What Is Hair Smoothing? Learn About Keratin Complex Hair therapy

What Is Hair Smoothing? Learn About Keratin Complex Hair therapy

Today many types of miracle hair smoothing treatments are available to remove frizz from hair. Among all hair smoothing, hair straightening and hair relaxing treatments, keratin treatments are gaining a lot of popularity. Keratin Complex Hair Therapy is different from conventional hair straightening treatments that may break the protein bonds of hair, changing the shape of every strand permanently. This treatment brought a revolution in hair straightening technology. It does not break the protein bonds of the hair to straighten them, instead provides the versatility of healthier and smoother looking hair that can be styled as desired.

Know about Keratin Complex Hair Therapy

Keratin Complex Hair Therapy effectively works on every hair type. In this unique hair therapy, keratin is applied in high concentration on your hair that penetrates the hair and seal with cortex to repair the damaged hair. Keratin therapy is known for providing the hair straightening solution by causing minimal or no damage to your natural hair. This treatment actually makes your hair appear healthier and shiner.

Keratin complex hair therapy

Keratin complex hair therapy is a four step process:

Step 1: In the first step, the surface buildup of your hair is removed and cuticle is prepared for the overlapping layers, so that keratin can penetrate the hair.

Step 2: In this step Hydrolyzed keratin is applied on your hair that penetrate the hair cuticle. The keratin strengthens the hair, repair the damage and make your hair straighter.

Step 3: The conditioning products nourish your hair from deep inside and restore the shine and smoothness.

Step 4: In the step, the hair straightening chemicals are sealed within your hair using flatiron and blow dryer. This helps you in restoring the smoothness even in the humid environment.

Keratin Complex provides hair smoothing solutions that cater to the desired finish, longevity, and cost and waiting time in the hair straightening salon. There are many type of the keratin hair straightening treatments. It is highly recommended to consult with the hair stylist to learn that which treatment is apt for your hair type. Only a professional hairstylist can let you know about the best suitable keratin treatment.

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