What to Look out for When Buying Hair Extensions

What to Look out for When Buying Hair Extensions

Ever looked at your role model and wondered how they manage to have such alluring hair every time they appear on the red carpet. Hair extensions do the magic every time. A little pep is paramount for every girl; it’s, therefore, essential to choose the right extension. Fuller shinier, longer and easily manageable extension will give you the glamorous look you desire and also reduce the daunting work of styling your hair every day. The extensions also give your natural hair the much-needed space to reinvent itself.

Getting the Most out of Your Extension

There is a pool of hair extensions out there, and it’s paramount to know what to look for to get the right one. Several considerations come into play while choosing the extension;

  • Type of extension

Extensions are either human or synthetic. The human extension will give you a more natural look, and it’s pricier as compared to synthetic. The human hair extension is more maneuverable, as you can style them without changing their appeal. It’s of the essence to involve an expert by visiting your hair extensions salon so they can help you to pick out the best flower from the garden. Synthetic extensions are easy to use and don’t require much styling like the human hair. Synthetic extensions are ideal if you are looking for a temporary change in style. Ensure you have the extension expert in tow so you can pick out the best.

  • Method of Fixing the extension

Depending on the type of extension and what you end goal is, there are temporary and permanent extensions. It’s crucial to evaluate your lifestyle and which one best suits you. They are three kinds of extensions;

  • Clip in and out which are temporary extensions and work well for beginners.
  • Tape extensions that are held to the head by invisible adhesive tape and last from 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Keratin extension lasts for more than three months and is bound to the head through a hi-tech

If you hit the gym often, the tape extensions may not work for you as the sweat will wear off the adhesive.

  • Colour

Often when we wear extension, we hope that they will enhance our natural look. Visit a hair extensions salon and get to choose from the variety. Choose what blends well with your natural hair and get expert advice from the saloon to ensure that the result doesn’t automatically look artificial. Don’t forget to enjoy having the extension by blending in different colors to get that chic look.

Caring for Your Extensions

Just as you maintain your hair, it’s necessary to keep the extension clean and appealing. Ensure you wash your extension as per the instructions given at the hair extensions salon. Depending on the type of extension make sure you use the right shampoo and conditioner. Avoid combing the extension while they are wet as this will damage the hair strands.

Tips for a great looking hair extension

  • Ensure that the expert fixes the extension to look fuller but not heavy than your natural hair
  • Match your hair color and texture while choosing the extension
  • Keep the extension well moisturized
  • Always wash the extension before use
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