition the hair often

Develop a care routine that suits your hair. speak to the hair stylist on the best routine for your hair

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