Non-Surgical Hair Replacement For Men, Bethesda, MD

It is a very reasonable situation for you to lose your hair, as you grow older some cells get weak, others die off while others just get replaced. The same thing applies to your hair, the older you become the more cells get weak, die off or are replaced, think of it as a forward movement. For those in Bethesda, MD, going bald or losing hair seems like a slightly embarrassing thing and at such lose confidence in themselves, but this should come to an end because at “Hair by Moses” we proffer the very solution for your hair loss problem.

We offer an exclusive service in helping you gain your look and confidence back with our non-surgical hair replacement solutions, so need you need to worry very little, let your new worry be how to find time to come over to Hair by Moses. Some of our services include non-surgical hair transplant, men’s hairpieces, custom hair pieces, non-surgical hair replacement system, and lace front hair replacement system. Get back your confidence and restore the exact look you used to have with our service.

Hairpieces for Men

Here in Bethesda, MD, it is no news that a number 75% of men lose their hair by the age of 40 and as they continue to grow, say about 55 years of age, there is a 15% increase in the amount of hair loss, and this is natural as we lose about 70-120 strands of hair each day. At “Hair by Moses,” we have studied this trend and have made the most suitable solution to this problem you might be facing. With our Custom Hair Pieces, we have pieces that fit just about any hair colour and head size, whether it’s a total, partial or just front hair replacement you want, we’ve got you covered. So, instead of trying out different creams and lotions that make vain promises of restoring your hair you need to try our solution. We also provide the best collection of Men’s hair pieces depending on what you ask for; all are made strictly with what suits you the most.

Non-Surgical Hair Transplant for Men In Bethesda, Md

Many people have undergone surgeries just to have their restored, and a number of them have reported how awful the aftermath was. Some got an infection, some got pain from the surgery, others got improper hair replacement and a list of other mishaps, but we provide you with an alternative to surgery, “non-surgical hair replacement.” You can just imagine the stress and pain you would save yourself when trying something safer and promising. We provide a full non-surgical hair replacement system for your hair, no matter the extent of hair loss or baldness you might have, we surely have something in stock for you. Why don’t you seize the moment and restore your true self with these hair replacement systems instead of going through all the headache, you also get to cut down on cost that should have used for appointments and surgery.



Why Choose Hair by Moses

Private Room

We provide a private room for non-surgical hair transplant for our clients to relax and enjoy the privacy during the entire procedure.

Moses travel to your Location

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Bethesda

If you are living in Washington DC metropolitan area (VA, MD, DC) Moses can travel to your home, and provide the no-surgical hair replacement procedure in the privacy of your home.