What to Expect From Your First Keratin Treatment?

What to Expect From Your First Keratin Treatment?

 keratin treatmentAfter receiving your first keratin treatment, your hair will completely change for next six months. This treatment can transform your frizzy, brittle and impossible to tame hair into silky, smooth and shiny manes. In fact, the keratin hair straightening can change your entire look. However, you should opt for this treatment, only if you are ready for a longtime commitment. The effect of this treatment lasts on hair for months. Also, you will have to pay attention over hair care to keep the keratin treatment on your hair.

Know more about keratin treatment

Keratin hair straightening is one of the most popular hair straightening treatments offered hair salons. This treatment is gaining so much popularity because it straightens the hair without causing any serious damage to natural hair. You can get your old hair back once the hair straightening treatment washes off from your hair.

Keratin hair straightening: What to expect

Process takes long time: Keratin hair straightening takes 3 to 4 hours. If you are thinking about getting this treatment, prepare yourself for spending time on salon chair. First, the salon professional will shampoo and blow-dry your hair (drying 80 % of water). After that hair straightening chemicals will be applied on your hair. Your hair will be partitioned into section and each section is blow dried. Finally, flat iron is used to seal the hair straightening chemicals into your hair.

Hair straightening chemicals have musty smell: Hair straightening chemical have some wired, musty and strange smell. For newbie, it is not easy to adjust with the smell of hair straightening chemicals.

You will start to flake: During second blowout session, you will notice white flakes on your shoulder coming from your head. And it will continue till flat iron process. But don’t get afraid. The flakes are not dandruff. They are residue of excess products.

You will be amazed by the results: Once the hair straightening process is done, you will be amazed by the results. You will leave the keratin hair straightening salon with soft, beautiful and smooth hair. You will actually fall in love with your hair after this treatment.

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