What Causes Frizzy Hair?

What Causes Frizzy Hair?

Sunshine, warm weather, and humidity can all cause your hair to get frizzy. This can be frustrating because sometimes you cannot seem to control it.

Even if frizz is super annoying, most people are not always sure what the cause is. That means people are in the dark when it comes to managing it. However, you should not worry about it because you can tame it. If you were about to go to a permanent hair straightening salon, think about getting rid of your frizz first. The salon can help you, but sometimes you can just manage it on your own. You can read this article until the end so that you can control your frizz once and for all.

Cranked Up Shower Temperature

Extra hot water can be relaxing while you shower, but it is not good for your hair. Hot water strips off the natural from your hair that keeps it shiny and moisturized. Since you already know that not having enough moisture in your hair can cause it to get frizzy. You should stay away from anything that removes the oil in your hair.


This is one of the reasons why your hair gets frizzy during the summer. Nothing will make your hair get frizzy faster than humidity. That is because humidity disrupts your hair’s internal hydrogen bonds. Your curls will cause your hair to shrink, frizz, and lose its definition.

You Use Products with Alcohol

Products with alcohol can cause hair to dry out, which leaves your hair brittle and prone to frizzing. Normally, alcohol absorbs the moisture in your hair in order to prevent frizz.

You should try to use hair oils or cremes, which is helpful in locking moisture so that your hair looks shiny.

You Wash Your Hair Everyday

It is no secret that harsh foaming shampoos are able to mess with the equilibrium of your hair, which results in dry, dull hair that looks frizzy. In addition, remember that all shampoos are not created the same way. It is possible that the formula you like can dry your hair further.

Instead of shampooing your hair every day, you should stick to two to three times only a week, and this depends on your hair type. Aside from that, incorporate a conditioner or hydrating shampoo to combat frizz even more. The moisture is helpful in sealing each hair strand so it is prone to frizzing.

Open Cuticle

The curving shape of curly hair means that the cuticle layer has been naturally raised, with gaps between overlapping cells. These gaps allow moisture and nutrients to get released, and humidity to come in. To prevent frizzing and help your curls look shinier and healthier, you must seal the cuticle of your hair. Moisturizing stylers and conditioners can help. Normally, these products are made with nano-sized silk protein technology that is helpful in filling gaps in cuticle to prevent frizz.

You Touch Your Hair Too Much

When you touch your hair a lot, your hair can get frizzy. When you play around too much with your hair while it is wet can also disrupt curl or wave patterns.

You should not touch your hair when you apply styling products and wait for it to dry. Otherwise, the curls will lose definition and get become frizzy.

Drying Your Hair with a Rough Towel

When you wrap your hair with an abrasive towel, you can attract moisture to your hair, and then it leads to frizzing. If you have curly hair, the friction can cause clumping and deformation.

Before you go and try Brazilian keratin straightening Potomac, you should know how to prevent frizz first.

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