What Are the Different Types of Hair Straightening Treatments?

What Are the Different Types of Hair Straightening Treatments?

Keratin Hair StraighteningHair straightening is a procedure of removing natural waves and curls from the hair to make hair look straightened and smooth. The hair straightening process generally works by using heat and chemicals which break down the natural hair bonds that provide waviness or curls to hair. Such straightening treatments are generally offered in hair salons and only trained professionals are allowed to do these treatments.

Types of hair straightening treatments

There many types of hair straightening treatments present these days that range in cost, effectiveness, and potential damage. Some treatments claim to straight naturally frizzy and damaged hair, while some claims providing permanent hair straightening. The effect of every hair straightening treatment is different, because they are done in totally different ways.

If you are thinking about taking hair straightening treatment, then you should learn about types of hair straightening and smoothening treatments. This will help you in choosing the best hair straightening treatment.

Keratin Hair Straightening

Keratin hair straightening is commonly known as Brazilian Hair Straightening Treatment. In this treatment, a protein known as keratin is combined with formaldehyde to bond with the natural molecules of the hair. The keratin solution is applied on every strand to make them straight. The effect of a keratin treatment remains for approximately 2 months, after which treatment needs to be reapplied on the hair. Along with, making hair straight and smooth, this treatment makes hair appear shiner, healthier and softer.

Thermal reconditioning

Thermal reconditioning is the second most popular hair straightening method. In this treatment, a chemical is applied on hair and then washed. After that hair is blow dried and a flat iron is used to straight the hair. Heat induces chemical into hair, which make hair look straight. The effect of thermal reconditioning is permanent means hair remains sleek until new hair grows.

Chemical relaxers

Many hair straightening salons offer hair relaxer treatment. It is considered as the most affordable and least hair damaging treatment. In this treatment, chemicals are used to soften the hair by breaking down the structure of hair’s molecules. Hair relaxer treatments last less than 2 months.


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