Wedding Hair Debate: Should You Wear Your Hair Up or Down?

Wedding Hair Debate: Should You Wear Your Hair Up or Down?

wedding hairstylistIt is very difficult to decide the wedding hairstyle. From wedding hairstylist to friends to family, everyone gives different opinion. A hairstyle makes a big impact on your wedding day look. It is something that will complete your look. It is important to consider all the aspects before committing to any hairstyle for wedding day.

Things to consider about wedding hairstyle

A wedding hairstyle should last a long time. It needs to be able to withstand all kinds of conditions –humidity, sweat, breeze and hugs! Moreover wedding hairstyle should also compliment your wedding look.

One of the biggest confusion occurs when choosing wedding hairstyle is whether to make updo or opt for down hairstyles. Up dos define traditional wedding look, while down hairstyles are comfortable to carry. It is not easy to make this decision.

Choosing the right wedding hairstyle

When done properly, wedding updos can last all day and evening. The hair is tied by a structured method by a professional hairstylist binds all hair together. Wedding updos look extremely good. There are many types of up hairstyles that brides can try for their weddings.

However, updos are not for all hair types. Heavier hair (particularly long hair) is not apt for this sort of style. Hair with more layering and texture is good for such soft look. Hairstyling products can create incredible results but not hair miracles!

Your face shape does play a role in choosing the wedding hairstyle. Top bun does not look good on longer face, it creates an elongated appearance. Side bun creates the optical illusion of a wider face. This is where hairstylist plays an important role.

Down hairstyles can give you soft and gracious wedding look. These hairstyles are defined by thickness, length and cut of your hair. Unlike up-hairstyles down hairstyles will not put burden on your head. Also, there are plenty of down-hairstyling options that you can try and down-hairstyles are suitable for almost all types of hair.

If everything is compared, down-hairstyles win over up-hairstyles. However, it is totally up to you and your bridal hairstylist, you can select any hairstyle you want on your wedding day.

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