Haircut & Style

Hair cut & Style in Potomac and Rockville

If you’re planning a new look for yourself, then you should consult with Moses about getting a haircut. Moses offers recommendations for individual styles for customers throughout Potomac, and Rockville, MD. When you come in about a haircut and hairstyle, Moses will give recommend the look that is perfect for your hair type, face shape, and lifestyle.

When you receive a haircut from Hair By Moses, you’re sure to get something that you truly love. Enhancing your personal look is what we do best. What’s included with your price is a shampoo, conditioner and style using the finest hair care products on the market.

Hair By Moses offers men’s haircuts, as well as women’s cut and blow-dry styles. With the women’s cut and style, you will be able to transform the way you look by asking for a celebrity style or getting something you’ve seen out of a magazine. Getting a professional haircut for women is attainable at Hair By Moses, and it will be done with originality. Other styles and cuts you can get from Hair By Moses include:

Your female haircut, children’s haircut or men’s haircut can be done in any style you please. If you see a look that you desire, just let Moses know and he will make you look gorgeous.

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