What You Must Know Before Getting Hair Extensions

What You Must Know Before Getting Hair Extensions

If you want to add strength and volume to your hair, going to a hair extensions salon is what you need because it naturally enhances your hairstyle to give you a new look. Hair extensions are a gratifying and quick way to repair a bad haircut or you need them for a special event or occasion. However, it is not something you should be impulsive about.

Hair extensions need time and improperly installing them harms your hair and nothing good will come out of it. Therefore, you should look for credible salons that can do this service well.

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Hair Extensions

Who Can Have Them?

Anyone who wants to enhance their hair can get hair extensions and it can as simple and subtle as only adding a little volume for thickness or if they want a drastic change. They might want to add a lot of volume and length.


Hair extensions prices can greatly vary and it depends on your hair quality, method, and the stylist’s level of experience. Hair extensions can start with a couple of hundred dollars up to $2,000. Averagely, they cost between $75 and $300 and go higher. You should go to a salon that specializes in this to get the best rates because going to a balayage hair salon will be different.

There are Several Types

There are different kinds of hair extensions, but if you struggle with commitment issues with your hair, then go for clip-in extensions. They can be added quickly for a volume length or boost, and they can be great for figuring out if you want to try something that is a bit more drastic. The tape extensions and hot/cold bonds give you a more permanent result. With plenty of options, you will most likely find something that is perfect for you. Keep in mind that it is always advisable to get hair extensions done by a professional and not have them done by anyone else.

You Must Care for Them

The key to keeping extensions looking great is to make sure they stay untangled. If you sleep with your hair extensions, make sure it is in a loose braid or bun. Make sure that you gently brush your hair several times a day to prevent tangles and knots.

Preventing Damage

Attaching anything to your hair causes some damage, but you can minimize that with proper maintenance. If you have a trained stylist from a permanent hair straightening salon who knows about different kinds of extensions and what is best for your hair, then you are in luck. When the extensions are already in your hair, you must watch out for scalp irritation, hair loss, matted extensions, or bald patches. You should also observe if you get headaches. If the extensions are too tightly attached or heavy, they cause head pain.

When it comes to styling, you should not choose a hairstyle that is too heavy on the area where the extensions will be placed. This is important for finer hair because crochet and interlocking styles are ideal for thin hair because they are closer to the scalp.

Go to an Expert

If you decide on getting hair extensions, you should only have it done by a professional because your hair is precious and delicate. You must ask the salon about the qualifications of their stylists and how much experience they have.

You must choose salons that do hair extensions Potomac that will always think of what is best for their clients and not just for the sake of making money.


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