5 Things No One Ever Tells You about Hair Coloring

5 Things No One Ever Tells You about Hair Coloring

professional hairstylistMore often than not these days, hair coloring trends are blooming. Even after having the choice few girls bravely leave their hair virgin, while some change their hair color like changing nail polish. Between dyes, highlights, single process coloring and double process coloring, there are many more things about hair coloring that you should learn.

Things To Know Before Coloring Your Hair

Whether you are thinking about refreshing your hair highlights for the fall or planning to make bold change in your hair color, there are a few important facts that you should know before going under the foils.

Straight facts about hair coloring

Lighter hair colors are more damaging than darker hair colors

If you are trying hair coloring for the first time but are not sure which hair color to opt, then go with darker hue. When you apply dark hair colors, you are actually depositing color on your hair. On the other hand, when you apply light colors on your hair, you are stripping out the cortex color.

Virgin hair is the best for hair coloring

The healthier hair you have, the prettier your hair color will look. Instead changing your hair color frequently, give some gap and get best from your hair color. You can even opt for deep hair conditioning treatments to prepare your hair for the best hair coloring results.

Do not take hair wash ahead of time

Don’t feel any embarrassment in visiting your hairstylist with dirty hair. In fact, maven hairstylists suggest that you should not wash your hair ahead of time. If you apply hair color right after a shampoo, it may burn your scalp. Ouch!

Limit the usage of hair conditioners

Deep hair conditioning may cause hair color to fade away before time. If you want to make your hair color last longer, avoid frequent hair conditioning.

It is important to use color protective products

In order to make hair and hair color look beautiful, you should consider using color protective hair care product. These products not only help hair color to last longer but also make hair look silky soft. You can take recommendations of professional hairstylist to know about best color protective hair colors.

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