What Causes Hair Extensions to Matt and Tangle?

What Causes Hair Extensions to Matt and Tangle?

Human hair extensions are an investment, and it’s crucial that you take care of it. You need to develop a regimen that will keep your extensions looking gorgeous. It’s important that after you fix your human hair extension that you follow the right care products and follow the regimen given by the hair stylist. As the holidays approach, you may forget to take care of your extensions, and after days of being indoors, you realize that there are clusters on your hair. In this article, we tell you how to ensure that your hair extensions are not clustered.

What is Hair Extensions Matting?

Matting is where your extensions cluster around the scalp forming bonds that are intertwined. If not well taken care of more hair can get tangled into cluster forming a big matt. The right hair care procedure will ensure that your hair extension doesn’t tangle and matt. If your hair extensions are matted, it’s best to visit the hair extension salon and let the hair stylist take care of the extensions and remove the matting from your extensions.

What Causes Hair Extensions to Matt at the Root

The main cause of matting is a poor hair care routine. It’s important that you consult the hair stylist on the best regimen to ensure that your extensions don’t matt. Below some causes of matting;

  • Failure to brush your extensions regularly

It’s important that you brush your hair extensions daily. Run your fingers through the extensions and separate the bonds, make sure there are no tangles. Failure to brush your extension daily will lead to tangling and eventually matting. The hair stylist will advise you on the best brush for your hair extension. If you are wearing hair dreams hair extensions, make sure that you have the right comb and brush to keep your hair tangle free.

  • Sleeping in wet hair extensions

Before sleeping makes sure that your extensions are dry, secure them and ensure you sleep on the silky head pillowcase. Sleeping with wet hair extensions will cause the extensions to tangle and matt. Wash your hair extensions when you have enough time to dry them before you sleep. Make sure you air dry your extension before going to bed and secure the extensions to avoid tangling

  • Poor hair extensions application procedure

It’s the best to have the hair extensions fixed at salons that do hair extensions by an expert. The hair extensions stylist will make sure that your extensions are well fixed and will not matt. Poor application of the extensions will cause to tangle and matt easily. Bonded hair extensions should be applied keenly in a neat and tidy line. If not well placed they will matt and become damaged. Make sure that you visit the hair extensions salon and let an expert fix your hair.

  • Wrong extensions  care Products

Using the wrong products will cause the extensions to dry off, tangle and matt. Products that contain sulfates and alcohol will suck the moisture out of your hair and cause the extension to dry off.

How to Prevent Hair Extensions from Matting and Tangling

Below some simple steps to keep your extensions tangle free;

  • Consult the hair stylist on how best to prevent matting and follow the below tips
  • Separate the hair extensions bond daily and ensure that you brush your hair often.
  • Invest in the right hair extensions brush and comb
  • Condition the extensions regularly to ensure it remains hydrated and silky
What to do if your Extensions is Matted

Visit the hair extensions salon and consult the expert

To avoid hair extension and hair damage, it’s best to let the stylist take care of your hair. The stylist will ensure that your extension is taken care of to ensure it lasts longer. Make sure that you the care advise given at the hair salon to prevent further matting

It’s important to ensure that you take care of your extensions.  Simple care procedures will keep your extensions looking fabulous. The hair stylist at the hair extensions salon Rockville will guide you on how best to take care of your hair. Take time to care for your hair and follow the above hair extensions care tips, and you can enjoy long silky and smooth hair.



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